Alien: Covenant
Alien FX Series will combine the horror of Alien and action of Aliens!

Alien FX Series will combine the horror of Alien and action of Aliens!

Scified2021-11-20 07:35:57
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The upcoming Alien FX television series will reportedly combine the iconic horror aspects of Ridley Scott's original Alien (1979) and the action elements of James Cameron's sequel, Aliens (1986). Unlike both films however, the Alien series, directed by Noah Hawley will be the first instance where the Xenomorph plot setting takes place on Earth... in the near future. According to fansite AvPGalaxy, they got their hands on a production synopsis that describes the series as:

Set not too far into our future, it’s the first ‘Alien’ set on Earth — and by blending both the timeless horror of the first ‘Alien’ film with the non-stop action of the second, it’s going to be a scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats.

They also report that filming is set to begin in March of next year in Thailand as well as potentially some parts of Eastern Europe.

As more news develops on the FX Alien series, we'll be sure to keep you updated! If you have any information as well, be sure to contact us and let us know!


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-20 07:35:57

The future of Alien

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

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19 Fan responses to Alien FX Series will combine the horror of Alien and action of Aliens!


PraetorianMember4125 XPNov-20-2021 10:47 AM

So essentially ALIENS set on semi-futuristic Earth


EngineerAdmin22228 XPNov-20-2021 12:48 PM

Basically that's what I gather... Not totally sure how I feel about it. I think the Earth setting is a mistake. But we'll see how it plays out. If it's anything like HBO's Raised by Wolves I wouldn't mind it! 


PraetorianMember4125 XPNov-20-2021 4:04 PM

I personally think the series should have taken place after Alien 3 (2180s) if they wanted an earth setting but having set before Alien Covenant is a big mistake.

On a side note, isn't ALIENS already a horror movie, sure action horror but its still horror.


EngineerAdmin22228 XPNov-20-2021 8:15 PM

Exactly, I fear this plot line is going to muddy the waters of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. We can only hope with Ridley on board as a producer that he can steer the storyline in a way to incorporate the elements and timelime of his prequels. Weyland had plenty of interest in exploring the Zeta Reticuli star system for years prior to Prometheus since funding the mission and building the ships would have taken some time to complete.

I hope this series explores more of that corporate angle and maybe what inspired Weyland to obsess over Aliens and Engineers. To neglect that fundamental aspect would be such a disservice to this franchise.

And yeah, Aliens was a suspense / action / horror flick but it's mostly known for its emphasis on action over the likes of Scott's original. But absolutely both are horror films.


NeomorphMember1675 XPNov-21-2021 7:08 AM

Ya, not sure about the earth/setting but if they can pull it off then sure why not.

Raised By Wolves? No thanks

If they can make this better than the prequels then why not. We haven't had anything good for a long while in this franchise so if it can excel what we've had after Alien 3 then sure. To have Scott as a producer makes me worried since he might influence this a lot and in that case it might mean more android-crap compared to what what it would have been if he wouldn't have been involved. Hopefully someone can tell him no if he comes up with crappy ideas.


PraetorianMember4125 XPNov-21-2021 9:04 PM

A lot of Scotts ideas were hindered by 20th Century Fox and it was 20th Century Fox that forced a direct xenomorph connection into Prometheus 2/Alien Covenant 


NeomorphMember1675 XPDec-01-2021 2:25 AM

Xenotaris: Ya that's what I've heard too. My problem is how he dealt with that, by making the angry android its creator. Covenant could have done without the monster and just have the Neomorph and maybe other monsters too, but Fox messed up. He seems too stuck on the android tale, so that's why I'm worried if he would have a heavy influence in the next Alien-project.


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-01-2021 5:04 AM

I think the xenomorph should have been held off until Prometheus 3 and that the Engineers should have made the xenomorphs. Not sure if I would out right replace the xenomorph since that would be like replacing Godzilla with a different kaiju


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-16-2021 6:22 PM

Its  early to say yet, but Ive heard its NOT set before ALIEN but we have to wait and see when we get more Information, i Certainly think having it SET on Earth is a Mistake even if its in the Year 2200+


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-16-2021 6:25 PM

I think you NEED to find the Balance, but i will ASSUME that Once we get the Reveal of the Xenomorph it will NOT be long before we MOVE to more of a ALIENS ACTION and this is maybe where it will Remain.


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-16-2021 7:19 PM

"i Certainly think having it SET on Earth is a Mistake even if its in the Year 2200+"

Why though? I mean it could explain why the earth ended up in its desolate state by time of Alien Resurrection


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-20-2021 9:26 AM

I guess it could in Part Explain as to WHY the Earth looked how it did in Alien Resurrection, but i would prefer it if the Xenomorphs would be KEPT AWAY from Earth.

Thats just my Personnel Opinion though and i raise it as a Concern that we have to HANDLE the Xenomorph with CARE.

I think there is more RISK if your having it SET on Earth, in that if any TV Show or Movie that takes this ROUTE becomes something that BOMBS then the ALIEN Franchise could be Tarnished and made into a JOKE.

However it maybe could WORK if its DONE in the Right Way... but if we see Xenomorphs running around a Urban Setting then i WORRY!  

with AVP we see the Predators had Contained the Temples in the Antarctic and ANY SIGNS of things getting OUT of Control then the WHOLE AREA is NUKED!

So if some Humans have a Specimen in a REMOTE LOCATION in a Heavily Secured Outpost and  then after a Outbreak this Place is then NUKED... then Yeah!  i could maybe BUY THAT.

I just hope its NOT going to go a more Comic like way like MARVEL Series and we see Xenomorphs Running around say NEW YORK or LOS ANGELES

When i look at Alien Resurrection i get the Impression of something more like Raised by Wolves, in which we get to a Point when NOT ONLY have we got WARING FACTIONS of Humans but we also have A.I and even the Autons and so the Earth is suffering from a WAR over WHO will Rule the Planet.

which then maybe Explains that USM are trying to Obtain the Xenomorph as a WEAPON to TRY and Turn the TIDE.

Its too EARLY to be sure about WHAT the TV Series will become but i Fear we will get Starship Troopers Meets AVPR


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-20-2021 7:10 PM

"I just hope its NOT going to go a more Comic like way like MARVEL Series and we see Xenomorphs Running around say NEW YORK or LOS ANGELES"

I was thinking more of Dark Horse comics Aliens Outbreak/Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum and Female War/Earth War


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-22-2021 9:48 AM

We cant RULE that  out, NOW that Disney has the Rights, i do Suspect it would be more Gun Hoo... Heavy Action Orientated.

I would rather see more Mass Conflict if a Xenomorph was brought to another World where Mankind has had Various Colonists on for like 100 Years, so you could have say 5-6 Settlements of say Hundreds/Thousands of People.

As Opposed to bringing it HOME to Earth....

My Main Concern is Conflicts and Contradiction to the Franchise, thats UNLESS the TV Show will offer a ALTERNATIVE  Canon.

Much like say The Robocop 2014 is to Robocop 1987

So it depends on IF this is Canon, which those behind the TV Show claim it will be.. and it will be doing something NEW/DIFFERENT but will still keep Respect to the Original (so it wont Change things too much) this is NOT to say it wont be trying to Re-Write/Change some of the Canon though.

TIME-LINE is a Massive Concern... but i had heard the TV Show is NOT set before ALIEN.....  but then i would NOT call being set after ALIEN as being in the NOT TOO DISTANT Future.

We are just going to have to WAIT and see... i think that Discovering the Xenomorph before ALIEN and Especially before the Prequels would be a MISTAKE.....

To then within such a TIME-LINE have the Xenomorph either brought to Earth.... or WORSE.... Discovered on Earth would be a LARGER MISTAKE.

This could WORK if we have it SET in the Time-Line say between 2200-2300 but then NOT on a Massive Scale, as the Mercenaries who brought the Human Hosts with them on the Betty had NO idea about WHAT the Xenomorph were.

If there was a Major Event/Outbreak on Earth before their Time i think they would have Heard about it to a Extent.

So having it Contained on say a Island where there is a Outpost like say a Area 51 etc etc, and some Population on this Island and a Outbreak Happens here and the Xenomorphs are then Destroyed by NUKE that Island... this would Cause like LESS of a Conflict....

But this is a PLOT that you maybe WONT NEED like a 8-10 Hour Run-Time or maybe a Season 2

To me it does seem the Xenomorph will be Discovered ON Earth.....and so i would Assume we could get something like a Underwater (Movie) meets ALIEN... that Progresses to a Alien Resurrection (Company has a Specimen) on a Outpost Facility that then GETS out of Control!

And its DOWN to HOW OUT OF CONTROL and where it gets to that could Determine as to HOW MUCH this could become a Conflict with the Franchise.....  This would be Lessened or Increased depending on WHEN is the TV Series Set!

Overall i think its a BAD PLOT... its asking for Trouble.. but Time will TELL.

Have it SET on a Earthlike World we have Inhabited for 100 Years, and set in the Year 2200+ and they Discover a Sunken Engineer Temple or another Crashed Derelict thats UNDERWATER and i think it could work.

Or you have it SET on Origae-6 some 100 Years after the Prequels.


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-22-2021 11:25 AM

"the Mercenaries who brought the Human Hosts with them on the Betty had NO idea about WHAT the Xenomorph were."

The mercenaries never strike me as the educated type so even if there was a major xenomorph outbreak on earth, they probably never cared to read up on their history especially if they grew up on one of the distant colonies.


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-23-2021 4:46 AM

Thats a Good Point,  if they DONT come from Earth they maybe could NEVER have been to Earth and could come from as you said Colonies out in Space and so YEAH! maybe a Outbreak in the Past could Happen and they would HAVE NO IDEA about it.... or the Specifics etc.

Its a case of WAIT and see... the TV Show will Start Shooting in March and so i am sure by ALIEN DAY 2022 we should have MORE NEWS on WHAT we are in store for...

Then its a case of then seeing HOW GOOD or BAD it is once it is OUT..... i dont think your going to Please every Fan... but as long as it Pleases Most then it would be a Success.

I know someone who is Excited and HOPE we see a Young Ripley aged between 6-12..... but i am like WHY OH WHY!

I would NOT be surprised if we do-not see a Queen at all, i do Suspect it may look at something a LITTLE DIFFERENT but it would IN NO WAY be something that will Conflict the Queen as in a Queen cant Exist.  

ALIENS in the most Iconic and Recognized Movie in the Franchise and so i dont think they would do something to make that Movie be Removed from Canon or ALIEN too.

If its set before ANY of those then as LONG as they TIE-UP any Loose Ends at the END of the TV Series this would then NOT go and Conflict the Franchise too much... we can HOPE.


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-23-2021 4:58 AM

If its terrible, we can always see it as an alternate continuity like AVP 04


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-23-2021 9:45 AM

To be Honest i think thats the BEST thing they could do, is you have this as a Alternative Universe/Canon like a Reboot of Sorts then they have Complete Freedom.

Then it gives us like TWO Alternative Universes which we can enjoy, or Choose to ignore.

There has NOT been a lot of Information about the Project Yet but it seems they are going to CHANGE IT a little bit but still RESPECT the Original Vision.

Quite HOW they do this, and IF we are going to see a Discovery of Eggs or something that could become Eggs is UNKNOWN at this Point.

It seems the Xenomorph will look more Familiar to that from Alien Covenant but maybe with a Color Tone thats similar to the Runner from ALIEN 3 but then the ONLY such Image we have could NOT be what we END UP with or that this is just the Embryo Stage Color.

From the PROMO stuff we have seen ONE THING seems to be Certain there is a Structure/Interior of a Complex/Ship that has the Prometheus Aesthetic and this Interior is Submerged.

I think this would INDICATE the Xenomorph is Encountered/Discovered on Earth and UNDER WATER.


PraetorianMember4125 XPDec-23-2021 5:55 PM

Not sure about having a reboot continuity, I kind of love the storyline already present in the movies right now

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