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Episode 5 of the Xenomorphing podcast is out. Alien franchise podcast

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Aug-24-2020 11:54 PM

Finally! I have been waiting for this one for a while now. This time they talk about Prometheus, which is an interesting movie. Some things in the movie are interesting but then we get some parts that are "eh!", I am in the middle with it. Prometheus isn't great but it isn't a disaster either. It is interesting in the way that they tried to expand the universe by bringing the Engineers, which they bring up.

What I am happy about is that they talk a bit about the Engineers. Unfortunately they were not a lot in AC but at least there are people out there that think that they are a positive addition to the franchise. This episode they talk about the Engineers and what they brought to the franchise, it is interesting since they were a good addition to the alien-universe and they also talk about the Engineers and put them in context of the mystery of the Space-Jockey.

To me it seems like it's probably the most intellectually challenging when they release movies that are in the middle because then you really got to think. This is different from when you like the movie where you go "I like it because XYZ" or "this is trash" because then you got to think about what you liked and didn't like.

I enjoy to hear what people have to say about alien-related things. Don't worry, they don't shit on it. :D

Two things that I really enjoy is where they talk a bit about the deleted scenes and also where they discuss the documentary Furious Gods, about the making of Prometheus. I haven't watched that documentary for a long time but as far as I remember it Furious Gods is better than the actual movie. As far as I know there were many deleted scenes that you could actually make an episode of its own about.

About the movie itself, I find it interesting that there isn't a Ripley-like character in there (at least they tried with Shaw even though she was annoying), they tried new monsters, and we get the Engineers. The look of the movie is really great. What I find to be the biggest let-down is the characters.

I like how they talk about things. It is like some friends that get together and discuss movies.

You can download it here in Firefox: 

Click on the download-arrow at the right and it will work. Opera

In Opera click on the big green download-button and it will work, the second link.

It seems to depend on what kind of browser that you use.

13 Responses to Episode 5 of the Xenomorphing podcast is out. Alien franchise podcast


Aug-25-2020 1:04 AM

I experienced a 404 error with the link.

I will talk about your post a little bit though.

I agree that Prometheus is an interesting movie eventhough I slagged it quite a bit. It had both interesng and thought provoking concepts. 

I had some reasons why I still don't like it though. I think the deleted scenes would have fleshed out some character development I thought was lacking in the final cut. They were short, but would have improved the experience. I liked the mutated Fifeld scene better than what we saw with the theatrical cut. I have the blue ray but never watched the Furious Gods since I just couldn't get into the movie.

I have said it before but it seems worth mentioning again: I would have thought Prometheus would have been an outstanding movie if it was a stand alone new approach without the Alien "paint job" and association. Maybe that is why we are getting Raised by Wolves to some extent.

I am a little curious since David was a prominent character- I thought you were not very keen on the android/synth aspect?


Aug-25-2020 1:37 AM


David was alright in Prometheus since he was more gray. It was like he couldn't go against Weyland but he was sort of an independent thinker. The way he is in Covenant was more like an evil bond villain, plus they made him the creator of the Xeno, something that wasn't the case in Prometheus. Prometheus had him in an important role but it wasn't about him. I will email them.


Is the page, try do click download on one of the episodes. You will see all other episodes except the one that you tried to download, it is strange click 3 to see all but 3 and so on and you will be able to download it that way. Edit: I wonder if this works


The download symbols (arrows) should help you.


Aug-25-2020 2:20 AM

This link works fine thanks. It's about 1.5 hours long and will take some time to listen. Respectfully, I suggest pushing Return after pasting a link. It should turn blue so members can just click on it instead of copy/pasting. It saves a step. It should appear green like here after posting.


Aug-25-2020 2:26 AM

Thanks! I didn't know that you could get the link like that by pushing return and that some people could find it to be an issue. Since I didn't know about that issue I just did copy paste. I will try to remember that.


Aug-25-2020 2:37 AM

So far, the general chatter reminds me of how I stumbled onto this forum like they talk about. It might also be helpful to let people know where in the blog you reference, such as "47 minutes is where I am talking about". Or, "they talked about the deleted scenes here".

Seems like they start talking deleted scenes at 52 mutes.


Aug-25-2020 12:45 PM

I thoroughly enjoy PROMETHEUS, and I always will, there's always some new ideas that pop up for me when I watch it.

Was it a Great movie? No.

Was it a Bad movie? No.

It's a cult movie, to be getting around that. :D






Aug-25-2020 3:38 PM

I have said it before but it seems worth mentioning again: I would have thought Prometheus would have been an outstanding movie if it was a stand alone new approach without the Alien "paint job" and association”

I have to agree i FEEL that some of the FLAK for Prometheus comes because it Simply was NOT the way Certain things should have been Done, well some people was not Pleased, and indeed some things were NOT to everyone’s liking... but thats the Problem when making a Prequel to a WELL KNOWN and Much Loved Franchise.....

As a Stand Alone then i think its Decent and Different....

 If Prometheus say ....

 * Never Featured the Weyland Company or Weylands Name

* If it Never was set on LV-223 but some other Named World (No LV)

* If the Engineer Ships did-not look like the Derelict (inc the Pilot Chair).

* If the Engineers Suits did-not look like the Space Jockey

* If the Mural featured Creatures that had NOTHING to do with Xenomorph.

* If the Deacon was replaced with something that looked Nothing like the Xenomorph

* Or the Engineer was shown to start to Vomit Black and then Mutate before our Eyes into something like  THIS.


Then i think it maybe would not have got Criticized in some ways, i know the Movie had other Flaws, but i think a lot of people may have felt Certain Parts just did-not connect to ALIEN Franchise Quite how they would have Expected or Wanted.


I feel if it was a Stand Alone with the Same Plot, but Removed all the Connections like i made in the (*) Points then it could have had the Freedom to Introduce us to a NEW Sci-Fi and NOT have to then Proceed to what became Alien Covenant.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-25-2020 3:48 PM

Regarding what we Actually Got..... then YES it was Far from Perfect but i think it was Decent, maybe a Few Changes were Needed!

 * Some of the Deleted Scenes would have Helped.

* They could have used similar Trickery that was used in TLOR and Hobbit to give us an Engineer who was 10ft Tall.

* The Fifield Mutation could have used some of the other Concepts.

*The Movie Needing something more Connected to Alien as far as a Monster that ATTACKS and so maybe Milburn Should have Chest Busted or Back Busted something like the Neomorph that then went to Attack a Crew Member and Scurried off to Return Latter.

* Show a Hammpede get Shot and reveal inside some Tiny like Eggs.

 These are some things i added to my attempted Re-Edit of Prometheus in 2012, inc Fleshing Out some Scenes to Reduce some STUPID Moments.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-28-2020 1:09 PM

BigDave If memory serves, I thought FOX didn't like Scott's ideas and wanted them in the Alienverse. Especially when he seemed a little annoyed with Covenant and he wanted to move away from the Xenomorph. I believe he said, "If they want Aliens, I'll give them [email protected] aliens."


Aug-31-2020 3:42 AM


About the "I will give them fucking aliens"-comment, the AVP-galaxy podcast episode 68 where they debate Covenant one year later, at 12:50 they mentioned that Scott said "I'll give them fucking aliens". Fox wanted aliens (Xenos) in AC and Scott didn't but they wanted it so Scott included them in the movie. It's probably best to see the comment in that context.

To download the episode go here:

Go number 68 and download it, you will hear that at 12:50. Not from the horse's mouth but at least they mentioned it so there is a possibility that is what he said but I don't know.

Both Fox and Scott were wrong about the movies IMO. Fox were wrong for believing that the problem with Prometheus was the lack of Xenos and Scott for making it about David.


Aug-31-2020 3:45 AM


I saw some of the alternative Fifield-monsters, they looked better than the one we got. The Zombie Fifield is just bad, one of many bad decisions that affected this movie.

There was also a deleted scene where Janek and Vickers talk and where he says something about that the Engineers did something that they shouldn't have had. He mentioned something about something exploding and someone spilled something also it shows a bit about Vicker's personality. Unfortunately a big piece of the editing in Prometheus was really poor because it could have been so much better, Covenant did the same mistake.


Aug-31-2020 9:54 AM

"I will give them fucking aliens"

Certainly seemed like Ridley Scott was NOT a Fan of having to make a Literal Prequel and introduce the Xenomorph.  However he did seem to be Pleased with Jon Spaights work, but FOX back then wanted to REMOVE the Xenomorphs and after seeing Lindeloffs work it seemed that Ridley Scott felt that it was the Right Direction.

I feel however that the RIGHT Direction would have been to include SOMETHING that was similar but Different because apart from Space Cobra Rape.  And Angry Bob the Engineer then MOST of the Fatalities came from Toxic Avenger Fifield.

It needed a Little Something to Tease to a Alien Connection

In the Re-Write that i Started in 2012 i added more Crew ;)  only 3-4 more...

*The Hammerpede tries to Attack Ford, but it misses and Janek Shoots it and we Zoom in and can see what appear to be TINY EGGS that come out of it.

I introduce a Scene where during the Fifield Attack we CUT to Milburn and he Chest Bursts a Baby Head Alien.

This Alien is later shown Grown to be about 4ft and I pondered to either add it PRIOR to when they awoke the Engineer, or after Dr Shaw was running away.

So it would have appeared as either.

*Attacking the Team as they was Entering the Juggernaught.

*Attacks TWO Guards left outside the Juggernaught while Weyland and Co go to Visit the Engineer.  Later it Enters and Distracts the Engineer before he can get to Dr Shaw and so we see the Engineer suffer a Slash Wound and then KILL the ALIEN.

*Or as Dr Shaw Runs off past the Security Guards they Follow but we see ONE is attacked by the ALIEN.  We see the other Guard Fail the Jump to get Off the Opening Hanger.   The ALIEN is then Chasing our Dr Shaw and Vickers and catches Vickers and is Clawing away at her but they then BOTH get Squashed by the Juggernaught.

I was thinking something that would LOOK either like those Concepts Combined, or similar to the Concept Below.

It would have given us a INDICATION that the Hammerpede had LAID a Egg in Milburn that then Produces a New Monster


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-04-2020 2:18 AM


I am not even sure what Scott thought of the work that Spaights did. There are some scripts that I have read and they are better than the final result. Judging from what I have read I prefer the Spaight's version because they seem more down to earth and less mystery just for the sake of having mystery. Not to say that everything has to be obvious but I am not sure if Lindelof contributed with a lot even though he did better work compared to what was the final movie but at the same time getting a better movie than the final result shouldn't be too difficult even though it's a masterpiece compared to Batman and Robin and AVPR. :D

They should have had more monsters that were closer to the Xeno without it being a Xeno, other than the Deacon at the end. As much as I think that the Engineers is an interesting idea they should have made more sense of them in the movie but that might have to do with mysteries by Lindelof.

Ford didn’t have a big part but I think that they should have done better with her character. She wasn’t annoying as far as I remember it but I am not sure if she contributed with anything. As far as I know she was as (non)important to the story as the mercenaries that Weyland had.

Vickers was a bit bitchy but at least she wasn’t stupid like Shaw. I probably like Vickers more than Shaw but both characters should have been better written and executed on the screen. There were some extra material with Vickers in it, they should have added some of that to flesh out her personality.

You added some interesting things in your writing. Milburn and the chestbusting, it would be cool if we would have seen something like the tentacles shooting out through the body like the concept art of Holloway I think that it was. Here is the picture that I mentioned:


That was supposed to be Holloway, or am I mistaken? No matter who the character was. That would be cool to see instead of the eyeworm which wasn’t very impressive although the thought of having a parasite inside is nasty. Speaking of the eyeworm there is such a thing, it is called Thelazia which you can read about if you want.

"It would have given us a INDICATION that the Hammerpede had LAID a Egg in Milburn that then Produces a New Monster"

For a reason this reminds me of the flies which can lay eggs into human beings and animals, you can read about it at Encyclopedia Britannica. The process is called myiasis and seems to very very icky.

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