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E.T.A. - Brilliant Award-Winning Short from the Alien Universe

E.T.A. - Brilliant Award-Winning Short from the Alien Universe




Posted Jan-18-2018 3:56 PM

E.T.A. - directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.

I'm sure you'll like it.


6 Responses to E.T.A. - Brilliant Award-Winning Short from the Alien Universe


Jan-18-2018 8:33 PM

That's a nice one. Would make for a good commercial :)

Some  hints and Easter eggs in there too.


Jan-19-2018 12:57 AM

hahah thats cool, I like it! Reminds me of the old Starcraft in-games shorts!



Jan-20-2018 4:44 PM

Glad you like it. Yes, he is flying a Weyland-Yutani ship, no doubt. :)

I Moon Girl

Jan-20-2018 6:05 PM

Very well made, yet I just can't get over the fact that the Xeno was just released and started heading for the kill.  Then, it delivers coffee instead.  Fabulous introduction, mediocre ending.  I got excited for nothing.  Oh well...

The Xenomorph was never scary.  That was the problem with Alien: Covenant.  Yet, I guess it's a parody, so the Xeno doesn't have to be scary.  Still, the intro led me to believe I was going to get lucky and get some kind of alien-like movie, when in reality, I got an alien-related movie.  Oh well I guess... 


Jan-20-2018 6:56 PM

I Moon Girl I thought the point was to build suspense and then pee on our parade at the end, reminding us to lighten up sometimes. After reviewing, the hints were in plain sight. 

I Moon Girl

Jan-20-2018 7:03 PM

I should've known when the space craft power shut down and restarted by the pilot banging a wrench against it.  Still, I ignored it and took it as an alternative and original way of telling the story.  We don't get POS spaceships in the Alien universe movies.  They may be old, but the whole ship doesn't just shut down only to have it reawakening by some hard pounding on the main computer.  I like movies where vehicles are POS and the actors complain about how much of a POS it is.  Yet, the actor somehow makes the vehicle work and ends up doing what he/she was supposed to only because the character the actor is playing is just good like that.  It's a way to force some humor in some epic scenes and what not.

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