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why alien covenant needs a directors cut.

Timmy the ultramorph



Posted Nov-29-2017 9:07 PM

its not new information to say that many peope,(especially casual fans) did not like covenant. others say that it messed up the xenomorphs origins, some say that it wasn't scary. some people said that it was convoluted. Ijust rewatched covenant again on bluray I am starting to see there side of things. I still enjoyed covenant but it is deffinidatly in my opinion the worst of the 5 movies I consider to be the acceptable alien timeline(alien, aliens alien 3, prometheous, covenant).

these reasons are why ridley scott neads to make a directors cut.

1: in many peoples opinion, covenant wasn't scary. I don't dissagree with this and think it is almost all due to the lack uf build up to any of the scares. it the first alien movie there would be slow building suspense before the scare. in covenant, they showed a charector alone doing something, an alien creep up behind them and then kill them. the worst example of this is rosanthals death with the neomorph. there was no suspence or build up to the scene. the other reason it wasn't scary to me was that you always knew were the creature was. jumpscares work best when you don't know were there coming from. the fear of the unknown. in alien covenant, in rosanthals death, you saw the neomorph aproatch the temple before she died and in the final scene on the covenant, there is literaly someone tracking the xenomorph and showing exactly were it is at all times. there is extremly easy solutions to both of these problems. for the lack of build up, you can tell that there is build up scenes that were left on the cutting room floar that were cut due to time constraints. in a directors cut, literaly just insert them in. you tell see that there is almost 10 minutes of suspensful xenomorph hallway hunting that was left out just by watching the third act that was just suddenly replaced with xenomorph PoV shots. the she won't go quietly clip even showed part of it in an awsome deleted scene were a xenomorph is hiding directly above her with out her knowing it. 

for the fear of the unknown problem, it is even simpler. just edit the shots that show were the creature is. is a directors cut is made these edits would take an hour at most. 

with just these changes I belive that covenant has the potential to be nearly as scary as the original alien movie.

2: the effects. The problem with the effects for me isn't that they look bad but just unfinished. My geuss was time constraints. in a directors cut it wouldent be terribly hard to finish most of them. this would greatly inprove it in many casual fans eyes.

3: the charectors. another problem many people had were the charectors.what we saw in just the bluray released deleted scenes and promotional clips already greatly inprove the charectors and make them feel less one note. 

4: the prometheous parts felt rushed. many people complained about the prometheous parts being unnesasary and or tacked on but i dis agree. it felt to me like they were just rushed. add more detail to the flashbacks and david walter stuff and it would feel like more of a part of the movie rather than an obligatory prometheous follow up. now this is assuming alot but my geuss is that ridley had alot more prometheousy type stuff that got cut out due to fox trying to make the movie shorter. my evidence is the crossing promotional clip. It seems like he had more to say about the prometheousy stuff to say but when fox told him to cut it he just put the bare minimum out as a promotional clip. again assuming alot but i am like 75% sure there is prometheous follow up stuff on the cutting room floar. 

5: other. this is just a scene that I think could be changed easly in a directors cut.

You know how many people complained about the stupid decisions the charectors made? one of the biggest of them was the fact that mother told the people on the covenant that the storm was to strong to go into yet they tried landing the ship anyway. this scene could changed with little effort. just delete the dialog were mother saise that it is unsafe to go into the storm. it would take all of the stupidity of the disition away and jst replace it with. people need rescue on planet. send a lander to rescue them. common sense. 

Final thoughts: the final reason I think a directors cut should be made as soon as possible is that many casual and even die hard fans have lost faith in the franchise. this could meen disapointingbox office returns for awakening. if a cannon directors cut comes out and it significantly inproves the film. many fans will regain faith in the franchise providing a much better future for alien awakening.

The directors cut that i am imagining would run at about 2 hours and 35 minutes.

what do you think? let me know in the comments below.

food ain't that bad! - Parker

6 Responses to why alien covenant needs a directors cut.


Nov-29-2017 9:17 PM

To be honest, I did not read the entire post, but upvoted since I begged for a DC for Prometheus and AC. Both would benefit. Perhaps Disney of all companies could do that? Who knows.

I don't think anything can be done about the effects or characters now. I do think a good cut can be made with the deleted scenes that looked good to go production wise. You are preaching to the choir!



Nov-29-2017 10:06 PM

I would like to see Advent, Phobos and the last supper added to any DC.

Last Supper at least gives a little more insight into the characters and relationships of the Covenant and James Franco actually makes an appearance in more than a 10 second cut-away.... 



Nov-30-2017 8:42 AM

More than any movie I can remember since Alien 2  I agree!


Dec-06-2017 4:17 PM

Indeed there are a number of issues... 

But RS has said there will be no other versions and so the one we got is his DC cut.

When we try and think how could a DC cut be made a lot depends on what scenes had been shot and how they can be added, some effects needed improving but making a DC cut and adding scenes in and improving the effects can be COSTLY and due to how AC did not return no where near the money they expected i dont think we will ever see any extra shot scenes or revamped Effects being used.

The only thing we can get a DC cut to do is use some scenes that had been removed but sometimes they are removed for reasons, and so adding them could affect the pacing or even plot of the movie well raise some questions...   For example the Juggernaut Hanger Scene.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-06-2017 6:34 PM

BigDave For starters, I think the Prometheus scene near the end that was cut was worthy of being included: The Engineer was looking for Shaw and noticed the chandelier, video on the wall and books on the floor. He started to thumb through a book. That showed he was curious about humans. Instead it was chopped and he just came in guns blazin' so to speak. Yes, it was a change of pace but sometimes those changes add depth. It was a lost opportunity imo. Gotta make those time limits I suppose. Somehow it was okay to have LOTR movies well over the 120 minute mark in theaters. I didn't hear any complaints about that.


Dec-07-2017 3:26 PM

Indeed a lot of things had been cut, some for pacing some for other reasons.

Some totally change the way we interpret the movie, the Engineer Scenes Especially as they painted the Engineer as being more than just a Big Grey Angry SOB... the Full Scenes could paint a picture of this Engineer maybe Sabotaging the Mission?

The Elders Scene removed because it gave too much away and RS did not want to meet the Gods/GOD in the first movie... and so maybe he has plans to Redesign who those Elders are, and who knows now how they are redesigning the Engineers.

I think we cant rule out if we get the reveal that those LV-223 Engineers are to the Engineers what Replicants are to Humans.  And maybe give us a different way to interpret why the Engineer took Pity on David at first and then wanted to destroy the Humans.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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