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Are the Eggs on LV-426 Still There?
Apr-05-2019 3:30 AM201 replies
Alien: Covenant work by Suzi Battersby
Feb-16-2018 9:09 AM9 replies
Jul-29-2020 1:19 PM123 replies
The Space Jockey
Mar-26-2020 6:44 PM51 replies
Alien Universe Independent Shorts Mini Film Festival!
Feb-16-2018 12:13 AM11 repliesPINNED
Best Portrayal of the Alien
Aug-26-2013 12:38 PM65 repliesPINNED
Alien Loot crate (2020)
Feb-29-2020 11:23 PM6 replies
The Engineers (Sub Creation)
Jul-24-2019 9:35 AM113 replies
Is the Alien Biomechanical?
Aug-04-2017 2:56 AM12 replies
Alien: Covenant Neomorph fan art thread
Mar-09-2017 11:40 AM67 replies
Xenomorph Size Comparison clip - FilmCore
Mar-07-2020 2:23 AM11 replies
Questions and Answers
Nov-01-2017 2:32 AM32 replies
Jul-26-2020 3:06 PM98 replies
Jul-05-2020 6:37 AM152 replies
ALIEN: Manticore Now Available!!
Oct-06-2017 12:57 PM42 replies
Regarding the latest script leaks
Mar-07-2018 8:12 AM9 replies
Ovomorph Objective
Jun-05-2020 5:06 PM39 replies
Good and bad Engineers
Mar-23-2020 10:45 AM19 replies
Alien: Analects - Official Forum Thread
Apr-07-2019 9:55 AM26 repliesPINNED
The Hierarchy
Mar-25-2020 10:27 AM5 replies
David Did Not Create the Xenomorph (Part 2)
Apr-13-2019 1:19 AM177 replies
Dead in the Water?
Dec-11-2019 8:22 AM51 replies
LOST ON PARADISE by Alan Dean Foster
Jan-17-2020 9:40 AM33 replies
Pilot Chair.... what is its Purpose?
Dec-18-2019 4:48 PM14 replies
Aug-11-2017 12:42 PM56 repliesPINNED
Traits of the franchise
Mar-07-2019 6:31 AM47 replies
Funny Fine Details from Alien
Apr-26-2019 5:13 AM9 replies
Ridley Scott and Alien
Apr-19-2019 6:53 PM54 replies
Facehugger's DNA Transference
May-31-2019 10:53 AM12 replies
"Quit griping!" "I like griping"
May-06-2019 1:40 PM55 replies
What we know about Engineers so far
Sep-22-2018 8:55 AM86 replies
Your favorite Alien like movies
Apr-11-2019 11:00 PM37 replies
Happy 40th Alien Day Scified
Apr-25-2019 5:24 PM16 replies
Does anyone remember?
Mar-15-2019 9:21 PM31 replies
Elizabeth Shaw's Grave
Sep-21-2017 1:56 PM5 replies
Prometheus - What Was with the Alien Flute?
Jan-16-2018 5:18 PM22 replies
Alien: Blackout gameplay trailer
Jan-07-2019 8:12 AM10 replies
Aliens: Steel Egg (notes of interest)
Jan-06-2019 12:34 AM7 replies
Look on my works, ye Mighty
Sep-05-2018 11:02 PM13 replies
Ridley Scott on the problem with Sci-fi
Apr-21-2018 6:23 PM145 replies
The flayed Engineer HD photos
Feb-20-2018 2:42 PM22 replies
Engineer power
Oct-22-2017 2:16 PM41 replies
Androids + Emotions
Oct-14-2017 4:24 PM27 replies
Carlos Huante shares unused Alien creatures
Feb-06-2018 5:07 AM13 replies
ALIEN 5: Resurect? or Purge?
Nov-07-2017 6:11 AM36 replies
female engineers in alien covenant ?
Aug-10-2017 10:06 AM7 replies
Alien Covenant Fan Film
Oct-22-2017 2:53 PM22 replies
Alien: Covenant art by Khang Le
Dec-08-2017 1:59 PM13 replies
Bio-Mechanical Xenormoph... Shoe-Horning
Nov-24-2017 1:18 PM33 replies
The Engineers did not create life on Earth!
Nov-04-2017 6:41 AM19 replies
"Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla"
Nov-02-2016 7:26 AM28 replies
COMNET 12-26-2093 Upload
Oct-10-2017 7:25 AM6 replies
The Tumour Garden by Matt Hatton
Sep-20-2017 8:37 AM7 replies
Royal Engineer
Oct-18-2017 9:01 PM30 replies
Shedding Some Light on David's Lab
Jul-19-2017 10:40 AM83 replies
Alien: Covenant - Member Reviews
Aug-04-2017 3:49 AM17 replies
Alien Covenant Marketing Art for Fox
Sep-21-2017 4:36 PM18 replies
How to save the franchise
Aug-04-2017 9:19 PM85 replies
David-Ash Dream Connection
Aug-05-2017 10:32 AM9 replies
Yes, there are small eggs on the table...
Aug-03-2017 4:04 PM10 replies
Dec-05-2016 9:08 AM39 replies
Admin Message: Posts containing Spoilers.
May-02-2017 9:10 PM6 repliesPINNED
Alien: Covenant visual look and feel...
May-17-2016 9:37 AM19 replies
Bio Terror
May-13-2016 9:31 AM36 replies
Prometheus 2 Plot Leak, Mulitple Androids
Mar-25-2015 9:23 AM28 replies
Scott Mentions Prometheus 2 and...
Aug-25-2014 3:44 PM18 replies
New alien civilization
Nov-04-2014 1:43 PM23 replies
Comparing Engineers
May-15-2013 2:54 PM67 replies
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