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ALIEN: Back to the Future Part 1

ALIEN: Back to the Future Part 1

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Nov-26-2018 4:02 PM


In 2009 the announcement of a Alien Prequel gets underway as Ridely Scott expresses his desire to Return to the Franchise he started by asking WHY in None of the Movies that Followed his 1979 ALIEN did no body ever cover the DERELICT and ask.

Who was that Pilot?

Where was he Going?

Why did he have that Cargo?

None of the movies addressed those Questions from ALIEN, we never knew who was the Space Jockey, his Race, his Purpose, the Xenomorph Origins and WHY the Space Jockey had that Cargo!


Development began in 2009 where Ridley Scott had envisioned some ideas, and had brought in Jon Spaights to work on a Number of Drafts.. Most Noted of which ALIEN: Engineers.

The Prequel Began to cover some of the Mystery from Alien, revealing our Space Jockey Race was a Humanoid Race known as the Engineers a race who are Genetic Gardeners of Space and who had Created and Played a Role in the Evolution of Mankind and whose Interactions with Mankind formed the Basis for all of our Religions and Mythos.

It was revealed that these beings had also Experimented on and Created Biological Warfare of which the Xenomorph was one variation of these Experiments designed to Create/Evolve Organisms that could be used as a Biological Weapon against Unruly/Deemed Failed Creations/Worlds. 

The Plot was changed somewhat to Tone Down the Xenomorph and Answers to ALIEN and to instead concentrate on the Engineers and Philosophical and Creation themes, and Damien Lindeloff was brought in to work on his PARADISE Drafts.


Damien Lindeloff's work had Evolved into the Movie we got called PROMETHEUS and in its Theatrical Release it had a number of Scenes Cut and Alternative Scenes added.


Welcome to my New Series of THREADS i will refer to as BACK TO THE FUTURE series..  The aim is to take a look at the Prequels in Order, and Discus in Hindsight/Retrospect what you all would have wanted to see different, or what you liked/disliked.  This being the First Installment is to tackle the Prequels at this stage of Development to Prometheus, and to offer you a chance to make suggestions to what you would have liked or even changed about what was our First Prequel Installment 

A thing to remember regarding this Topic is to look back at Prometheus in Retrospect and remember at this point (Alien Covenant does not exist and is NULL)

So it is to consider and put across what you would have wanted or done for the First Alien Prequel and to take into account the PURPOSE for the Prequel was..

*Who was that Pilot?

*Where was he Going?

*Why did he have that Cargo?

*Where did the Xenomorph come from?

Was the Direction we went with Prometheus right, was Alien Engineers the better path, or is there another way these Prequels should have been handled.  This does not mean that the Derelict Event would even have to had been covered or lead up to...

So do you think what we got was Correct, if you was a Fundamental Part of the Brainstorming that went on before Ridley Scott got his Draft to Shoot his First Alien Prequel, what would you have liked to had seen and done?

You are free to Discus ideas of a Prequel Series, so this could be more than ONE Prequel, it could be a Trilogy but to remember the Purpose of this Topic is to take into account a Fresh Start, where only ALIEN on-wards are Canon.  And so you can discount or add what ever elements are explored in Prometheus.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

12 Responses to ALIEN: Back to the Future Part 1


Nov-26-2018 4:11 PM

I will note that in these Series of Back to the Future (Hindsight) Threads you can use any ideas that was pondered prior/during the Said Prequel so in this case Prior to 2012...   But if you want to incorporate ideas that appeared in latter Prequels thats fine but i dont want this to become a Alien Covenant Topic/Bashing...  that is Saved for Back to the Future Part 2.

For example..... Ridley Scott around 1983-1984 had a different idea of where he would have taken the Series (ALIEN 2) and introduce us to TWO Races, at this time it appeared he wanted to carry on with what was left out from STARBEAST and that being the Pyramid and a Ancient Alien Civilization were the Xenomorph was part of this.

And in 2002 he and James Cameron had discussed a Prequel but this never got made, where we would go to the Homeworld of the ALIEN (Xenomorph) and what a Dark Place this would have been but also potentially introduce another Race into the Equation too.

We never really got to see either of these in the Prequel worked on in 2009-2011 but some aspects may have been used, so do you think any of these TWO should have been the way to go, or maybe more elements of them incorporated with the Alien Engineers/Paradise Route?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-28-2018 11:55 AM

Great angle BigDave.

What I wanted from the prequels:

When I first watched the first trailers for Prometheus, I thought that Dr. Holloway turned into a giant humanoid and attacked Dr. Shaw in the film....I wasn't sure what I was seeing but I loved the look of the film.

Looking back, what I would change would be to include more of Earth before they left such as archaeology dig sites or an urban scape...shown in flashbacks while they are asleep on the way to LV-223. Include more dream intrusions by David into everyone sleeping, and I would certainly want to see David's visit in Peter Weyland's dream while in hypersleep and a close-up of this yacht, below. 

The Pyramid

The Pyramid is a recurring theme in the scripts, films, and comics. In Aliens: Advent Part 1 (2013), the team sets down for a potential archeological score.

I know this topic is assuming Alien: Covenant hasn't been made, so my wish would be to see some pursue the concepts of the comic in regards to exploring ruins and coming across a human team's ship from before (below).

Dan O'Bannon's Alien Pyramid, below.



Nov-28-2018 3:03 PM

"I thought that Dr. Holloway turned into a giant humanoid and attacked Dr. Shaw "

Funny you should say that..... i was thinking similar when i saw the Trailer where some Humanoid was standing over Dr Shaw and looked about 6ft 2"  and i thought this was either David being Granted a Gift like Pinocchio had, or Weyland being Granted a New Body and by Granted i thought maybe Stolen...  But alas it was the Engineer, just that one shot he did-not look 7ft as the Actor was, never mind 8ft+.... it was just a shot of how Camera Angels can make a 7ft Person look 8ft+ in one scene but then just over 6ft in another.

Regarding the Pyramid.... i think to a degree this was in part carried over for Prometheus with our Temple Complexes.   I have never read Alien Advent, but it seems similar to if you replaced the Pyramid with Engineer Temple Complex, and a incoming ship Discovered the Wreckage of Prometheus and the Life-boat.... so more like what a Prometheus 2 could have been if we had a Alternative Plot that investigated LV-223 but then another to Planet 4 could also fit a similar like Plot.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-28-2018 3:20 PM


I think Prometheus was actually interesting, but i felt (aside from some Acting/Scenes) i felt Plot Wise it was Good, i did feel it needed a bit less Ambiguity and a little more clues to the Xenomorph Connection and it need some kind of Xenomorph related Conflict...  i like the Engineers just felt the Size was not good, which they had intended to have them LARGER but they decided against such Effects that The LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT used.

1) A few More Clues between the Connection to LV-223 and the Egg Cargo.  (a bit less Ambiguity) as far as the Xenomorph and Black Goo....  which could have been done via.

*Longer Look at and some related Dialog about the Mural and Frescos.

*Fifield Monster Looking more Alieny. (kills 1-2 less people).

*Milburn either NOT spiting out a Hammerpede, and replace with.... or add after... a Chest Burster, Mouth Burster Organism similar to the Neomorph that would attack a Crew-member and then get KILLED... resulting in Acid Blood.

*Closer Look at one of the other CRYO-PODS with maybe a comment.

These would have helped to make more of a Connection to the Xenomorph, while not being Spoon-Fed it would lead Fans to those Monsters either came from Xenomorph DNA/Experiments or they shared a Common Origin with the Xenomorph (which Alien Engineers covered).

2) Slight Improvement with the Engineers, as in used effects like LOTR and HOBBIT to make our Engineers appear 8-10ft Tall. 

*Maybe a few more clues about the Engineers.

*Longer Engineer Scenes with Dialog and maybe Translations/Subtitles.

Apart from that i think Prometheus was Perfectly passable as a Movie Pseudo Prequel.   Problem is with adding more scenes, such as some you mentioned too Ingeniero is adding to the Run-Time that FOX deemed for a Theatrical Release.

This has caused Problems with the Prequels because you cant cover too much, unless its more a No Brains Action Shoot-em up Movie like ALIENS. were you just Spoon Feed whats needed to get to the Action.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-28-2018 8:21 PM

My two cents too BigDave. Overall I thought Prometheus was great.

"2) Slight Improvement with the Engineers, as in used effects like LOTR and HOBBIT to make our Engineers appear 8-10ft Tall. 

*Maybe a few more clues about the Engineers.

*Longer Engineer Scenes with Dialog and maybe Translations/Subtitles."

Yes. That is a great example of how the Engineers should have been depicted in regards to the Hobbits. I agree and wish I could have seen more of the Engineers' ways as well, specifically a conflict of some sort.



Nov-28-2018 9:00 PM

"Alien Advent, but it seems similar to if you replaced the Pyramid with Engineer Temple Complex, and a incoming ship Discovered the Wreckage of Prometheus and the Life-boat.... so more like what a Prometheus 2 could have been if we had a Alternative Plot that investigated LV-223 but then another to Planet 4 could also fit a similar like Plot."

I thought the same thing when I looked back at Alien: Advent/Terminus and when reading Ridley Scott mentioning "multiple players" returning to Planet 4 BigDave. The wreckage shown below on Planet 4 reminded me of the last page of the comic above when others arrive after the incident.

And I still think there is a pyramid on Planet 4, below. So, that would really match up to the Advent comic above.


Nov-29-2018 8:19 AM

Prometheus was alright (2 out of 5 for me) but it needed clearer links to the Xeno, better human characters, and also a clearer link between the Engineers and the SJ. The Xeno-Fifield should have been in the movie, not the Zombie. Zombies are fine in those kind of movies but not in the Alien universe.

The goo was interesting but they should have been clearer with the connection of the goo-hamerpede-Xeno. My complaint is that it was not clear enough how it was connected to the Xeno.

As with Covenant there were scenes that were cut that should have stayed there. One example is the book that the Engineer picks up and reads. This shows that he is interested in humans and not only a big angry body-builder on a rampage for some vague reason.

The petting a space snake should have been completely removed. It still looks stupid and makes the scientists look like idiots. At least they should have had a clear explanation to why they did that if they want to have it in there at all. Still to this day I find that scene the way it played out to be dumb as fuck.

A bit more from Alien Engineers would have been nice since it was more of a direct link to the Xeno although a bit ambiguity is fine but it should not be as much as in Prometheus. More Spaights less Lindelof. I do not claim that everything bad was Lindelof’s fault, looking back at AC Scott was involved in it also so it could be reasonable to think that Scott and Fox were involved in some bad things that were in Prometheus.

Sub-titles to the Engineer speaks to Weyland, that would have explained things a bit more. This should have been put in the movie because then we would have understood the Engineers a bit more I think.

The run time and extended. Scenes, well then cut some less important scenes as long as you explain more of those that are important. Maybe it would have been longer but it would have been better and maybe more people would have been satisfied with it and Fox would have gained more money and it would have given them happier viewers.


Nov-29-2018 3:41 PM

" At least they should have had a clear explanation to why they did that "

Indeed this is another one of those things that the Drafts had a Explanation for... Fifield was STONED i tried to address this with my Re-write/Edit and i combined this with a few other bits that made the whole Scene not seem so bad.  (Fifield and Milburn Got Stoned ) Fifield tried to remove the Crystal (he Loves Rocks Remember)  and he activates the Mural Door,   Milburn is watching the Mural Stoned and he makes some comments about it..  Then the Door Opens Part way, and we get a Quick Glimpse inside (Frescos, Standing Cyro-Pod like Sarcophagi and smaller like Pods (Engineer Smaller Versions of what the Ripley Clones where Grown in).   This Freaks out Fifield who Falls over (slips on Black Goo) and then as he is on all Fours, we see TWO Hammerpedes.... Milburn tells him to stay Calm and gets between Fifield and Hammerpede, the Hammerped appears to be none threatening, so he goes for  a Closer Look but keeps a distance, holds hands up to confuse the Hammerpede (like you can with a Snake) Fifield is Freaking out.... Milburn turns to him and says Stay Calm... then looks back at the Hammerpede, Fifield than says lets get the F out of her and tries to grab Milburn to raise him off his knees, as Milburn Turns, the Hammerpede makes a Dash for him and in a Quick Reaction, Milburn Puts his Arm out and Catches the Hammerpede.

This helps to make more sense of the Scene, and show us a little sneak at what is behind the Door that gives more Context to the Mural Connection (Place they Store Hosts and Face Huggers).   I feel this version i had made up, was more fitting but again IF this was the way Lindeloff wrote it, it may still have had to be cut down due to pacing and Running Time.

Visual Changes/Additions i imagined adding..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-29-2018 4:27 PM

"As with Covenant there were scenes that were cut that should have stayed there. One example is the book that the Engineer picks up and reads. This shows that he is interested in humans and not only a big angry body-builder on a rampage for some vague reason."

That is a good scene to cite Thoughts_Dreams.

It would have been great to see from the Engineer's perspective when he pans around looking at the Prometheus crew...when he is waking up and before he tears them apart. It would have been really cool to see how he saw the one synthetic and the rest of the crew.

In Alien: Covenant, there were small instances shown from the xenomorph perspective that I thought were great and this perspective is mentioned in the novels.


Nov-29-2018 5:57 PM

There seems to be an element of "the chicken and the egg" here. All I can say is that evidently, the SJ must have been infected pre flight given the broken ribs and acidic hole burnt into the ship's surface..


Nov-30-2018 4:59 PM

Well this is ONE of the Intriguing Mysteries with ALIEN and Ultimately i feel it was a PLOT DEVICE  for how Kane could descend into the Egg Chamber,  as they Originally intended to have the Egg Chamber as Separate, but Budget and Time Restraints would mean it was merged with the Derelict as a Cargo Hold.   So they then needed to introduce a Plot Device for HOW they can get to the Cargo Hold.

In doing the Acid Burn Hole it raises some Questions...

1) Did the Chest Buster make that Acid Hole somehow?

This is ONE HELL of a lot of Acid for a Chest Buster or even maybe a Adult to be able to Produce without being Killed?

But WHY would it want to get back to the Cargo Hold it came from?  This explanation would open up a interpretation that the Chest Buster Ending up LAYING those EGGS.

2) Did the Chest Buster get killed and this resulted in the Acid Hole?

But then who/what killed the ALIEN, and what happened to the WHOEVER killed the Chest Buster?

We can rule out another 3rd Common Interpretation which was something climbed up the Cargo Hold and made that Hole to get to the Space Jockey... HOW does a Face Hugger do this, and the Acid Hole looks more like it was made from Top to Bottom.

I think the most Sensible Answer we can look at the Clues Ridley Scott had given us over the Prequels.

*Regardless of Prometheus or Alien Covenant we had RS push us towards seeing the Xenomorph as a Engineered Bio-Weapon.   If this is the Case (which it was intended) then while it may be a Good Weapon to use, its a bit OVERKILL apart from the USE to Destroy a World/Enemy with NO intentions of making use of the World/Ship that the Outbreak Occurs on.

*However (this applies mainly to Prior to Alien Covenant) he had said the Engineers Develop this Weapon to Not Only Eradicate Threats but to CLEAN-UP Worlds... which implies so they can make use of the World Afterwards... this would imply the Bio-Weapon has a Half-Life and eventually a World would be CLEAN and Free of the Bio-Weapon.  A Question is would this apply to the Xenomorph? It was indicated in Alien Engineers, and RS comments he did mention the Derelict Event was related to LV-223 and so we ask Do the Xenomorphs have a Limited Life Span?

Taking those TWO into account and looking into RS comments on the Xenomorph that got killed in Alien Covenant, he had CLAIMED the Xenomorph would have eventually REGENERATED.   Thats a Bold Claim, so how does this WORK

The Xenomorph Crushed to a Pulp and Parts will Regenerate in what Hours, Days and what does it become ONE Xenomorph or does each Part become a NEW Xenomorph, so say 50% is a Pile of Goop.... then we have a Tail, Two Legs and a Arm that Separated....  do we then get 4-5 Xenomorphs?

Myself i am not a 100% Fan of this....

HOWEVER.... by Regenerate could he mean the Organism Does-Not Die.... but it can LIVE on in some other Capacity, i made a Cabbage Patch Post before, as they look like how the Eggs are laid out in ALIEN

Cabbage Material when it Dies, it then Regrows into a Clone of itself.... you could cut a Cabbage up into say 6 parts and provided it lands on Suitable Soil Etc, then 6 Clone Cabbages will Grow in its Place.

CONSIDERING all the above....

If the Xenomorph has a Certain Life Expectancy then this is ideal for a Bio-Weapon, If when a Xenomorph Dies, be it KILLED or after its Life Expectancy we see it begin to Break Down (Result in Acid) and then from this Process we either get.

1) A Egg or Eggs Start to Grow from it.

2) Breaks Down into a Mutagen like the Black Goo, that can infect Organic Matter to become a NEW Incubator for its Life-Cycle (Egg or Spore) Stage.

I feel this would be a Good Trait for a Intended Bio-Weapon, it also fits with Ridley Scott saying the Weapon was used to CLEAN UP Worlds and the Organism would have Regenerated.

A Xenomorph with a Limited Life Expectancy, that then Dies, Decomposes and the Result Burns Through the Floor of the Derelict... i feel would be a GOOD explanation for that HOLE.

I am sure a Few HOLES (Pun Intended) could even be found in this Explanation...  For Starters, Dallas, Kane and Lambert Found a way into the Pilot Room.... so surely the Chest Buster could have escaped from this Room.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-01-2018 1:43 AM


"1) A Egg or Eggs Start to Grow from it."


Wow! That's a really great idea, like eggmorphing. This ability make Xenomorph more "alien" and strange. And dangerous, of course. Imagine if Colonial Marines kill xenomorphs and leave this place for undefined period. And then next expedition, who think what place was cleansed found eggs growing from the remains of xenomorphs.

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