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Alien franchise could use a dose of Pandorum

Alien franchise could use a dose of Pandorum


Dec-06-2017 11:28 PM

After watching Pandorum, I realized what has been missing from the Alien franchise: Tight, claustrophobic spaces, shadows, not being allowed to see anything too long, a sense of disorientation- all creating tension and that sense of scary. Also, a small cast with characters who all have a purpose mixed with a couple twists and a betrayal.

I have not experienced those things since Alien 3. 

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I Raptus

Dec-07-2017 12:49 AM

That was a good little gem of a film! You are right, small cast that made intelligent and logical decisions that still led to mayhem and doom....not just there as plot driving devices. 

The Alien franchise hasn't really explored the psychological thriller realm. Perhaps that could be Ridley's Alien-less Alien film?  



Dec-07-2017 1:27 AM

Perhaps that could be Ridley's Alien-less Alien film?

Possibly. There were creatures in Pandorum that we really only get glimpses of but know they are bad news. The characters communicate that and it is apparent by observation. The next Alien movie could do something in that vein so that it can focus on characters and Engineers if Sir RS wants to go that way.

Alien scared on a psychological level more than any other movie in the franchise. It never really captured that since. Pandorum gives a decent lesson on how it could be done.

I hope it, but I doubt it. Fingers crossed- it's the only way to be sure.


Dec-07-2017 10:46 AM

dk - I like Pandorum very much, glad I'm not the only one. :)

Ben Foster should be seen in more blockbuster/serious movies. 



Dec-07-2017 3:00 PM

I had not seen the movie until not so long ago, it certainly had that kind of Haunted House Feel to it.

If David conducts experiments on the Covenant Crew during the journey and some surviving Colonist awake to the aftermath and discover half the Covenant Ship has become a Xenomorph Hive then i think it would be a movie that would give us a similar kind of feel/look.  But i am not sure this is a route RS will take.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-07-2017 3:20 PM

dk So you finally watched it. I am glad you enjoyed it. I specially like the ending. Last night made a new discovery I would also like to recommend to you: it is a new director and writer (the full package), his name is S. Craig Zahler. I recommend you watch two of his movies in a double bill: "Bone Tomahawk" and "Brawl in Cell Block 99". He is like John Carpenter on steroids, and both films made my jaw drop. Actually a scene from "Bone Tomahawk" made me sick from my stomach, while I confess I was covering my eyes through parts of the other movie. I admit the political leanings of the director seem to be rather reprehensible in my opinion, but this is one of these cases where I can ignore that due to the sheer brilliance of the entertainment on display. These movies are also an example of taut dialogue, engrossing plot jolts and fantastic practical effects. I imagine a director like this would make an "Aliens" on steroids type of movie. Just imagine the prison guards from "Brawl in Cell Block 99" as colonial marines...


Dec-07-2017 3:44 PM

joylitt Sounds interesting. Yeah, there is a long back list and am making slow progress. I think Pandorum needs another view since some dialogue was delivered fast and not mixed very well- similar to parts of Alien 3 with the same issue.

Yes, the ending was great but really threw me for a loop.


Dec-07-2017 8:12 PM

From the OP clip, anyone see a similarity of the facial expression transition to this?


Dec-09-2017 1:04 PM

dk - It is such a fantastic fact that Pandorum was produced by Paul W.S. Anderson - the director of the movies Event Horizon and AvP.

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