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Star Children (Evolutionary Step of Mankind).

Star Children (Evolutionary Step of Mankind).


Mar-07-2019 8:38 AM

I would like to use this Topic to discus the Artificial Evolution Aspect that in part i think perhaps we could have seen with Alien Covenants sequel in regards to WHAT it is that David would CREATE.  I had ponder if this would be what the Sequel would cover in my Topic Alien: Exodus

But i am using this Topic to assume in part, what kind of Artificial Creation that David could create, taking into account that the Franchise has Focused on Creation, and Pursuit of Perfection.

The END of Alien Covenant we do see David going off to TUCK in the Children, as he said he was going to do after Daniels Discovers WHO he really is..  We can assume this was the Face Huggers but we see that David distributes these among the Human Embryos.   As speculated with the other Topic Alien: Exodus i was drawn to the Plot for Alien Covenants sequel could revolve around David attempting to Evolve/Engineer those Human Embryos into a New Race.

The Engineering aspect is something that the Prequels are quite based off, our Engineers indeed are also Genetic Engineers and Manipulators, and if we look at Peter Weyland and the kinds of Feats his Company had been working on, and indeed what Various Genetic Engineering Companies could be working on in such a FUTURE.

Then Genetically Altering the Human Genome is something i feel its a matter of time before we see Massive Advancements, i do suspect in the REAL WORLD this would likely be to Genetically Remove Genetic Defects and Flaws from Embryos to Eliminate Potential Disabilities and Dieseases that would IMPACT the Life-Style and Longevity of Human Genes that would otherwise be drastically impacted by various Genetic Disorders.

Would we EVER see such Genetic Engineering take a more Pursuit of Perfection Avenue?  Currently i think the Moral Compass is something that would prevent that,  and so preventing some Genetic Disorders/Disabilities is ONE THING... but to attempt to create the Perfect Designer Babies is ANOTHER....

But none the less, when Genetic Engineering Evolves to the point of being able to Enhance our Genomes, you have to wonder IF some Governments/Factions would be tempted or even consider the Benefits of doing such a thing... Especially for Military Purposes, because Creating the Perfect Super Solider would hold some Great Benefits.

Its interesting to Ponder Quite HOW-FAR in future we could Engineer Perfect Traits in the Human Genome, where we could Create Children with the Athleticism of our Best Athletes in Terms of Strength, Power, Speed, Agility and then combine that with High IQ Levels of Intelligence that our World Best have..  In addition to being able to Eradicate Genetic Flaws, and potentially also have Immunity to many Ailments a Human could suffer.

Such Engineering is NOT beyond the realms of possibility NOW.

But then we can enter the Sci-Fi world of taking this Further by IF we could enhance Genomes/Traits that would give us Genetics and Abilities of other Organisms on Earth.

Such as Improving our Senses.... Particularity Eye-Sight, Hearing and Smell.   Also the potential to Engineer Pain Receptors so that we can in effect TURN OFF Pain.

Another Aspect would be the Engineering of our Bodies Cells that Age, could we eventually Engineer a way to reduce the Age Process of the Human Body?   And slow down the rate our Organs degrade/age?


Various Sci-Fi movies have covered such Engineering, which we have seen in Blade Runner with the Replicants, and also movies like Morgan and in these we are shown that Artificially Engineered Organic Beings also are Grown Faster, they Mature from Embryo to Adult in Vastly Quicker Times, something a number of Cloning Movies cover... which include ALIEN: Resurrection with the Ripley 8 Clones.

Within Context to the Franchise, we could ponder HOW-FAR could David take such Engineering with the Engineers Secrets?   what kind of STAR-CHILD could he create from Engineering those Embryos?

Looking at our Engineers too, as its indicate those Planet 4 Engineers are the Originals, its possible that Ridley Scott was showing us that the Prometheus Engineers are what happens when our Planet 4 Engineers have Genetically tried to Perfect themselves in the past, or created a Genetically Perfect version of themselves.

What Evolution had lead to Mankind, considering Engineers intervention and what kind of Evolution could David Achieve with those Embryos?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Mar-07-2019 8:48 AM

We could discus Genetic Evolution in context away from the Franchise too!

But in regards to what David could Create from those Embryos or consider what the Engineers could Manipulate with a Humanoid, then indeed we could see beings that are.

*Immune to Most Genetic Ailments, Disorders and Diseases.

*Reduced Aging Process, maybe some degree of Organic Regeneration.

*Superior Strength that is 4-6X that of a Average Man

*Superior Speed and Agility that is 2-3X Faster than a Average Man

*Superior Intelligence that is 2-3X Greater than a Average Man

*Improved Senses which include Eyesight, Hearing and Smell

*Improved/Engineered ability Respiratory wise, to survive longer periods without Oxygen and in Environments with Less Oxygen.

Maybe even Engineering a Larger Stature from a Engineered Being?

Surely it looks like maybe those Planet 4 Engineers had done this before to give us those Prometheus Engineers, and i do speculate that David would attempt to create a Humanoid that is more superior to Humans, Engineers and those Enhanced Prometheus Engineers.

Could some kinds of Evolution also bring about some kind of Telepathy Communication?  And indeed other Special Abilities such as Telekinesis/Psychokinesis.

What a Perfect Being that would make... what a Perfect HOST for a Xenomorph like Parasite too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-07-2019 9:01 AM

BigDave Probably David won't engineer nothing fancy because of budgetary constraints. He most tighten the belt.


Mar-07-2019 9:32 AM

Certainly would seem he would have NO budget from Disney ;)

Its interesting to ponder what RS may have planned, because it was NOT going to be about Xenomorphs... and Budget Wise a movie set on a Planet, that has Humanoids is Financially Cheaper than Space Scenes and Complex very Alien Organisms like the Xenomorphs.

Its interesting to ponder what makes those Planet 4 Engineers and Prometheus Engineers different, many have concluded or pondered that those Planet 4 Engineers have to be Human/Engineer Hybrids, because they look so much LESS Godlike than the Engineers in Prometheus.

But thats if you look at the Top Down Approach of GOD Creators, vs Creations... we see Weyland was a Creator too, but is he more Godlike than his Creation David?

So indeed its likely those Prometheus Engineers were Enhanced, Augmented beings.  I dont think we are likely to ever explore such things about the Engineers, or what ever David would create in Future..... i think such things are Dead as far as the Franchise.

I think such things are always fun to speculate about, even in regards to REAL-LIFE implications... which have been covered in a number of Sci-Fi movies and Shows...  so indeed if Mankind Engineered Perfect Humans, with Enhanced Traits, for the Purpose of Military or as Servants/Slave Work Force..

The Hubris is always there of these beings, Rebelling and Overthrowing their Creators, and IF these beings can Reproduce then we could be in TROUBLE..

Certainly Interesting themes, that The Planet of the Apes also cover in part.. If Mankind attempted to Create Hybrid Apes/Humans that gain Human Intelligence... then a REAL WORLD scenario like the Planet of the Apes could happen.. but NOT if we Destroyed them before they GOT out of hand.

Which Mirrors really maybe WHY the Engineers would have wanted us Destroyed.   And we could certainly ponder if such Hubris had caused the downfall of the Engineers, and ponder was their conflict between the Planet 4 and LV-223 kinds?

Would have been interesting to see David Engineer a NEW Human Race, and what Truths/Lies he would tell them to keep them in Check... and then watch this GO TO POT when other Humans Turn up and Revelations that come from this.

But in regards to the Topic... it would be interested to see HOW FAR would David Evolve those Embryos and would they use some Unused Concepts (Engineer Concepts, and Engineer/Fifield Mutations) for Inspiration to what kind of Appearance these Humans may have had?

As in maybe use some of the Elongated Head Aspect that we never quite saw in our Engineers in the Prequels.

This Elongated Head could be Engineered to cater for a Higher Capacity Brain/Intelligence and Telepathy/Telekinesis/Psychokinesis.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-07-2019 12:18 PM

I am also very intrigued by this storyline. What will happen to the colonists? What are Davids plans? 

I think it depends on when the story takes place. Is it 2 years? 5 or even 15? In the beginning there might be survivors, but over the following years, I dont think a lot will survive. 


Mar-08-2019 5:24 AM

The elongated head concept was originally meant to show the effects of the black pathogen metamorphizing an engineer into a Xenomorph; essentially a re-realizing of what was originally intended to be Fifield's transformed state in Prometheus when he attacks the Prometheus' hangar bay.

I believe this concept of a Xenomorph being born from the metamorphization of a human (or otherwise) host, would be an interesting way to show the adaptive traits of the Xenomorph and its reproduction, as already explored in Prometheus/Alien: Covenant.

Also, considering Davids genocidal feelings towards humankind I struggle to believe he would use the 2000 colonists of the USSCS Covenant for anything more than raw materials and fodder for the organism he re-created on the Engineer Sanctuary Planet (Planet 4).


Mar-09-2019 5:42 AM

Indeed many of the Elongated Head Concepts are from the effects of the Black Goo, there was a few Engineer Concepts from Prometheus/Alien Engineers where our Engineers where depicted as having more Elongated Heads at some of the Conceptual Stages of Design, some also that lacked any External Ear Structure.

I was drawn to the Potential for David to Engineer his own Humanoids from Ridely Scotts comments about the sequel to Alien Covenant, that would NOT be about the Xenomorph, and would be about AI and what KIND of a World David would create.  Considering that he also went on to mention that Replicants are AI too, means we are not just talking about Robots/Synthetics.

So i was wondering if David would be creating something, that would not be his Xenomorphs, and looking at some of the comments that David had made "if we are kind, it would be a kind World" to Daniels...   Then i do think that Genetically Altering the Human Embryos would constitute to a kind of AI (Artificially Created/Augmented)

If David does this, then we have to wonder if he would also like to incorporate traits from the Xenomorph into his experiments.  So maybe a Elongated Head could allow for a different Brain/Organs that could aid in some of the kinds of Receptive/Communication elements of the Xenomorphs Brain.

This is a interesting Concept to look at, which seems to indicate mainly one of TWO things... are those Humanoids in the Background being Farmed for Embryos for use for Davids Experiments?   But we could also ask are those Humanoids grown from those Embryos.

We do see David having some kind of Genocidal outlook towards the Engineers and Mankind, but maybe that would not rule out him trying to CREATE his own Enhanced Humans.

When i look at Ridley Scotts  TV Series Raised by Wolves, it does make me wonder if some of this Plot, is what he in part had planned for Origae-6 and David..   and so David raising Children could be interesting in itself... when we add the AI aspect that the movie was supposed to be about, i think the AI aspect would be in the form of Artificially Modifying those Embryos.

As for the Adult Colonist, maybe he needs a number to Build the Colony, and then indeed i think potentially he would then have other PLANS for them...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-09-2019 5:52 AM

"I am also very intrigued by this storyline. What will happen to the colonists? What are Davids plans?"

This was a interesting thing to ponder, and some have looked into Ridley Scotts comments and looked at Alien Covenant and assume David will head to LV-426 and turn those Colonist into Xenomorphs...

However RS has said the Next movie would NOT be about the Xenomorph, but AI and what kind of World David would Create, which some may think it must be just about David and his Creations or the AI aspect must mean more Davids.

But i interpret it as though he would be going to Origae-6 which means they wont get there until the year 2112 and so we have 10 years to pass by from this point until the Nostromo arrives at LV-426...   looking at the Raised by Wolves plot i think this could have been in part, plans for Alien Covenants sequel....   But 10 years to raise Children is not a long time, before we have to arrive at the Derelict.

However Engineered Embryos could be modified to have Greatly Increased Growth Rates... like we see in a number of movies that deal with Clones.   So i speculate David would have a Colony of Engineered Children on Origae-6 before a Human Ship arrives and this causes problems... then i feel a Engineer Ship and Weyland-Yutani Military/Science Ship arrive at the Final Act.

Then things go to POT! have to bare in mind that RS had said there would be 2-3 more movies after Alien Covenant before we arrive at ALIEN.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-19-2019 9:39 AM

“Probably David won't engineer nothing fancy because of budgetary constraints. He most tighten the belt.”

I don’t know why but that response is fun, thanks. If they would not have made android focused crap like AC (although there are things about it that I find alright, mostly the first half of the movie until it becomes that David show) they probably would not be in this situation.

“Its interesting to ponder what RS may have planned, because it was NOT going to be about Xenomorphs...”

Probably more android boring things. I do not want him to interfere with the story because then we get things like Alien Covenant which has a lot of crap in it, mostly after they get to David’s place. Fluting androids? Yeah right ;)

“I dont think we are likely to ever explore such things about the Engineers, or what ever David would create in Future..... i think such things are Dead as far as the Franchise.”

That’s too bad about the Engineers but thanks for the fact that they would most likely stop the David stuff.

“Certainly Interesting themes, that The Planet of the Apes also cover in part..”

Keep it to those things then, the theme is alright and the characters are probably better but don’t push that into Alien and focus on an android.

To see how humans develop seems interesting but I don’t care about the android part, zero interest in that.

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