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New Aliens novel will explore Vasquez character backstory!
Scified2022-03-24 09:38:30
Written by Chris10,584 Reads12 Comments2022-03-24 09:38:30

A new Aliens novel has been announced by Entertainment Weekly and the plot of this book will focus on the canonical backstory of one of the Alien franchise's most badass characters - Private Vasquez!

Appropriately titled Aliens: Vasquez, this new novel written by V. Castro and published by Titan Books will chronicle the life and events of Jenette Vasquez (who was played by Jenette Goldstein in James Cameron's Aliens) prior to her mission on LV-426. Thanks to EW, we have our first look at the book's cover art as well as a synopsis for the book's storyline! Check it out:

Aliens: Vasquez is set to explore the canonical background of Vasquez, as well as the story of the children she was forced to leave behind. Even before the doomed mission to Hadley's Hope on LV-426, Jenette Vasquez had to fight to survive. Born to an immigrant family with a long military tradition, she looked up to the stars, but life pulled her back down to Earth — first into a street gang, then prison. The Colonial Marines proved to be Vasquez's way out — a way that forced her to give up her twin children.


Raised by Jenette's sister, those children, Leticia and Ramon, had to discover their own ways to survive. Leticia by following her mother's path into the military, Ramon by entering the corporate hierarchy of Weyland-Yutani. Their paths converge on an unnamed planet which some see as a potential utopia, while others would use it for highly secretive research. Whatever humans have planned for it, however, Xenomorphs will turn it into a living hell.


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MemberPraetorianMar-25-2022 1:44 AM

Cool, I hope its a good book. The cover art doesn't do Vasquez justice though unless that is one of her children on the front cover


MemberDeaconMar-25-2022 5:13 AM

OH DEAR................

With Respect some will like it, but for me this is the PROBLEM i have with the Novels and Comics is a lack of Continuity with the Movies....

Especially when they SAY they are Canon....

I have NO PROBLEM with a Anthology Series of Books or TV Series that touches on Characters as LONG as they PAY attention to the Franchise....

so my ISSUE here is that we will Focus on a Younger Vasquez (which is Fine) but that this Younger Version has Encountered Xenomorphs!!!   and YET in ALIENS it seems that NONE of them have seen anything like it before.

But i guess she had a Memory Wiped or something.... like the LAME Excuse for some Novels where Ripley was up to all SORTS of SHENA****NS.... during her 57 Years in Supposed Hyper Sleep on the Narcissus....

Because the Writers cant think or WONT RISK giving us a Fresh Story that does-not have any Previous Characters.

It just comes to LAZY thinking and Oh Coincidence...

Now they could have had it where she Encounters something that has been Infected with the Black Goo....

And so we have Humans turned into like this...

But they just CANT go and do a ALIEN/ALIENS Story without having the Vanilla-Morph as i call them..... No Problem with that, just mainly having it TIE into a Story with Vasquez!

How many more of the Sulaco Crew have had Encounters with the Xenomorph and Forgot about it?  These also then BEG the Question regarding as to WHY they could NOT Obtain any Xenomorphs between ALIENS and ALIEN R!

You could do it i Guess.... say if the Outpost/Planet gets Destroyed....

But i think that having a Story about someone from ALIENS or even ALIEN who Encounter the Xenomorph prior to ALIEN/ALIENS is just DUMB and LAZY... 

Mainly due to the Contradiction.... but this is ONLY just my Opinion.

NOW if the Story was about her Parents and she was ONLY say 3-4 Years Old in this Story then YEAH i could accept that... but for her to be what? 20 or so... Nah!


MemberPraetorianMar-25-2022 6:04 AM

I think the story is going to be about her two children


MemberPraetorianMar-25-2022 6:09 AM

 I just reread the the synopsis, the book will focus on Genette Vasquez's backstory prior to ALIENS but its just a platform for the novel's real protagonist Leticia Vasquez and Ramon Vasquez.


MemberDeaconMar-26-2022 6:31 AM

"Raised by Jenette's sister, those children, Leticia and Ramon, had to discover their own ways to survive. Leticia by following her mother's path into the military, Ramon by entering the corporate hierarchy of Weyland-Yutani. Their paths converge on an unnamed planet which some see as a potential utopia,"

Reading into that IF the STORY will Focus on her Daughters and the Events say Happen as Vasquez is OFF to LV-426 or AFTER (Her Daughters do-not know their Mothers Fate).

Then it SHOULD NOT go and Conflict the Franchise much.....  so i JUMPED THE GUN with this one, by Assuming it would Follow a Younger Vasquez who has Dealt with Xenomorphs prior to LV-426 in 2179.

Which THANKFULLY sees to NOT be the Case ;)


MemberPraetorianMar-26-2022 6:50 AM

Should be interesting to read, I need to stop procrastinating and finish reading the ALIENS novelization so I can go onto Alien 3 or Aliens Earth Hive


MemberNeomorphMar-26-2022 11:18 AM

At least it's not a continuation of the Vasquez character, which is a good thing. It shouldn't be related to any that came before. Maybe they could use new ones and if those are successful they can use them to branch off into something else? Let's say that they introduce character X into this story, if enough people find X to be interesting, they can use that as a main character for another story? Having said this, I would rather have a story that isn't related to what came before, other than maybe having X-morphs or the Engineers in it. Use as little of what came before as possible, while try to expand the universe.


MemberPraetorianMar-29-2022 11:41 AM

I think its a creative way to expand a character, everyone one has family members


MemberDeaconMar-30-2022 6:33 AM

I understand what your saying Thoughts_Dreams.

Unfortunately the Xenomorph its self is what a lot of Fans do see as Synonymous with the Franchise, as some had Mentioned you cant have a Godzilla Movie with NO like Godzilla....  but what say Prometheus was doing would be like say if you had a Mothra Monster Movie where there would be No Godzilla..... a Stand Alone Movie about MOTHRA.

You will However get some Fans who will be WHERE THE HELL is Godzilla and this was the case with Prometheus when some Fans was WHERE is the Xenomorph?  How does this even Connect to ALIEN as they just assumed that ALIEN can ONLY go and Connect to Xenomorphs.

The ALIEN: Prefix is a Blessing and a Curse... any Story thats in the Universe but does-not have the PREFIX will maybe Suffer from NOT being Recognized as SET in the same Universe and this can Effect Marketability and Awareness.

Adding the PREFIX gets the Project to become Noticed and more Marketable etc.... at the COST that some Fans will EXPECT that there has to be Xenomorphs or Connections to Ripley etc.

A lot of Projects therefor play is SAFE but they also do-so by using what i call the Vanilla-Morph which i mean they will STICK to a Aesthetic that is Extremely  Close to that of Alien/Aliens

A Example..... IF we had Alien:Covenant feature the Neomorphs more.... and Oram was Face Hugged by a Octopus like Organism and he was taken to the SHIP and then he Chest-Bursted a like Deacon..... you would get some Fans well more than some who would be Confused to WHY is this a ALIEN: Movie when there is NOT a single Xenomorph!


MemberDeaconMar-30-2022 6:54 AM

And so to Continue Thoughts_Dreams....

I understand what your Point is, its just a Shame that for Many and for those WISHING to make Money then NO XENO means NO ALIEN Project as its what Sells....

Yet the Term ALIEN in Context is something that RS had tried to make under a Umbrella that refers to anything that has come from LV-223 and the Engineers Experiments.  The Space Jockey being ALIEN, and so the Engineers are ALIEN and what Horrors they Create, or Worlds they Seed and many Races are all ALIEN.... but the Term is mainly looked at by most people as ALIEN=XENOMORPH.

ALIEN is a Cash Cow.... its Popular especially Ripley and Xenomorphs and its WHY they are in the Majority of Comics/Novels etc.  They could have GIVEN US say something Different that Vasquez's Daughters encounter but its the Familiarity with the Xenomorph and how Marketable it is as to WHY they stick to the Vanilla-Designs.

The Problem with all these Stories if they PUSH to become Canon, is its SHOWS US there are MANY places where the Xenomorphs are Encountered...

Which then leads us to WHY would the Company seem to NOT have Obtained anything between 2179-2380 in the Movies.... Especially as FAR as WHY do they bother with Cloning Ripley?   Surely there are MANY samples that can be HAD... if we Consider more and more of the Comics and Novels as Canon.

The Best Way would be that the ODD encounter is made in FAR FAR places... like WAY FURTHER than the 50LY Radius of the Movies from Earth, and so set Thousands of Light Years away, and say between 2150-2250.... but also have it that some of these Encounters are Connected to the Black Goo etc but are NOT like Vanilla-Variants.

The Engineers are Interesting... but the Problem again is Conflict with the Movies, i know some were Disappointed we had to Accept that the Engineer on LV-223 in Prometheus was the LAST ONE on that World.... and the Engineers on Planet 4 where all KILLED.

But the other OPTION would be to as to WHY have these Angry beings NOT come and Destroyed us by 2179?  They may have Abandoned us and LV-223 some Thousands of Years ago.... but NO SOON as they Discover we can Travel the Stars, and USE their Technology (via Synthetics) and have Access to their Bio-Weapon and even have seen THIS USED to Destroy them... (Planet 4) via Proxy/David.

Then surely they would be COMING FOR US!

The Work Around this is via they are Located in FAR FAR away Places like 20'000+ Light Years or in other Galaxies and are NOT yet aware of LV-223/Planet 4.

So maybe the Engineers should NOT be Explored too much, in context to Contact with Man/Earth from 2000-2250 etc

But Mankind in Context to Future, or the Past... or another PART of the Galaxy or another Galaxy entirely... then YEAH that should NOT go and Conflict the Franchise as much.


MemberDeaconMar-30-2022 7:02 AM

Regarding the STORY in Question....

If it gives some Background to Vasquez like Flash Back to when she was Younger and WHEN/WHY it was that Leticia and Ramon Vasquez had to Grow Up without much of their Mother around and then we get to the Current Story about them, then YEAH this would NOT go and Conflict the Franchise much.  Still comes to the Point that we have the Xenomorphs being FOUND in Numerous Places though, the more that are FOUND the more i FEEL it defeats the Purpose of the Company Actions in Alien 3 and more so Alien Resurrection.

But none the less these are Interesting Stories to Fans, they are WHAT makes Money and thats the Biggest thing. And if they are NOT like your Cuppa-Tea then Fans can Pass them OFF as not being Direct Movie Canon.... as they do-not have the same Impact as Movies that Disappoint Fans or where Fans be like "I dont accept this Movie or that Movie as Canon"


MemberPraetorianMar-30-2022 12:46 PM

Well to be fair Mothra did have her own set of movies: Mothra (1961), Rebirth of Mothra (1996), Rebirth of Mothra II (1997), and Rebirth of Mothra III (1998)

She didn't become a Godzilla-related kaiju until The Three Headed Monster: Ghidorah (1964), kind of like how Predator was considered a separate sci-fi movies until AVP

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