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What Other Blockbuster Villains Can Learn from David in Alien Covenant

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Oct-17-2017 4:12 PM

“One franchise is showing it’s still possible for a modern blockbuster to have a great villain. In Alien: Covenant, David — the android played by Michael Fassbender, first introduced in Prometheus — comes into his own as a fleshed-out, dynamic, and genuinely striking antagonist, one who isn’t just an equal match for the heroes, but even becomes the central thread of the series (…)

Over the course of Alien: Covenant, we slowly learn David’s worldview. At first, he seems simply scientifically interested in the aliens, but as our understanding of David evolves, we come to recognize him as a much more complex, and insidious, figure. He’s the enlightened monster, the educated, urbane intellectual who should be familiar to anyone with a working knowledge of 20th-century history. Like Nazi scientist Josef Mengele, David is a eugenicist and murderer who couches his philosophies in Nietzschean rhetoric about furthering the species, complete with quotes from Romantic poets like Lord Byron — except in this case, the species is the terrifying, parasitical Xenomorph (…)

It’s just as true now as ever that an elegant sophisticate can be a great perpetrator of evil, and that the urge to create can be used for terrible ends as well as good. David is a far more relevant and instructive villain than, say, Marvel’s generic Ultron”.

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Lawrence of Arabia

Oct-17-2017 4:51 PM

One of the highlights of Covenant was it's antagonist/protagonist David, very compelling and layered character that isn't some mustache twirling bad guy or a superhero villain that gets foiled. It's great to see the bad guy reign :)

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Oct-18-2017 8:04 PM

I love the black and white Ati.

"It's great to see the bad guy reign" 

Yes it is Lawrence of Arabia. His end must be epic as well.


Oct-18-2017 8:11 PM

Sorry if it is a bit OT,  but I think more anti hero would be good. It provides ambiguity. Sort of like this dude used to do.

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