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Confirmed: David DOES have Brown Hair

Confirmed: David DOES have Brown Hair

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Feb-09-2017 11:49 AM

Contrary to what many initially thought was Walter (the other android Michael Fassbender plays in Alien: Covenant), the flashback scene we witness briefly in the first trailer was in fact David - and yes, he had brown hair. This raises many questions now - was that David or Walter with Crudup in the Egg chamber? Hmmm...

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Feb-09-2017 11:56 AM

I knew it was David because it was a flashback and Walter is a newer model released way later.

I think the android in the egg room is Walter, because the cloaked firearm- wielding David seem to have long hair in the trailer. 


Feb-09-2017 12:02 PM

would make for a great twist if the android is walter in the egg chamber scene. he doesn't appear to flinch or help so is walter more like ash????? and then who is the evil droid, david or walter? or both????


Feb-09-2017 12:14 PM

Help me understand this then?  BLonde hair dying his roots?  Why would android hair grow?


Feb-09-2017 12:15 PM


Walter might not know whats going on so him not doing anything would be a wait and see what happens reaction.



Feb-09-2017 12:20 PM

It would be good to know whether the different android models share the same features regarding their gestures, body language, facial expressions, etc...

Focusing on the face, he looks like Walter, but his way he is standing there, his posture, resembles David. So it is possible that he is David pretending to be Walter... Or we see Walter's body, but it is only the body, in fact there is David in that head, because he deleted Walter's memory and copied/transferred himself into the 'empty brain'...

And an extra question: How do we know that there are only two androids in the movie?


Feb-09-2017 12:24 PM

Neomorph well spotted.

i cant even believe i missed that, indeed under the cloak it does look like long blonde hair. I have never seen as Hi Resolution capture and so thank you.

I hope this does not go too SPOILERY.... for some..

But i keep it simple.... not to detailed.

Looking at this Hi-Res Photo now makes me think this is not David at all,  despite the Blonde Hair, or so it seems.. its all a bit confusing... i had come across another that i assume False Screening much like 4Chan one and well IMDB and this image makes me cast doubt on the new one, just as many screens prior made me cast doubt on 4Chan one.

The clothing under that cloak does look a lot like what Walter was wearing in the Trailer, he is wearing a long sleeved grey/green ish sweater with a sleeveless blue/grey hoody under it. In the shot at 45 seconds when he is in the cargo hold, holding a Torch.

The Egg Cave shot is also a grey long sleeved top,  and i cant think where David would get these from as he was wearing only a grey T-Shirt with Weyland logo and grey pants/trousers .

If this was CCTV trying to catch a criminal all evidence points to Walter in both the Cave shot and the Cloaked Figure. 

The weapon is also very Human Tech, the only place David would get this would be from a dead body of one of the Covenant Crew IMO.

It appears to be some kind of Flare Gun, but could be a grenade launcher.




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 12:27 PM

I also think it's a grenade launcher BigDave 


Feb-09-2017 12:28 PM


yeah I get what ur saying, but if it is walter and he does nothing, that would make for a wonderful twist to the story. is he operating under similar orders as ash was to bring back a live specimen? is the crew expendable? depending on how far into the movie the scene is, maybe walter has become aware of davids experiments and is curious himself as to what is going to happen?


Feb-09-2017 12:31 PM


The whole Copy brain thing i think is at play yes, as far as from each David Proto-type to the next.   And so as discussed before that shot of the White Room is a David model, if its with a Guy Pearce with no Old Man Make up, it would make this David either David 1 in 2025 or up to David 3 model.

I thought it would be David 1 in 2025 and then the David 2 proto-type this David 1 gets his memories etc transferred and this carries on and on until David 8 which has nearly 70 years of memories and experiences that makes his Soul.

This Tweet from the official Twitter page, confirms this now IMO

But as far as David on Paradise being able to transfer his consciousness into Walter, i think it would be a Twist we can see a Mile off, but would be less problematic than a David simply killing off Walter and then dye his hair the same etc.

The question is how would David have the Technology to do that? how do Androids to this?    Like how we can Blu-tooth data from Phones or Wireless upgrades?

This would be a massive design flaw as imagine a Rogue Android able to remotely upgrade the software of other Androids.

We cant rule out David transfer his mind to Walters...  not a idea i would like but who knows.. time will tell.



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 12:33 PM

The more unpredictable events a lá Tarantino the better imo 


Feb-09-2017 12:35 PM

I think that maybe we will be led to think David is the bad guy but in the end we find he has a Soul after all and Walter is the bad guy... well he is a straight up Android like Ash was.

As far as the Grenade Launcher i dont know, i am sure 4Chan leak said he blows up the Drop Ship but then week or so latter changed that to no he did not LOL

I think logically its a Flair Gun to use by the exploration party in case they get in trouble, and pretty much used for the same reasons anyone on Earth would take a Flair Gun with them.

Potentially to aid with rescue etc..

I think certainly a Flair may Scare off a Neomorph, but then 4Chan claims they are mind controlled instead LOL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 12:48 PM

Hm yeah on a second thought a grenade launcher is probably not the ideal choice of weaponry to bring on a journey through space and to another planet. Good point.

NOTE: If Mr. Cloak is David, maybe he's calling for "help" to an incoming dropship with the flare gun? 


Feb-09-2017 12:49 PM

All his hair product was lost on Prometheus.


Feb-09-2017 12:55 PM


So that's the reason why David is pissed off? TWIST!!

Dark Nebula

Feb-09-2017 12:55 PM

Really confusing.

There was a leak from last year that said that theres an opening scene with David and young Peter Weyland in a white room.

That post claims that its David from the trailer.There was also a picture of "Walter" playing a piano in a room that looks the same as the one from the trailer (could it be Walter?).


There was also another plot synopsis which leads me into thinking that Walter might become evil or join David.

"When a shipload of human colonists investigates an apparently habitable planet, they have no idea of the horror they are about to discover. But the biggest danger may perhaps come from a more unexpected source…"





Feb-09-2017 12:59 PM

Sure Dark Nebula but that "source" could refer to the spores, David, the eggs, or another human crewmember.

I'm not excluding the fact that Walter could turn against the crew but the cat and mouse statement between the two androids speaks against that imo.


Feb-09-2017 1:36 PM

@Dark Nebula 

Indeed that rumor was when it was rumored Guy Pearce would be in the movie and David would play Enter the Gods of Vaialla

On a Piano...

I think the release of the Trailer and the Shot of David with a Piano confirms this rumor to had been 100% Correct.

I think this scene is David 1 which Weyland had produced in the year 2025 and this scene is relevant to David 8 and not Walter.

As i predict Weyland had each Proto-type carry over the memories from the previous one.. making each first of each model unique and Weylands own Personnel Androids and thus Son.

so David 8 would have amassed memories and experiences from over 70 years by the time he was finally set free after the Death of his Father.

I would further speculate that Weylands Objective and Agenda was to create the Perfect most Advanced Synthetic so that one day when Weyland could created Technology to transfer his own Memories and Experiences into a Synthetic.  Then Weyland would Cheat Death and become Immortal.

Thus this process is in effect how David has a Soul, and Weylands aim was for him to one day be able to transfer his own Soul into a David Synthetic.

But as Weyland grew old, for all his accomplishments this is one feet Weyland could never do, he was never able to be able to Transfer his owl Soul.

And so Shaw and Holloways findings about where potentially our creators came from, Gave the dying old Man his ONE LAST chance to maybe salvage some hope of Immortality.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 1:38 PM

This is a long term theory i had even prior to Prometheus, as i was wondering when that movies Trailers and released Marketing etc came out.

I was wondering does that device that David uses to monitor dreams actually able to upload the persons whole Memories?

But indeed that was not the case... but i would not be surprised if Weyland invented such Technology in the hope that it could lead to such a thing.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 1:53 PM

HMMM...The more snippets of information that are leaked out, The more I believe that David has some tenets of Peter Weyland's persona. Not sure how it is done, but it would sure explain a lot of David's motivations and his unexpected emotional responses throughout the last movie.  Can't wait to find out if this is revealed when AC is released....


Feb-09-2017 2:08 PM

If David has been brought up by and around Weyland then i think there could be elements he would take on board, but also elements of Weyland he may despise.

David can indeed take on inspirations and persona, he did so with Peter O'toole's Lawrence of Arabia so i think over the many years which i suspect as being 69 with quite a bit of company he may have picked up some here and there and certainly some off Weyland.

The Question is what inspirations does he take in during the next 10 years since he found out about LV-223, The Engineers, arriving at Paradise and being Free.

David meets his Maker in that opening Scene as shown in the OP, did he at any point meet ours? or indeed the Engineers Maker? 

No doubt i think he would have gained knowledge of such things, but its a case of how much will he spill to the viewers?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2017 4:29 PM


One way we could reconcile the clothes and the hair is by assuming that the cloaked figure is in fact David, his hair has grown out, and he is wearing this outfit.



or this one


Feb-09-2017 5:27 PM

Dark Nebula

"There was also a picture of "Walter" playing a piano in a room that looks the same as the one from the trailer (could it be Walter?)."

I wonder if it's both David and Walter.

It's entirely possible that if Walter and David unexpectedly join forces at the end of the film, we may be graced with a "let's bring it all home" scene where we see juxtaposed flashbacks of Weyland instructing David and Walter in the exact same manner. This of course being the moment it is revealed to the audience that they were trained to walk the same path, only perhaps at different times.

It may even be the case that Weyland trained Walter as a backup in case something happened to David OR it's even possible that Weyland had Walter trained by David himself.

Take a look at this comparison. We know the pictures on the right and the left are supposed to be Walter. Am I the only one who thinks the middle Fassbender looks older with a different hairline?


Feb-09-2017 6:10 PM

BigDave -- It will be very easy to distinguish David and Walter. David looks much-much-much younger. :)


Feb-09-2017 6:29 PM

"One way we could reconcile the clothes and the hair is by assuming that the cloaked figure is in fact David, his hair has grown out, and he is wearing this outfit."

Depends if he and Shaw could salvage any clothes other than what they had on.


Feb-09-2017 6:38 PM


Agreed. Though there may have been and extra outfit or two on the life boat.


Feb-09-2017 6:51 PM

All Vickers clothes were there - the question is whether Shaw ventured back there or not (I tend to think not).


Feb-09-2017 7:32 PM


There may have been clothes there for Weyland as well. As far as Shaw being unwilling to return, that's possibly true unless David was able to sense the engineer and trilobite were no longer a threat. Considering there was no way for Shaw to know whether the Juggernaut would have all the means to sustain a human life, it would have been foolish for her to leave without first collecting whatever she could to bring with her. In such a situation where there really is nothing left to loot except the lifeboat, it would have been her only chance.

David was able to know that the engineer was coming in her direction when she was in the life boat. If he told her that the engineer and the trilobite were no longer a threat or that they had "subdued" each other, she probably would trust him.


Feb-10-2017 7:22 AM


I indeed thought the same when i first saw the Trailer and i even made a post about it and showed TWO different Clothes, the Green Shirt and Grey and wondered how they would fit in with the Cloaked Figure who appeared to have Green, and Egg Cave one which was Grey.

The Hi Res Cloaked figure however looks Grey too, the thing is Walter is seen wearing both Grey Top but then also a Green Shirt in the Trailer, so its a question to which is he wearing latter on?

But when i was discussing this before i watched Prometheus and confirmed that David was wearing this prior to Suiting up and going back down to the Juggernaught for one last time.

I cant find the image on the internet, i will have dig out Prometheus and screen grab, but take my word for it.. well you can re-watch it and you will notice David when he attended to Weyland's Feet and then when he was to suit up, David would only be wearing a Grey T-shirt but i am sure one with a Yellow Emblem.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-10-2017 7:33 AM

"Depends if he and Shaw could salvage any clothes other than what they had on."

Good point SM and QueenElizabethShaw how you carried on with it, but i think at the time of the crash of the Prometheus and Juggernaught,  when Shaw had got to the Lifeboat i dont think escaping was on her mind.

She basically used his as a break, so she could rest .. pour herself a Vodka and take a time out to think what the Hell is she going to do now.  She had at this point considered she would be stranded on that Life Boat and would have to wait out up to 2 years in the hope someone comes and finds her.

She mentions this in a way when David contacts her after her ordeal with the Engineer.   Shaw prior was maybe taking a time out and before she knew it, the Engineer was coming and i doubt she had any plans but to grab what ever she could fit in that bag as she left the Lifeboat after witnessing the Trilobite and Engineer Fight.

After she recovers David, i dont think she would be foolish enough to go back to the Juggernaught, especially as David has offered a Chance off the Rock... would she then risk going back to the Lifeboat at the chance of finding either a alive Engineer or Trilobite?

I also dont think David would know what the outcome would be?  Does he have wireless link up to the Life Boats CCTV etc?

So i would assume David and Shaw would have left ASP with what ever clothes they had on,  with no time to get any others or a Dog Tag etc.

But who knows, if Ridley and Co have made a major oversight in this department and has David in different clothes and then not explain how... just leave us to think, they must have gone back to the Life Boat.

Maybe we will see Shaw in a nice Frock lol



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-10-2017 7:49 AM

No hair products and no cloths.  Oh hell no, I would be pi$$ed off too.  Man they would have had to hit the life boat before leaving.  Something tells me the juggernaut doesn't have a shower.  10 year old droid swamp A$$ and Shaws Hooter Cooter.  They would be able to kill off a Xeno from the smell alone.

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