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Scott Mentions Prometheus 2 and...

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OvomorphMember0 XPAug-25-2014 3:44 PM

... He seems to imply that it's a long way off, although he confirms it has been written.


That's my interpretation. What do you guys think of his quote?

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OvomorphMember0 XPAug-25-2014 4:02 PM

I hope they don't give his story restrictions like they did in the 1st one

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-25-2014 4:35 PM

That sounds like a whole bunch of Ridley Scott science fiction coming up. I hope that's true, no matter what the order is.


OvomorphMember0 XPAug-25-2014 5:06 PM

I definetely want to see all those films, too. They're most welcome. I'm just afraid the longer we wait for P2, the likelier it is they'll just hire someone else to direct it.



OvomorphMember13 XPAug-25-2014 7:27 PM

Nice!  Well I suppose if it is already written that they got some time to work out any bugs.  I'm ready to provide my services as an advisor, being someone who has actually seen an alien. I still think they are secretly filming and creating.  Ya it's a long way off all right.  It's gona take years to make the greatest sci-fi ever.  Ridley Scott turned down Dune way back when cause it was too ambitious.  The story would have taken two movies...sounds a little like what Prometheus was gona be.  One thing is for sure...the longer this takes the more the bar is raised. 


OvomorphMember23 XPAug-25-2014 7:32 PM

Agree 100% with you Cremildo. Also to Noob's point, aside from science fiction he seems fixated on bible themes. I'm not interested in any bible stuff.  P2 now does seem a very long way off, and the article makes sense. Bladrerunner 2 may get done sooner rather than later if Ford signs on, if indeed he is not already committed.

And if Ridley can't get to P2 soon enough for Fox, another director could be chosen...and not necessarily by Ridley himself.  


FacehuggerMember159 XPAug-26-2014 6:49 AM

I can be patient, if I know in my lifetime, I will see 'Prometheus 2: Paradise', 'Blade Runner 2' and 'Forever War'.  And I have faith that Scott will direct them all.


DeaconMember10358 XPAug-26-2014 9:45 AM

Ridley is about to start work on the Martian but he also has a lot of TV Programs and Short movies etc he is working on.

His comments to seem to imply that the story for Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2 are done, and that after he has finished with current planned projects it appears that Blade Runner 2 would be worked on, and then after that work on Prometheus could start.

I would assume looking at his schedule, production on Blade Runner Sequel would have to start 2016, so we may not see Prometheus Part 2 for another 3 years it would be safe to assume. At the very least not untill late 2017

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPAug-26-2014 10:16 AM

we may not see Prometheus Part 2 for another 3 years it would be safe to assume. At the very least not untill late 2017


Will I still be living until then? :p



DeaconMember10358 XPAug-26-2014 10:20 AM

We may not know for sure whats going on, but looking at his Schedule, a lot of things he is working on surely wont be finished untill at very least late 2015, this would have to be the earliest he would get to work on Blade Runner...

Unless he can work on two projects simultaneously?

I cant see us seeing work being done untill at least 18 months from now at the very least, but i cant see Ridley wait 4 or 5 years to work on them... so maybe we would have to wait untill between 2017-2018?

When a few years back when Ridley said the Sequel had been given green light we would have assumed it would be ready to come out by next year

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-26-2014 3:09 PM

It is frustrating but I too have faith. Our eyes, ears and minds will again be dazzled. You know Ridley would have it no other way!


OvomorphMember5 XPAug-27-2014 12:47 AM

@ Everyone!!!!!!! 

You win some you lose some. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pannnnnnic ! PANIC!

This keeps coming up and every single time it does I just sit in front of my computer and say to myself *(^&%^*$%&##^&%(*^&*%^%%$#%#@@!!#^$^&Y&*(*& ahhhh *^&^%$^#@$^$#@#@[email protected]#$%%^^^!

Please someone anyone! Muster up some semblance of fortitude and just say awwww you have nothing to worry about. It will get made, he’s working on it right now!

But that is not what he said. What Scott is saying is there is DOUBT about it and we all know what that means don’t we!

It means we are screwed. It means no movie. It means no one wants to produce this cause well it did not get strong enough earnings here in the US.  It means NO ONE THINKS this thing is going to be worth producing because they do not want to risk all that money to produce something too many people have lost interest in.

Short intermission here before I continue.

A few quotes from Bugs Bunny,


Oh, well, we almost had a romantic ending!,  

Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?

I bet you say that to all the wabbits.

I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law! 

If it's the Captain's Mess, let him clean it up.

My, I'll bet you monsters lead innnnteresting lives

I'll be scared later. Right now I'm too mad.

The way I run this thing you'd think I knew something about it.

Oh now where was I, tears are running down my cheeks, sobs, my eyes are puffy and swollen!

This means in simple terms people that if this thing were going to get made and make money they would be making it right now and would waist no time at all! 

Cause we all know what runs Hollywood ITS MONEY! and if the money is not there then all these nice pleasant excuses get stated.

"I am gonna make that movie I just have to make these other three movies first?"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sobbbsssssssss crying………hysteria

Where is the humanity! I thought this was gonna get made and then you all had to bring this up ……sobbbs crying more crying lots and lots and lots more crying and then even some more crying!


Well that’s show bizzzzzzz for you!  


OvomorphMember0 XPAug-27-2014 8:56 AM

Redant, your overreaction is funny, but ill-informed nonetheless.

If Hollywood decisions rested solely on US grosses, most ultraexpensive blockbusters would be deemed failures. We would never have seen sequels to Mission Impossible 3, Thor, The Smurfs, The Expendables 2 etc.

We wouldn't be waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Pacific Rim 2, Transformers 5, another Resident Evil, another Kung Fu Panda, another Wolverine solo sequel, another Tintin, another The Croods, another Madagascar, another Godzilla, another Robert Langdon movie etc. Most Harry Potter movies would've lost money if they depended on tickets sold on American soil to turn a profit.

Prometheus wasn't the hottest thing in America, but it did nearly 300 million dollars overseas, had something to gain from merchandising (read: toys) plus home video earnings - and that's why TWO writers have already been approached for the sequel, that's why it is already written, that's why the project still breathes.


Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPAug-27-2014 11:09 AM

And drools.


DeaconMember10358 XPAug-27-2014 3:24 PM


That is spot on... end of the day, despite Prometheus not doing as well as they hoped for FOX knows the Franchise is Big Money...

They know that while they have MILKED the Xeno with Aliens and Aliens and Aliens, and then mixed it with Predators simply because the Xeno is a unique Alien Creation in the world of SCI FI a Enigma..

What was left to explore.... ha ha.. we dont know where these Aliens came from, all we saw was they came from some Eggs on a Crashed Alien Ship with another Large Alien Pilot, a different Race.

What was he doing there, where did he come from? Where was he going? and why that Cargo?

This was the reason Fox Green Lighted a Prequel to Alien, as we did not know the connection between the Space Jockey and Xeno, and why?

Prometheus went through many drafts to give us what we had..

What we had simply disapointed many because they felt those answers was not given, and some was not happy with the clues that seem to be trying to sugest how the Xeno came to be.

At this moment we dont have them ANSWERS YET

For Prometheus to link to Alien, for a lot of fans these questions need to in some degree be answered...

Now will Fox leave Prometheus alone and push it as a stand alone movie that is not to be connected with Alien... a Bad Nightmare is all it is?

We still dont have the Questions that the Original Green Light to make a Prequel was given for, this area is a area that FOX can make money and MILK more from the Franchise from.

Its for these Reasons that they would give answers, as they know if every Alien fan was given the Answers then potentially the movie should be a MASSIVE HIT.. Yes some would be disapointed and rather it all remain a Mystrey and some of them would wished Prometheus never happened.

Some are merely disapointed Prometheus did not tell us who the Space Jockey was entirely not his story, or how those Eggs and Xeno came to be...

We instead got some clues, of a connection between the Space Jockey which is a Space Suit worn by a Race of Engineers, who created Mankind with some Black Substance and these Engineers, there Black Goo and us all seem to play a part some how with the Xeno.

This is a area that can be exploited...

What i am saying is maybe FOX was not happy with what Prometheus did as far as the Xeno connection.... and its all about MONEY! and as Cremildo said if there is money to be made from doing another movie, they would do it.  And they would rather make a Prometheus 2, and maybe 3 if it would make Money rather than leave us all hanging with not having the Questions that the Prequel was Green Lighted for not Answered but leaving us also with a movie that raises more Questions and leaves more Mystreys that surely can not be left unanswered (why create us and destroy us and who created them... Engineers that is).

Ridley does not own the FRANCHISE... If Fox feel they can make more money doing a Prometheus 2 that would give us more Alien Links then they would go and do that.

So i dont think we would never see a sequel... i would actually think we would see a Sequel and maybe even a 3rd... even if the 3rd movie will explore a universe that spans from these Engineers but does not touch upon Earth or Mankind as far as on Earth.

Also Ridley has said that the draft is done, Fox must be happy with it and its simply they are waiting for Ridley to finish his other works because they want Ridley to be at the Helm of doing another movie to tie in to Alien.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPAug-27-2014 4:46 PM

Big Dave, you hit the nail right on the head! Prometheus was designed to be the first of a franchise. It was expanded from a straightforward Alien prequel to something wider. Yet people were pissed off because it posed more questions than answers. Some even said it was 'vague' (I'd rather say 'suggestive') and confusing (I'd rather say 'not simplistic').


Well, of course... Had they answered everything right off the bat, they'd have to make up even more stuff for the sequels, at the risk of convoluting the storyline.



PraetorianAdmin4319 XPAug-27-2014 5:57 PM

Oh lordy Redant calm yourself! The movie made millions and it's getting a sequel, don't worry about it. It may take awhile but the movie will get made. :)


DeaconMember10358 XPAug-28-2014 8:48 AM

Thats the deal here... we dont know where they are going with the movie...

But it will be made and IF we dont get them answers or more on LV 223 then i am sure Maybe Fox would have green lighted the Comic to give us more clues.

At the moment we need to look at why Prometheus was made, and this  was to find out 3 things.

Q1) Who was the Space Jockey, his Race their Agenda?

Q2) Why was he carrying that Cargo, and what would they want with Bio Weapons?

Q3) How did they come across those Eggs, what part did they play in the creation of the Xeno if any?

All we found out in relation was...

A1) We are shown the Space Jockey is a Space Suit that contains a Humanoid Race that have played a hand in creation of Mankind for some reason we have yet to find out. Thus the Space Jockey is who Ancient Mankind had worshiped as Gods. They used to visit us, then they stopped and at one point they wanted to wipe us out.

A2) We did not get that story that actual Space Jockey but we are shown that these Engineers who wear the Space Jockey Suit use Juggernaught Ships (Derelict) and these ships purposes are to carry Bio Weapon War Fare, some of which was intended for us.

A3) Again we are not told, but we are shown they have a Bio Weapon that some how has some genetic connection to the Xeno, there are Murals and Frescos that seem to show some Organisms that are related to the Xeno, but we are not shown how and why this connection is made.

The movie thus raised a lot of Mystrey, at first they explored the Engineers had created us plot, but also had that LV 223 was a place where they create and test a whole manner of various forms of Bio Weapon that all seem to be based on similar DNA i.e Xeno.

Spaights draft was more Xeno related, and this was tonned down, so as to not concentrate so much on various Xeno related Organisms.

The unanswered questions and way the final draft was, had not pleased some and may have accounted for the movie not doing as well, those who did not know it was a Alien Franchise movie could not figure out or even realised it was in same Universe, the casual Sci Fi fan too could not really make a connection.

If FOX feel that a more spoon fed link like Spaights draft would please those and do better at the Box office i am sure they would go that route...

But Ridley wanted to stear away from Alien, but now with the disapointment he may now have to do a movie that has two sub plots..

1)  Will no doubt be around LV 223 where we may uncover more clues to the Xeno connection, thats if Ridley wanted to go off and leave the Xeno or related Organisms behind.

2) The other was to seek out who created the Engineers and the true Agenda of those who come from Paradise and to go and seek a different topic rather than that of a Ancient Alien Race who created Bio Weapons that proved on more than one occation to be costly to their Race.

I think thats why Ridley has said that he sees the end of Prometheus doing 2 things... one links to Alien and the other could take us to a whole new Franchise.

Maybe thats why we got two different endings in one movie.... the Shaw and David leaving to Paradise on a Stolen Engineer Ship and the other a Chest Busted Engineer who gives birth to a Xeno Related Organism.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPJul-09-2015 12:59 PM

I think some well done graphic novels should  be made .  Not like those fire and stone but . The universe is so rich and thought provoking . Something to tie us over . 

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