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Disney CEO confirms new Alien (reboot) movie is called Alien: Romulus!
Scified2024-02-08 11:15:55
Written by Chris5,963 Reads5 Comments2024-02-08 11:15:55

As if we needed another confirmation, Disney's own CEO Bob Iger has confirmed the title for Fede Alvarez's Alien film is indeed - Alien: Romulus! Not only that - the latest press release also confirms the film is a reboot of the Alien franchise, moving away from the Alien prequels and established lore. The film's release date is also still set for August 16th. 2024!

As per Deadline:

20th Century Studios’ Alien reboot movie from Fede Alvarez is now known as Alien: Romulus. Here is pic’s blurb: Young people from a distant world must face the most terrifying life form in the universe. The movie is still set for Aug. 16 this year and stars Priscilla’s Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, Aileen Wu, Spike Fearn, David Jonsson and Archie Renaux. The new feature creature from outer space movie is not connected to the FX series that Noah Hawley is behind.

Expect more information and marketing to ramp up as we enter spring!

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MemberXenomorphFeb-08-2024 1:00 PM

A reboot? I find that difficult to believe. Probably a misquote.


Romulus: Ship name? Base name? Plot description?



MemberPraetorianFeb-08-2024 3:44 PM

Wait, wait, wait, I thought Alien Romulus is supposed to take place between ALIEN and ALIENS, how will that be possible if its a reboot?


AdminEngineerFeb-09-2024 8:12 AM

Indeed it is supposed to take place between Alien and Aliens - Perhaps Bob Iger used the wrong word? Or Romulus is a reboot and the year in which it takes place happens to fall between the events of Alien and Aliens - but with no significant ties to either film besides the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. That's my guess.


MemberXenomorphFeb-09-2024 2:18 PM

I wonder if Iger has watched it, or does only Marvel, Star Wars and Disney stuff gets his attention. 

I'm still astonished that nothing has leaked....doesn't anyone care about ALIEN? 

I'm good with whatever they do...except if they ruin the soundtrack.


MemberPraetorianFeb-10-2024 9:47 PM

I sure hope Bob Iger used the wrong word because I see no reason to start a whole new continuity. 

I wished ALIEN and PREDATOR were owned by Universal or Paramount

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