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Sevastopol hive:queen or egg morphing

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Jan-19-2017 2:47 PM

For those who have played Alien Isolation,you already know late in the game you find your way into the xenomorph hive and learn that there's been more than one the whole time.Now naturally i expected to run into a queen,but never did(it would made a great late game twist).It got me thinking what if there was no queen,what if the alien born from Foster was the standard xenomorph we know and it kidnapped people and begun the egg morphing process hinted at in The alternate cut of Alien.The reason i think this is when you destroy the hive some xenomorph survive,if there was a queen a possible psychic link would have killed them of right?What do you guy's think?

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68 Responses to Sevastopol hive:queen or egg morphing


Jan-19-2017 3:19 PM

I think it was egg morphing looking where some of the eggs were placed. In an interview with Creative Assembly, I think the lead guy alluded to the egg morphing when he was talking about how true to the movie he wanted to be.


Jan-19-2017 3:23 PM

That's what I've thought too.It didn't occur to me until the second time i played it.

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Jan-19-2017 6:27 PM

One thing I considered during this part of the game was that with all the xenos we see come crawling out of the hive (and considering quite a few probably didn't make it out) it seems like quite a lot of egg morphs to not get one that yields a queen.

This leads me to believe that either there was a queen that you simply didn't encounter and she died during the destruction, OR the odds of getting a queen facehugger are actually very slim in general. Maybe it's even possible that queen facehuggers aren't made unless it's in a stable environment such as a planet (vs a ship in space).


Jan-19-2017 6:33 PM

I would have liked to have a queen.Maybe it would have been predictable,but it would of been great to run and hide from a queen.

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Jan-19-2017 6:34 PM

I might still go with egg morphing though.

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Jan-19-2017 7:47 PM

The backstory was there was a Queen on board.  They didn't want to reveal it because it would create an expectation that you'd have to fight it, which they didn't want.


Jan-19-2017 8:04 PM

I remember in a lot of fear i was exploring the hive and seek easter eggs...and hopefully find a queen..but nope...however i thought...hmm they gonna make a dlc of the i waited and nothing.


I really dont know but at this point in time fellas...queen is a reality to eggs.

Unless ridley changes that reality in ac with shaw. I dont see eggmorphing being a good idea for expanding xeno community.

I would see eggmorphing a good idea for the only possibility of breeding a queen..bigger egg...blabla u get the point.

I dont see a good idea for a normal queen egg being morphed randomly. time event eggmorphing for the queen to be born. And she pops eggs to multiply the hive population.


Jan-19-2017 8:42 PM

S.M. thanks.It makes sense

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Jan-19-2017 9:08 PM

I wasn't aware of the hidden queen angle. I think I read on a thread somewhere on a different site that a queen could be heard. I played with good headphones and never heard anything like that.


Jan-19-2017 9:13 PM

I didn't know that either.Couldn't imagine where it could be heard.

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Jan-19-2017 9:20 PM

I think i still like the egg morphing idea.Why not we never saw a queen.

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Jan-19-2017 9:21 PM

I found a video on YT. I heard the scream but it sounded the same as the xeno.


Jan-19-2017 9:22 PM

Where was the scream?

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Jan-19-2017 9:32 PM

The screams are at :08 and 1:57. Then he lures a xeno out at the end and hear it scream. Sounds pretty much the same to me. I always figured the xeno was finding other people to kill off screen.


Jan-19-2017 9:42 PM

Just watched it.I agree thats not a queen.I know those locations and i certainly don't think you'd hear a queen there.

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Jan-19-2017 9:44 PM

I've heard it kill plenty off screen and they always scream like that.

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Jan-19-2017 9:55 PM

The queen scream has less voice and more "air or breath" sound to it imo.


Jan-19-2017 10:00 PM

I agree very heavy breathing 

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Jan-19-2017 10:09 PM

I did not know they originally planned to have a Queen on-board. Glad they left it out tbh, I prefer the egg morphing concept better. Shame it wasn't explored fully in the game.


Jan-19-2017 10:26 PM


I saw some interviews with Creative assembly and they liked the egg morph idea but left it out since some gamers may not know about the DC and may not have understood if memory serves- was about five years ago.


Jan-20-2017 2:47 AM

I have not played the game, well i did one go on my brothers PS4 and got as far as when you was being chased by  those two humans and had to hide.. but i got caught and so i never saw any Alien lol

I never owned the game as i only have a PS3 and Xbox 360 and hardly play them so buying a next Gen console to play a few games i just never saw the point.

May invest now they cheaper but as i have not touched my other consoles in ages.. i would hate to buy a Ps4 and play it a few days in a year.

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Jan-20-2017 3:01 AM

BigDave the game is available for ps3 and Xbox 360,it goes pretty cheap these days.

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Jan-20-2017 10:31 AM


The part of the game you stopped at, the xeno was just around the corner! You were so close!

And yea, as ninXeno426 stated, it's available on PS3 and Xbox 360. I have it for 360 and it's totally worth it.

The game is completely in the spirit of the first Alien film. It is long, the dialogue is great, the story is fantastic, and the horror is unbearable.

The beauty of it is you don't really fight the Xeno. You sneak around and do your best to avoid it. The best you do is scare it into the air ducts with a flame thrower (if you have one). If it catches you, the feeling you get in your stomach is unmatched.

The game also breathes life back into the Ash style android, and you actually do get to fight and kill many of those. Lot's of fun but also horrifying.

Last high point I'll mention, the game really builds up the aspect of the Alien lore involving commercial space industries. The story is heavily entwined with concepts of competing companies in the terraforming and synthetic person industries.

Highly recommend you grab a used copy for your system.


Jan-20-2017 11:31 AM

I never expected a queen as it was James Cameron's "termite queen+drones/warriors" idea.

Alien Isolation was heavily based on Alien, thus no queen. 

I'd like to see the Queen in all her glory again in another well made Aliens game though. 


Jan-20-2017 12:02 PM

Big Dave

I have it on PS3 too. You could pick it up cheap now.

Sometimes the Alien has you dead to rights, knocks you down and runs away. It takes a bit to reorient and realize you are still alive lol. Highly recommended for Alien fans.


Jan-20-2017 12:29 PM

i honestly think that the queen was just an evoulution to the egg morphing i mean think about it it would be time consuming and difficult to turn every host into an egg so they simply evolved too have a queen so basically they used egg morphs untill they evolved

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Jan-20-2017 3:03 PM

Alright guys i did a little research,and here's why i think egg morphing is a better idea.Now it is official that there is a queen on board but i think there are a lot of holes in this idea.First Foster is the only infected person brought aboard the station.Unlike Aliens where there were other expeditions to the derelict,no one aboard Sevastopol Station went down to LV-426.If Russ Jordan didn't birth the queen then someone else did.Thats not the case with sevastopol.On the AVP wikia it states Foster birthed a drone and that a queen is only theory.This actually calls the queens reproductive capabilities into question,on whether another alien is required or not.This is where i really start to question the presence of a queen.If a queen is born then how does it produce eggs?I know this been long speculated about(there's another thread going on about it right now)but if theres a queen where did it go,who's the poor sap that stumbled across her?Another thing we know about a xenomorph hive is that while the queen lays the eggs,drones are responsible for capturing and cocooning human hosts.They're also responsible for transporting eggs for the host (think of Newt).While it's not impossible for this to happen,but the idea of a guy stumbling across the queen,getting face hugged an sitting there till it bursts is a little silly.After all there are a few corpses found on Sevastopol that were victims of chestburster,meaning they were found before it could happen.This is why i think egg morphing is a better scenario,even for the birth of a queen.A drone is born,it kidnaps people and turns them into eggs.By then maybe or maybe not a queen is born from a new host that has been face hugged from one of these eggs.Over all i think egg morphing is a better and more likely scenario.Feel free to dispute and point out any holes in this theory.P.S. sorry about the bad/lack of punctuation.

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Jan-20-2017 3:14 PM

Nice research. I missed some of that in haste during the game and just wanting to find door codes and such.

 My simple answer is that I stick with Creative Assembly who categorically stated their devotion was to Alien and not Aliens.


Jan-20-2017 3:17 PM

I agree completely.Egg morphing is more logical when you break it down.

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Movie fan

Jan-24-2017 8:21 AM

I am working on the script of my version of Alien: Isolation so do you think I should use egg morph or a queen?

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