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The DHD and the Blu-ray Version of Covenant Shows More?




Posted Jul-26-2017 6:19 PM

Visit the awesome topic ’Alien: Covenant San Diego Comic Con Images And Video’


by garethmb and watch the video made by him.


I think the video footage (the test video) shows the scenes of Covenant in a much better way. If I’m not mistaken, the mouthburst scene is not dark, the neomorph attack scene includes more blood, the shower scene looks more brutal, etc.

Will the digital HD and the Blu-ray version of the movie contain more horror?

Image by Luis Royo


14 Responses to The DHD and the Blu-ray Version of Covenant Shows More?


Jul-26-2017 6:23 PM

Don't forget that you can own the movie on Digital HD from August 1 / on Blu-ray and DVD from August 15.

Enjoy the certification test, enjoy the Covenant!


Jul-27-2017 2:20 PM

Lol- thanks, I preordered as soon as it was allowed.

........Oh my.....that is an interesting picture.........


Jul-27-2017 3:02 PM

dk - Oh, yes, I hope it's not too adult, I like it very much, it was created by Luis Royo, the same artist whose concept art image you like so much from my 'Visual Ideas' post.

As for me, it would be good to see something similar in a future Alien movie, I like traditional robots very much.


Jul-27-2017 3:08 PM

Ati- I really honestly cannot judge in this case. After all, we cannot forget HR Giger and I was given a pass last year for posting this:


Jul-27-2017 3:12 PM

David's dream... :)


Jul-27-2017 3:50 PM

That said, we need to be careful with imagery that is posted. It can be a fine line between art with sexual connotations vs overt pornography. I am reminded of a time when some one hacked BigDave somehow and had a Japanese style Hentai (I think that is what it's called) image of fellatio posted as his sig.


Jul-27-2017 5:43 PM

Could not get the video to play, but i did hear there was more Gory Scenes that had to be cut/toned down to get the movie to a Cert 15 or equivalent so it will be interesting if we get the more Gory Version on Blu-ray/DVD etc


Yeah i remember that Hack ;)

I wonder if that was really what David had planned for Dr Shaw, some of the concept work looked very similar lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-27-2017 5:50 PM

 BigDave I imagine you remember that hack way better than anyone else. Fortunately you were well established and known to all so the forum knew it was bogus. It still must have been unsettling for you though- I can only imagine.

Had it been a newer member with no real reputation either way, I wonder how things may have played out.


Jul-27-2017 5:57 PM

I remember well, too. I informed BigDave about it. :D


Jul-27-2017 6:19 PM

LOL yeah i remember...

I never noticed until a few had pointed it out to me... only then i noticed and informed Chris lol

If i was going to go that route i would have used some of HR Gigers Stuff instead ;)   Funny thing is now we have all seen the Movie, it kind of was like the Flute Scene.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-27-2017 6:26 PM

Ati LOL! I remember on a thread before DB found out- a couple staffers merely posted stuff like- "Well, BigDave, that little girl seems to enjoy that shower" or some such teasing!


Jul-27-2017 6:31 PM

Disgusting joke! :D :D


Jul-28-2017 6:45 AM

If there was more gore in the DVD/Blu version it would be marketed that way.

There will be deleted scenes, but the home video version of the movie will be the exact directors cut we got in theaters.


Jul-30-2017 5:09 AM

@Kethol the FIRST release will be the "theatrical cut"...followed by an extensive "Director's Cut" about 6-12 months later, followed by an "Ultimate Edition" and a repackaged Quadrilogy, with repackaged Prometheus, etc., about 1-2 years later. That's usually what "they" do...

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