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Sep-14-2017 8:28 PM

we know that David already knew the ship Covenant , as if he had program the storm of neutrinos and subsequently the storm on Paradise . a coincidence ? It is not known yet , but it may be that the Devil .If all this would be true , then his intention to colonize the planet and the other ideas made as a normal program in the amusement park .a thorn in the side that is going is Walter , the Android that he himself opened the door of creation , even if still limited he believe will upset (End) David , as the student that exceeds the Master . Walter is like a child who does not know walk , you must push it to help them learn and this will lead him to have likeness ever more human , unlike David that curiosity led him to be eccentric .the finish of the saga that I imagine , Walter kills David ; after years of lust they find themselves face to face and so there is the twin effect of the actor Michael Fassbender of which you can admire the hero .Walter

"Au Revoir Shoshanna"

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Sep-15-2017 2:38 AM

I found it puzzling that in a saga about surviving an alien lifeform there are still people obsessing over an imagined David/Walter soap opera. Utterly ridiculous.


Sep-15-2017 4:45 AM

Walter is a character very important , because it embodies the exact opposite indon of David.    joylitt    Do you think that we will not see him again more ? Instead I imagine the contrary , as a flotilla of Engineers reanimate the Android and the exploit as investigation for one who has destroyed , learning to communicate with them , the fathers of humanity as masters . Would this not be amazing ?View it


"Au Revoir Shoshanna"


Sep-15-2017 5:33 AM

It would be amazing indeed, epecially when he would learn to play the flute from the masters.

But there is always the danger that Engineers mistake Walter for David and believe he killed all the population from Paradise. His head would be ripped off and unfortunately for him Shaw cannot help him as she helped David. In case she would ever do that again.

Not sure if Walter will play a part in the future films. He failed in Covenant so I guess no more Walter. David will have somebody else to oppose.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Sep-15-2017 8:18 AM


Hi Uncle  daliens     .We have seen that Walter protects Daniels from the attack of the neomorph , but if we are going to see well , Walter is afraid of the creature in fact withdraws , but behind him there is Daniels so the neomorph stands for attach it above a second time , Walter raises the arm to lock it , the neomorph the grab for defense , but does not attack walter him is only an obstacle toward Daniels , the bounces away from its trajectory . Walter is immune to creatures . P.S. when the bell rings we know that it is now .

"Au Revoir Shoshanna"


Sep-15-2017 3:57 PM

V I N E T I C U M Sorry if I sounded a little bit dismissive. I think exploring the fate of Walter and David might be worthy of a spinoff movie. However, I strongly believe that the Alien franchise needs to go back to form, and that includes limiting the David storyline.


Sep-16-2017 1:04 AM

It's what you choose to believe ;-)


Sep-16-2017 9:51 PM

Spoiler alert!?  (Do we need this now?). Walter should have been programmed as a internist, medic, engineer, chemist, biologist, marksman (would be amazing with no pulse or breath to throw a shot...), Krav maga expert, and a linguist.  Other stuff is fine, but this is minimum.  Walter should have killed David if the fight were not orchestrated as if humans were fighting. Why?  He had the upper hand and chose to talk???  Many times there were talking moments???  No, impact the eyes and eliminate the threat... This script was not written by a person who has fought.  You don't monologue during a fight.  All this being said, after multiple viewings, the most notible scenes involve a flute (fail)!  Because it's weird and doesn't fit.  I stand by my statement that people on this forum would have made a better movie.  Maybe it was an oversight that the Droid at the end didn't have chin damage as David should have had.  So if it's David, then Walter was not an effective replacement.  If it was Walter with David's upload, then the Walter coders didn't have Norton antivirus software.


Sep-17-2017 8:58 AM interesting especially in the final part. we can believe that RS has stated in an interview that David ended Walter because he exploited the naivety of his brother, then took its appearance with some remodeling here and there, including clothing (as already discussed in other topics) a perfect camouflage ! (personally I think a chef does not reveal his original recipe so as to surprise when he is satisfied) the question is: daniels would have been so out of touch not to understand in a slight detail that the android in front is David? to see that they are the same I would have had a minimum doubt! Remember that he had stuck in his chin, damaged his head several times! fascinating to see, but also particularly difficult to imitate on the cuts of the face, hand, set hair, voice, having the chance to use a new self-regenerating body would be ideal for child prodigy , I'm proud to have Walter! there is still a mystery as it would transfer the CPU to the subject ... in the future we will understand how


"Au Revoir Shoshanna"

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