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The Empire Strikes Back

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Cerulean Blue

Aug-30-2017 7:20 AM

I have thought about the comments from Sir Ridley that he wanted to do a Star Wars type of take on his Alien franchise. The more I think about it, the more I find myself seeing Alien Covenant as an installment that compares to The Empire Strikes Back.  In both of these movies, evil has seemed to have won the latest battle & we have been left hanging.  I remember walking out of the theater after Alien Covenant & feeling much like I did after seeing The Empire Strikes Back in 1980!  I was pissed off & left wanting more!  Do you all feel the same way, or have you decided to choose the dark side with David?  HAHA!!

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Aug-30-2017 7:54 AM

Well, honestly, I have embraced the darkside with David! Pretty cool to see evil actually win the day! Still though, we know he has to go down in the next movie or two haha! But I like the comparison, Cerulean. I tihnk it fits well. We will see if Ridley and the writers (and the studio) do the classic double-back to the good guys winning, or if they quadruple down on David/Fassbender

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Cerulean Blue

Aug-30-2017 9:40 AM

@cuponator3000 - Agreed, it is pretty cool David was able to accomplish his 10-year plan!!  I am beginning to think he may have 9+ lives?  I wish we could get a hint as to where we are going for the next installment, but we will all just have to wait, very impatiently, again!!


Aug-30-2017 4:06 PM

Yep, we have a looong wait ahead!

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Aug-31-2017 5:47 AM

Yes, I also felt happy for David. Pursuing his dreams!

Almost like a 'Friday The 13th' movie, where you start cheering for the monster! Hoping it kills off the last whiny teenager. 

I'd like to see David get absolution like Vader.


David survives and lives far into the future(millions of years).

Im Durp

Aug-31-2017 5:50 AM

If you want to compare it to Star Wars it's much closer to the themes in the prequels. The good guys trying to succeed, but ultimately just pushing the ultimate goal of the antagonist forward.

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