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MemberOvomorphJun-11-2017 3:55 PM

I'm sure, it's an important detail in the film, that David choose the Wagner opera in the beginning and át the end of the film. Why is it in a very focused position in the film? What do you think?

Well, I started wondering, how can connect the main characters, objects of this opera and the characters in the film.

The Rheingold is absolutely the black goo, but in a nature way.

The ring, that Alberich made from the Rheingold is the waponized black goo.

Who can be Alberich? He has to forsake love, because he wants the Rheingold. Hé made the ring, but that was stolen by a god, Wotan. Thats why Alberich lays a curse on the ring: until it should return to him, whoever posses it will live ín anxiety and be killed and robbed by the next owner. Whoever does not posses it will desire it.  Alberich can be the Engineers. Well, maybe. But Alberich is a dwarf anyways... :-)

Wotan is a god, who built the Valhalla. He is a creator, awaked god and selfish (át least these are some attributes of him in  the opera) Hé wants love and the power in the same time. So he kept for himself Freia, the goddess of beauty and the ring (he stole it from Alberich). Later he realizes , Alberich curse is too strong (he could see the consequences of the curse), so he throws away the ring, and hé goes tó the Valhalla. That could be David.

Freia: the goddess of beauty. She is the deal, actually a pay for building the Valhalla. If she isnt with the gods (with Wotan for example), they start to get old. Freia anyways is like the Rheingold, but in the world of gods. So that could be Shaw's body.

Erda: the opposite princ. of Wotan. She is the sleeping mother, older than Wotan, an earth goddess who knows the beginning and the end, át least she knows, what it means. She also knows what is life. She tells Wotan:every kind of life is transient. What exist, it has to have an end. Her question tó Wotan was: "how will you stand when your end comes?" After this advice Wotan throw away the ring. This character could be Shaw or Daniels... Or i dont know. 

There are some other character: the 2 giants built the Valhalla, working for Wotan... Maybe they are the planet 4 inhabitants.

Maybe this is a bit too much and the filmmakers didnt think about this parallel interpretations at all. And in the opera there are a lots  of other character too... But if this interpretation is right and David's character could be a Wotan like character, it would be interesting, when and how hé will throw away the black goo/ring/the power. 

Or what do you think, why did they choose this opera in the film? Whats the reason? Maybe there's an easier answer than what i wrote above :-)

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