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Posted May-19-2017 4:20 AM

I got two points i´d like to share here:


1) MOTHER granted David access to the chamber that inhabits the embryos and the 2000 colonists. David identifies himself as "David" to her and he also knows the access-code. This gave me the thought that MOTHER´s programmers must be aware of David. (I can´t remember who, but i guess it was David) said something like "2000 colonists and embroys on a mission to an unknown planet, doesn´t that sound a little strange to you?"

My conclusion is, that who ever (WY-Corp?) sent the Covenant on its tripp to Origae-6 is aware of the things that are going on. Maybe they where warned by E. Shaw and saw a chance to make a profit in any way, like they did years later with the Nostromo-Crew... They sent David human guinea pigs or something.


2) Comparing the protomorph and the xenomorph:

- the proto lacks in all the biomechanic stuff of the xeno.

- the proto is more like a wild beast/animal on a rampage. The xeno is more like a quiet hunter, well-considered.

David is a biomechanical/synthetic android, who´s also well-considered and more quiet in his behaviour... you do the math.

I love the idea that David continues his experiments and comes to the conclusion "Hey, I am far better then my creators. Therefore my creation must become even more powerful if I combine it with myself."


One last question: how did David craft the eggs? Did he breed a "proto-queen" from Shaw who was the only human beeing he had access to?


Sorry for my bad english...

3 Responses to David´s Last Sentence *SPOILER*

Cerulean Blue

May-19-2017 7:02 AM

ARRGGH, nothing posted?!?

Cerulean Blue

May-19-2017 8:17 AM

Ok, it is now there & a great post!


May-19-2017 8:20 AM

He created the eggs for sure. He did something to shaw. It's left open ended so we will have to wait and see what happens next. What we know for sure is that david created the alien in covenant by experimenting with the black goo. 

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