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David and the burst a 10 yr plan

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Aug-13-2017 10:55 AM

Even since we heard that an event lead the Covenant to review there situation and end up on the planet in which David was on i had already made up my mind. it was his doing. maybe not alone. let us be clear though. David caused this. IMO that is.

So what do we have....

Well many called in a Neutrino burst as it was labelled that on the OST

However, both in the novel and the film it is inclined that there are no exact answers.


MU TH UR: Walter, we have a problem a Neutrino burst was detected in Sector 107. This could trigger a destructive event 


Walter in Review meeting: A highly charged shockwave from a nearby stella ignition.

Now i can go on and quote the film and novel but i think you may agree it is left quite open as to what it was

Now my theory is David has the most intricate and genius many year plan to achieve "God Status" and wiping out any intelligent life on the way would please him too i guess.

My original theory was he was a W employee and when the Prometheus embarked he had knowledge of the Covenant mission. Possibly knowing where it is heading in space.

He done some crazy math i.e. take off coords of Covenant, direction,speed etc.. working out that if he stayed on that planet, that many years then Covenant would fly past at some point and would be approx 2 weeks travel from the Planet.

So his job was to cause an event that would cause some damage, revive the crew and also have them recognise a perfect planet, smack in the centre of the habitable zone (50/50smack in) with so much appeal they would check it out with a cleverly sent signal which they only happened during repairs. dont worry if they did not find the signal, they would of some way, its all in the plan)


You could say it was a good job oram was captain as the original captain would not entertain that idea. Well you never know someone at WY may or may not have had a hand in that. oooh conspiracy before the Covenant take off !! Fancy that. oh gosh there is a ADF prequel novel surrounding something similar or connected maybe ??

I could go on but i will let you guys have your say.........


Take This.... This is the blood of our lord

41 Responses to David and the burst a 10 yr plan


Aug-18-2017 8:00 AM

yes I asked about it kethol and I do think the idea was good and should have made it into the film. but ur posts gave me the impression u were adding something that does not exist into the movie to add weight to ur argument.


Aug-18-2017 8:28 AM

@I Moon Girl, no apologies for your long posts please. They are most interesting.

You appear to have constructed some of your argument from the book, which talks about gravitational distortion precluding earlier detection of the energy event (the movie does not). In fact, the book actually contradicts the movie by having Mother declare that she detected an energy burst of heavy particles (no mention of neutrinos at all). Which is somewhat annoying.

In respect of supernovae, they really can be discounted as a source because they are very rare events indeed. In our galaxy of 200 billion stars, it's confirmed they only happen at the rate of about once or twice a century. They are so powerful, that we would see them on Earth when they happen anywhere in our galaxy. Novae, on the other hand, which are known to yield neutrino bursts, are a weekly occurrence.

You might want to check out Ask Science on reddit. There are plenty of knowledgable science professionals there who will tell you what is needed to produce a neutrino.


Aug-18-2017 8:54 AM

@Ali81 - David was surprised when he found out it was a colony ship in both the movie and the script.

In the movie it is never said David was trapped on the planet or that he sent the message to lure a ship, but we can presume both from the evidence. Since both of those were made were written in the script, isn't it safe to assume that was the intent?


Aug-18-2017 8:58 AM

thombach, u r correct and I agree completely, what im actually replying to is yogis' post about there being satellites in orbit which are in the early draft john logan script. there is no mention or hint of them in the movie so just because their in that early draft doesn't mean they exist


Aug-18-2017 9:05 AM

@Thomback - Yes, it is.

I'll throw out another quote, this one from screenplay writer Dante Harper.

"In my drafts of the screenplay — and I'm sure drafts that came along later — even if you're keeping things shrouded in mystery, I think you actually have to know what happened, because people can tell when they see a tip of an iceberg but there's no real iceberg underneath it and you really haven't done the math, you haven't figured out what happened. I think I could write a small book about all the things that happened, because we had to figure all that out. So the question became, "How much are we going to learn?" One of the things that was interesting about the final cut of the film is we actually ended up learning a lot less than was possible given the drafts that we had. That was always the question with every draft, "How much can we reveal, how much can we not?" At the end of the day, I think a lot of those decisions got made in the editing room. You can tell the information is there. I think they pulled back in places."

Ridley does not like to spoon feed answers - I know, understatement of the century! - but, he wants us to be doing exactly what we are doing now.


Aug-18-2017 9:09 AM

sorry I have made a mistake, it wasn't yogi who commented on the satellites, u have to forgive me im not 100% at the races yet today lol was a long shift last night. kethol kindly mentioned the satellites


Aug-18-2017 10:07 AM

"You could say it was a good job oram was captain as the original captain would not entertain that idea. Well you never know someone at WY may or may not have had a hand in that. oooh conspiracy before the Covenant take off !! Fancy that. oh gosh there is a ADF prequel novel surrounding something similar or connected maybe ??"

Great angle sherris. Yes this does help big time with the excitement of the prequel novel coming out next month, thank you so much. There are many areas to assume "ill intentions" in the release of the prequel synopsis.

Awesome details from the Logan script Kethol. I assumed that the Engineers were able to mask their location and David 8 put that to use with the storm to hobble the Covenant crew. It is so interesting to read the script and ponder the thinking that went into developing the concepts that made it into Alien: Covenant.

"That is a perfect shipment for David!  Is he really that lucky?  Hopefully we find out soon!"

That is a great way to put it I Moon Girl. I too think that the Covenant ship may have been a "clinical trial" with David 8 running it for corporate far away from the frontier. And, I agree, David 8 is a weaponized liar.



Aug-18-2017 10:51 AM

Many Thanks Ingenerio - Also to everyone who contributed ali91,Kethol,Lawrece of Arabia,i moon girl,hox,Thrombach and anyone i missed great debate !!

Still wondering about David causing some event, regardless of name that lead into a set of motions. Or with super tech he diverted it through sectors maybe remotely with some on world ecgineer tech.

Maybe the novel gives us a bone or 2 !!

Many Thanks

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


Aug-18-2017 11:10 AM

Kethol - u many be right. RS does want us doing this. but personally i want it in movie, not spoon fed but subtle hints then debate on here. one film then alien is very worrying btw. Just think of the miles from the need planets.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


Aug-18-2017 11:25 AM

Sherris, blame Stanley Kubrick :) That's where Ridley got that habit. At least he is not as bad as David Lynch!



Aug-18-2017 11:42 AM

awe stan the man. wonderful director n love his movies but ur so right. that lets leave this as ambiguous as we can started right there with him. 'u see, its all so clear to me now'. well dip me in chocolate Bowman im ecstatic for u chico but mind explaining it to the rest of us? lol

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