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Xenomorph Examples by Planet or Platform and Year

Xenomorph Examples by Planet or Platform and Year


Dec-04-2018 1:18 PM

Xenomorph Examples by Planet or Platform and Year

The Xenomorph images below were chosen to show examples of organisms and where they were contacted. The Xenomorphs shown in the Prometheus: Fire and Stone comics are included because the story featured the black goo mutagen’s affects on an organism, notes on experiments with the mutagen, and a synthetic/organic Construct, Elden, as well as, Alien: Advent/Terminus.



Unknown Planet, Unknown Year

Planet LV-223, Year 2093

Planet LV-223, Year 2219

Planet 4, Year 2104

Nostromo Ship, Year 2122

Planet LV-426, Year 2179

Planet Fiorina (Fury) 161, Year 2179

Space Station RB-232, Year 2179

Unknown Planet, Unknown Year 

Auriga Ship, Year 2381

Planet LV-178, Year 2497

The images have been reformatted to appear animated (Photoshop) in order to have a consistent look when compared to each other.

Sources: Prometheus, Alien: Covenant, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Alien: Advent/Terminus


4 Responses to Xenomorph Examples by Planet or Platform and Year


Dec-04-2018 6:55 PM

I don't get too deep in the weeds about the entire history, but this looks really well put together. I don't recall seeing it in a movie and maybe it is from a novel, but the first  Planet LV-426, Year 2179 image is interesting.

I also really like the over all style of the pics. It looks very comic book yet better and the images just "pop" over all.


Dec-05-2018 12:51 AM



It's from Director's cut. Newt's father.


Dec-05-2018 3:59 PM

I certainly think the Reveal about the Black Goo gives us a Greater Scope towards different variations of Xenomorphs and Related Organisms.   I also think the Experiments in Alien Resurrection gave us something more to Ponder about than the Traditional Camerons Aliens... Eggs, Xenomorphs and Queens.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-10-2018 7:00 AM

What I think is interesting about the Xenos is that there are different versions of it. With this in mind you could wonder what they all must have in common to be considered to be Xenos. This is some thing that the prequels did right, having different monsters.

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