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Watch the first trailer for Fede Alvarez's Alien: Romulus (2024) movie online here!
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The first official movie trailer for Fede Alvarez's Alien: Romulus has been released online by 20th Century Studios 5 months before the film is set to arrive in theatres and we couldn't be more thrilled! The new Alien film takes place between the events of Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) and while the film does not directly follow the Ellen Ripley story arc - it very much still connects to the first two films, as well as Ridley Scott's Alien prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Official Alien: Romulus movie poster:

Alien: Romulus will be the 8th Alien film in the franchise (excluding the Alien vs. Predator films) and will see a group of young scavengers embark on a mission to attempt to steal valuable technology and materials on board a seemingly abandoned Weyland-Yutani space station - called the ROMULUS. Once on board the station, it becomes apparent they are not alone and the crew of six must fight to survive against an onslaught of ferocious Facehuggers, Chestbursters and Xenomorphs. The film is sure to excite and enthral fans of the original films, as well as those who enjoyed the Alien prequels.

Watch the first Alien: Romulus trailer now:

Alien: Romulus will feature several notable connections to previous Alien films and a number of callbacks many will be quick to recognize - fans unafraid of some spoilers can read our exclusive scoop which highlights a major connection to the first Alien movie here (spoilers) and how the film connects to Prometheus here (more spoilers). But for those looking to remain as fresh as possible - we will refrain from sharing anymore details about how Romulus connects to the other films on this post.

The film also boasts an impressive lineup of concept artists as well, who have provided their talents to ensure Alien remains a captivating and visual spectacle. A few notable mentions include Dane Hallett (Alien: Covenant / Mortal Kombat), Col Price (Dune: Part Two / Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes), Nick Stath (Love Death & Robots), Gus Mndonca (Star Wars / Star Trek / Halo), Matthew Savage (Prometheus / The Martian), Alex Nice (Kenobi / Black Adam) and Joshua Viers (Tron: Ares / 65).

Alien: Romulus has not yet been rated, but we assume the film will receive an R-rating given that the film apparently contains a scene so gruesome, cast members had to "look away" during a playback. Romulus will be very different from Scott's original, but certain elements will remain consistent. That being said, Alien: Romulus will be completely separate from Noah Hawley's upcoming Alien TV series - which is currently in production and will debut on FX. Yet - both Romulus and the TV series will tackle concepts relating to Transhumanism and the blending of synthetic / robotic technology with Mankind while also tackling Aliens.

Alien: Romulus' official release date is set for August 16th, 2024!

Do you have news to share on Fede Álvarez's Alien: Romulus? Click here to submit any information you have, or to ask any questions! Browse other conversations about Alien: Romulus by other Alien fans in the Alien: Romulus forums here.

Visit the Alien TV Series forums to browse topics about the upcoming TV series by Nah Hawley as well! Got news for the Alien TV series? You can share that too, here!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2024-03-19 19:34:39

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MemberPraetorianMar-20-2024 12:52 PM



MemberFacehuggerMar-20-2024 1:31 PM

LOVE the teaser. Although it doesn't show much but it really capture the horror with that tension and atmosphere. I especially love the lighting and coloring that I can already feel the mood of the movie is going to be awesome. Also it gives me very Alien Isolation nostalgia. I am so excited. Now I hope the story is good, and give us 120 mins thriller ride.


MemberFacehuggerMar-20-2024 1:43 PM

I am not much a fan of the poster though, lack of character :p 


MemberXenomorphMar-20-2024 1:55 PM


I really don't get a feel for any sort of story.

Did something happen in cryo? (Alien:Covenant cryos?)


AdminEngineerMar-20-2024 1:56 PM

It's about as revealing as the poster was for Alien: Covenant


MemberXenomorphMar-20-2024 1:58 PM

Red flairs to distract the facehuggers?

Synthetic warning them to run?


MemberXenomorphMar-20-2024 2:00 PM

The metal gate at the end of the trailer with the locking catch is VERY Alien3. Prison cell/planet stuff.


MemberFacehuggerMar-20-2024 2:07 PM

Director (kind of) confirms it's a 2hr ride : )

around 4:00 mins


MemberXenomorphMar-20-2024 2:30 PM

Nice interview!

Remus and Romulus seems to be part of the story. Twins, siblings and a stolen tech higher power.

And he got feedback from Cameron!  





MemberChestbursterMar-21-2024 4:47 AM

Cool, I hyped for this movie.


Where is Big Dave tho?


MemberOvomorphMar-21-2024 1:51 PM

Big Things have short teaser trailers.
Super excited !!!!


MemberFacehuggerMar-22-2024 10:46 AM

love this 8X slow mo





MemberFacehuggerMar-22-2024 10:46 AM 


MemberFacehuggerMar-22-2024 10:58 AM


MemberFacehuggerMar-22-2024 11:01 AM

 He is wearing a Weyland uniform. Um...interesting 


MemberXenomorphMar-22-2024 1:38 PM

Yeah, plot is: a group of young space colonizers ? So I'm assuming they have a synth helper like the Covenant. Where are the adults?

Why do they need to scavenge anything? What planet are they attempting ( or heading towards ) to colonize?


MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 5:05 PM

I think they mean Young Adults (18-25ish), not teenagers.

Well there are plenty of reasons why people would want to colonize another planet. Exploration, Discovery, and Wealth.


AdminEngineerMar-22-2024 6:33 PM

@Jonesy, good eye! Noticing the classic Weyland-Yutani logo, love it! Curious why he's wearing that, I'm thinking he finds the suit in the station and wears it, I don't see him having WY swag on the planet they come from.


MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 7:02 PM

Maybe he stole it?


MemberChestbursterMar-25-2024 5:46 AM

WOOOO back again, thanks Chris! Hello fellow veterans! Time to dust off and start the hype train again :D August 16th people, can't wait!! 


AdminEngineerMar-25-2024 7:32 AM

Great to have you back Neomorph! Welcome back to the site!


MemberPraetorianMar-25-2024 8:14 AM

Thats five months from now


MemberChestbursterMar-25-2024 9:07 AM

Thanks a lot Chris! I'm honored.

Sweet trailer! The familiar aesthetics from the first teaser (important to be emphasized as the upcoming trailers can show different content) clearly fits the intended timeline of the film.

We've got both dirty industrial hallways and also clean retro-futuristic hallways reminiscent of the interior seen in the Nostromo ship. We've also got a newly designed pulse rifle, wielded by what likely is the new Ripley-esque character. This particular clip is followed by the shot of the main baddie, the xenomorph in all its glory shooting out it's inner jaw towards the camera.

Speaking of baddies, although considerably smaller yet no less dangerous, we've also got facehuggers and they sure don't seem to be lacking in numbers! The latter begs the question: who's laying the eggs, or, does the story follow the eggmorping path, OR, is the black goo and David's egg creation behind it? If I'm not mistaken, Fede Alvarez apparently took inspiration from most if not all films (hopefully AvP is excluded..) 

We shall see further down the road when more is revealed. To be continued! 


MemberPraetorianMar-25-2024 9:25 AM

I think we might see some egg morphing if Big Chap/Kane's Son is the primary xenomorph antagonist


MemberChestbursterMar-25-2024 12:28 PM

Interesting, maybe W-Y sends out a ship to retrieve big (frozen) chap or the frozen chap just happens to float by the Romulus & Remus station (remember, W-Y operates throughout deep space)and its crew decides to bring it inside in true The Thing fashion. What could possibly go wrong?


MemberChestbursterMar-25-2024 12:33 PM

Read another topic that it's confirmed (!) please ignore my previous comment as I couldn't delete it. 

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