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Raised by Wolves - first preview.
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MemberXenomorphJul-14-2020 11:17 PM

Whether Alien will be great again or not, Sir Ridley Scott is doing great as always.

Check out the first preview of the new TV series Raised by Wolves, a few seconds long only - so don't blink, part of a video of almost three minutes long on the upcoming HBO Max releases.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"

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MemberDeaconJul-15-2020 3:09 PM

Seems Interesting.... i do WONDER if the Plot is similar to what RS had intended with AC2?

I had Interpreted some of RS comments about AC2 and looking at the THEMES of Prometheus and Davids Arc... and the END of Alien Covenant.... i did give my TWO CENTS to what we could see and EVEN came up with some IDEAS on what i would do based of my Interpretation...

I dont think it got a lot of Interest LOL

But Months after we have RS announced Raised by Wolves and the PLOT is similar to what i THOUGHT that maybe AC2 could be about ;)

It seems that Ridley Scotts Sequel may NEVER happen. so it will be INTERESTING to see what he does with Raised by Wolves.

There already is a Raised by Wolves TV show though SET in Lovely Place (not Quite) just a 10-15 Min Drive from ME lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-15-2020 3:20 PM

I did do a Topic to Speculate on Origae-6 a while back

Considering that Planet 4 was deemed to be more Habitable/Suitable but also that Origae-6 would be Habitable i had the Vision that Origae-6 would be a Rugged somewhat more Baron Landscape like the First Planet of the Apes Movie from 1968 by that i mean Aesthetically what Earth became.

Looking at the Raised by Wolves Snippet it seems the Planet that TV Show is set in does seem similar to what i expected Origae-6 to look like.

The TV Show seems interesting to me... i am just not sure it would be everyone's Cuppa Tea though.

Oh i also get the Impression from this SNIPPET that maybe the World that it is SET on is NOT the Destination that those Androids were supposed to take those Children as it appears their Ship has Crashed... but maybe that could be a Malfunction on Entry?

I really look forwards to IT and if it is GOOD then maybe that may HELP with RS as far as Potentially returning to the ALIEN Franchise... if Raised by Wolves and latter Merlin are GOOD then maybe their is HOPE for RS Vision yet.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteJul-15-2020 3:39 PM

It looks very interesting and I can also barely see a hint of I am Mother.

This is what I was talking about- tell a story over a series instead of cramming things into a couple movies. 


MemberNeomorphJul-16-2020 2:33 AM

That looks good but Scott usually manages to get the visuals right. I can not say anything about it based on the fast clip alone.

If it is about more android stuff then I say screw that. My reason for saying this is based on what I have heard about the story in general and what it will be about.

Alien Covenant made me disinterested in more android things. Raised By Wolves will probably be a good thing for those that are interested in android stories but I do not want more of that in the Alien franchise nor will I watch it. My fear is that if this does well then Scott might put that as a reason to do another android movie in the Alien franchise and I do not want that.

Hopefully it will get canceled after one season because of lack of interest. Yes people can like what ever they want but Scott nearly killed the alien franchise with his robot crap so it would be nice if not enough people will watch this.


MemberDeaconJul-16-2020 5:32 AM

"Hopefully it will get canceled after one season because of lack of interest"

Now i usually refrain from what could be Considered Insults, so dont take this too BAD ;)   I think that to WISH a Series a Failure because it is NOT what you like is not right...  you have a Right to you Opinion and IF this TV Series is NOT what your into then you can merely ignore it.  I mean i would be Distraught if we get NO more ALIEN but a Aliens vs Avengers Franchise... i would watch it for a BIT of Fun but if  it makes a Mockery of ALIEN i can choose to NOT watch it....

Actually i Apologize as thats maybe Harsh... because i ASSUME that your Concern and Reason for the Comment is that IF we see RS do WELL with this and its about A.I you would be Concerned that Disney would allow RS to make more ALIEN Movies that would CENTER around A.I

That is likewise my Concern that if a Aliens vs Avengers Comic and Games become MASSIVE then Disney will go and move onto a Movie Franchise.... thats my BIGGEST worry about the Success of a Aliens, Predators Mash Up with Marvel Characters Comics.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-16-2020 5:56 AM

Onto your Concerns about Raised by Wolves.

I am NOT sure this will Revolve around A.I  i think it revolves around KNOWLEDGE....  Lets FACE it some people are just VILE and Scumbags... but then we also have Good.

Was some of the worse Humans just a Product of their Environment?  If say Hitler had a TWIN and he was Raised in a Different Environment would he be the same?

What we have is similar to Alien Covenant... the Covenant mission are trying to LEAVE the HELL that Earth as become and START a New Eden on a New World.

In Context to Raised by Wolves we have to ANDROIDS who will be Tasked to Raise some Children to START a New Civilization.   We are ALL born Innocent... its our Environment and Teachings and Experiences that can SHAPE what we are.

If you look at the Earth its in Chaos... always has been for a LONG TIME... we would LONG for World Peace  but while we have Countries with their own Objectives, Cultural Differences, Racial, Political and Religious then their is CONFLICT.

If some say Buddhist Monks had taken say 50 Babies to a ISLAND with enough Infrastructure (Basic Way of Life) like the Amish people (or Planet 4 Engineers).... WHERE these Children are Raised by the Monks to Respect Life, where there would be NO Religious Doctrine as such....

Then these Babies would GROW they would Reproduce and Pass on the Peaceful Teachings of the Monks and THIS small Islands they Live on would be some what of a Paradise.. with Limited Conflict.

What Raised by Wolves is doing is to replace these Monks with TWO Androids.... and they are OFF to a Far Away World and not a Island.

It seems these Androids will Raise and Teach these Children in ways to NOT have the Corruptness and Differences of Politics, Race and Religion etc.

BUT..... then another Human Ship comes to the same Planet with Adults and likely some Children who have a Different Upbringing and Religious...  then these Humans are Welcomed by One Android while the other seems Suspicious... Protective of their Paradise/Eden.

I think what we will see is the incoming Humans will start to have a NEGATIVE impact on the Raised Children.  They would see HOW these Humans behave and have other Things/knowledge and Desires and Religion that these Children have not been Exposed to.

Are these Children really LIED to about their Origins?

I think the Androids maybe have some Conflict with some of the Adult incoming Humans, a Difference of Opinion.  We could see these Humans starting to have a IMPACT on the Children the Androids have raised....

so they have a Difficult Time trying to Maintain what they had Taught with those Children and Accommodating the other Humans and we see Conflict!

Then i SUSPECT that the MOTHER will come to decide that SHE cant see the Humans Corrupt the new Humanity they are trying to Create and i feel that SHE will look to DESTROY those Humans.

I suspect that ONCE we have seen this TV Series we could see Connections and maybe Answers regarding the Prometheus Plot.

The Androids i feel maybe would in Context be come to be seen as TWO Factions of Engineers...  both with Concerns of Mankind.... both with a Different Attempt to Deal with it.

This PLOT is actually NOT so FAR off what i had discussed a few years ago in regards to WHERE i would have taken a Sequel to Prometheus.... its also NOT far off what i Interpret that maybe the Sequel to AC would cover in PART.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphJul-22-2020 9:50 AM


That is alright, I didn't take any offense from it. I will ignore it by not watching it but I think that I should have my right to say what I want concerning what ever I want, it is not like I am threatening anyone's life. Scott might do a lot of good looking things and have some interesting ideas so it is not like I am anti-Scott but I do not think that his ideas is what the franchise needs to stay afloat. He can do those things but in another franchise.

To not get any more alien movies would be a bit sad but I would rather have no movies than new ones that I do not like at all. In case they can not get stories and characters right then maybe it is time to move on, even though I would not like the franchise to get into that position.

". . . because i ASSUME that your Concern and Reason for the Comment is that IF we see RS do WELL with this and its about A.I you would be Concerned that Disney would allow RS to make more ALIEN Movies that would CENTER around A.I"

You are right, that is what I meant even though I might not have expressed it in the best way possible. I want to have alien movies where the human journey is at the center and then the robots could be a part of it but they should not be the focus. Alien Covenant is disappointing as it is so if this does well enough and that makes them do another Alien movie like Covenant with another robot focus then it would be worse than Covenant because then they have not listened or learned from what went wrong with AC. Ridley is interested in androids but not enough Alien fans seem to find that interesting for the franchise to be profitable (which is what matters to the movie companies, like it or not), I know that I am not.

A mix between Marvel characters and Alien? That would make AVP look good so I agree that it would most likely be a disaster. I don't think that the alternative is between androidism or a Marvel-ish kind of alien franchise though.

Humans are probably a mix of genetics and the environment. You mention if Hitler had a twin and was raised in a better environment then I guess that things could have ended up different for him.

"The Androids i feel maybe would in Context be come to be seen as TWO Factions of Engineers... both with Concerns of Mankind.... both with a Different Attempt to Deal with it."

Yeah maybe but they would probably get a lot of screen-time and be a big part of the story, something that I would not like to see.

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