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What kind of April Fools joke will Fox play on us?

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Jan-19-2017 6:45 AM

You know something Covenant related will drop on April 1st to drive us crazy. What do you predict? (Maybe we can revisit this thread in April to see if anyone was on the mark).

69 Responses to What kind of April Fools joke will Fox play on us?

Dark Nebula

Jan-19-2017 7:09 AM

I imagine something like this,even tho it won't happen.







April fools day!

The movie is still coming out on May 19 (don't get mad pls).

"Human heaven? Goodness, humans don't go to heaven.

Someone just made that up to prevent you from all going nuts."

- Kryten, Red Dwarf S3E06 "The Last Day"


Jan-19-2017 9:12 AM

"Alien fans, we're very sorry to inform you that Alien Covenant has been cancelled due to major legal issues. But don't worry! We are quickly working on a similar film called Covenant: Paradise and Gods, with a new estimated release date in 2018.

The direction will be slightly different and will yet again focus on life's profound mysteries.

We will be happy to provide you with more details ahead as the project develops.

Again we're sorry" 


Jan-19-2017 9:35 AM

"Due to water damage from a fire at Fox Studio where the highly anticipated Alien Covenant is in its final mastering phase, approximately the last 25 minutes of the film was damaged beyond repair. Pixar has volunteered its expertise to produce the final nail biting scenes of the film and will almost seamlessly blend with the original film. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


Jan-19-2017 12:39 PM

We apologize greatly for this but the servers storing the video footage of Alien: Covenant have been hacked by the Russians & Chinese and all the voice files have been corrupted to sound like Chop Sucky.


Jan-19-2017 9:18 PM

We've decided to cancel Alien Covenant in favor of the AVP:Requim sequel you all have been looking forward to so much.Sorry for any inconvenience/disappointment this may cause for those excited about Alien Covenant.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-20-2017 1:28 AM


Due to a contractual disagreement that ultimately penalized FOX and resulted in an unforeseen and substantial financial loss, Alien Covenant has been bumped to a 2nd quarter 2018 release date unless legal fees can be recuperated prior to 15 April 2017. Accrued fees have leveled at $8.3 million. If fees are paid by the suspense date, AC can continue  as planned. This is where we need assistance from you, the loyal and dedicated fan base. Please send donations to our crowd funded account below. Each one who  donates $1000 or more will have his or her name added to the quick scrolling Extra Special Thanks to the Friends of Covenant list in the movie’s end credits- ensuring you are a part of this monumental film.  We thank you for your generosity in this most difficult time."


Jan-20-2017 12:05 PM


Did you make that? That is pretty cool.


Jan-20-2017 4:11 PM

It's not Fox you need to worry about, it's us. ;) muahahaha

Seriously, though I'm working on a good one for April Fools which I'm hoping we can dupe some of the bigger outlets with. Would be good fun haha if any9ne wishes to submit ideas, feel free to PM me privately.


Jan-20-2017 4:17 PM


Hopefully you take a risk and make it so good that all 30.000+ members get angry with you. Scified site becomes unoperational LOL!


Jan-20-2017 5:13 PM

It's a worthy goal, I'll see what I can do. Hahaha only the oblivious will forget it's April Fools day.

What would really be a trip is if Fox release a legit update and everyone questions whether it's actually legit or not! Haha


Jan-20-2017 5:34 PM


Indeed. Reminds me a bit of the MASH episode about the practical joke that never happened. The joke was all about the build up and anticipation of the victim and then- nothing happened. If that is the idea then it seems a seed of a rumor should start soon. Only a couple people would be in the know.

Has Scified ever done this before?


Jan-20-2017 5:43 PM

I look forward to it Chris.Can't wait to see how Gullible some people are lol.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-20-2017 6:11 PM

Sorry Chris. I understand if this gets deleted.

"After discovering what would become the fate of Dr Elizabeth Shaw in Alien: Covenant, the highly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott's Prometheus, activist groups from Mobile Alabama to Hayden, Idaho have turned out in droves protesting the depiction of reproductive issues suggested in the film. Under mounting political pressure, Alien Covenant has been postponed until a more easily palatable version can be released. Date to be determined at this time. Currently, the director is in works in making more scenes with gun play and explosions to kill people that way instead and foregoing plot and story. The test audience seemed more comfortable with people killing people than aliens killing people according to an anonymous journalist." Now here's Tom with the weather!


Jan-20-2017 6:20 PM

Lol that's great.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-21-2017 11:03 PM


Tat is horrifically beautiful!


Jan-21-2017 11:23 PM

****spoiler****Leaked image of Alien Covenant xenomorph on set!! ****spoilerr****




Jan-21-2017 11:43 PM

Lol that's great Tiago.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-22-2017 12:09 PM

Dammit Tiago, now I need to think up a new idea hahaha


Feb-07-2017 10:02 PM

I bumped this in case newer members might want to give it a go.


Feb-07-2017 10:44 PM

This one has been edited for being complete nonsense lol.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Feb-07-2017 11:55 PM

If it is 2 months early, then we cannot regard it as a proper April Fool's joke as far as I can see.

I still think we should have fun with it. You never know. There are some pretty sly members around.


Feb-07-2017 11:58 PM

 I'm gonna try harder on the next one:)

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Feb-08-2017 1:16 AM

I went through the entire thread and there is some funny stuff here! I hope some newer members can contribute.

Movie fan

Feb-08-2017 4:33 AM

I just learned that James Cameron has been directing Alien: Covenant the whole time!






April fools day!

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

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