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ridley scott mentions the possibility of ripley being in his prequel series. thoughts?

ridley scott mentions the possibility of ripley being in his prequel series. thoughts?

Timmy the ultramorph



Posted Jul-15-2017 11:49 PM

i heard somewere that ridley scott saise that there is a  possibility of putting ripley in the the prequels. if he decides to do you think its a good idea? in my opinion it is not. if she already had some important connection to the xenomorph, it would take away the impact of that she is just a normal person who just happens to be put in a situation with a xenomorph. I dont really see how it would work in the prequals anyway unless after the prequels are over he decides to do something similar to neil blomcamps scrapped alien 5 were it would reverse the events of alien 3 and alien resurrection. now i dont care if alien ressurection is erased from cannon but alien 3 is a different matter for me. I might get abit of hate for this but I personally like alien 3 even better then 1986s aliens. it would be terrible in my opinion if its story was taken away. do you think it would be a good idea or not. let me know in the comments.

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17 Responses to ridley scott mentions the possibility of ripley being in his prequel series. thoughts?

Something Real

Jul-15-2017 11:57 PM

TIMMY THE ULTRAMORPH - I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do not believe Ripley should appear in the next films. Her inclusion, to me, would cheapen the stories. We must look forward and create new and interesting characters! :)


Jul-16-2017 6:12 AM

I actually suggest bring Ash to the prequel, or kind of mention him in the story. 


Jul-16-2017 6:12 AM

or put Jonesy on board  :D


Jul-16-2017 8:25 AM



Mars colony 7

Industrial espionage is a very dangerous occupation, more so in the age of synthetic humans.

David had broken her neck.

He had driven her head against a Laboratory wall, never intending on killing her, it was only when she employed a very dangerous device, did it become his only option.

Standing above the intruder, he removed the gadget from her hand. A quick examination revealed a EMP type weapon.

Suddenly, The door to the lab opened and Peter Weyland entered. He had watched the incident from a secured area and just now found it safe to venture out. Avoiding broken glass and overturned desks, he walked over and stood by his son.

“I killed her.”, David declared.

Peter Weyland paused, “No, We killed her David.” Seizing on an opportunity to bond with his son, he stated, “It was self defense, kill or be killed.”

Without another word, David set the weapon on a desk and returned to his studies.

Peter Weyland examined the trespasser. Seeing her up close, Peter thought she resembled his late wife Ellen, every bit as tall, just as audacious and a brunette to boot! A pity to lose something so young and supple, he thought. A slight smile crossed his face. He would save the dead woman! Return her to life, albeit a life of slavery, but a life nonetheless! She would become his personal secretary and lover.

Peter Weyland felt rejuvenated.

“David, gather the body and follow me to the clone tank".



She was given the name Ellen, David suggesting the surname Ripley, his father liked the embedded gallows humor and it was settled.

Ellen Ripley would remain with Weyland Industries as long as she lived. And on her deaths, re-grown by MUTHUR, previous life records expunged from the database, nannies assigned and future jobs secured.

Ellen’s service to the Guan-Yutani Corporation mercifully ended with the successful deletion of the MUTHUR virus in the year of our lord 2486.

Notes: Not sure how fandom would react to Ripley already being a clone for A L I E N?! (It would certainly open up the universe for hundreds of new Ripley stories. lol!)

Ellen Ripley a product of Peter Weyland and David would tie the first two movies with the last four, to say the least. Better I think, then Ripley's dad or mother showing up in the prequels.



Jul-16-2017 8:58 AM

I would prefer not to see Ripley show up in the prequels, but I have also said that it wouldn't ruin it for me either. I am assuming/hoping it would be executed well (since that is a big thing to do). 

I know the fact that Ripley (theoretically) having a connection to this mess before Alien occurs would indeed sort of kill the, "normal person rising to the challenge," vibe, but seeing how she was doomed to fight the xenomorphs after getting off of the Nostromo for the rest of her life... If Ellen Ripley's destiny was to face the xenomorphs, it wouldn't really be that much of a stretch. It is a case of the original movie changing a bit (which kind of sucks), but the sequels kind of already did that a little bit. 

Now, I am pretty sure that Ellen Ripley would only be teased to the audience, IF she were to be part of the prequels, but yeah. 

Not a map, an invitation


Jul-16-2017 9:00 AM

MonsterZero, I mean, her already being a clone and under those circumstances?? That's actually pretty awesome! Don't think I would like to see it play out on a screen, but could be damn good book or short story! What you wrote there was pretty riveting!

Not a map, an invitation


Jul-16-2017 10:54 AM

Thanks cuponator3000!

Wish i had the time to follow up on these fan fictions!

I seem to start them...then move on! 


Jul-16-2017 11:39 AM

I tend to agree with the idea that her being a normal person thrown into crazy circumstances to which she has no prior connection is part of what makes her so bad-ass.


I really really liked the suggestion that MonsterZero gave a while back, that Ash is David -- i.e., David downloaded his consciousness into Ash. Man, MonsterZero your description of that scene literally gave me chills, you should like...send it to Ridley Scott or something.


Also, I really hope you will start writing fan fic! (Even though I'm not sure it will work on screen, I like your excerpt here about Ripley being a clone all along).


You are an awesome writer, I want to read more! You can write short, impactful stories, they don't need to be long! :D


Also, regarding the possibility of Alien^3 getting retconned... I like Alien^3 so part of me wouldn't like that but...part of me would like to imagine a better outcome for Newt and Bishop, so I'd have mixed emotions on it.

Timmy the ultramorph

Jul-16-2017 12:32 PM

Thats actually something that i liked about alien 3. it had the guts to say,"oh, your the main character and have way more of a chance of survival than anyone else? well too bad i am going to brutally murder you anyway" it gives me a feeling of unpredictability that no one is safe in the alien universe.

food ain't that bad! - Parker


Jul-16-2017 2:01 PM

@Timmy the ultramorph

Yes, I could see that. I guess, having Newt and Bishop (Bishop,  kind of) die even before the start of the movie just feels like so much more of a loss.

Similar to what happened to Shaw - so unceremonious!

I guess it's just that, now that I've become legitimately attached to Daniels, Walter and Tennessee, I'm scared to see something similar happen to them!

Somehow I'd prefer to watch each of them die fighting rather than have their death's just become a perfunctory footnote at the beginning of the next film.

But, I'm sure, even if that does happen in the next movie I'll love it just the same. I'll be a little horrified. But I guess that's part and parcel of the genre.


Jul-16-2017 3:19 PM

Thanks VivisectedEngineer! Love to write more fic...But I tend to start fires, not put them out! lol!


"I guess it's just that, now that I've become legitimately attached to Daniels, Walter and Tennessee, I'm scared to see something similar happen to them!"

I love Danny, Walt and Tee! I really hope they're in the next movie(s). NOT dumped like Shaw/Newt/Bishop or Hicks.


Started a Ash fan fic(off topic)



                The detonation ripped a gaping hole in the Minerva. Ash and his fellow scientists were expelled into space. Tumbling, disoriented and without suits, they were doomed. Seeing Helen drift away from him, he pushed towards her......just catching her arm! Helen's expression was pure terror. Ash did his best to calm her, He would be there for his helen, she wouldn't die alone.........


                            Chapter 1

                  "Permission to come aboard"
Science vessel: Proteus
Location: Alpha Caeli V, Solomons

              Ash boarded the vessel with trepidation. They were bound for the Origae system with a goal of visiting a new colony. but, lack of communication from the transport vessel Covenant, was putting his trip in jeopardy! Only six months from their destination: Origae-6, the Covenant's strange vector telemetry and multiple delays were putting their arrival time in disarray, further delays and the Proteus would reach Origae6 before the Covenant! This would simply not do. He needed the colony established for at least 6 months to gather his data. His time was valuable and better spent elsewhere.


Jul-16-2017 4:18 PM


I love that prologue! Oh my gosh, I am imagining Ash and Helen having a relationship similar to that of Walter and Daniels! How tragic, as there is nothing Ash can do for her, except be there! I suppose if I had to die in the vacuum of space, having a close android companion with me would be of at least some small comfort.

You are very good at describing scenes, I really hope we get to read more!

"Love to write more fic...But I tend to start fires, not put them out! lol!"

I'll tell you something I don't usually like to tell people on the internet because as soon as I do, everyone immediately starts to nit-pick my every grammatical error: I teach middle school literature.

Some of the best best stories are fires that are never entirely put out -- short stories with ambiguous, thought-provoking endings. I love assigning such stories in class and having my students think up, discuss and defend their own endings.


I really would love to read your fan-fics even if you decide to keep them short and leave the conflicts unresolved.


Jul-16-2017 5:34 PM

"I teach middle school literature."

So awesome! I'd love to had an Alien fan as my teacher!!! Hole  e' crap!!

Ash and Helen: Yes, I'm writing Ash much different...because I think David *is* Ash in Alien.



Jul-16-2017 5:57 PM

Ha ha.. nice Fan Fiction MonsterZero... i need to motivate me to finish mine off ;)

I do think the Ripley Clone idea is a nice little bit of fan fiction, but then to pull it off on a movie, it could split fans lol but then also its how do you De-Age Ripley?  Miss Weaver is getting on now.

And i think this is the Problem RS/FOX will have if they attempt to bring Ripley back into the FOLD... they will have a hard time trying to portray Miss Weaver as anything under 50 years of age.  Maybe a Bit of CGI etc could help..... but certainly to try and bring in a Ripley to look in her 30's would be too difficult unless a lot of money was thrown at it.  And well The T-800 in Terminator Genisys or Tarkin from Rogue One looked pretty Good... they was expensive to do and then only appeared in Cameos, to do this quality CGI for a Character playing longer would cost so much and with FOX only coughing up $97M for Alien: Covenant i cant see them investing a massive Budget to pull off some CGI De-Aging ....However RS has mentioned a few times now about how you can De-Age Miss Weaver... if this was done on a Tight Budget then imagine how shocking this would look.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-16-2017 6:09 PM

when working on my Prometheus 2, i had Miss Weaver as a Cameo playing Dr Shaw's Grandmother who was her Guardian after the Death of Shaws Father.  Her name was Ellen Shaw and it was at her Funeral and so the Cameo was brief. 

But looking at how to bring in Ripley into the Sequels if they Re-booted Aliens, or Alien 3 etc i think story wise it would fit, but then its pulling of a 30+ year old Ripley.

But to bring her into the Prequels would make NO Sense.. due to time restraints, yet this is what RS is teasing.

Ellen Ripley is Born in 2092, she would be nearly 13 when the events of Alien: Covenant take place.... so they could introduce her as a 12-13 year old i suppose...  but then this would have to take place during the Covenant Mission to Origae-6 but RS is hinting the next movie would not have Ripley but the one after.

Now if Alien Awakening takes place after Alien Covenant, but we do not see Ripley, this means a latter movie would either by after they arrive at Origae-6 and Ripley is part of a Colony there already, or she is awoken from Cyro-Sleep..

Now it will take the Covenant 7 years to get to Origae-6 which would make Ellen Ripley 19-20 years old, then if she is on the Covenant we have to ask how does a 12 year old in Cryo-sleep age in 7 years... do they appear as a 19 year old? or younger.

Unless she is on Origae-6 already (which i think it had not colony at present) even so we need to then consider from Origae-6 to our Solar system would be another 7+ years, so the Covenant arrives in the year late 2111 or early 2112 then events happen and we are introduced to Ripley, if this is on Origae-6 we then have to see her get from here to the Nostromo within the Space of 10 years... considering unless another ship travels faster than the Covenant, then we could be looking at another 7 years after that (2118-2119).

And so i cant see how introducing a Ripley in the timeline between Alien Covenant and Alien, and her being on the Covenant or Origae-6 will even fit in at all.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-16-2017 6:35 PM

Nah, the only way i reckon she should be in it is have her and the nostromo crew in a scene boarding the nostromo from a distance, say at the facility at thedus, using younger look alikes with a bit of cgi like BigDave mentioned, just like the long shot of vader, palpatine and tarkin at the end of revenge of the sith overlooking the construction of the death star. 


Jul-16-2017 6:45 PM


Haha, well, I never actually tell my students that I'm an Alien fan. The last thing I need is a bunch of parents complaining that I influenced their child to watch a movie that gave them nighmares, lol.


"Ash and Helen: Yes, I'm writing Ash much different...because I think David *is* Ash in Alien."

I figured, based on your other short! I was picturing Ash as a nice, helpful Android -- like Walter and Bishop. I can't wait to read more about Ash and Helen! :D

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