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MemberPraetorianOct-29-2021 8:37 AM

I have been watching, reading, and playing material from the Alien/Predator series since I was a young boy. Then it hit me, the alien and predator series have been very divided on what was canon the moment they were given sequels.

From Director's Cuts adding alternate egg explanations to the Mess that was ALIEN 3 to the Xenomorph Skull in Predator 2 to weather or not xenomorphs existed on earth in the past to who engineered the xenomorphs: David or the Engineers to Are Yaut'ja space big game hunters or stereotypical alien space invaders; from the movie side of things.

I have attempted these last past months to create a unified ALIEN/PREDATOR CANON by combining aspects from the films, novels, comics, and video games into a single continuity. ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR UNIVERSE,

I use the first two Alien and Predator movies as well as the Prometheus movie as a base for my reimagining of the canon.

I have included everything, Eggmorphing, Praetorians, Engineers, Yaut'ja, Royal Jelly, and even the Starbeast

Here is what I have so far built in this unified Timeline I made on World Anvil

My timeline above is a Work-in-Progress, it will likely change once I publish new chapters to AVPU.

Keep mind some of the things are added lore from my fanfiction. So original events and characters will be featured. I also with the help of a friend came up with alternate names for the Engineers and Starbeast.

I revamp the origins of the xenomorphs by combining Scott's engineered origin with Cameron's natural evolution origin with the original starbeast with some of my own concepts. 

3 Replies


MemberDeaconOct-30-2021 6:09 AM

Yeah its Complicated.....

The ALIEN Franchise is its OWN Franchise, the PREDATOR is different as though it was a Easter Egg, in PREDATOR 2 we did have a Xenomorph Skull which implies that the Xenomorphs do Exist in the PREDATOR CANON.

The AVP Franchise is just a MASH-UP its a Mixing of the Franchises to make a Alternative Combined Universe.

Personally i like to VIEW them as 3 Different Franchises..........

I think with Predator 2 we do have the Xenomorph Skull, and so you could TAKE THAT as they are Connected..... some Alternative Endings to THE PREDATOR would have made a Connection to the ALIEN Franchise but were STUPID and Conflicting... (TIME TRAVEL) but then the Ending we got was also Silly but then MOST of that Movie was lol.

I think its NOT WISE to Connect ALIEN and PREDATOR... keep them Separate, so any Connecting Movies that become Tarnished because they are BAD could Tarnish the BOTH Franchises....

Does that mean there should be NO AVP?

Nope... i merely think you have that as another ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE where you Combine the ALIEN and PREDATOR.... i think its FUN, Action Packed and while VERY COMIC LIKE...... i think IF its done RIGHT it could be the MONEY MAKER for Disney.

I am BUSY this weekend but i will LOOK at your AVPU Work, i applaud you for your Efforts ;)

The AVP Franchise works as a Video Game, more so than Separate ALIEN/PREDATORS...... it works as a Comic...

As a Movie Franchise... i feel there is Potential.... Needs a TOTAL REBOOT.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianOct-30-2021 2:58 PM

"As a Movie Franchise... i feel there is Potential.... Needs a TOTAL REBOOT."

AGREE 200%

"Personally i like to VIEW them as 3 Different Franchises.........."

I agree as well, mainly due to my disappointment of how the AVP movies were executed



MemberPraetorianNov-01-2021 4:14 AM
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