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Scoop: Alien: Romulus will feature this BIG connection to original Alien (1979) movie! (MAJOR SPOILER)
ExclusiveScified2024-03-13 07:03:31
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Now that details and spoilers are starting to be revealed for the upcoming Alien: Romulus movie, it's time we can really drop some of the juicier details we've been provided!


In the last few days, we've revealed that the Weyland-Yutani research station is called ROMULUS, the film will feature a new Ripley-style character in Cailee Spaeny's Rain who will wield familiar weapons precious to franchise lore and this morning AvPGalaxy revealed a major connection the film will have to the Alien prequels.

To build off of the previous scoops, we have been told that in Alien: Romulus we will learn that Weyland-Yutani did in fact recover the Xenomorph from the Nostromo incident. The iconic Big Chap Xenomorph, thought to be dead after it was jettisoned out of the airlock managed to SURVIVE, albeit in rough shape and was floating in space until it was recovered and brought to the Romulus research station. From there, scientists  reverse engineered its DNA and extracted the Black Goo material which they then use to run their own experiments on - creating their own Facehuggers and Xenomorphs.

This builds on the scoop AvPGalaxy shared today linking to the Black Goo and Prometheus Strain. The original host for the experiments however, we've been told, originate from the Big Chap Alien.

Of course, this is a huge plot detail if it's true and unfortunately we have only a limited number of accounts to go by, but it lines up nicely and adds further credibility to the claim after reading the other leaks which have come out.

UPDATE: AvPGalaxy also corroborates our information, it is in fact legitimate!

This will probably be the biggest reveal for Alien: Romulus so we ask that you please refrain from sharing the spoiler outright across the forums in topic titles and make sure to slap SPOILER WARNINGS on any posts you make.

Alien: Romulus scoop and information provided in corroboration with V Scooper.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2024-03-13 07:03:31

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MemberFacehuggerMar-13-2024 7:40 AM



AdminEngineerMar-13-2024 8:39 AM

Wow indeed - very very exciting details imo!


MemberFacehuggerMar-13-2024 10:10 AM

Ripley be like after hearing this news



AdminEngineerMar-13-2024 11:59 AM

To be fair, Ripley ALWAYS thought she had defeated the Alien but was ALWAYS disappointed to learn she merely delayed the inevitable. This remains ture to form hahaha

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMar-13-2024 12:36 PM

My excitement for this film is immeasurable.

I suspected there would be some connections to prequels, but nothing huge.

If I recall correctly, in Alien: The Cold Forge, it was stated that face-huggers inject a black goo-like substance into the hosts to create chest bursters. 


AdminEngineerMar-13-2024 2:24 PM

Same Nebula, same! I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive to be excited for this film when it was first announced, but after everything I've learned about it, I think it's going to satisfy BOTH the Prequel fans and the Purists of the original films. I love love love the deep conspiracies and diving deeper into Weyland-Yutani's experimentation on the Alien. The fact the original Xenomorph was discovered and acts as the basis for what Romulus becomes is as poetic as it gets.


MemberXenomorphMar-13-2024 2:45 PM


I wonder if they will show the Big Chap being discovered? That's how I'd start the movie:

A tiny object tumbling over and over in deep space....starts the movie.

The floating frozen xenomorph is suddenly illuminated....grappling arms extend to collect the prize.


Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMar-13-2024 3:08 PM

@MonsterZero Reminds me of this animated short from 2014


AdminEngineerMar-13-2024 3:14 PM

@MonsterZero - yes, as far as I'm aware the film will start with footage of Big Chap being recovered. My source explained that the Xenomorph is still alive upon recovery but not in good shape - as we can imagine. The fate of Big Chap is a painful one.

This is one of the many details that I'm most excited for, something about the connection to the first movie just does it for me.


MemberXenomorphMar-13-2024 4:34 PM



I hope the interior of the BigChap rescue ship is retro! Old monitors and such.

I Hope BigDave will show up sometime and add some thoughts.


MemberPraetorianMar-13-2024 4:37 PM



MemberXenomorphMar-13-2024 4:37 PM

@DarkNebula - That's a great catch! Never seen that before. Thanks.

NCC 1701

MemberOvomorphMar-13-2024 6:02 PM

WOW , For the 3rd time 


MemberFacehuggerMar-14-2024 8:02 AM

really quite excited that this film is connected with the main timeline. I am picturing the film may lead to the establishment of "Hadley's Hope" sometime between ALIEN and ALIENS



MemberPraetorianMar-14-2024 9:20 AM

I'm not sure if they are going to bring up Hadley's Hope, more than likely they'll just focus on the Space Station Romulus and future sequels would further build out the alienverse during this interregnum. 57 years is a large gap between 2122 - 2179, this era of the timeline is rife with interesting stories to be told


AdminEngineerMar-14-2024 11:29 AM

@Jonesy I definitely think there will be some tie-ins. VScooper revealed there's some big twists in the plot but that it's a huge payoff, I definitely think there will be some company conspiracies at play which lead the front of Hadley's Hope being a terraforming colony when really it's a secluded live testing ground for Weyland-Yutani's bio-engineered weapons... still raises questions about how the Derelict will fit into it though... 

Also agreed, after reading these leaks I'm more excited for the film than I was before. I LOVE the connection to the original film and Prometheus, such a service to those of us who liked the prequels and to those who loved the original.

@Xenotaris, perhaps it will be a subtle nod at the end or a post-credits scene showing a Weyland-Yutani executive approving plans of Hadley's Hope or something of that nature.


MemberPraetorianMar-14-2024 5:26 PM

I'm still not behind the idea of Hadley's Hope being a testing ground, since Burke acted alone in having the Jordans go out and find the derelict ship. Since the whole of Weyland-Yutani failed to find the derelict ship.


MemberFacehuggerMar-15-2024 12:42 PM

the film should be called ALIEN: While Ripley was Sleeping 


MemberXenomorphMar-15-2024 2:24 PM

"I'm still not behind the idea of Hadley's Hope being a testing ground,..."


Nothing makes sense with lv-426. Why would they even terraform such a small ( 750 mi diameter ) waterless world.

Hadley's Hope could have been a cover operation for a covert military op? The settlers just playing the dupes. A way for W-Y to keep other governments/companies from getting nosey.

Company X/Government X: "What is W-Y doing on LV-426?"

Informant "Looks like they are setting up a terraforming operation....nothing out of the ordinary..."


AdminEngineerMar-15-2024 5:14 PM

Good point MonsterZero, there isn’t much viable space and resources on LV-426, it quite literally is such a random and poor spot to host a Human colony… Making it sound more and more like a front for Weyland-Yutani tests. Although I don’t think any of the colonists were aware and to them they were convinced it was just another terraforming operation. There is definitely way more at play than what we were originally led to believe.


MemberXenomorphMar-16-2024 10:03 AM

 "I don’t think any of the colonists were aware and to them they were convinced it was just another terraforming operation"   

Yeah, I'd make sure the colonists were 'clean' ( no informants ) before I'd make a move.  Plenty of Earth governments would love to have this weapon....or thousands of companies. W-Y must always have a target on their back.

And who's to say W-Y doesn't have the same operations on dozens of terraforming worlds? 

"Building Better Worlds"  just means looting ancient civilizations.


The only way to keep anyone off their prize worlds is to claim they are terraforming.


MemberFacehuggerMar-16-2024 1:05 PM

Knowing the teaser/trailer is coming anytime soon within two weeks, but the waiting feels like a torture 




MemberXenomorphMar-17-2024 9:19 AM

I think it would be more sense, if the Big Chap was recovered by a scavenger ship and later sold/delivered to W-Y.  W-Y knowing the location would mean they'd have completely looted the derelict on Lv-426....taken all the eggs and tech. Leaving not much for the colonists of Hadley's Hope to discover. Not to mention they'd probably start exploring LV-223.


And what about: Alien3?

"Ripley! Think of all we could learn from it! It's the chance of a lifetime! You must let me have it. It's a magnificent specimen!"


Does the specimen go missing/destroyed in Alien:Romulus?

I think it must, to avoid some continuity problems ( as if that has mattered in the alien verse. lol! ).


MemberFacehuggerMar-18-2024 11:03 AM



MemberXenomorphMar-18-2024 12:16 PM

Lol! Yeah what about her corpse? Another movie I suppose....GOOD!


AdminEngineerMar-18-2024 12:30 PM

From what I gather, Big Chap is dissected and used as the host for DNA extraction and formulation of new / clone-like Xenos, as well as other experiments. I don't think the Xenomorph in the film is Big Chap, but rather another one of its offspring/clones/genetic creations. 

It does beg the question - what about the Queen! Indeed could be the basis for a another film. WY definitely don't want Aliens floating about in space hahaha and we know they can survive in a vacuum, so it's likely something did happen to her...


MemberXenomorphMar-18-2024 2:18 PM

Black goo is what I'm interested in. It is really hard to kill.

Zombie super soldiers would be cool. ( Xenos are cool...but have been done)

Infact: I'd make the a scene where a Xeno kills one of the "Fifield" zombie soldiers, saving one of the crew.....Hmmm....I Might write an AI story angle...


MemberXenomorphMar-18-2024 2:33 PM

I wrote a tamer version then suggested this one:


That's an even darker twist – perfect for the Alien universe! Here's the revised scene with that chilling ending:



Sarah cowers, trapped as the grotesque Super Soldier advances. Just as it lunges, a horrific screech cuts through the air. The Xenomorph pounces, a blur of lethal grace, tackling the Super Soldier.

They fight, a whirlwind of monstrous forms. The Xenomorph's speed counters the Super Soldier's brutal strength. Sarah shrinks back, overwhelmed with a mix of terror and awe. The Xenomorph appears to be winning – until the Super Soldier lands a lucky blow, sending the creature reeling.

Sarah gasps, hope fading. But before the Super Soldier follows up, the Xenomorph whips around, eyes flashing. It lashes out with its barbed tail, sinking it deep into the Super Soldier's flesh. The Super Soldier roars in agony, then with a sickening crunch, the Xenomorph takes its head.

The Super Soldier collapses. The Xenomorph lets out another victorious hiss. It slowly turns towards Sarah, its head tilting in the unsettling way they do, sizing her up.

SARAH (whispering, a flicker of hope) Please… I didn't mean…I didn't…

Suddenly, the Xenomorph's stance shifts. It lunges not IN attack, but PAST her. Before Sarah can react, the Xenomorph pins her against the wall, its inner jaw protruding.

SARAH (Eyes widening) No! No, please!

A strangled scream escapes her as the inner jaw pierces her skin. Blackness rushes in, the Xenomorph's alien form the last thing she sees.


Weeks later. Sarah's body lies slumped, a disturbing bulge in her stomach. Then, with a sickening crack, something tears its way out of her womb, a newborn Xenomorph, glistening and perfect.



AdminEngineerMar-19-2024 5:27 AM

The Black Goo I'm excited for as well, but the Fifield zombie I never cared for, personally. Maybe just his specific aesthetic, the concepts for the Black Goo transformed Humans I wasn't opposed to, just the execution with Fifield.

If we're talking Xenomorph battles I always wanted to see an Engineer take one on like in the unused Alien: Engineers script by Jon Spaihts... but I don't think we'll be getting any Engineer cameos in Alien: Romulus lol..


MemberNeomorphMar-19-2024 7:55 AM

It'll be interesting to see the research station, hopefully they won't spoil too much about the company. As much as I'm looking forward to the movie, I'm also worried that there will be too much that will get revealed.

The black goo is interesting, but I'm afraid that they'll let us know too much about it. Please leave some things to the imagination.


MemberXenomorphMar-19-2024 8:13 AM

Yeah, zombies have been done to death over the last 10 years...So I'm happy to return to Xeno action. And I'm not sure the audience wants to deal with a virus/pandemic plotline so soon.

Probably better to keep it simple.


And by 2179, I never got the feeling the Earth was on fire because of xeno or Engineer invasions.

They'll probably have to completely destroy Romulus.....


Do you think Romulus station created the Queen? This would make sense to me.


MemberFacehuggerMar-19-2024 11:11 AM

yeah it would be interesting if the Queen creation is somewhat related to Romulus. In ALIENS it was never mentioned how the Queen was formed.

I am also wondering if Alien Isolation could be in the Romulus timeline as well. The game is in timeline year 2137 which is also between ALIEN and ALIENS.  



AdminEngineerMar-19-2024 12:41 PM

The creation of the Queen would uproot a lot of established lore, though. However we do know the Xenomorph had the ability to "egg-morph" rather than evolve into a Queen given the absence of one. It could be explained that way - Humans having created the alternative strain of Xenomorph with genetic abnormalities which led to the creation of the Queen. This could also retcon the explanation for why the Warrior Aliens in Aliens had a different look to the Prometheus Strain / original Xenomorph.

I'm sure a lot of mystery will be preserved. I doubt the scavengers will get much time to dive into the data housed in the Romulus station before Aliens distract them hahaha.


MemberXenomorphMar-19-2024 12:59 PM

Yeah, A proto-Queen...or something.

They must have found it difficult to control Xenomorph( drones ).....The Queen seems to have no problem.

So fooling the drones into thinking they are doing the Queens the path I'd take. Develop a drone controlling tech with the Queens DNA. 

Squad leaders use the tech to control the drones.

Until they don't.


MemberFacehuggerMar-19-2024 1:43 PM

hopefully we will get a decent 120 mins film. I just noticed that most of the director's works were like only 90 mins long lol 

NCC 1701

MemberOvomorphMar-20-2024 4:48 PM

Totally F&^%ING assume, and Wow again   , going to be so cool if they end up back on  LV 426 , don't care what yr it is 

NCC 1701

MemberOvomorphMar-20-2024 4:55 PM

and just maybe , we shall see a longer trailer on or around Alien Day, just maybe, we will see a longer trailer on Alien Day 


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 9:17 AM

"Nothing makes sense with lv-426. Why would they even terraform such a small ( 750 mi diameter ) waterless world."

Well it could have a large abundance of rare earth metals for starters. Maybe its a strategic location during the UA-UPP conflicts? If it was a testing grounds, why did it take WY so many years to enact up on finding the derelict ship? If they knew then they wouldn't need Burke nor Ripley, they would have done something prior to Ripley waking up. 


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 10:28 AM

Not to beat a dead horse here but let me explain further since I can't edit my comment.

Ripley was set adrift for 57 years right?

Hadley's Hope was established sometime between 2122 (2137 if we include Alien Isolation since there was no Hadley's Hope on LV-426 at that time either) and 2179.

Ripley was in cryosleep for 57 years, that gives Weyland-Yutani 42 years to establish Hadley's Hope within the time frame after ALIEN and ALIEN ISOLATION.

Now Weyland-Yutani forgotten LV-426 after the Nostromo incident since everything relating to Alien Isolation was done by SEEGSON Corporation.

So between that time to the Outbreak, Weyland-Yutani rediscovers LV-426 and commences several scanning probes but by that time the derelict ship MOSTLY had sank beneath the surface of LV-426 due to volcanic activity.

So in the preliminary report, they couldn't confirm Ripley's report.

So if it was a TEST BED, where was the catalyst to their immediate plans? No derelict, no Ripley, no reason to sacrifice an outpost colony.

The only reason why you would have a outpost colony out in the middle of nowhere on a dead rock is for two reasons besides looking for xenomorphs.



If Ripley is supposed to be the catalyst to their plans, then the people at Weyland Yutani must be PSYKERS however I don't recall seeing any psychic characters in the films.

Burke only seemed to act when Ripley gave her testament. So what was Weyland-Yutani doing on Hadley's Hope prior to Burke and Ripley's meeting? Twiddling their thumbs?

In order for something to be a Test Bed, you need to plan out and establish the site as your testing site. You need a clear goal, you wouldn't wait around and expect a miracle to solve your problems.

Like Ripley's discovery was a huge miracle, given the cir***stances she could have easily been found dead should her cryopod life-support would have given out.

Without Ripley, then Burke couldn't get the exact coordinates to the derelict ship. So the Test Bed idea would have failed before it even started.


MemberXenomorphMar-21-2024 12:51 PM



Could work...But I need some sort of story where the Alien verse is having resource wars/conflicts. "Keep your hands off my planet...You *****!!"

LV-223 is right next door and it seems packed with raw stuff. Mars and Venus might be off limits in the Earth system ( as with the large moons ).

I need to know what the Nostromo was transporting. Not just 20 million tons of "ore". What ore could they possible be seeking? Sounds like some stories need to be fleshed out.


I don't care about the 'test bed' theory, but I do know getting raw ore out of a gravity well ( LV-426 ) is crazy and I'd like another theory why W-Y were there.


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 1:57 PM

The Alien RPG has you covered in wars and conflicts. Which had basis in rejected alien sequel ideas, primarily Alien 3.

According to the Alien RPG, you have the United America (Basically North and South America as one federation), Three World Empire (Japan, Britain, India and several smaller countries), The Union of People's Progression (Russia, China, Germany, Italy, United Korea, all communist) and the Independent Colonial Systems.


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 1:59 PM

The UA, 3WE, and the ICS are buds, more or less but conflict does happened between the three. All of them are enemies of the UPP, because of space communism.


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 2:49 PM

The ALIEN RPG calls the whole of colonized space the Middle Heavens. Down below.***ent/d/10BDGXzp9u2VQQRF8hcRdVzWoCBpdr5K7U5l2Zxt8SBE/edit

sorry couldn't get a PNG for the Middle Heavens map


MemberXenomorphMar-22-2024 6:34 AM

The Alien RPG is cool.

But I'd like just a simple statement in one of the movies:

Parker "We're transporting their god damned toxic, world changing ore! We're taking the risk! We deserve more moolah!"

Brett "Yeah"



MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 4:46 PM

Yeah, I don't recall Parker ever saying that, like ever in ALIEN.

Also the Ore Refinery was built in Neptune's orbit then transported to Thedus by the Nostromo were they picked up regular Ore from Thedus to you know refine before taking it back to Earth... but then events of ALIEN happened.

Lv-426 is an untapped moon with frequent volcanic activity, it would be a treasure trove for rare earth metals and other elements. If not enriched with Iron Ore.

Also please visit the AVP wiki or the Alien Anthology wiki. A quick wiki search can tell you what you need to know about background material in the alien universe rather than coming up with a Wild Mass Guessing.


MemberXenomorphMar-22-2024 5:09 PM

I don't care about the alien universe. I only care about the alien movies and what a causal fan would glean from watching ( not having to consult wiki or a novel ).

If my dad or girlfriend can't tell me the basics of what is happening ( in the series )...then the franchise has issues.


MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 5:33 PM

Well regardless the ore in the Ore Refinery the Nostromo is tugging is ore collected from Thedus. Its in the ALIEN supplement material on the ALIEN QUADRILOGY and probably on the ALIEN ANTHOLOGY box sets.


MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 5:49 PM

"If my dad or girlfriend can't tell me the basics of what is happening ( in the series )...then the franchise has issues."

I am sorry, I wasn't trying to come off as condescending. I was just saying the wiki is helpfully as an all in one source, from expanded universe material to supplement material to what we know directly from the films.

Its a quirk of mine, once I'm invested in fictional universe, I want to know everything about it. 

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