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Unused official Protomorph Alien concepts from Alien: Covenant

Unused official Protomorph Alien concepts from Alien: Covenant

Despite never having an official acknowledgement, the existence of the Protomorph is something we discussed for years leading up to Alien: Covenant's release. A primordial incarnation of the Xenomorph was at one point to be one of the film's primary antagonists, but as production went on, the process of the Xenomorph's evolution was shortened bit by bit to the point where the Xenomorph design itself was merely updated and modernized to look more animalistic and less "guy-in-suit". The process by which we arrived at the Xenomorph remains a trade secret between the Engineers and David.

However, during the pre-production phase of Alien: Covenant, numerous concept artists tried their hand at devolving the Xenomorph. One such artist was Colin Shulver, who recently shared concepts he created of a Protomorph skull! The design is very inline with that of the iconic Xenomorph:

What do you think of these concepts? Would you have liked to see more of a progession from Protomorph to Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant? Let us know below!

This article was written By Chris and published on 2017-10-02 17:06:38

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2 Fan responses to Unused official Protomorph Alien concepts from Alien: Covenant


Oct-03-2017 7:01 AM

These do look more closer to the Xenomorph than the one we got in Alien Covenant...

Its still a nice Topic to discus as for is the Xenomorph in AC a Evolution/Re-Creation.... or the Actual Beginning of the Creation and Hence a Proto-Xenomorph.

It appears to be the Latter, in which case we have to wonder where does the Xenomorph in AC get its more Mechanical Aesthetic that we saw in Alien.

If they still stick with the David created the Xenomorph route then it will be interesting how they tackle this Subject...  Maybe we will see the Walter-Morph after all LOL

I still think indeed introducing a Synthetic Construct like Elden from Fire and Stone down the Line would have been a way to Evolve Davids Designs.

And looking at what it appears Alien Awakening is going to show us, then having a company or other parties Ships turn up to Origae-6 does leave the Door open for a Synthetic Construct being part of one of the Ships crew.

I would even go further to suggest and if i was working on the sequel i would consider this..... that they introduce a Female Synthetic Construct.  Which could be used to make the First Proto-Queen.

But i think Daniels will be used in this some how... its still the Big Question of how does the AC Xenomorph become more Mechanical looking by the time of 2122 and Alien.


Nov-14-2017 11:41 AM

What I keep wondering is whether the neomorph is really a xenomorph. What if we are reading too deeply into everything and the answer is really that Ridley wanted to change the design, gestation etc. to freshen it up? That would be so disappointing. I wonder if your non-fanboy could id the difference btw the neomorph and xenomorph or would they just be like whats the big deal, that's the alien from AC again. 

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