Alien: Covenant

Alien: Awakenging (Alien: Covenant sequel)

The current state of the Alien: Covenant sequel, potentially titled Alien: Awakenging is currently unknown.

In November, 2017 Ridley Scott explained that for the sequel to Alien: Covenant, that he wanted to "replace" the Xenomorph, after critics responded less favorably to the creature's return (and new origin story) in the last film. It would seem the beast was in fact, cooked. Read the full report here.

In January 2018, Ridley Scott publicly shared the fact that he was "in tune" with where the Covenant sequel would go. The story would involve more Engineer after they discover what David had done on Paradise and ultimately seek revenge for their fallen brothers. Read that report here.

In April, 2018 Katherine Waterston (who played the role of Daniels in Alien: Covenant) delivered some worrying statements regarding the state of Alien: Covenant 2. Basically, at the time she was unaware that the sequel was even getting made. Read the full report here.

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