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Origin of Covenant Colonization vessel CASE FILE ADVENT entered into

Origin of Covenant Colonization vessel CASE FILE ADVENT entered into

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PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-09-2018 9:49 AM

Origin of Covenant Colonization vessel CASE FILE ADVENT transmission entered into

I reviewed the technical data embedded in the CASE FILE ADVENT transmission (below). The coordinates of the origin of the signal are directly below “Origin: Covenant Colonization vessel”. 




Outpost Coordinate Relay

Signal boost Gliese 581g.02/delay modification

Origin: Covenant Colonization vessel

RA 3h 17m 8.0s | Dec -62° 37′ 41.1″

Bounce Trajectory Amplification Source KG-348

>>> HD 10180 designate HEX-5

>>> Nu Octantis designate X-1, LV-138

>>> Plutonian Outpost H-3

Processed: Suborbital Research Platform J

Secured: WY-Kyoto

Weyland Yutani Protocol Sequence Initiated

Commence transmission


I then entered in the RA (Right ascension) and Dec (Declination) coordinates for the Covenant vessel in the ADVENT transmission in, see below.

Below are close up images of the two stars (USNOA2 0225-00829262, USNOA2 0225-00831062) cited above.

Here is a photo downloaded from with the origin of the Covenant Colonization vessel coordinates in the center of the image, below.


"The main purpose of SKY-MAP is to consolidate astronomical, astrophysical and other information about different space objects and astrophysical facts. We hope to achieve this purpose using the principle of visualization.

When a person reads an article about a star, the star is only the abstraction for that reader. The person cannot emotionally feel the reality of the star without actually seeing it. We strive to create an extremely detailed sky map to help everybody to better understand the information gathering about any space object and various phenomena connected with those space objects.

What is SDSS?

Simply put, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is the most ambitious astronomical survey ever undertaken. When completed, it will provide detailed optical images covering more than a quarter of the sky, and a 3-dimensional map of about a million galaxies and quasars. As the survey progresses, the data are released to the scientific community and the general public in annual increments.


I believe this result is very interesting.
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EngineerAdmin22504 XPAug-09-2018 10:37 AM

Nice find! Definitely not a coincidence I would say.

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PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-09-2018 10:46 AM

Thank you Chris.


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-09-2018 3:29 PM

This indicates where the Covenant is at the time of the Signal, but it could be where the Signal Originated from (likely) but i dont think the Advent tells us WHEN this was sent as in what Year/Month.

If we assume its while the Covenant is near Planet 4 then indeed Planet 4 is in a Area of the SKY just below and to the east of Zeta 2 Reticuli  but we need to Bare in mind these Co-Ordinates are only the area of SKY from our view,  it does not indicate the Distance so they may appear near by but they could be 10's or 100's of Light Years Apart.

I hope we dont have a Lazy Bunch of Writing where its all a Coincidence, i.e LV-223 is next to LV-426 (we can accept) but then to have say Planet 4 only about 35-45 Light Years away and close to LV-223/LV-426 would be a bit too close for my liking.

Also IF Planet 4 is there Homeworld and its located near their Weapons Facility than thats a BIT TOO MUCH on the Door Step and you would expect Juggernaughts to come and go VERY often at that distance.

One thing to Consider is looking at this Work i did below, then it took Prometheus 2 years to get to those Co-Ordinates (Zeta 2) the Nostromo 10 Months and it would seem the Covenant had taken about 9-12 Months to get to a location thats MAYBE close by.

IF so and Planet 4 is near the Zeta 2 System, and took the Covenant about a year or less, then we know Origae-6 is 7-8X Further away.

This shows ABOUT where LV-223/426 and Planet 4/Covenant Signal are in relation to the Reticulum Constellation which puts Planet 4, LV-223/426 in the Vicinity where Betty and Barney Hill claimed their Alien Abductors came from LOL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-09-2018 10:01 PM

"If we assume its while the Covenant is near Planet 4 then indeed Planet 4 is in a Area of the SKY just below and to the east of Zeta 2 Reticuli  but we need to Bare in mind these Co-Ordinates are only the area of SKY from our view,  it does not indicate the Distance so they may appear near by but they could be 10's or 100's of Light Years Apart."

Correct BigDave. We can judge the distance from the description in the novelization, below.

“Daniels found herself jerked awake....Woozy from months spent in hypersleep, as well as from the abrupt awakening, she struggled to make sense of her surroundings. Of reality.” 

Alien: Covenant novelization, page 28-29.

Planet 4 was near the Covenant Colonization vessel 1st recharge, in the direction of Zeta Reticuli. And they had only been asleep months during the 1st leg of the journey to Origae-6. 

Does anyone have the coordinates of LV-178, New Galveston? I can search the books for it if not.

Yes, very funny regarding the Hill map, see below.


PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-09-2018 10:25 PM

Here is an embed of CASE FILE ADVENT, below.


ChestbursterMember902 XPAug-09-2018 11:48 PM

@BigDave Look, maybe it is not a bad writing but telling the insiders that David is not going to Origae-6, but back to the gas giant. But if I would have to bet, it is some not well thought out Easter-egg. 


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-10-2018 7:51 AM

Indeed Ingeniero the way i tried before to work it out was when they said they have 8 More Recharge Cycles, and there is 7 years 4 Months (88 Months) to Origae-6 which means 11 Months per Charge but that is not quite right because that would Factor in Recharging right on the Door-step.

If it was 9 months per Re-Charge then 8X9 =72 but the time to Origae-6 is 88 Months so that means they need 9 Recharges.

If it was 11 Months per Re-Charge then 8x11 = 88 Months which is the exact Journey time to Origae-6 which means last Charge is basically right on the Door Step.

So i think 10 Months per Charge sounds about right, but this is not FACT  but only going with information we have given.  Because with 8 Re-Charges left, would mean 80 Months which leaves them arriving at Origae-6 with TWO Months to another Re-Charge to go.

I would say a 9-12 Month Ball Park would be about right, but i am more inclined to think the Covenant had left Earth (or our System) 10 Months Prior.


I feel its a bit Spoon Fed, Lazy and Coincidence and not well thought out if we have it the Covenant Travels to near Zeta 2 Reticuli then has to Re-Charge, suffers Damage and then detects Planet 4 that is in the Same Constellation and more so if its within 10 Light years or less from LV-223/426... and then to have David Divert to LV-223

But i guess it cant be ruled out....

It depends on DAVIDS intentions... if his only Objective is to USE the Colonist to Mass Produce Xenomorphs then maybe YES LV-223 would be a Perfect Place to do so, but so would Planet 4 staying on Planet 4 i guess is a Risk due to chances of Neomorph infection to the Colonist but it depends HOW he goes about it, as he could maybe just Infect a few at a time on the Ship.

Going to LV-223 would put him closer to Earth, than Oriage-6 but then also if its on the Door Step to Planet 4 it wont take him long to get to LV-223 and Start Harvesting Humans for his Experiments/Xenomorph.

But this leaves him close to Earth 39 Light years, but Planet 4 was close too (maybe Cloaked in some way).  But then we could say the Advent Viral and his Message to W-Y in Alien Covenant could indicate that he is going to Origae-6 so as to put them off where he is actually going (LV-223) so that they maybe would not come looking at Planet 4 or LV-223, but then the Advent he mentions who he is and the Prometheus Mission and so thats a Risk, because while it could make the Company send ships to Oriage-6 they could also send some to LV-223 or Planet 4 (well location of his Signal) I think David is someone who considers RISK, i think this is WHY in part he Bombarded the Engineers, because of the Chance of HOW they would react to him and Dr Shaw.  I think David would not be so Naive as to take a risk of the Company getting to him and then Exploit his Experiments and then WHAT would they do with David?

If the Covenant arrived at Planet 4 in less than Year, and it is near LV-223 then the Company could get a Ship there within a year or less, and it would mean David would however be on LV-223 for up to a year (well near enough) is that enough time for him to Prepare Hell for them?

Then we have the risk of a Engineer coming back to Planet 4, but then if they came to Planet 4 and realized what happened and LV-223 was pretty close by then they would likely investigate and IF David is on LV-223 then that could throw a Spanner in his Works.

The Engineers WONT know where David is going, i doubt they could Track the Covenant all the way to Origae-6 unless they was close to Planet 4 by the time David leaves.  David must know... IF they came back they could go to LV-223...

IF we have David be Clever, and he either feels Walter could inform the Engineers, or he goes and leaves clues on Planet 4 that the Ship David is on would be heading to Origae-6 and its location... and these provide a False Destination for the Engineers and Weyland-Yutani to go off to Origae-6.... so David can then go to LV-223 this could be a Good Plot, but one that still carries a Risk of the Engineers and Weyland-Yutani both going to LV-223 as well.

But we have to REMEMBER how may the Lazy Writers do it?

They could have David set-up a Wild Goose Chase to Origae-6 for them both (Engineers/Weyland-Yutani) and have them TAKE the Bait because they are well DUMB!!! and put all their Eggs in One Basket (No Pun Intended)

So David can go to LV-223 and start to Experiment, the PROBLEM is some of those Colonist would maybe realize LV-223 is NOT Origae-6, he maybe cant fool them into thinking it is...  because its not as Habitable as Origae-6 was projected.   This does-not matter if the PLOT is to have David use those Thousands of Good Souls to make EGGS.

But RS said the movie would not be about the Xenomorph (does not mean there wont be none) just that the Focus is more on AI, and there would be 3-4 incoming Parties which ONE is the Engineers.

But with ALIEN:COVENANT not doing well, and we have some Room to get to ALIEN yet... then if they decide they cant RISK doing TWO movies and settle on a SINGLE Movie that links to ALIEN then for Convenience, indeed a PLOT as outlined above, were David goes to LV-223 would be a Quicker, more Spoon Fed and Convenient way to get from COVENANT ====> ALIEN.

So when i look at it NOW.... then indeed this Predictable Path cant be ruled out as the preferred way to go.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember902 XPAug-10-2018 8:20 AM

@BigDave why not have a wild goose chase? David could play the theme of the Benny Hill show on the recorder. It would be awesome!


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-11-2018 7:43 AM

"David could play the theme of the Benny Hill show on the recorder"

I could see him chasing the Female Colonist around to that theme, followed by Weyland-Yutani Chasing him, then a Engineer joins the Chase after David and Weyland Yutani before a Xenomorph finally joins  the back of the Chase.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-11-2018 9:08 AM

Just when I'm trying to be serious....


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-14-2018 12:26 AM

Having given this some thought, and forgive me if i am incorrect, but i am not sure the Advent gives us a date the Transmission was sent.

Looking at this leaves us TWO options.

1) That David sends the Advent while he is still close to Planet 4 which means its located in the same Constellation as Zeta 2, but also having to remember a set of 5 stars can appear in the SKY close like Few CM apart i you used a Ruler at Arms Length... yet these Stars could be Many Light years away, and a Star that is in the other Direction you are facing could be as close as one of those Stars that appear close together, yet the others by it are not.

So what i am saying is Zeta 2 is about 40LY this does not mean Planet 4 is located that Far it could be Much Further.

2) David sends the Advent  Transmission while he is nearing the Zeta 2 System.

These would mean and certainly Option 2 that David is indeed likely to be heading to LV-223.  If we take Option 1 then David could maybe still go to Origae-6 but i am sure if the Company Determine where David was (Planet 4) and where he came from LV-223 they surely would realize the Proximity and send out a Ship to Investigate the Zeta 2 Area which could mean a Easy Journey to LV-223 and Planet 4 if they are quite close.

Looking at how we are now just JOINING DOTS to ALIEN revealing a Plot where David goes to LV-223 but tries to suggest to the Company he is off to Origae-6 could be a Logical thing.. especially IF there is some AI aspect within the Weyland-Yutani Company, we do have to ask HOW/WHERE did David get those Authentication Codes and HOW COME the Covenant Accepted them.

Ridley Scott claimed the next movie would be more about AI rather than the Xenomorph, which does not rule out the Xenomorph but to me makes me think a going to LV-223 with the Colonist and Turning them into Eggs or what not is actually a very Xenomorphy movie.

I do think regardless of going to LV-223 or Origae-6 that RS is going the route to Reveal that the Letting the Genie out of the Bottle  (Sentient AI) is more than just David. And so indeed he may have been taking us on some Terminator meets Matrix kind of Subplot to HOW BIG a role AI plays in the Franchise.  Where AI is running the Show without Mankind even being aware...

This does FIT with the Eventual Sub Plot to Alien Resurrection where Earth is in a State of Desolation, and the reveal that Synthetics had even Sub-Created their own Creations... so we can envision a Future Earth where Mankind has faced a World being Ran by Synthetics who are battling against their own Sub-Creations for Control.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianModerator2414 XPAug-14-2018 1:04 AM

Far out, (pardon the pun) I just come across this thread. Great investigative work Ingeniero and BigDave 

I'll feature this article, its top stuff   

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