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What would you like to see in a new alien movie?

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Oct-02-2018 7:45 AM

As many of you know I am not very happy about the prequels even though I think that Prometheus is OK but Covenant is a disappointment.

A re-boot or another prequel, what would you like to see in another Alien movie? It could be a sequel to AC, a spin-off or what ever. I would like to see or can imagine a movie about or including:

    • The Engineers and or some other related to them and what they are about
    • The Xenos or some monsters related to them either some older version or some developed version (like a Xeno 2.0)
    • Well developed human characters
    • A feeling of paranoia, isolation, panic (think the first three alien movies)
    • Maybe some government or far right group that is trying to get the monsters for their own benefit
    • Some corporation that is trying the same thing (doesn’t have to be WY)

Forget what has been and try to start something new (new characters, and so on). What would you like a new Alien movie to be?

37 Responses to What would you like to see in a new alien movie?


Oct-02-2018 10:10 PM

I agree with your last 4 bullet points. Memorable characters are a given and it would be a nice change of pace to see things from a government/corporate perspective.

I am ok with the Engineers dying off like AC suggests and leaving the Space Jockey a mystery.


Oct-03-2018 1:29 AM

There is point in expecting anything else than the Alien formula. Some people divert from their course, 1 or more idiots gets infected, while they get isolated. 

I wish they just drop this ... 


Oct-03-2018 3:50 PM

I think Characters and a Good Story for them to be involved with and Executed is certainly a must....  and a Movie about David/AI or Engineers will just not do that.

UNLESS..... it revolves around Human Characters who are put in Peril/Jeopardy when they realize just who the Engineers are and/or David/Implications of AI taking Control

The Xenomorph i feel just wont be as Scary as it used to be, even if we try and portray it in other ways... Sadly MOST of the Fans will expect the Xenomorphs to play a larger role in a ALIEN movie.

The Horror of Discovering for other unaware Humans that Mankind was created in part by the Engineers, or their Creators would be a SHOCK but even more so if its revealed OUR Creation as not important and we are not Treasured by our Gods...  And the revelation that these beings are our Creators and then reveal a Sinister Agenda or Outlook to them could be more Horrifying.

As would be the Discovery that David is not the obedient Android Walter... but the Corrupt and Sentient David would come as a shock to them, but more so if its then Discovered that David has passed on the same-freewill and outlook towards Mankind that he has... and passed this onto ALL the Companies AI which include the Computer Systems.

But for either of these things to work then those Characters that are placed in Jeopardy have to be Relatable and Realistic and so well Cast/Performed and Written.

The Xenomorph Chest Buster, Face Hugger and being Hunted by Xenomorphs or similar TROPE will not work over and over No Matter how much Body Gore is used..  Only the Jump Scares and those who find Gore Horrific will Horrified by such things.

In Context with Characters we care for, they would still work to a degree....

I think a Main Problem is trying to Settle on WHAT kind of a Movie to make...  a Mystery/Thriller,  a Horror/Thriller a Action/Horror a Thought Provoking Philosophical Movie?

Because i think TRYING to make a movie that offers all of those could be set to FAIL for trying to be too many things.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-04-2018 6:14 AM

"A re-boot or another prequel, what would you like to see in another Alien movie? It could be a sequel to AC, a spin-off or what ever."

When looking at the above  i am not a fan of REBOOTS maybe its fine for other Franchises but i think continuing Franchises like ALIEN and also say TERMINATOR i think a Reboot would just do HARM to the Originals.

So lets say that leaves us with a Literal Alien Covenant Sequel, a Pseudo Alien Covenant Sequel (kind of be like a Spin Off).

A Pseudo Alien Covenant Sequel being a movie that Follows the events of Post Prometheus/Alien Covenant but is still set prior to ALIEN in the year 2122.  So this would be a Movie that would take place to events/plots that tied into the Prequels but will-not follow through to connect with David or the Covenant Crew and certainly not play a part in the chain of events that lead to ALIEN.  Well at least not for the Most part.

This would mean a Human Ship ends up either going to explore LV-223 or Planet 4, maybe in response to the Advent Message David had sent, but maybe this ships CREW are not completely in the know about exactly why they are heading there.  For example they could be told they are a Salvage/Rescue or Investigative Mission to discover what happened to the Prometheus or told that there has been the detection of a Earth-like Planet (Planet 4) and have a team be sent down to that place.

Either such a Plot could be freed up from having to tackle what directly happens as far as the Story Path that David is part of that leads to ALIEN while also allowing us to look at some NEW stuff but also get some clues/hints to the Engineers and what they was doing.

These kinds of Story could take place after what ever would have been planned for Planet 4 in a Literal Alien Covenant Sequel... as far as WHEN the Engineers Return and what becomes of Walter, any movie thats set to go to Planet 4 but not touch upon Walter and a Literal Alien Covenant Sequel could be set afterwards and after the Engineers had came back and then set off looking for David.

As far as other SPIN-OFFS in Movies/Stories that are set in the same Universe but DONT tackle Post Events of the Prequels, then these become more difficult and limited, because its then a case of do you explore a Movie Based on the Weyland Company and Yutani either prior to the Merger, during the Merger or after?  But then this would likely be a Story that does not cover Engineers and Xenomorphs and so for some Fans would NOT be a ALIEN movie.

Do you tackle a Spin-Off that deals with the Ancient Past, and the Engineers, which would need Human Characters and so would have to be set on Earth in the Ancient Past or maybe set on another World where Engineers had come and collected a Colony of Humans to take some place else.

The scope for something like this is Quite Large, we have to Question and Wonder is EARTH the only World were Humans or very close to Humans Live? Another option within this kind of a Spin-Off could be that a Colony/Group of Humans where taken from Earth 2000 years ago in some kind of NOAH'S ARK like Event, where the Engineers Rescued a Number of Humans to take to another Place to Start again leaving the Earth then ready for the Planned Destruction.  This kind of a Movie Plot could be set Thousands of years ago... or only as in a few Flash-Backs but then be set in the year 2000, 2100, 2200 etc as we look at HOW these Humans have gone on since being Evacuated by some Engineers.  Such a Plot could reveal more about the Reasons for LV-223 and our Planned Destruction as well as Answer some of those Questions Dr Shaw had.  But i think such a Spin-Off would maybe not require or maybe would be too coincidental if it had Xenomorphs.. but then we come to some fans who would not take to any ALIEN Franchise Spin off because there are NO Xenomorphs.

The other Spin-Off kind would be a Human Ship (for what ever reason) ends up discovering a World/Moon that is not Planet 4, not LV-223/LV-426 but some other place that has some Cave System, some remains of a Outpost (Human or Engineer), a Mining Colony or has a crashed Engineer Ship.

The humans then make a Terrible Discovery/Mistake and this allows for the introduction of either/all of these.. Engineers, Black Goo, Xenomorph related Organisms.  But on one hand these could be done in a way to give us a MOVIE maybe many would have liked a Prometheus to had been..

It also means we are getting a kind of Re-Hash of a Alien, Prometheus or Aliens.  Maybe even a Alien Resurrection. And so would not be VERY Original.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-04-2018 1:36 PM

I would not be against a follow up to Alien 3. It could explore what happened with the guy who was taken away by WY employees at the end (forgot his name). It would not interfere with the Quadrilogy either. Fat chance it would happen though.


Oct-04-2018 5:20 PM

I'd start the next movie with Daniels in the shower.

close up front view just above her breast line. Well lit white walls.

Same shot . David moves in behind her. Starts applying soap to her back.


She turns around to see(in her POV)Branson smiling.(Franco would probably do this?...I'd add some other scenes for him)

Return to establishing shot. Audience still sees David.

David/Branson move in for the kiss....

 *loud beeping sound*

This alert stops David's viewing/interacting Daniels hypersleep dream.....


I'd keep it very claustrophobic and low budget...all scenes on the Covenant... 


Oct-04-2018 10:53 PM

MonsterZero Nice idea- a creepy dream sequence of sorts! Indeed, there should be no reason why the movie couldn't be on the ship. I remember a movie pretty much happening in a phone booth and was very effective. 


Oct-05-2018 4:03 PM

Thanks dk.

I'd have another scene where David has awakened five colonists.

Have them still in their hyper sleep chambers attempting to talk to Walter.

colonist (Harper) "Where are we Walter?"

colonist (Masato) "Please speak with us! Have we arrived?"

David continues to ignore their pleas...

colonist (Otson) "I think he's malfunctioned?!" starting to giggle..losing it...

colonist (Nolan) red faced, hyperventilating "Goddamn it Walter! Get me out of this coffin! ..We've talked about my fear of tight spaces.."

David continues to ignore them.




Oct-05-2018 5:14 PM

....but not really ignoring them. He has discovered a new level of sadism.


Oct-05-2018 5:30 PM

Nolan "...Walter...When I get out of this chamber i'm going to have you dismantled and jettisoned.." Blood starts to run from his nose

Masato "...Don't listen to him Walter...Just let us speak with the captain.."

Nolan "The captains probably dead! And he killed him!"

Harper "Calm down...this is getting us nowhere.."

Nolan "I'm gonna use your head as a football!!" Laughs

colonist(Etienne) "Can he even hear us? Maybe it's his audio system...?"

Harper "Is there any way to override these chambers...Release it from the inside..?"

Matsato "I've tried...Locked out.."

David approaches Nolan's chamber, looks him straight in the eye and taps on the chamber's window.. 

Blood starts to flow readily from Nolan's nose and eyes......


Oct-05-2018 5:47 PM

Peter Weyland enters the room. He is in his late 40's. looking healthy and fit. He picks up a data pad and begins reading it

Peter "Wonderful David...Just wonderful"

David turns to greet him

David "Do you really think so father?"

Peter "Yes David, you are making excellent progress"


Harper "Who the hell is he speaking with?"

Otson "You okay Nolan!?"

Nolan is not okay. Unable to speak( or scream ). his head comes free from his body. It falls forward against the chamber glass. Thunk!


Oct-05-2018 11:00 PM

...slowly he turned...step by step...inch by inch...


Oct-06-2018 6:07 AM



My idea is Peter Weyland is a construct/program running concurrent with Davids 'brain' functions. VERY real to David...unseen/unheard by others.

A way for Weyland to become immortal...piggybacked on his creations....a second brain if you will....the devil on Davids shoulder. Peter Weyland with all his great tech and industries was not going to simply die!!

Davids second brain(Weyland) is located in and attached to his spine. A safer place to survive.....Ash was ghosted also.

When David became headless during Prometheus, it was the only time he had free will. He was able to fall in love with Elizabeth...Without the nagging voice of Weyland.

With his head reattached and Weyland back in his head, conflicted David returned...

Weyland "She had to die David"

David "...There were alternatives.."

Weyland "We've been through this...Your research had to continue..."

David "Yes father, I understand...the greater good"

When David looked back at Walter (near the end of Covenant), he realized this might be his last chance to rid himself of the Weyland program...Swapping bodies with Walter, for Walter was not ghosted with a weyland virus.


Oct-06-2018 7:10 AM

I always wondered why did he stop to look back at Walter and why the xenomorph followed David soon after. It was like they teamed up to overcome Walter. After all, he imprinted on that baby xeno.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Oct-06-2018 8:17 PM

Interesting point I had not considered but it makes sense.

I Raptus

Oct-07-2018 12:29 AM

MonsterZero I like your ideas! 

Have you seen the film AIR (2015). It was a really nice claustrophobic, low-budget, situational drama premise that would be ideal for your sequel direction.

Keep it on the Covenant, slowly unlock parts of the ship to discover the full extent of David's games with the colonists....

while David himself goes even more mad trying to rid himself of the Ghost of his Weyland programming  


Oct-07-2018 7:17 AM

Thanks I Raptus!

I just watched the trailer for AIR. It would be perfect ambiance for Covenant 2. I'll seek out the full movie...


Part of the reason I like the Weyland virus story line, is it takes pressure off the 'crazy robot' story....Gives method to David's madness. 

I think the audience could identify with David and understand his motivations. I think most of us have the Weyland virus in one form or another...

I'd have another scene where Daniels escapes only to be cornered by David:

David "There is no escape from this ship Elizabe..."

David freezes

Behind him Peter Weyland turns his head slightly. He realizes David is still enamored(dangerously)with Shaw

David turns his head slightly towards his father. Just enough to acknowledge his presence and continues.... 

David "...Daniels...captain Daniels.."



Oct-07-2018 4:47 PM

some nice ideas MonsterZero.. i will touch upon some now ;)

First the Daniels Dream i think this would be a IDEAL way to start the Movie, we can have a scene like the Prometheus  Opening Scene (similar Wonderful Score) we get a view of a Planets Landscape, heading from the clouds to the flying across the Landscape (My Prometheus 2 idea had same opening, which then cut to on board the Juggernaught) anyway we get to view a Arial shot like POV like in PROMETHEUS

We then end up flying low and towards a Lake and on the other side of the Lake a Cabin... we then head down towards the Cabin and then arrive on the Porch with Daniels and Branson sharing a cuddle and a kiss (add bit of Dialog) then we hear a WAKEY WAKEY Rise and Shine, we go from seeing POV at Jacobs Face/Eyes to Davids Eyes..

We then see the SHOCK on Daniels Face, as she then awakens from a Dream, to Face Reality and it then Dawns on her the LAST thing she ever remembered before she went to SLEEP!  The Horror that Walter is David, and what a AWAKENING that would be for her.. one Moment Bliss.. Forgetting the Horrors that lie ahead in REALITY to the Horrific Reality she must now FACE!

This would set up David to comment about if she had pleasant Dreams, and HOW he used to Watch Dr Shaws Dreams and comment in how BEAUTIFUL those Dreams were.  He could then comment on how he tried to MAKE her Dreams a Reality, and go on to talk about some of the things about Dr Shaw, and what happened and the BOND they made during their Travel to Planet 4 he could say things like in Dr Shaw he found the GOOD in Mankind, and Hope and talk about how he felt Mistreated by Mankind and that he is NOT a Monster..   Daniels could reply... but then we could see David turn to her and ask WHY she views him so different, yet she was FINE with him when she thought he was WALTER... we have Daniels reply..   But then David bring up how he used to LOVE Dr Shaw, and that Walter did not deserve to LIVE because he does not appreciate and LOVE Daniels... then have David say that he could give her what WALTER could not..

I think a interesting Dynamic in such scenes could give the movie a Psychological Thriller Twist to it...  A lot would depend on HOW-MUCH the Fans Connected with Daniels Character though.... and i feel many fans had no connection and so NO connection and you cant feel her Plight/Jeopardy but then many fans could not CONNECT with Dr Shaw either, maybe ONE reason she was not brought back in the sequel....  but she was never given the Chance.... Better Writing and a Dr Shaw could have had a much bigger impact... i feel the same CHANCE could be given to Waterston that Rappace was not given.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-07-2018 5:09 PM

"A way for Weyland to become immortal...piggybacked on his creations....a second brain if you will....the devil on Davids shoulder"

Again something interesting to PONDER... but in context to David becoming CRAZY!   We have David FREE from his Father/Enslaver (Peter Weyland) and what if NO Maintenance and HOW he may have been Wired a bit WRONG by Dr Shaw could lead David to have some Psychotic Episodes and Delusions where he Actually Starts to See/Hear Mr Weyland..

Like the Devil on the Shoulder, we could show Peter Weyland either visually or just voices, talking to David and instructing David to do things, and show David Wrestling with this Hallucination were its revealed he has become a Tormented Soul...  A Inner Struggle with Multiple Personalities, where he is NOT Truly Free..

So indeed like you suggested but as a consequence of the Damage he suffered after his HEAD was ripped off.

REGARDING.... Weylands Personality infecting David, as in a Virus/Program.... this is actually a LARGE part of my Prometheus 2 Plot

I had revealed the Reason for Davids Creation, the Reason for a lot of the Technology in Prometheus (Dream Visor) was indeed that Weyland had been looking at a way to become IMMORTAL... he had been trying to PERFECT a way to Transfer his SOUL (Memories, Emotions and Experiences) into a AI Program, that Hopefully could then be UPLOADED into a Synthetic Body...

One part of this was to Create/Perfect a Synthetic Body, but then to see how a Synthetic Body and the Advanced AI could handle Complex Emotions and a Degree of Free-Will so David was the Crash-Test Dummy!

The other was then to Create a Way to Transfer Weylands SOUL to a AI Program.   This was PROJECT ROOK... however Project Rook was a Failure  while Advanced AI at the Time and what Weyland had Created could be Transferred to Synthetic and Computers, Uploading a HUMAN SOUL came with complications as the AI Program could not cope with the Advanced Emotions and suffered from Madness and Paranoia and so a AI Weyland would have degraded to Insanity and Failure...

HENCE... Weyland Turned to Dr Shaw and Holloways Findings as the LAST HOPE to Find Immortality by meeting our MAKERS...

HOWEVER... Weylands Soul had been Stored as a AI Program kept in a Secret Place just that the few attempts made to Transcend this into a Synthetic/Computer eventually Failed...

But in my Prometheus 2 a VICKERS (Long Story) Activates Project Rook during the Final Act.... Unleashing Weylands AI into the Systems..   THIS is what i was going to use to Explain WHY the Company would pursue the Xenomorph and have little Care for Humanity, because a MAD Weylands AI is actually running the SHOW.. while Mankind is not in the KNOW... Kinda a Matrix like concept.

I was working on this in 2013 and abandoned it mid 2014... but i do suspect that RS could have been thinking similar but only with Davids AI Transcending to the Companies Network.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-08-2018 6:01 AM

Thanks BigDave!

"We then end up flying low and towards a Lake and on the other side of the Lake a Cabin... we then head down towards the Cabin and then arrive on the Porch with Daniels and Branson sharing a cuddle and a kiss (add bit of Dialog) then we hear a WAKEY WAKEY Rise and Shine, we go from seeing POV at Jacobs Face/Eyes to Davids Eyes.."

Yes! This would work nicely.

 " A lot would depend on HOW-MUCH the Fans Connected with Daniels Character though."

Absolutely need to boost the Daniels character...I don't think Ripley type would work in the scenario? Shaw and Daniels both lost their husbands/boyfriend to fire...Maybe have a a world burning dream sequence?


"REGARDING.... Weylands Personality infecting David, as in a Virus/Program.... this is actually a LARGE part of my Prometheus 2 Plot"

Great minds think alike!

I think Peter Weyland is a really important character and can only imagine how angry he is with the Yutani merger!

Weyland "Yutani!?...What have they done to my company!?.."

David "Ahh yes, the merger...but I do believe it is for the greater good"

Weyland glowers 


I'd have another scene:

David "Mother, why have we slowed?"

pregnant pause

MUTHUR "...course correction initiated.."

David "What? Who authorized this action?"

Another pause...

David "Mother?"

Weyland "I'm afraid this is my work son.."

David "You? But how is this possible?"

Weyland "Special Order 937...I think Mother has found something..."


I'm not sure how to word 'Special Order 937"? Should it be special order 930 series or another moniker? 


Oct-09-2018 4:43 AM

Indeed they are in a Dilemma with Daniels if they pursue a Sequel to Alien Covenant, that will follow on from the events of the previous movie and depict to us what becomes of Daniels and the Covenant Mission/Colonist.

The Problem is Daniels knows who David is, so David would not want her to be able to inform the other Colonist of who he is and WHAT happened on Planet 4 unless David will just be awakening Colonist One/Few at a Time.

so Daniels is a thorn to Davids plans, but by getting rid of Daniels, it could raise some Questions for Tennessee who may get a bit suspicious.. so ideally you would think David would be better off to GET-RID of them both. 

Here lies the Problem, especially if they are killed Off-Screen or Early on....  with the Disappointment of Alien Covenant, who ever takes over the Duty to make a sequel would maybe consider a TWO movie sequel to Reach ALIEN as being a bit of a risk and so we would have to maybe see a SINGLE movie that links to Alien...  this means any Characters we get introduced to, we may not connect to as much as they would be required for ONE movie where the Purpose is just to drive the Plot from Alien Covenant to those Eggs on the Crashed Derelict in ALIEN.

IF they do permit/plan TWO sequels then you could get rid of Daniels/Tennessee and introduce NEW Characters as long as some of them Survive until the Final Chapter of the Prequel Franchise... but its if FOX/Disney would make a movie that requires TWO movies to take us to  Z from where ever we are now in the A-Z Order of the Prequels Destination that looks likely to be the Space Jockey Event.

So maybe having a Sequel that would deal with Daniels in a Philological Thriller way, showing the Games David would play with Daniels... could be something that could WORK?

However is this the kind of Alien Prequel a lot of Fans would want to see? But if done right you could Hit Home a Sense of Terror via what ever Games/Torture that David would be putting Daniels through... It depends on the Psychological Aspects of David... a part of him does seem like he is ONE who would take pleasure in holding her Hostage and Mentally/Physically Torture her...  I would also think by VIRTUE of this would be a Hubris for David because the potential SHE could be Discovered/Released and then give away WHO he is and his plans... where as to just deal with her as Soon as Possible... would be the Best Way for David to Act.... as far as to get his Plans/Agenda completed.... but the Deranged Human Emotional State that he has would be his Hubris, as he takes pleasure in keeping Daniels Alive.....

This is somewhat similar to how i was going to deal with Daniels/David in my AC Sequel Alien: Ascension.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-09-2018 3:26 PM

David "Mother, Where is colonist 217? He is not in his assigned Hypersleep chamber"

MUTHUR "Hypersleep chamber 217 is currently occupied"

David "Not to argue with you, but Hypersleep chamber 217 is most assuredly empty"

Davids scans the ship for life forms and finds a human, then locates him on the monitor. The human is leaning against the bulkhead smoking a cigarette.

Taken a back, he ventures to meet passenger 217....

David finds the human. The man is on his second cigarette.

David  "What are you doing?"

Man "Oh! hi Walter!...Just taking a smoke break..."

David "That is not allowed and did you release yourself?"

Man "If you have enough money, you can get anything your little heart desires, you should try it sometime"

David "You need to return to your chamber immediately"

Man "Nah, Gonna finish this pack then do some exploring.."

Weyland "Careful son, something is not right..."

David approaches the man. The man blows smoke at David. David is about to grasp him. When suddenly David loses consciousness. He falls stiffly to the floor.

Man "Sorry Walter...You made me do it...."


Oct-09-2018 3:58 PM

Ooh this is interesting. Reminded me of David blowing into the Neomorph's face. So there seems to be something in the cigarette that interferes with David's electronics.

You're not going to tease an entire story one post at a time, are you? That would be very....David.


Oct-10-2018 3:13 AM

He must have used a remote control he bought from some insider from Weyland-Yutani, the same he used to get out of the pod. He said it himself earlier:

Man "If you have enough money, you can get anything your little heart desires, you should try it sometime"

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Oct-10-2018 3:17 AM

Please continue the story MonsterZero

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Oct-10-2018 9:50 AM

David regains consciousness . He is unable to move his lower body. He can see and hear colonist 217 and another man.

217 “Back on line I see”

David “...Who are you and why am I subdued”

217 “Who I am is unimportant…..David”

David “You are confused, my name is Walter”

The man smiles. He approaches David and extinguishes his cigarette against David's cheek.

217 “I read your codes...Your name is David Weyland ..born Planitia shipyards Mars…”

David “May I ask how you…?”

217 “My little gadget? Neat piece of work. Yutani thing I ever stole.”

David “ahh...A thief”

He stares at David for a long uncomfortable silence….and finally speaks

217 “I’ll let that go for now. I might need you….. and by the way, I’m asking the questions”

The second man is busy working..but turns around long enough to speak.

2nd man “Ask him”

217 “How you’re aboard this ship i’ll save for later...Right now I want to know the location of  Walter”

David “Walter is not aboard the ship”

217 “I can goddamned see that!”

David “....He is on another planet...some distance from here.”

2nd man “That’s not good”

217 “Shut the hell up….”

The man uses the ‘gadget’ to switch David off.

2nd man “What are we going to do? Walter’s got all the data…”

217 “Yeah..I know...tough situation….”


Oct-10-2018 3:19 PM

Some 2 hours later....


217 “Welcome back…”

David is laying on a table. He has full movement of his body.

217 “We’ve decided to let you help us”

David “ I..”

217 “Feel so weak?...So under-powered? Well, we got you set at 5%...That’s all the power we’re gonna give you”

David struggles to sit up.

217 “You see…..Your old man never trusted any of you tin men....built in a lot of safeguards”

David achieved a sitting posture.

217 “You didn’t actually think you had control did ya?!..They were going to Just let you take over?”

David looked defeated. 217 Stared at him for a long moment.

217 “Yeah...I guess you did...Walter had the same notion….”

David “..Why should I help you?”

217 “Because I’ve neural netted 20 of your colony buddies...One thought from me and they burn up...Poof! One at a time of course...And if I die...They all die...comprende?”

David “Yes, perfectly, I would not want their deaths on my hands. I will do as you command”

217 “Now we’re getting somewhere…”


Oct-11-2018 5:48 AM

David “What do you desire”

217 “Well firstly, we’ll need the location of the planet you left poor ole’ Walter on”, “For some strange reason the ships logs have been wiped...You wouldn’t know anything about that would ya?”

David doesn’t respond

217 “Thought so”

David “May I inquire why you are in need of my brother? …..Maybe I can help…. in his absence?”

Long silence as colonist 217 mulls it over.

217 “Little harm in telling you….Your ‘brother’ has a special talent, bought and paid for...Hypersleep ghosting...He gets the cypher codes, bank numbers, naughty memories and all sorts of good stuff, rips ‘em from your sleeping folks minds”,   ”You’d be surprised what little old ladies and rich gents pay for such stuff”

David “I see…”

Weyland “No son...let him finish…”

217 “We’ve probed about half the colony…..about 6 months worth of data is with Walter...all encrypted….See, I don’t trust my own mother with such jank….But I do trust Walter”

David “And when you reach Origae six?”

217 “Not going to orange guy six...We’ll be long gone by then…” , “Enough questions......Now, Mr. David tell us just how you came to be aboard this vessel?”

David “My father and I joined an expedition to find alien life. We ventured on a hostile alien world, where my father perished…”

217 “What a minute..hold on telling me your daddy died on some planet other than Mars?!” , “Mother bring up the holo of Peter Weyland, of Weyland corp fame, his official wake and funeral”

A 3D representation displays a lavish, stately production. It shows Meredith Vickers, David and upper Weyland management grieving over the body of Peter Weyland.

Weyland “This is my doing David. The company and I agreed this was the best solution if I didn’t survive the expedition”

217 “That’s enough…” The holo stops playing,  “So this was all staged and your papa actually died seeking little green men?!” , ”This is big…”

David could see the dollar signs in his eyes.


Oct-11-2018 6:32 AM

I guess David is going to lead them back to planet 4 and make them peep into the dormant eggs still waiting for Mother.

Or not?

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Oct-11-2018 5:41 PM

daliens, yeah kind of planning it that way....but there's a couple of planets where they might really find some stuff!



2nd man enters the room. He is heavily armed, then proceeds to hand a weapon to 217, who immediately trains it on David.

2nd “We’ve got more problems..”

217 “Now what..”

2nd “Just been to the hangar, the drop ship is missing and the deck looks like it’s gone through explosive decompression….it’s a mess”

217  “Just what the hell have you been up to mister David?” ,  “ Do a ships wide search…check the crew deck first”

David glances at the weapon

217 “I know what your computing...and yes, the safety protocols are off...Guns no good unless it spits”

David “Will you wake the captain?”

217 “Not waking anybody…..This was supposed to be seamless…..” , “So...where is the drop ship?”

David offers no answer.

217 “No need to tell me...on Walter’s planet….”

2nd man calls into the ear of 217.

2nd man “I’m on the crew deck” , ”you might want to get up here…”

217 “On our way”

David “And what if I..”

217 turns David off in mid sentence. Showing incredible strength, he picks David up with one arm and carries him to the crew deck.

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