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Posted Sep-20-2017 5:36 PM

I personally like the idea of the engineers kind of worshiping them at some point. I drew and engineer offering a gift


what do you think their interactions were like?


i wanted to see other peoples thoughts on the matter.

11 Responses to engineer and xenomorph relationship?


Sep-20-2017 5:51 PM

Wow! That xeno is huge! :)


Sep-20-2017 5:59 PM

it would have been an engineer born xeno or higher being 


Sep-21-2017 11:20 AM

So that is an Ultramorph if I know correctly. :)


Sep-22-2017 12:29 PM

i still think the engineers encountered the species long before David tried re creating it.


Sep-22-2017 2:02 PM

I would rather have it like that compared to David creating the original Xeno. It would be interesting if they found something and created the Xeno from it. I like the drawing by the way.



Sep-24-2017 6:54 AM

 Thank you for the compliment. and yes im of the same mind, i still feel the xeno was better a ancient creature


Sep-25-2017 12:12 PM

Great drawing Jeri.theSOB and thank you for sharing it.

From what Ridley Scott has said, the black goo mutagen (xenomorph life cycle) was harvested from a 3rd party by the Engineers.

David 8 seems to have woken up something (xenomorph embryo below) long asleep that began with the Engineers before him and originating with someone else before them.

So, it also seems like David 8 brought home to the Engineers something that was lost over time in their newly timid culture.

The Engineers worshipping the xenomorph (mutagen-based organism) is not too far from what is depicted in the mural below.


Sep-25-2017 1:33 PM

Thank you for the praise I had wanted to do my own drawings of the xenomorph and expanded lore for a while but lacked the proper equipment. happy to be adding to the collection of fan art. 

I always had a feeling that the xeno had to be older then David or at least the original incarnation of it had to be. 

I always liked the concept of engineers worshiping xenos since in HR Giger's original work had pale humanoids worshiping or in the presence of bio mechanical terrors. 

Thats also very interesting regarding the "third party", so the Alien could be older than the engineers as well? 



Sep-25-2017 3:41 PM

i think this was one of the BIG Questions fans was looking forwards to when Ridley Scott started work on a Prequel to Alien, a lot of Evolution has taken place since then... from Broad Ideas, to Prometheus Drafts, to Prometheus to what ever ideas was worked on prior to John Logans Alien Covenant.

Back to Alien...

We could see their was a Relationship, the Pilot, and his Ship looked Bio-Mechanical, and especially the Derelict, it shared a Atheistic with the Xenomorph and you could say the Face Hugger kind of did so with the Space Jockey.  You could just see there was a connection, as if the Xenomorph, Space Jockey and Derelict all originated from the same Source..  They Aesthetically looked similar.

Aliens (or Alien DC) pushed this more so, when we saw the Hive like Construction Aesthetic the Xenomorphs used, and how similar it was to the construction of the interior of the Derelict.

The Relationship we could see was that the Cargo somehow was related in some Fashion to the Ship and its Pilots, it was further evolved that this Cargo was a Bio-Weapon that the Space Jockey was Transporting and so at least we had this LINK...

Prometheus came along and to start with the idea as far as Xeno/Engineer was that these Engineers had indeed been experimenting on various forms of Xenomorph related Bio-Weapon, as much as 8 different kinds.  Alien Engineers seemed to allude to the possibility that the Engineers posessed a Genetic Manipulation Tool, Tiny Nano Scarabs, that they used to allow their DNA to eventually Evolve into Mankind... and that on LV-426 (which is where the Outpost was in Alien Engineers). these Engineers had likely been using this Genetic Tool on some Organism Discovered related to the Xenomorph, and they attempted to Hybrid various forms of it... while a bit ambiguous it could be that the kind of Spore/Cocoons Hanging from the Caves that Holloway discovered could be the Origins of the Xeno DNA that the Nano-Scarabs was used to Experiment and Hybrid it.

Prometheus however was more ambiguous, but the clues appear that something similar was at play on LV-223 (Mural/Frescos) but it was so ambiguous that its not really 100% clear of the connection.

The only Link really was that indeed these Engineers and the Black Goo contained within the Urns are connected to the Xenomorph, it either came from the Xenomorph (or via use of Sacrificial Goo on Xenomorph) or from some Organism that predates the Xenomorph.

Alien Engineers, the Aesthetic seemed to be the Engineers/Ships are more Mechanical and Organisms more Organic... but some concepts do show this connection being more closer to that of ALIEN.

Prometheus however the Engineers/Ships Tech appear more Mechanical, while the Xeno-related Organism more Organic, and the Space Jockey suits some how being a mixture of the TWO.

Then we come to ALIEN-COVENANT and well this baby has a lot of answers, and yet contradicting answers its a bit of a mess, but it appears that David's Bombardment maybe affected the Envirmoment, or if not the crash of the Juggernaught did, in a way that various Life Forms and Fungi got infected with the Black Goo and Produced Hybrids.

David witnessed these and using  them as well as Black Goo he conducted many experiments, trying to mix traits from various Organic Life, and Bacterial/Fungi, trying to take the best traits from each and mix them all together to Produce PERFECTION.

Which the Eggs that hosted the Xenomorph Face Huggers where the greatest success he had, that required Dr Shaw for his success.

THUS the Black Goo came from something related to the Xenomorph, and various experiments lead to the Xenomorph by David...

However the Novel and some comments by Concept Artist do give us some light that David may have caused a outbreak to infect Life on the Planet but he also discovered something related to the Xenomorph Eggs that was already there, and David just applied these to his experiments in a attempt to Perfect the Xenomorph Egg.

But this all is regarding the Xeno Origin as far as Covenant so forgive me, the Fact is that Alien Covenant does not give us any more clues to the Xeno connection to the Engineers, that Prometheus had not laid down.

some concept works, and comments could allude to the Engineers maybe using a older more Original Xenomorph or the Xenomorph in some kind of Sacrificial Ritual... but looking at how visually Alien Covenant presented the Engineers, i find it difficult to see what protective measures where taken from the Engineers as far as containing the Eggs. And Protection from Infection.

I will however say that i have not yet heard any of the Commentary on Alien Covenant by Ridley Scott and much of the stuff concept artist have mentioned over the last 8 weeks... while i have been away from the Internet etc LOL

So these could change my Two Cents, well interpretations.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-28-2017 7:35 PM

Thank you for the long and very insightful response, i really enjoyed one of the points you brought up about the goo coming from a "xeno like"  creature. 

I thought it be cool if it came from a much more pure bio mechanical entity like the larger xeno i drew or something more Lovecraftian. 

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