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David...The future power behind Weyland-Yutani

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May-22-2017 5:25 PM


I was musing about the idea of Ridley yanking the carpet out from under us all and never getting back to the Derelict in the final prequel, but instead ending on a note where David has been separated from his "children" and somehow finds a way to upload himself into the Weyland-Yutani mainframe, where he then replaces the executive team with synthetics.

He then rules over the company quietly, waiting for the day when those directives he planted in the system (special order 937) will finally bring his "children" home and usher in his dream of annihilation for humanity.

Would this outcome be completely unacceptable to you, or could you get on board with it if done right?

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May-22-2017 5:29 PM

I think this is the kind of direction things are already starting to go in. I find it acceptable and logical from what we have seen in AC


May-22-2017 5:35 PM


This isn't the only outcome I'd be happy with but I'd gladly accept it. You speak the truth. It is a very logical and sensible direction to take that I can't see many people being upset with.


May-22-2017 9:10 PM

Well, we read about Ash uploading his consciousness (I may have dearly mispelled that) to the Narcissus (also possible msipelling) and then that other ship that Ripley ended up on in the book. "Out of the Shadows," So it isn't a first for the Alien universe. 

It sounds a little cheesy, but I do agree it could be a logical way to go. My final word is that I don't think this is where Ridely or Fox are going to take it. What do I know though, I didn't think they would make David the Xeno creator (I have mixed emotions on that haha) 

Not a map, an invitation


May-23-2017 5:05 AM

After watching A:C i tend to be led to this conclusion. Especially after the prolog with Weyland and David at his creation. This reminded the view that Wayland is Dead. no doubt the reason for the Weyland/Yutani merger. But who is actually in control of the "company?" The only sign to me that he may not take control is Ash. David is extremely narcissistic, even to the point where he kisses himself. so i don't see him designing other models that don't look like him. Though Ash clearly was able to act human. something he disliked in how they designed Walter so  perhaps. 

All we know is that someone knew that the derelict had crashed on LV426 and had uploaded special instructions to Mother. David is the obvious choice.


May-23-2017 7:10 AM

i think your theory is certainly possible.

the fact that david is at the centre of all this, maybe due in part to fassbenders delivery of the character but also scotts relationship with a.i

my only concern is that scott appears to be listening to the majority and not the few.

so depending on how reaction is to a:c may ultimately decide the direction of the franchise. which is appalling to the few. us on here and probably a few more.

and by this i mean that the details/timeline/universe seem very vulnerable. also the answers we crave may never come to be.

i can honestly see a situation where the direction of the film is changed and could mean that the space jockey riddle is already answered so no need to cover that, we put enough clues out.

so we have a situation where prometheus answered that question - there was a outbreak on lv223 and the derelict crashed on the next moon. the eggs can remain a mystery. we dont have to assume david made the first egg, its sounds a stretch anyway.

so when we soon start to demand answers to the questions in prometheus/covenant/alien there could be so many to cover that the parts with a loose connection can just be made to be.

then that would cause an outcry but it is a possibility imo????

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


May-23-2017 10:05 AM



"i can honestly see a situation where the direction of the film is changed and could mean that the space jockey riddle is already answered so no need to cover that, we put enough clues out."

I agree. I think it's totally possible we never get back to the Jockey itself or that specific ship. We may also never get an answer as to whether David created the eggs or copied a blueprint he found in the Juggernaut. We simply are left knowing that it was either him or them. Either the ship was sent around the time of the outbreak on 223 fully loaded with eggs, or David's cargo was somehow captured (something Ridley may do well to leave ambiguous.)


May-23-2017 4:37 PM

I do think Scott and the studio is being bounced around to much to really tell the story Scott wanted to tell. Prometheus was originally meant to feature the xeno so no way is David being their creator the original idea for the prequels. That said i like the idea and it doesn't make the Alien any less fierce or terrifying. 


May-23-2017 5:31 PM

David's Xeno's are CLOSE to the same ones from 79, but there are clear cosmetic and gestational differences. They are not exactly the same species.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


May-23-2017 9:54 PM


Yup, you, me, we all see it. The question is, will Scott hold true here?

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