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ALIEN: Back to the Future Part 2

ALIEN: Back to the Future Part 2

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Jan-12-2019 4:14 PM

Welcome to Part 2 of the Back to the Future Series (First Installment HERE)... were at this Juncture i would like to discus/cover what was SET-UP for Prometheus Sequel.  And where it should have gone.


After Prometheus in 2012 Ridley Scott had announced they had plans to carry on the Prequels with a Sequel to Prometheus with revelations that the Next Movie would Steer Away from ALIEN and take us into a NEW Direction.  He felt that the you could not leave Prometheus how it ended and that you HAD to follow on with the PATH of where David and Dr Shaw would be heading.

Ridley Scott initially suggesting we will go to the Planet of the Engineers, were Dr Shaw wants to meet our MAKERS,  we would Discover these beings who are NOT Gods (not in the Traditional Sense) and who are FAR from Benevolent. But David would be Bringing HELL with him and what happens if the Black Goo infects a God or a Machine?

Ridley Scott talks about our Engineers being Fallen Angels, and that the Movie would loosely have elements from Paradise Lost (Philosophy).  He also talks about the Relationship and Dynamic between Dr Shaw and David, where he suggest Dr Shaw is at a Catch 22 Situation, and that David with his head on can be VERY Dangerous but he is very Persuasive.  Ultimately Dr Shaw has little Choice.

We witness from the END of Prometheus that David and Dr Shaw managed to Locate another Engineer Ship (of which there are MANY) and they had managed to leave LV-223 with the Ship.  Prior to Leaving (likely before they boarded the Juggernaught) Dr Shaw had left a Transmission to WARN anyone who comes close, that this place is FULL of DEATH and to STAY AWAY.


The sequel to Prometheus  had gone through quite a Developmental Hell with Jack Paglen brought in to work on a Draft that went through a number of changes, but seemed to be about David and Dr Shaw discovering some World Related to the Engineers.   Then Micheal Green came in to work a number of Revisions, were it seemed the Engineers connections to Fallen Angels and Paradise Lost seemed to play a part in the Direction they would explore our WOULD-BE-CREATORS.

Then it Entered Limbo..... until Harper and Logan came in to give us what eventually became Alien Covenant.

So i propose to you to Discus, maybe were they SHOULD have taken the Sequel...  If we cast our minds back to the JUNCTURE were  David and Dr Shaw had successfully found another Engineer Ship and JUST left LV-223.

Where NEXT! should the Story had gone?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Jan-12-2019 8:30 PM

It sounds like Jack Paglen's draft at least started out with The Crossing. In hindsight, maybe it would have been better to continue with his draft.


Jan-13-2019 3:43 PM

Well it would be interesting to see some of the Earlier Drafts, by Crossing i assume you mean were we left off at the END of Prometheus...

I think we can only Speculate what his Draft involved.

All that seems Certain is that David and Dr Shaw at some point END up on a World Connected to the Engineers, where they discover these beings are NOT Benevolent (do they meet any?)  These beings are NOT Gods...   Dr Shaw still wants her Answers.... WHY was we Created, WHY did the Engineers Want to Destroy/Abandon us?  and WHO Created them.

What we further know is that Dr Shaw would eventually have to Put David back together, knowing the Risk, but he Persuades her and ONCE his Head Goes back on.. he is DANGEROUS...  (and so Potentially could do what ever he wants... WHAT his Agenda is... is the Big Question).

Finally he is BRINGING HELL with him.... (Cargo) and what happens if this infects a God or Machine!

Thats the Nuts and Bolts of it all... HOW they explored that is the Question.... and raises the Problems they Faced...

*Would a Movie about David and Dr Shaw be enough?

*How would they survive if FACED with a Species who are Not Benevolent?

Dr Shaw and David VS  Thousands, Millions of Evil Technologically Advanced SOBS!

If we are to continue with a Non Benevolent Race... was RS referring to those LV-223 beings or the Engineers that David and Dr Shaw would find should they GO to the Engineers Home-world?

Then IF they discover such BEINGS... what kind of Interaction takes place?  David having to roughly act as Translator?

ONE Human, ONE Android and a Number of Engineers were David has to Translate and we get Sub-Titles.. could be a Movie a lot of people would not be interested but the DIE-HARD Prometheus Fans..

So this was ONE Problem they Faced.... a Problem my Prometheus 3 idea (my Prometheus 2 was mainly Not set around Engineers or David/Dr Shaw).  Had a clever way to address!

A way that would have NOT left them Forced to Introduce Humans from Earth! Thus bringing the Engineers Home-world closer to Home!

Nope my Place David and Dr Shaw arrived at was FAR FAR away!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-14-2019 9:42 PM

This may sound funny but it is meant to be serious. I really hate subtitles- I hate reading while missing on screen action. I think David might make a version of a translator so we could skip that mess. Here is one of the best sci fi examples of how to get around that whole thing- only 1 minute:



Jan-17-2019 2:47 PM

Ha ha... Indeed....

There are ways they could have gone, i for one found the Potential for Humans to just be on EARTH to be limited in scope of Prometheus... either some Humans were taken from Earth or Humans came from another Place in the Galaxy are where i would have taken the Story.

Also the Plot indicates the Engineers had influenced our Culture, and so Language is likely influenced by them too, so ONE or more of the Ancient Languages could be spoken on more than Earth Thousands of Years Ago.

Dr Shaw in her Studies would surely Understand some Ancient Languages.   But we also could have a Technology the Engineers  or other Humans have that would allow Dr Shaw to understand them...

Or even have some Device or Spiritual Transfer Method (Vulcan Mind Meld) to allow Dr Shaw to understand the Language of any Humanoids they Discovered.

They would then NOT have a Franchise that Conflicts with the Alien Franchise...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-17-2019 3:17 PM

The Potential was there to give Great Depth to the Vastness of Space these Engineers had worked in....

The RED DOT is about where our Solar System is and Zeta 2 would also Fall within this Zone....   They could have had David and Dr Shaw travel to any Further Area of Space for example any of the GREEN DOTS.

Thus taking us to a World that is FAR beyond the Space Travel Scope of Mankind Circa Alien Franchise.  To a Place that is 10'000-40'000 Light Years from Earth

Thus allowing them to Explore the Engineers World without any Conflict with the ALIEN Franchise... and by the Time David and Dr Shaw have got to this place and Caused CHAOS.. any Aftermath where would be Engineers on a Warpath would seek Destruction to Earth could take place in a Time Way Past the Events of Aliens or even Alien Resurrection.

The Plot of Prometheus expands our Engineers to the Furthest Reaches of the Galaxy and BEYOND... is Earth the only other Place were we have Humanoids or even Humans the Engineers have interacted with?

The Problem with this would be the Language Barrier but we can at least speculate the Engineers would speak various Ancient Languages and so some of the Oldest Languages on Earth could be shown to exist at some point on other Worlds.

Or there are ways to get around Translations..

The PLOT of Alien Covenant to have the Engineers Home-world also located within that RED DOT has made them Write themselves into a Corner!

If you was the Engineers and invested a lot of Time into the Human Race.. on Earth... would you just Abandon it all?

If the Problem came down to Mankind not behaving in a way that you intended... this comes from Upbringing, Interaction and Knowledge which Corrupts.....

I think it makes sense for the Engineers to have collected some Humans to Breed to make Children and then Raise these Children with a FRESH-START where they are not Corrupted by the ways of Earths Men!

You could then attempt to Destroy Earth... and failing that just WASH your hands with those Primitives because without your Help (Engineers) they would NEVER advance beyond what you have taught (Iron Age) and so you leave them to ROT and Just Kill Each other.... as your Species have Been Involved in Many Worlds and so the LOSS of just ONE World to their Corrupt Inhabitants is NO Big Loss.

You have a number of other Worlds, and Human Colonies to watch over and NOT let the same problems arise again... Let those Mortals on Earth ROT in their Stone Buildings with their Crude Tools.   For they will NEVER master the Wonders that your kind have (Engineers) For without the Engineers in the first place... Mankind would be just as Cave-Men and without the Engineers NOW... we shall be Stuck on our Rock FOREVER!

Or so in HUBRIS they thought!

This route makes sense and opens up many a Potential...

Especially what happens when Dr Shaw and David turn up to a World that has Humans who are Unaware that they are NOT alone in the Galaxy?

But.... ALAS!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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