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Ridley Scott is not confident the FX Alien TV series will live up to his original!
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Ridley Scott does not seem confident that the upcoming Alien TV series for FX will live up his 1979 original. During an interview with The Independent, Scott briefly discusses his revival of the Alien franchise which started in 2012 with Prometheus and ended with Alien: Covenant in 2017 before making comments about the upcoming Alien series being developed by Legion showrunner Noah Hawley:

[Scott is] more vocal about the ‘Alien’ franchise, which he resurrected with 2012’s origin story ‘Prometheus.’ ‘I never showed an alien in it” — it still made $404 million at the box office — ‘and the studio … said, “See, it didn’t do so well!” Really?’ He returned with 2017’s ‘Alien: Covenant,’ ‘put the aliens back in there,’ and the film made much less: $240m worldwide. ‘When you’ve got a marvelous beast, it does wear out and you have to actually think again.'

Wherever [the series goes], whatever they do, ‘It’ll never be as good as the first one,’ [Scott] grins. ‘That’s what I’ll say.'

Sounds like Scott isn't too impressed with the direction Alien is being taken, after losing his opportunity to dive deep into the Alien mythos for some time. Although there have been talks of Scott making another Alien film in the future, his most recent remarks concerning that suggest the next Alien film will abandon the Prometheus / Covenant plot entirely.

FX's Alien TV series begins filming Spring 2022! Learn more about its story here!


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MemberNeomorphOct-12-2021 2:17 PM

It probably won't, but the prequels haven't been that good either. He goes on about his movie, but what about Alien and Alien 3, or does he just care about his own material? Give someone else a try as a director because the last two were mixed at best.


MemberDeaconOct-12-2021 7:04 PM

I agree with Ridley Scott...... The Beast While it was NOT COOKED you had to be Careful... the MORE you Repeat something you do have the Chance of seeing it become Stale or a Joke, we ONLY need to look at what has Became of the Terminator Franchise and well those Robots were NOT as Limited as the Xenomorph.

With Prometheus he had Attempted to Cover the Space Jockey Race, give them a Back Story, offer something to Expand the Franchise beyond Eggs and Face Huggers etc.

It was a Brave Decision to TAKE OUT the Xenomorph from the Prequel.... but Prometheus had Evolved to become a Movie that would GIVE SOME INSIGHT into WHAT the Space Jockey Race was doing... without having to SPOON FEED us the Events that lead to ALIEN.

Prometheus was the GATEWAY to a SPIN OFF Franchise... the Sequels were Intended to STEER AWAY from ALIEN.

Star Wars Fans had No Problems that the Mandalorian had NO like Sky-Walkers or Connected Directly to the Movies.. it was a SPIN OFF and THIS is WHAT we had RS going to Attempt with Prometheus (but it had some Problems)

And WHILE this is NOT the Main Problem with Prometheus, there were some Fans who had Felt that the Movie had NOT given us enough that Links to ALIEN.... NO ANSWERS.. and NO real Replacement for the Xenomorph as FAR as Screen Time.

In Hindsight the Movie Needed a Extra 30-40 Minutes and to have some of the more ALIENY Parts that were in the Earlier Drafts...

In Hindsight they should have made a Sequel to Prometheus that went to LV-223 and was more ALIENY that would have Monsters and GIVE MORE CLUES to the Xenomorph/LV-426 and so the DOOR to ALIEN could be Closed.. but also the Franchise UPLIFTED....

The Prequels could have Potential to Explore New Things and that would START with David and Dr Shaw going to somewhere in a Movie that would be a SPIN OFF and NOT go and Connect to Alien or Xenomorphs..


Powers that BE... had Wanted to make a Sequel that would BEGIN to TAKE US to ALIEN... that would GIVE the Answers and that would INTRODUCE us to the Xenomorph and its Origins.... I get the Impression that RS was Disappointed by this....

And so we GOT our Alien Covenant which had done things that UPSET some Fans and its Painted itself into a Corner.


MemberDeaconOct-12-2021 7:08 PM

As for the FX TV Series....

only TIME will tell..... but its SMELLS like a Reboot of the Franchise to me...

Time will Tell on HOW they Handle the Xenomorph Running around on Earth some 50-70 Years before ALIEN i Expect this to be maybe a Better Written version of AVP and AVPR without Predators ;)

Its TOO EARLY to Write the TV Series Off... we can ONLY HOPE its Good and Does-not go and Contradict the Franchise... but  i cant see HOW it can Avoid that.


MemberPraetorianOct-12-2021 11:30 PM

I don't feel comfortable with an another pre-FTL travel xenomorph infestation on Earth again. I wished it was set during the James Cameron Era of Aliens


MemberChestbursterOct-13-2021 2:07 AM

>>>With Prometheus he had Attempted to Cover the Space Jockey Race, give them a Back Story, offer something to Expand the Franchise beyond Eggs and Face Huggers etc.


It's definitely a good decision. But Ridley also never tried to fully explore the Engineers in Prometheus. It seems that he avoided talking about them.

Ironically, but Alien Engineers contained more information about the Engineers than Prometheus. With Prometheus Ridley refused the alien, but also reduced the Engineers exploring.

It should have been like this: lack of aliens, but more about Engineers. But we got this: lack of aliens and less about Engineers.

In other words.

Alien Engineers:

- many information about aliens.

- many information about Engineers.

Prometheus (intention):

- lack of aliens. Only hints.

- double information about Engineers (to compensate the story).

Prometheus (released):

- lack of aliens. Only hints.

- little information about Engineers.

Prometheus is a good film, but in terms of exploring it's not better than Alien Engineers.


P.S. You may argue that Ridley did not want to give us information in the first film, but let's be honest. He is a businessman and knows how the industry works. He knows that you may not have a chance to tell the whole story and then all your ideas perished. 

First of all, this is not needed for the creator himself, the director. If you want to stretch the story, then a TV series format is better suited than a full-length film.


MemberDeaconOct-13-2021 4:22 AM

Indeed there seemed to be some things that became Held Back about the Engineers in Prometheus that could have been Covered more in Sequels.... but as you said, while Prometheus had LENT to a Sequel there was NO GUARANTEE.

Your Correct a TV Series allows you to FLESH OUT the Characters and Build the Plot more.. to add more MEAT to the Bones.... as a Movie you have a Limited Run Time of say 2 Hours but a TV Series could give you 6-10 Hours in the First Season.

"I wished it was set during the James Cameron Era of Aliens"

By that if you mean taking Place say after the EVENTS of ALIENS/ALIEN 3 then YES maybe thats ok, but i would STILL have it SET AWAY from our Solar System but Certainly NOT on Earth.

Unless your setting it between Alien 3 and Alien R but is Suspect the Destruction on Earth had came about from a Battle on Earth between Various Human Factions, Various Synthetic Fractions and Autons.

The details are Scarce about the TV Series but what we do know is it would be a SLOW BURNER.... we would Delve more into the Corruption and Greed of Mega Corps and HOW they would USE the Common People to their Advantage.  It seems it would give us a Story about some People who are GIVEN what they think would be a Opportunity to Change their Lives but they are being used as Prawns for a Bigger Agenda.  And that those in Power see some People as Purely Expendable.

The Xenomorph will make a Appearance... it seems the Xenomorph will be Tinkered with a Little so it will be Different to a Degree but it would NOT go and STEER TOO FAR from what we had in the Movies.

It seems a LOT of the Movie will be Based on Earth and the Idea is to see HOW does the Earth Deal with the Xenomorphs on HOME SOIL..... this is a Concern... and Especially when the TV Series is SET WAY BEFORE the Prequels.

With what LITTLE we know about the Xenomorph in the TV Series it does seem that the Aesthetic could be more like that from Alien Covenant than from Alien/Aliens (Chest Buster is Translucent to a Degree and has a Pair of Arms/Legs).

It would seem the Discovery of this Organism is made in some kind of Engineer Complex or Ship that is Flooded.... and so MAYBE this Discovery is a Sunken Engineer Outpost or a Sunken Engineer Ship.

The TV Series is trying to NOT go and Conflict what the Prequels had Shown.... it will be about in PART a Ancient Threat (Discovery of something Engineer that leads to the Xenomorph).

But it also will Focus on the Threat of A.I.

To me this seems like it will Consider what made the Alien Franchise Great.... but also Consider the Plot of the Prequels... but it seems like it will TAKE those Ideas and RE-WRITE the Entire Lot...

Wait for it........................ the Xenomorph in ALIEN will be a Engineered Version by Mankind or A.I from a Ancient Version they Discovered on Earth....


MemberPraetorianOct-13-2021 6:50 AM

yeah I was thinking more set a little after Alien 3 in an Earth War-inspired scenario where xenomorphs are brought to Earth


MemberXenomorphOct-13-2021 2:38 PM

Set on Earth just seems like a budget-saving device.   They will probably film in some abandoned warehouses, not having to worry about exotic locations or amazing super amazing skyscraper buildings from 200 years in the future.

If this is just xenomorph versus human....Then I'll pass. ( an average three year old could plot this series )


I'd like to see something new.

How about a pile of DEAD xenomorphs? Thousands of them...desiccated, fossilized.......But still highly toxic! Do NOT TOUCH!


MemberPraetorianOct-13-2021 9:29 PM

wait if there fossilized they wouldn't be toxic because the toxins would have been broken down thousands if not millions of years ago.


MemberXenomorphOct-14-2021 5:27 AM

I wouldn't make them millions of years old(100 years tops )they would be like the desiccated Engineers (that David bombed) on Planet 4.

The xenomorphs were also bombed from above. Pest control.


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2021 7:03 AM

oh okay I think you mean mummified, since fossilization is a much longer process


MemberDeaconOct-14-2021 3:38 PM

I think its Interesting to had Considered the Xenomorph as FAR as WHAT would Happen after they Die?

Its seemed the Eggs could have remained Dormant for Thousands of Years for some Reason.... (Star Beast implied this).  But with AC it seems those Eggs as of 2122 (ALIEN) are No-More than say 25-27 Years Old... the Originals and those on LV-426 like up to 17 Years Old.

But i dont want to TURN this Topic into the David could NOT have Created them Debate as we done this a LOT... much like the Queen cant have been HOW we get Eggs because in ALIEN and Starbeast we had the Egg Morph.... i think IF something is NOT Answered and then gets Answered in a Different way in Sequels we Accept what we are Shown.. but Each Person is Entitled to what they Choose to Believe or like.

But back to the Point i want to look at.... Ridley Scott had Suggested the Xenomorphs can Regenerate... the ONE that was KILLED on Planet 4 would Regenerate..

I think to HEAL in a Limited way i can BUY... but to Regenerate when they Suffer Heavy Damage and are Basically Pulverized into Many Pieces... than NAH!

I am NOT a Fan of having the Xenomorph be as Indestructible as a T-800 and its a NO to them being like a T-1000 (Terminators)

The Xenmomorph should be a Survivor... something like a Virus, in that it can Find Ways to Replicate and Survive and Evolve Different ways to Survive/ can become Dormant.... but then Arise again...

To me a INTERESTING WAY to do this would be that WHEN we see a Xenomorph is KILLED or Dies... then Eventually its Remains would Decompose to a Degree, but then Procreate from this Matter and have it that NEW SPORES/EGGS would Surface from the Remains of the Xenomorph.

You have the Xenomorph also able to Infect a Host with something that would TURN them into a Egg or a Blob of Genetic Matter that a Number of Eggs then begins to GROW from.


MemberXenomorphOct-15-2021 2:37 PM

 "NEW SPORES/EGGS would Surface from the Remains of the Xenomorph"


Awesome! That works for me.


Once xenomorphs infest your planet you won't get rid of them! (Without an Engineer level reboot! )


MemberPraetorianOct-15-2021 2:57 PM

That does sound scary but I think that should be reserved for a xenomorph offshoot then a purestrain xenomorph


MemberDeaconOct-16-2021 8:25 AM

How are people regarding that it seems this TV Series is SET like Prior to the Prequels........ and maybe could be Set as Early as 2050-2070?

I agree with Ridley Scotts Comments (Assessment), your just NEVER going to Replicate the Effect the Xenomorph has on Screen as we saw from the First Two Movies.

There is ONLY so much Face Hugging ans Snarling you can do before it maybe gets Repetitive.   The TV Series will Apparently Concentrate on other THINGS... with the Xenomorph making a Appearance towards the END of the TV Series.  It seems they will be Changing it a Little but would still pay Respect and Homage to the Original Monster of the TV Series.

So WHAT we may get would be something that is more like the Alien Covenant Xenomorph than from say ALIENS and who knows... the TV Series may even NOT have any Queens!  I wonder HOW some Fans would React to that?

Depending on HOW MANY Episodes it could be we have to Wait/Watch like 200-300 Minutes before the Xenomorph make a Appearance...

I would say if we got 8EP then we wont see any Face Hugging until say EP6 if we have 12EP then likely have to WAIT until like EP9, there is a Problem with the Xenomorph as for SOME then if you see it OVER and OVER and OVER then it may Loose its Effect...

RS had said you have to Evolve it and look at other ways to Procreate.   But for some Fans they would Object to Messing about with the Xenomorph and think IF it is NOT Broke then Dont Fix....

I think with a TV Series you can Slowly Build Up other Elements but it will be a TEST to see HOW the Majority of the Fanbase Feels about HOW LONG they wait to see the Xenomorph and HOW MUCH they will be seeing of it.

But it seems the Show could Focus on the DAWN of FTL Travel and the Advent of Synthetic A.I Humanoids..... and OPEN us up to the New Frontier which is Space Travel to other Worlds/Moons for Resources.

But it seems a LOT of the TV Series will be Based in and around Earth, and i do SUSPECT the Discovery of the Xenomorph will come from a Crashed/Sunken Engineer Ship that is Discovered like WAY before the Prequels and so the SHOW must be kind of a RETCON?

I think its a Mistake to SET such a PLOT/STORY like before the Year 2250.... but it could be SET like 200 Years prior to that.


MemberXenomorphOct-16-2021 5:29 PM

I'd start the tv-series with a Juggernaut descending on the plains of Africa, circa a million years ago. They would carry a crate with a creature ( xenomorph lite ). Releasing the creature, it immediately attempts to attack them, but the Engineers are shielded, backing down the creature turns towards the savannah. The Engineers board the ship...One stating that they will return in a hundred rotations ( 100 years ) and this will be a good test for their subject.

The creature has an indestructible device implanted that will record its every movement.

The juggernaut ascends into space as the creature rips open an antelope.


MemberDeaconOct-16-2021 6:46 PM

I think a LOT will depend on HOW MUCH they Pay Respect to the Prequels.... they may HOWEVER just Borrow some of the Broad Plot.

AKA... The Engineers are Ancient Race who Seed/Create Life on Many Worlds.  so Maybe YES we could get Flash Back Scenes.

Looking at the Actual TV Series it does appear that we would be seeing some Internal (Engineer Aesthetic) Structure that is Partially Flooded.

With the TV Series being Focused on Earth and in the NOT TO DISTANT FUTURE..... this seems LIKELY to be ONE of the Following.

1) The Engineers had a City/Outpost that had became Flooded on Earth...... maybe this is ATLANTIS of Sorts.

2) A Engineer Ship has SOMEHOW managed to become Sunk at the Bottom of the Ocean.

I suspect (2) and that THIS is where we would Encounter our Xenomorph.   This would IMPLY that the Engineers/Space Jockey Race had TWICE Attempted and FAILED to get the JOB DONE....

The Biggest Problem i have is that having a PLOT where Xenomorphs are Encountered on Earth like WAY before ALIENS, never-mind the Prequels is a Mistake!

The ONE thing with Alien Covenant and we saw more in the Marketing Video Clip (The Last Supper) is just HOW like Blue-Collar and Unprepared this Group are for the Horror they would Face.

IF everything had GONE to PLAN and they Suffered No Effect from the Neutrino Burst, and they MADE it to Origae-6 and we had it as a TV Series then you would be able to BUILD those Characters better.

My Point here being that a PART of the Franchise is BUILDING BETTER WORLDS... but the Company would LIKELY also Discover more Earth-like Worlds.

So i say that having the PLOT take Place on such a World and in say the Time-Line either Between ALIEN and ALIENS or after ALIENS.... were we have a Colonization Mission Lands on a World and after being there for some Time, they Discover a Sunken Engineer Ship...

They go to Investigate.... and THIS is when the Xenomorph is Unleashed...

As i think its RISKY to have the PLOT on Earth and Especially if its Prior to ALIENS and more so Prior to Prometheus.. this is ASKING for Conflict/Contradiction.... but i do SUSPECT this TV Series will be a ATTEMPT at a SOFT REBOOT of the  Franchise.

Maybe they should have made the TV Series a 8-10 Part One that will TELL the TALE of Hadleys Hope?  The Story then ENDS with Newt all alone... and then we CUT TO the USS Sulaco and that ENDS this Story.


MemberXenomorphOct-17-2021 6:28 AM

I'm okay with the TV-Series taking risks and going off canon. There are plenty of 'off the rails' novels and comics and they're pretty much ignored ......and I've done my share of ignoring them! lol!


Having the series set on another planet will always be my choice......An isolated research crew or something...Monitoring a neutron star from a safe distance....Or a black hole. Just where you'd expect to find another species monitoring also.

Earth is just so boring and already filled with horrors.....Xenos will have a hard time competing with the crazies.     OMG!! a xeno attacked and killed 5 people!! So what?... An earthquake just killed a thousand...Another disaster just killed thousands more.



MemberXenomorphOct-17-2021 6:37 AM

"...ATTEMPT at a SOFT REBOOT of the  Franchise"


Well, this would give them a chance to show Ripley's parents and maybe tie the series to the movies. Giving birth to Ripley near the end of the series?

Or maybe Kane's father is in the TV-Series and he hates to wear masks and worries about suffocation!

Or maybe a shipyard where they are building the Nostromo.

Must be a thousand ways to link the series to Alien.


MemberNeomorphOct-17-2021 7:19 AM

This could be a chance to bring in totally new things and flesh out other things. I hope that this will keep something about the Engineers because we need more about them. Have the Xeno as a cameo is a good thing, we've seen it before. My worries are about having androids and if they will focus a lot on that because if that's the case then I'm out, unless their role is heavily reduced compared to the prequels. Don't tie it to the classic characters (Ripley and so on), try something new.


MemberNeomorphOct-17-2021 8:22 AM

“To get from A-Z you do-not have to GO were David is going!”


OK but you don't need to feature that a lot, maybe keep some minutes of it in the movie but then focus on more interesting things. What Alan Dean Foster did is something that I find more interesting than what we saw on the screen. Frankly at this point I don't give a damn about David, it might sound harsh, and I don't want to disrespect those that care about it, but I just don't find it interesting.

There is a lot that the prequels did wrong, mainly poorly written and or executed characters and have the android responsible for the xeno. These are just two things, but they affect the movie a lot. At this point a re-boot might be better than to try to solve the mess that it has become, because the mess is just too much unless something really great and unknown happens.

... and RS has said that it has some EVOLVING to do.... I don't think that he should have anything to do with the story because he is involved with that, then we’ll probably get another David-movie since that seems to be his interest. AC and RBW seems to show that's his interest, but it's not mine. Unfortunately with him involved it's very likely that we'll get something that I'll consider a huge disappointment. “... then GO LOOK for David..…” Let them find him early in the movie, kill him off, and then focus on more interesting things. Keep him as a cameo, if at all. I had enough of David at the end of Covenant. The Engineers keep looking for him, find him through some locating system, go there and battle him and his monsters kill him fairly fast, so we get that out of the way. They take some eggs and upgrade them. By doing this, you get rid of the David-problem and can maybe make a better movie. 

“We know the FATE of ONE such Mission..…”

Yeah but there could be a lot of interesting things going on between when they make the eggs and when the derelict crashes. I'm not sure what that could be, but there could be something interesting with some good writing and some twists. I hope that they won't write it in a way that is expected.

“Where were these other Ships going?  Did they MAKE their Mission?”

You could have them going to different places and then focus on one mission but don't show how it ended. This could introduce some other well-needed mystery. It could show us some interesting world-building, not that we haven't had that this far in the prequels but anyway. We still have the problem as with prequel one and two, you need writers that know how to do their job properly and a director who doesn't let his ego destroy it.


MemberPraetorianOct-17-2021 11:54 AM

"At this point a re-boot might be better than to try to solve the mess that it has become"

A reboot would help however a reboot has the danger of not being as good as the original movie like this early script from Disney of a Ripley-free Reboot where the main character forget her name will capture a facehugger, incubate it and grow a human-loyal xenomorph to fight "evil" xenomorphs


MemberPraetorianOct-17-2021 11:58 AM

 That being said, a reboot if done right could implement things from extracanonical sources into its own canon. I would like to see the xenomorphs becoming more of a cosmic horror entity that slowly becomes dangerous the larger and more numerous their hives become (similar to the Zerg, Tyrranid, and the Flood)


MemberDeaconOct-18-2021 11:44 AM

“To get from A-Z you do-not have to GO were David is going!”

Not sure Thoughts_Dreams if you was meant to Comment on another Thread?  As i dont Recall mentioning this on this Topic.

In Context to the TV Series... i Wonder as to HOW MUCH they are going to Respect the Prequels?  Because it seems that THIS TV SHOW will be SET prior to the Prequels... but it could be SET AFTER the Prologue between Weyland and David.

The Premise seems to be that it would ATTEMPT to Address the GULF between the Mega Rich Corps, and the Common Working Class and to SHOW that the Rich Guys dont GIVE TWO HOOTS about the Lower Class....

It will also DEAL with TWO THREATS.....

One from the FUTURE (A.I) and One from the Ancient Past (Engineers? Xenomorph?).

So as it seems likely that the TV Show will be in the Time-Line of 25-50 Years from the TED TALK 2023 we do-not know HOW MUCH will be about David and Peter Weyland.... they may CAST NEW Actors or they may ONLY have a Few Mentions of them.... or they MAY even NOT Reference them at all.

All we can be SURE about is that it will Reference A.I as a Problem/Threat, and then EVENTUALLY we will Slowly get to Face the Xenomorph......

And that the TV Show will be VERY Action Orientated. And it Promises to Deliver some Good Special Effects.

Oh and that it will be SET in the NOT too DISTANT Future and Prior to the Prequels.... and a Majority of it will take PLACE on Earth....

THIS is my Concern.... Xenomorphs and Engineers on Earth like Prior to 2180 never-mind prior to 2090 would be well SILLY as it SURELY will Conflict the Franchise... which is WHY i Suspect it may be a SOFT REBOOT.


MemberDeaconOct-18-2021 11:55 AM

I have NOTICED that some Fans are Hopeful it will SHOW US something about Ripley's History.... her Parents? Grand Parents?  And that we will see a QUEEN.

I think anyone Expecting either are IN for a Disappointment.

The Prequels had Placed the Xenomorph as NOT being a MAIN ASPECT... for it is just a Creation by someone that is INTENDED to Destroy and Cause Horror to Mankind... as RS felt the more IMPORTANT thing was to LOOK at WHO would Create such a thing and WHY?

But before the Prequels we know Ridley Scott saw the Xenomorph as merely being some Organism Created to be used as Bio-logical Warfare.

Some Fans are more a FAN of what JC had in MIND which would be the Xenomorph are a Alien Species that Inhabit a World that the Space Jockey her merely came Across and Attempted to TAKE AWAY and USE for some Nefarious Purpose but they FELL VICTIM to the Xenomorph just as the W-Y (and USM) keep doing in the Franchise.

As to HOW and WHAT the TV Series will SHOW about the Xenomorph is UNCLEAR... but i Suspect it will be SHOWN to be a Organism that the Space Jockey/Engineers had Created or that had EVOLVED from their Experiments....

Will it INDICATE that the Xenomorph is a Ancient Species? who knows... as FAR as being something that was NOT CREATED... i am NOT sure....  I Suspect we are more likely to FOLLOW something similar to Prometheus/Alien Covenant.

Only it may Indicate the Xenomorph that is Encountered will OUT DATE the One from the Prequels and the Franchise.


MemberDeaconOct-18-2021 12:03 PM

"similar to the Zerg, Tyrranid, and the Flood"

I am not sure we will EVER see the Xenomorph in this way, maybe they could do, but i DOUBT the TV Series would touch upon this.....  I think SHOULD they take such a Route you have to be Careful.... because making them like the TYRANIDS would Evolve them but you also could END UP with them being just like Starship Troopers... if its DONE in a Interesting way and Executed Well... maybe it could Work?

If its NOT Executed Well or done in a Interesting way then i think we could have something that could be a BIT too Comic like...... but saying that there is a MARKET for that.

so it depends on WHAT kind of Market they want to go for, and with DISNEY at the Helm you would think there is more Chance of seeing the Xenomorph Expanded in such a way than there would have been UNDER 20TH CENTURY FOX.

Well in just over 6 Months (Alien Day 2022) i think we may have a BETTER IDEA about where the TV Show and Future of the Franchise will be Heading.


MemberNeomorphOct-22-2021 8:52 AM

BD: Oops, wrong thread. That was a reply to the thread Where to go next, or something similar. How much it will respect the prequels seems to me to depend on if there is anything to find in the prequels. If I would make the TV-series, that's how I would think, not sure how those on Disney will look at it.

The ancient threat seems interesting to me. Yeah the AI (androids) could be interesting but it depends on how you do the characters and if they will not be what the story is about.

I think that the should uplift the Xeno instead of reducing it like Ridley did. Not to say that the Xeno is what it should be about but he disrespected it in the prequels and focusing a lot on what wasn't interesting (androids) or giving it too much of a role is a better way of putting it. Say what you will about Aliens but to me there is no competition between the prequels and Aliens because it's simply better (except for maybe how it looks).

You mention what JC saw the Xeno as, maybe there is a way to combine the Ridley idea and what Cameron wanted? At least Cameron didn't consider it being a result of a dumb robot.

You mention it being action-centered. I don't mind slow paced movies to a point. There is no need to just have action scenes, there is a need for a mix but AC was too slow. My suggestion is to have it faster than AC, but slower than Aliens. Special effects is nice but that's far from what I would like to see in a TV-show or movies. Give me a good story and well-made characters and I'm fine.

Not too sure if it's a good idea to have it on earth but if there's a way to deal with it then maybe. To me alien means unknown, and that also includes unknown worlds. We'll see how it turns out but I'm a bit sceptical.


MemberDeaconOct-22-2021 4:23 PM

Yeah i guess TIME will TELL...

I suspect it will take Elements from the Prequels and Franchise and Put a Different Spin on them, Introduce them maybe in a Different Way?  I just Suspect it would be kind of a RETCON.

Bit like with AC i think some of the Marketing for Prometheus (the Weyland Industries Website) with its Details and Time-Line i think that SOME of this had been CHANGED to FIT with Alien Covenant and thats WHY the Prometheus Viral Website was taken DOWN.

If the TV Series would USE the Ted Talk 2023 with Peter Weyland as Canon, then THIS does take Place in the NOT TO DISTANT FUTURE.... If we look at AC the Prologue then Guy Pearce was 49 when he Shot that Scene.... going by the Prometheus Viral Site for Peter Weyland he was Born in 1990 and so the Alien Covenant Prologue could be SAY in the Year 2039 (he would have been about 33 in the Ted Talk but Guy Pearce was about 45 when he did that Scene).

We do-not know if the TV Series will TOUCH on the Weyland Company and Peter Weyland at all?  If the Activation of David (Prologue) was say around 2040... i do SUSPECT the TV Series will IN PART be SET in and around 2040-2050.....

The Biggest Issue for me is that a TV Series set say around 2050 some 70+ Years before ALIEN and will Introduce us to a Xenomorph and ON EARTH... this is Worrying for me.

I think you have to TRY and do something NEW with the Xenomorph because lets FACE IT...

In ALIEN he was just a Alien/Space Jason Voorhees (The DC made it have a Purpose).  In ALIENS what we had was Basically a Bi-Pedal Alien Insect like Hive Monster... like HOW a Bee, Ant, Wasp and Termites would Operate but more Deadly and Intelligent....  but NOT LIKELY to be Creating their Own Tech and Leaving LV-426.

I dont think the Prequels had Dis-credited it too much... it was something more FERAL and Aggressive, it NEVER QUITE showed the Level of Intelligence that we saw in Alien/Aliens.

some Fans may have been Disappointed the Xenomorph was the Result of a Experiment on some Biological Warfare... but THIS is HOW we had RS see it for MANY YEARS....

His Stance Changed to from being a Engineered Killing Machine, to something that EVOLVED from the Black Goo Pathogen....... then we saw this Changed to it being a Engineered Experiment by a Android David... which i think its ONE of the Biggest Problems that Fans had with Alien Covenant.

So it will be Interesting to see HOW the TV Series will Address the Xenomorph Origin, and WHEN/HOW/WHERE to they Discover it and HOW/IF its Connected to the ONE in ALIEN/ALIENS or from Alien Covenant.

It will be Interesting to see IF we have any Mention or Connection to the Engineers and IF this will be 100% Canon to the Prequels or IF they may Alter the Story/Plot a Little.

Regarding the Action and Special Effects... it seems to be Implied we will have a Slow Burner... before we then GET INTO some Serious Action and Effects.  The Slow Burner would ALLOW for some Character Development as you dont have to RUSH or be Forced into making Characters Work within the Constraints of 2 Hours.

"To me alien means unknown, and that also includes unknown worlds"

Exactly i think that having a TV Series that will Introduce the Xenomorph thats SET both Prior to 2080 and on Earth could be a MISTAKE!


MemberDeaconOct-22-2021 4:45 PM

I would RATHER had seen a ANTHOLOGY Series like say AMERICAN HORROR STORY.... now i dont mean they Re-Use the Cast...

Just you have a TV Series thats SET in a Time-Line it can have Flash Backs, and its SET about a Certain Aspect thats Connected to the Franchise.

The Next Season you CHANGE where it is SET and the TIME-LINE  bit and the PLOT, (it does NOT have to be about the same as the 1st Season) but you have some Elements of the Plot that Connect to each Series/Season like you have with AHS.

You see there are MANY ELEMENTS to the Franchise beside those Eggs, Queen etc etc.... and Ripley.  But its WHAT IF some Fans or a MASS are Expecting the Series to Revolve around the Xenomorph and then more so Each Season.

I think RS will be Proven Right... that IF we go the Route of Showing the Xenomorph over and over, then WHAT do you do when it gets STALE and i think it could well get STALE/OVERCOOKED.

By that i DONT want to see the Xenomorph/Franchise become something of a MESS/JOKE like the Terminator Franchise has become... and Predator is CLOSE after the AWFUL Last Outing!

RS wanted to Explore things like the Company, the Founder and Agenda, and to Touch on the Synthetics Origins etc... and the BIG ONE... to look at the Space Jockey and Expand the PLOT on WHO they are....

Where the Xeno was merely just a Bio-Weapon they Created (Evolved from something they Created) and they INTENDED to USE it on US...... RS felt the Bigger Question is WHY?

But i dont think the TV Series will Touch on the Prequels much... it seems it COULD be about World Building well the Start of that RACE to Exploit Space and other Worlds..

But it will MAINLY be about HOW we have Companies and Rich Guys who look to EXPLOIT the Common Person and have some People who have NOT MUCH going for them Believe they have been GIVEN a OPPORTUNITY.... but they are Merely going to be Exploited...

The Xenomorph will come into PLAY....

But i also think it will look at the Advancement of A.I and Robots and Synthetics and the POTENTIAL PIT FALL of Creating such things.... but i know thats NOT to everyone's Cuppa Tea.... but i think it Depends on HOW MUCH or LITTLE like Emphasis is Placed on them....

The MAIN thing has to be about Characters, who the Average Joe can Connect with and the Danger and Exploitation they Find themselves in...... People like we saw with the CREW of the Nostromo.... People like say the Hadleys Hope Colonist.

Not to say it has to be about THEM... oh NO it has to NOT be about them but Similar..... and so Basically some Working Class People and Families maybe Who are THINKING they are being Tasked with a Opportunity to Benefit themselves... and are TOTALLY like Unaware of the TERROR they will Face... while someone at the TOP... Powers that Be... will Learn about this but see it as a Opportunity to Exploit more Common People for their Greed/Gain!

I just DONT think you should have such a STORY to be SET ON EARTH.... or SET prior to ALIEN... and also... WHY should the Threat/Terror always be the Xenomorph?


MemberXenomorphOct-23-2021 5:39 AM

"...Engineered Experiment by an Android David."


And this is why Ridley is angry. All that will be negated if they (and they will )show 'David's Planet 4 creation' on Earth 50 years prior! I'd be angry too.

RS "David has created the perfect killing machine and will unleash..."

Hawley "Sorry bro...Xenomorphs have been on Earth since before David was in diapers..LOL!"

RS "Wut?!"



MemberXenomorphOct-23-2021 5:56 AM

"WHY should the Threat/Terror always be the Xenomorph?"

Because the stakes are too high and the fans demand it. We basically ruined Prometheus 2 because of it.

The original Space Jockey, the derelict, and creepy LV-426 are all things I value above the xenomorph.

And I don't think any director will ever try to top the Space Jockey set-piece and that creates major limitations.




MemberPraetorianOct-23-2021 11:44 AM

I feel like they are either going to tie AVP '04 to this the new series or they just really didn't like David


MemberFacehuggerOct-30-2021 6:23 PM

what they should do is show us what happened to hadley's hope how it went from a relatively nice place (minus all the storms and stuff) to a massive xenomorph hive with remains of a battle that we never got to see, like how would the doctors there react to seeing the facehugger on newts father, how the company then realized that ripley was right and that if they can weaponize them they could make a fortune so some of the members of the colony are actively working behind the scenes trying to help expand the hive but to a controllable sense but they lose control and it spirals from there and the others realize what they had done and need to either sacrifice them to the aliens or keep them alive to help fight off the aliens but some of the people who caused the original problem still think they can fix it so there would still be human conflict


MemberDeaconNov-03-2021 6:28 AM

I think a TV Show about the FALL OF HADLEYS HOPE could work.... i am NOT sure we would see ONE however...

We know the ££"%$ HIT THE FAN...... after the Company had Contacted  the Outpost/Colony to go and INVESTIGATE some Co-Ordinates after hearing what RIPLEY had to say about LV-426.

some on Hadleys Hope may have been Issued some Commands to OBTAIN a Specimen, but keep it QUIET!

Once there was NO RESPONSE... after 2 WEEKS the Company would be Concerned that ALL of the Colonist must have been KILLED and so its SEND the Marines in who may think they was on a Rescue Mission but you could have some SECRET AGENDA to Obtain a Specimen.

Even having BISHOP as a Sleep Agent.... or another Synthetic on the SHIP that the REST of the Crew are Unaware of.

So a Hadleys Hope TV Show would be LESS RISK than what it seems they are going for.


MemberPraetorianNov-03-2021 10:57 AM

Tv Show set during Hadley's Hope would make us ALIENS fans very happy, unfortunately the movie industry are disconnected from what us Fans want. 

It feels like the Alien series is becoming like the Terminator series, a series of partial reboot continuations.


MemberDeaconNov-04-2021 5:55 AM

"unfortunately the movie industry are disconnected from what us Fans want"

I think the Problem lies with the Fans being Disconnected to Each other, there is a LOT thats HELD within the ALIEN Franchise, some are Back Ground Plots, other are the Forefront.

MANY would think they are the Xenomorph and Ripley... some of the Games and Comics do STEER AWAY from Ripley but its STILL would Anchor around the Xenomorph.

And even IF we IGNORE the Prequels then the Fanbase is SPLIT over the Quadilogy with their own LIKES/DISLIKES.

I would say a Majority would be more into what we saw in ALIENS.... this does-not mean Ripley, but just the VANILLA-MORPH as i like to call them.

Some Fans would NOT want to see that MESSED WITH.... if its NOT BROKEN then Dont Fix etc.....

But agree with Ridley Scott and some Fans also feel the same, which is there is ONLY so MANY times you can SHOW the Xenomorph as its been Portrayed before it can become Cooked or Stale, you have to look at other ELEMENTS within the Franchise, and you have to UPLIFT/EVOLVE the Xenomorph or its Background...

Sadly NO MATTER which way you TRY that you will NOT PLEASE some Fans.

For this REASON i Suspect the TV Show will NOT be a Success.... as its NOT going to Deliver what all the Fans Want and well you just cant PLEASE all the Fans as we all like Different things.

I think in PART a Show about Hadleys Hope may work, but then WE ALL KNOW whats going to Happen.... so you have to Concentrate on other STUFF rather than Center around WHEN the Outbreak Happens as well we know what Happened.  Again such a SHOW may Work or it MAY-NOT and with the ALIEN Franchise its like but maybe more Limited than Terminator (if we stick to the Vanillamorph) and so the Problem with the ALIEN Franchise is WHAT do we do NOW/NEXT.

And this is where NO MATTER what you do your NEVER going to Appease Everyone....

I have said a Few Years back that a TV Show could WORK if its a Anthology Series like the American Horror Story in that Each Season will cover a DIFFERENT Aspect but we will have some Elements that Connect.

so you could have ALIEN ANTHOLOGY: Hadleys Hope

This Connects to ALIENS, but with some of the Plot it can Uncover other Aspects like the Building Better Worlds, the Corporate Greed and Conspiracy that can be Covered in other Seasons that HAVE NO CONNECTION to Hadleys Hope.

Another Example would be ALIEN ANTHOLOGY: Apone

You follow the Story of him as he is Younger, being recruited to Join the Marines, so you have the Marine Training Camp, then after they Complete it maybe we go to see what the Arcturians are all about as the Marines have some DOWN TIME before their First Mission.

You then have Two Episodes about his FIRST TWO Missions which would NOT be to HUNT XENOMORPHS.....

You can then FLASH FORWARDS say 20 Years to a Older Version of Apone as he becomes a Sergeant as he takes on some more Missions.  There should be NO XENOMORPHS.. but the END of this Season you can have Apone get the Call Up (have a Meeting) about to Prepare a Task Force for a Rescue Mission to LV-426 and so THIS then Connects to ALIENS.

The Question is IF we have some Fans who would be Prepared to watch any Season without a Queen or Xenomorphs, or at least Ripleys Story! (to be Fair what Ripley did before ALIEN is likely Boring!).

IF you are to Consider/Connect to the Prequels.... then ONE SEASON could be about the Engineers.... show them coming to Earth in the Past but also other Worlds..... Explore more of the Building Better Worlds from the Engineers Perspective.

The PLOT to the TV Show we get looks like a DISASTER waiting to Happen.....unless we see it as a Reboot/Retcon or a Alternative Reality.

Where as i think a ALIEN TV Show would be better suited to AFTER the Events of the Destruction of Hadleys Hope... UNLESS its a Anthology Series as i explained.

This way your not kind of Changing Canon or Interfering with it.


MemberPraetorianNov-04-2021 6:49 AM

I honestly think the TV series should world build the interregnum between ALIEN and ALIENS; like ALIEN ISOLATION.


MemberPraetorianNov-04-2021 7:32 AM

Not saying the Tv series should replace Alien Isolation, heck no! I consider that game CANON, I am saying we should explore this fuzzy gap of ALIEN history and the Weyland Yutani Corporation's activities during the interregnum.


MemberDeaconNov-05-2021 9:03 AM

There is a LOT OF MYSTERY that remains within the ALIEN FRANCHISE.....

Even IF we IGNORE the Prequels as in we do-not go to LV-223 or Planet 4 etc.

So you could LEAVE as to HOW/WHEN the Derelict got to LV-426.

But you have these Questions....

1) What Exactly Caused and WHEN the Hole in the Pilot Chamber on the Derelict?

2) Was the Derelict the ONLY SHIP that had that Cargo, were there others? and WHERE did they get to.

And after ALIEN we have these.

A) What caused the HOLE in the Derelict that the Jordens had Entered through?  It looks like a Explosion from inside.

B) What became of the Derelict after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope?  Was the Ship Totally Destroyed? Can you Salvage something from inside?  And what EFFECT would Radioactive Fall Out have on  the Eggs?

So IF we are to Concentrate on the Vanilla-Morph which is the Standard Face Hugger we have seen in the ALIEN FRANCHISE and AVP.

Then there could be other Avenues to them both After ALIEN and between ALIENS and ALIEN R.

You can also get to Hybrids, and Variations of the Xenomorph if we EXPLORE them being Experimented on, or HOW they could Adapt/Evolve on a World over MANY YEARS.


MemberPraetorianNov-05-2021 11:32 AM

I don't consider the AVP or ALIEN R vanilla-morphs since they aren't pure xenomorphs (Hybrid in AR and genetically altered in AVP films[unless your talking about the ones from the AVP comics, games and book?]) like the ones in the ALIEN trilogy


MemberDeaconNov-06-2021 7:44 AM

With Alien R they do appear to look a Little Different and this can be PUT DOWN to the Xenomorph Queen coming from Ripley 8 and so may have some Human DNA... this is WHY we got the New Born.

So they would NOT be Classed as the Standard Version.

Those in the AVP Franchise are.... well we do have the Pred-Alien which is just a Xenomorph that Incubated in a Predator and we saw it Procreate which lead to Xenomorphs that Basically came out the same as the Standard kinds.

They kind of looked a bit Different due to Lower Budget/Quality.  But were intended to look like the Warrior Class from ALIENS.

When i USE the Term Vanilla... i refer to a Human Xenomorph that is from the Eggs on LV-426 but this also includes a Xenomorph Queen who Originated from LV-426.

The Runner would also be in this Category it is Merely something that came from a Different Host, and so the Pred-Alien is the same... from the SAME FACE HUGGERS just a Different Host.

so you would have Variants which DEPEND on the Host.

With Alien R then they are a Little Different as they have some Human  DNA to them.  With Alien C they look a little Different because we are seeing something that will EVOLVE to become what we have in ALIEN.

AVP well again they NEVER came from LV-426 or we can Suspect..... but for all Intensive Purposes its the SAME kind of Monster.

By that i am talking about the Eggs we see in ALIEN, ALIENS, AVP, and the Face Hugger which comes from these Eggs.

So when i talk about the Vanilla-Morph i mean the Standard way we have seen them, and i feel that you have to HANDLE them with Care because there is maybe ONLY so much you can do with Egg+Face Hugger and BIG GUY or Queen.

My point being... if we had say AC2, AC3 which Feature more Xenomorphs like we saw in say AVP or Alien R or even Aliens.  Then we get another 2-3 Movies set after ALIEN or ALIENS and again these Feature the Xenomorphs as much as those Movies...

Can you then Continue with more Movies after that?

Same goes with the TV Series... if Season 1 is 10 Episodes, and say 3-4 Feature the Xenomorph, then Season 2 is 12 Episodes and they are in 6-8, and Season 3 comes out can you CONTINUE to have the Xenomorph having say 25-30% of the Screen Time?

Especially if its HOW we seen it in ALIEN, ALIENS, AVP/AVPR etc.

The WALKING DEAD would NOT have Continued for LONG if it was Purely about Escaping from Zombies for like 20-25 Min Per Episode and Season after Season.

You have to look at other Threats... or UPLIFT or EVOLVE the Xenomorph, but this is just My Opinion... others will have their own View on this.

They KEY thing is getting it RIGHT.... and New Ideas.... but i Suspect the ALIEN Franchise will be more Tarnished then Terminator in 10-15 Years....

This is the MAIN POINT that Ridley Scott is bringing up about this Interview.....   WHEN we had ALIEN it was NEW FRESH and something that was kinda of Unique...... with ALIENS it Expanded it a bit and was a Very Good Action Variant....

But your NEVER going to have the Same Effect as the First Time it was Introduced as it was something thats NEVER SEEN before.....

And i would say ALIENS is the same..... Action Heavy, gave us the Queen.....

The TV Series seems that it will GET to some Action Heavy Xenomorph Scenes late on..... but would you be able to Produce another ALIENS?   Or get a AVPR?

Is the TV Series going to TRY and Re-Invent the Wheel? or NOT?  

I cant see HOW it can AVOID a Conflict with the Franchise, and Especially the Prequels.... i Suspect this will be some kind or Soft Reboot.

We could maybe get a Re-Hash of Sorts of AVP (minus the Predators) and well then we get a AVPR (minus the Predator/Pred-Alien).

But we Cant Judge it at the Moment.... its Too Early...


MemberPraetorianNov-06-2021 1:40 PM

well the AVP movie xenos reused the AR xeno designs is what I ment and in an alledge cut scene the AVP!movie xenomorphs were feed a growth accelerant or were genetically modified by the Predators to grow faster


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 6:59 AM

YES after ALIENS the Xenomorph Aesthetic looked more Organic than it was in ALIENS and more so ALIEN.

The Queen for Example looks more Organic well it does-not have much of that HR Giger Aesthetic, more Insect like.  And in the Movie Franchises we have NOT seen the Xenomorph as Bio-Mechanical as the First Time we ever saw ONE in ALIEN.

The TV Series Xenomorph does appear that i will be more Closer to WHAT we saw in Alien Covenant than in ALIEN.

Regarding the Gestation Period then YES this was FAST in the AVP Franchise for Plot Convenience.  And we saw this Continue with Alien Covenant.

I think this is the WAY we will see them from NOW-ON... so it wont be the LONG Gestation that we saw in ALIEN.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 8:47 AM

Well for Covenant I figured since it is an early generation xenomorph, David was going to iron out its kinks. Also the ALIENS and Alien 3 they had long gestation periods.


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 11:09 AM

Interpreting literally the words of Ridley Scott, i think Noah Hawley is doing a kind of remake of the Alien 1979 FILM, first showing the society of the  homeworld (earth) that Will lead mankind to the moon  LV-426.



MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 11:23 AM

Even ignoring David and the prequels, the Alien TV Series could be the possible connection between the prequels (Prometheus, Alien Covenant) and the film Alien 1979. It's ONLY needed that The Weyland Company acknowledges the existence of the Xenomorph on the moon LV-426 and sends there the commercial spaceship Nostromo, with the purpose of its/his android Ash conducing experiments, involving the human crew and the perfect organism.


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 11:27 AM

I think the Engineers could be out of the equation of the Alien TV Series.


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 11:27 AM

I think the Engineers could be out of the equation of the Alien TV Series.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 1:17 PM

I am really not feeling this TV series, for starters setting in the near future means were getting a more or less present day setting with some future sci-fi aesthetics. 

The plot is confirmed to be set on Earth, which coincides with the near future setting contrasting the distant future setting of the films.

Now this plot dealing with humans transferring bodies...why does this sound more like Star Trek instead of Alien? I mean if this was set around Alien Resurrection time period, mind transference would be a different story but not so close to the present day.

Three strikes and you are out!


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 3:03 PM

I saw a movie, 'Replicas' 2017, Starred by Keanu Reeves, where a scientist stores human consciousness in a computer and then transfers it to human clones. Amazing.


Here's the trailer:


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 3:10 PM

In the movie 'Replicas' 2017, i think the Scientist transfers his consciousness to a robot. It's a very interesting movie.


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 3:18 PM

Transferring human consciousness to synthetic bodies contradicts hugely the old Peter Weyland's fragile existence in the movie 'Prometheus'. Why Search for eternal Youth, if you can transfer your consciousness to a synthetic body?


MemberFacehuggerNov-08-2021 3:22 PM

Transferring consciousness to synthetic bodies remembers me the Cylons from the fantastic TV show 'Battlestar Galactica'.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 3:24 PM

Oh I hated Battlestar Galactica especially after the first season


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 3:25 PM

now the ALIEN tv series is going to become another run of the mill sci-fi tv show, can't wait for the dumb groundhog day episodes


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 3:27 PM

such a wasted potential this tv series is becoming. Why not make an original IP instead? I just don't understand why can't they have an ALIEN tv series set between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection or between Alien and Aliens


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 3:38 PM

"Replicas' 2017, i think the Scientist transfers his consciousness to a robot. It's a very interesting movie"

This kind of thing has been done before in other Movies to Various Degrees....  It depends on HOW its done within the ALIEN Franchise.... but then my Idea i had for Prometheus 2 was Very Similar in 2013.... it would DEAL with WHY we had David Created and Weylands True Agenda.... to do just this... Transfer a Human Soul to a A.I so that Weyland could become IMMORTAL.... but it had Flaws as the A.I would NOT be able to Handle the Emotions and would GO......MAD!

The END of this Plot we would see Project Rook become Activated and UPLOAD the Soul of Weyland into the Computer Systems.

"first showing the society of the  homeworld (earth) that Will lead mankind to the moon  LV-426."

Looking into the PLOT it seems to Indicate that it would be SET on Earth, we see a Structure that looks Engineer in Aesthetic, and Submerged in Water.... were there are Face Huggers.... this would Indicate the Discovery of a SUNKEN Structure... either a OUTPOST or SHIP.

Which will LIKELY be Discovered on Earth!

IF this is the PLOT... i think it could WORK if its SET like after ALIENS...... and also on another PLANET...

But on Earth and Prior to the Prequels is ASKING for Trouble/Conflict.... Especially when it could be set between 2045-2055

We are about 100 Years away from ALIEN.... the NOT TOO DISTANT to me does-not imply 50+ Years.  And so i am Expecting it to be SET within 25-50 Years.... which is a Concern for me.

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