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Alien: Covenant

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Alien: Covenant is not a film I would have made, says James Cameron

Alien: Covenant is not a film I would have made, says James Cameron

Aliens and Terminator director James Cameron weighed in on Ridley Scott's latest Alien venture Alien: Covenant while discussing the upcoming 3D treatment for Terminator 2: Judgement Day during a Facebook live broadcast event. Following Cameron's unveiling that he plans to give Aliens a similar 3D treatment, he responded to questions concerning his impression of Alien: Covenant.

Although he praises Ridley and his work, Cameron explains that Covenant would not have been a film that he would have made but understands what Ridley and Fox are trying to do for the franchise. He also explains that either way, he will definitely be in attendance for the next one:

I thought that Alien: Covenant was a great ride. It was beautiful. I love Ridley’s films and I love his film making , I love the beauty of the photography, I love the visceral sense that you’re there, that you’re present.

It’s not a film that I would have made. I don’t like films where you invest in a character and they get destroyed at the end. I would not have made that film. I can’t comment on where Ridley is going with it but I think he is obviously trying to create a greater universe around it and more backstory with the Engineers and so on. I’ll show up for the next one, absolutely.

Alien: Covenant has been met with a wide variety of responses since it debuted in theaters this summer and most recently hit retail shelves at the start of this month on home video. It's nice to hear Cameron supporting Ridley but do you share his optimism? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the news.

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Chad RipleyAug-11-2017 7:45 AM


I wish they would team up or something. They both made the best two movies in the franchise and I think they could create an amazing Alien movie together because they would balance each other out. I know it will never happen but one can dream.

Movie fanAug-11-2017 8:05 AM


@ Chad Ripley

They almost did, but FOX replaced their movie with AVP :(

Capt TorgoAug-11-2017 8:14 AM


"I don't see any method at all"- Cameron. The ingredients were there but Ridley has just lost the plot and unlike Cameron I won't support Ridley any further. That honest trailer actually nailed down how stupid the characters' narrative was. Pretty cinematography won't carry the day anymore.

Movie fanAug-11-2017 8:21 AM


@ Capt Torgo


MonsterZeroAug-11-2017 11:43 AM


Well ..Who did make A:C? The writers? Fox?

Aliens isn't a movie I would have made...Nor Alien3...or Alien:R or probably Prometheus...Or A:C....


JonesyAug-11-2017 1:51 PM


" I don’t like films where you invest in a character and they get destroyed at the end"

Cameron, you destroyed Jonesy in ALIENS. 


XenotarisAug-11-2017 8:41 PM


Cameron didn't destroy Jonesy. He was the lucky one and got to live on earth, xenomorph-free.

milotomiAug-11-2017 11:36 PM


I love A:C but i agree with Cameron, what they do with Shaw's character is not fair i would have rather a open ending for her to get is spot later in the next movies, what they do was just to please the Phometheus "haters" but them is the same problems. With Prometheus the fans wanna see they alien but they get a enginners story and a lot of fans get mad, and now the most wants to see the following story in shaws travel and enginners , and they get an alien movie.

Maybe if A:C would have relese in 2011 the fans would have like it, but we never could know it. 

SkintronikAug-12-2017 3:43 AM


How many Hadley's hope kids did Cameron kill in Aliens?

ali81Aug-12-2017 3:47 AM


im sure quite a few kids were toast. newt was the only survivor but I don't think there were any specific numbers given to how many of the colonists were kids

SkintronikAug-12-2017 3:53 AM


Either way horror movies are supposed to horrify you sometimes.

 Some Writer/Directors are far too sensitive. I like the idea of the audience having to route for a character that gets snuffed out in the final 5 minutes. They should have had Daniels bieng fatally experimented on as the credits rolled. Her screams bieng drowned out by John Denver songs

ali81Aug-12-2017 6:49 AM


^^^^ spot on

ali81Aug-12-2017 6:54 AM


id have the opening scene in awakening being country roads blaring over the loud speakers. Tennessee's pod opening. as hes coming to we hear 'country roooooaaaaads' and just behind the song the chilling screams of a woman. Tennessee looks over and daniels is still there so it leads us to assume the colonists r being woken 1 by 1 and experimented on. chilling

JonesyAug-12-2017 7:02 AM


Tennessee had a hidden agenda actually. He wanted the xenomorph hence "created" Shaw's message. Next sequel is a collaboration of David and Tennessee. :D

Jay JohnsAug-12-2017 4:48 PM


James Cameron's Aliens is a movie I can't watch. The only sequel I can watch is Alien3. I'm glad that Ridley is giving us a set of prequels that explains where the xenomorph comes from. A creature with acid for blood is genius. A queen with a head that is 5 times bigger than the rest of the body is stupid. Way to go James Cameron. What is your next act of stupidity, more Terminator movies................

Chad RipleyAug-13-2017 7:45 AM


I think the first 3 alien movies were the best because they had a coherent plot and kept the Xenomorph scary and mysterious. We found out it takes on the form of its host (alien 3, an Ox/dog) and we still had Ripley and Bishop (sorta). While I didn't like killing off everyone it at least had the right tone and if they were gonna kill Ripley off they picked a great way for her to go. 

I agree Jonsey did get best deal by staying on earth but it also would have been fun to see the cat running around in a movie. The jump scares alone make it worth it. I also agree they need to kill Daniels and Tennessee right off the bat in next movie. I would have liked if Ridley did it at the end of AC too. It is kinda implied that's what's gonna happen but I think literally seeing David experiment on them would have been a darker, scarier, and more satisfying end to an alien movie. 

Back to the where is this going question, I really hope the next one has a clear direction and gets the tone right. Alien = death and fear. 

HariAug-13-2017 9:41 AM


Well if Cameron is not available to direct the next prequel after 'Covenant' then perhaps Scott should produce and let Fincher take the helm, thereby getting the chance to do what Fox wouldn't let him on 'Alien3'.

Still it's always interesting to hear what a director of one of the sequels thinks of the prequels - thus far.


Lawrence of ArabiaAug-13-2017 10:20 AM


I also appreciate Cameron giving Ridley praise as he could have easily caved in to the trend and threw shade. His review was spot on but I loved how Ridley handled the ending, it was so dark and you don't get a lot of films nowadays where the villain wins and is the main character. It's a refreshing change and Ridley knocked it out of the park.

Timmy the ultramorphAug-13-2017 11:53 AM


The fact that you are so invested in newt and hicks and then they get killed is one of my favorite things about alien 3.

Lawrence of ArabiaAug-13-2017 12:07 PM


Timmy the ultramorph Yes! I was so broken about Newt but it fit with the darkness of Alien.

SupertasioroAug-13-2017 5:56 PM


Even if I think A:C is pure garbage, since I eared Cameron explaining how Terminator genesis was an amazing movie during its promotional campain, his opinion of what's a good movie became extremely relative...

Patient LeechAug-14-2017 8:01 AM


This is James Cameron doing a pretty good job of diplomatically saying, "Wow, A:C sucked."

"I think he is obviously trying to create a greater universe around it and more backstory with the Engineers and so on."

Is that obvious, really? It looks like he abandoned that almost completely. Fuck A:C for not just being a horrible movie, but mainly for ruining everything else Alien.

murnauAug-14-2017 8:32 AM


I like some of JC's output, he's an intelligent movie maker, no doubt, but what a glib comment about not liking movies where the main character(s) gets 'destroyed' in the end. Some of the most memorable stories of all time see their protagonists die in the end. Such stories take the risk of challenging our desire for wish-fulfillment. The Long Good Friday anyone? Night of the Living Dead, Romeo and Juliet, Oedipus? Like Spielberg, JC pulls his punches and story's end. Who can deny that the end of Spielberg's War of the Worlds is a betrayal of the movie's entire reason for being made, as an allegory for the losses and shock of 9-11? But I digress. . . .

BigDaveAug-14-2017 3:00 PM


I think its open to debate what Cameron means by its not the movie he would have made, without saying why.  Then it leaves it very open.. maybe he could mean the whole Dr Shaw Character from Prometheus but he could also be on about the investment and marketing into WALTER only to have him killed off (or so we may assume) also the ending does set up that Daniels will not be surviving the next movie.  I hope they find a better way to deal with her than they did with Dr Shaw, by that i mean just have her play as a Corpse or not even appear.

It will be interesting to see where they take the Franchise now for sure, i dont think Cameron will ever be playing a part as he has his own projects to work on.

Lawrence of ArabiaAug-14-2017 3:19 PM


I enjoy Shaw's fate and Daniels inevitable one, it makes you uncomfortable and sad for these people who struggle against the futility of it all. It's dark and it fits, Alien shouldn't have happy endings imo. I get how people can get invested in these characters but these aren't superhero films.

ALIEN1979Aug-14-2017 4:44 PM


Cameron commented Ridleys AC in a polite way. When you read between the lines, you can feel he would have done it completely different.

James Cameron is a director who prefers to go on the safe side. Ridley has been experimenting which is good but sadly the results were only so so this time.

Sometimes less is more.


BigDaveAug-14-2017 5:02 PM


Cameron likes to build a Story/Tale based on some Central Characters, much like the Star Wars Movies do.

And so i think this is why he felt that investing in Characters to then have them killed off is not the kind of direction he likes to take Franchises down.

If Cameron had made Alien 3 i dont think he would have killed Newt and Hicks off, not in the way they did... maybe one would die in the movie but more  Sacrificial Way so their Death is not meaningless.

And so i think Cameron feels the same for how AC was done, its a case of does he mean how Dr Shaw was handled? how Walter was, or it could even also allude to the Fate of Daniels.

I think Cameron likes to build around Human Characters..

But the Prequels are revolving around a Character and this Character is DAVID.

JonesyAug-15-2017 2:36 AM


" I don’t like films where you invest in a character and they get destroyed at the end"


AsbjørnAug-16-2017 12:20 AM


Alien 5 Prometheus 2 was a solid 5/10! Alien: Covenant plotholes

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