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ALIENS EARTH WAR, yay or nay?
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MemberPraetorianOct-14-2021 12:09 AM

I have been thinking about this for a long time, after rereading the 30th Anniversary of the old 80's Alien comics. 

I was wondering should Disney adaptate faithfully or loosely the Earth War Trilogy either as a movie series, TV series or even an animated series?

This comic was conceive as a sequel to James Cameron's ALIENS, so naturally it follows what happens to Newt, Hicks, and Ripley once they reach Earth. However the Government and Corporations tried to keep them quiet following the events of ALIENS:

Newt is administered to an Asylum where they try to repress her memories via medicine but the memories resurface as nightmares.

Hicks was placed in a new military unit until he strikes a fellow marine for accusing him being infected with an alien virus. So Hicks is placed in a military prison.

Ripley mysteriously vanishes.

In the shadows the Bionational Corporation secretly acquires a xenomorph egg.

Now after the release of Alien 3 the comics renamed Hicks to Wilkes and Newt to Billie

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MemberXenomorphOct-14-2021 6:28 AM

I don't see why not.

Earth has been practically worthless in the Alien verse...... Might as well get some use out of it?

A zombie invasion of Earth is always welcome....might as well do a xenomorph one!




MemberPraetorianOct-14-2021 7:44 AM

Yeah I forgot to write down the rest of my synopsis of the comic since I was very tired writing this.

I made a goof when I said the Bionational Corporation managed to acquire a xenomorph egg, that is actually false. They actually retrieved a man that escaped a spaceship infested with xenomorphs, he was caring a queen embryo.




So the comic takes place 13 years after ALIENS.

After Bionational Corporation secures the xenomorph infected pilot (Weyland-Yutani doesn't appear in the original comics until after the Earth War trilogy) there is a string of nightmares plaguing people on earth, they all were having visions of xenomorphs. So religious cults started cropping up to give reason to these horrific visions. Meanwhile Hicks (or Wilkes in the '92 edit) is recruited from military prison by the Bionat scientist Orona to train a platoon of marines before heading off to the xenomorph homeworld to retrieve a specimen. Which unbenownst to Hicks, BioNat already has a xenomorph queen on earth.

Meanwhile Newt (or Billie in the '92 edit) is stuck in an insane asylum as I mentioned earlier with talks from her doctor wanting to give her a lobotomy to permanently end her nightmares (read: erase her memory). Fortunately she receives a call from Hicks as he says his goodbyes, Newt begs Hicks to save her but the doctor terminates the call as they restrain her. This leads Hicks to plan a rescue mission to save Newt before going off on his suicide mission.

The comic when not focusing on Hicks or Newt bounces around between this cult leader who leads the New Messiah cult which is the largest of the xenomorph-dream cults and his mission to televise his message and this corporate mercenary dude called Massey who killed his own family for peeking at the documents on his computer.

So Hicks sneaks Newt onboard the Colonial Marine starship before heading off to the xenomorph homeworld. Newt forms a relationship with one of the marines, Mitchell onboard the benedict. Massey the corporate assassin sneaks on board the ship and hijacks the mission when they arrive to the alien homeworld and murders the commanding office then assumes command of the marines.

Meanwhile on Earth, the xenomorph matures and the cultists break into the facility carrying her. The cultists allow themselves to be facehugged. Which shortly after spread the xenomorphs all over the planet leading to a huge outbreak

Meanwhile the colonial marines now commanded by Massey and his crew of mercenaries and modified synthetics are sent down to the xenomorph planet to retrieve live specimens, the mercenaries and marines are ambushed by delta-wing flying predators. While some of the marines are ambushed by xenomorphs, Hicks and his squad of marines take the dead mercenaries weapons before heading off to save the other marines while setting up bombs within the hive. After rescue what was left of their other squad, a xenomorph ambush Hick's squad seemingly killed one of the marines which turns out the marines Hicks has been training were synthetics. Newt still onboard the Benedict manages to kill Massey, but witnesses on the computer screen that Mitchell, the man she had a fling with is a synthetic.

Hicks donates the hive as they retreat back to the dropship but he, mitchell, and two others are quickly surrounded by xenomorphs. Soon a mysterious alien shows up save them, it is an Engineer...Space Jockey. (this comic was made before Alien 3 and by extension Prometheus so the Engineers looked drastically different) The Space Jockey follow them back to Earth

Hicks and his arrive back on the Benedict before heading back to Earth, they soon discover Earth is Infested with xenomorphs world wide. They temporarily land in Australia before Hicks, Newt, and Mitchell escape on a massive cargo spaceship. We see the Space Jockey one last time and he is laughing, which leads to the next comic ALIENS NIGHTMARE ASLYUM.



Nightmare asylum pretty much takes place about a week after the ending of OUTBREAK (which begins in 2192 and ends at the end of 2193) which starts the new year 2194.

Well anyways the first half of the comic is Hicks and Newt surviving up against xenomorphs that had somehow sneaked onboard the ship prior to going spaceborne, turns out this ship acted as a transport vessel to deliver xenomorphs to a military space station. The second half of the comic is Hicks and Newt being placed in confinement by General Spears as he attempts to condition a xenomorph queen (different queen from the one from the first comic) to follow his command by killing her children that disobey him.

Eventually there is a Cou-de-ta among the marines under Spears command which lead Spears to take the second Queen and his "loyal" xenomorphs back to earth in attempts to reclaim it. The Queen quickly orders her children to attack Spears, when he killed them, the Queen impales Spears while spears kills the second queen with his flame thrower. 

Ripley appears on the military space station at the end of the comic.



Ripley tells Hicks and Newt about her travels to the xenomorph homeworld and her discovery of the Xenomorph Queen Mother. The rest of the comic is them planning on capturing the Queen Mother and taking it to earth to kill it.



MemberDeaconOct-14-2021 3:23 PM

I have NOT seen those Comics, it seems they have SOME Interesting things and i Totally Understand as they were MADE before ALIEN 3 then they had Every Right to Continue with Ripley, Hicks and Newt.

I am NOT 100% sure of having Xenomorphs running Rampant on Earth in the Franchise Time-Line, maybe it would WORK if it was set say 100 Years after ALIENS?  Or maybe they could do it as a Continuation after Alien Resurrection?

I view Comics as a Alternative Reality to the Alien Movies they can Connect in Part but they SHOULD NOT be Taken as Theatrical Canon, but Everyone is Entitled to View whatever they WANT as Canon ;)

I think when doing anything that you WANT to be 100% Canon to the Movies you have to BE CAREFUL to NOT go and Conflict or Contradict the Theatrical Franchise, but i Understand these Comics came out when ALIEN 3 had Never Existed, does this mean that Alien 3 should NOT be counted as Canon?  Thats up to each FAN on IF they wish to Ignore Alien 3..... to be Fair it this is WHAT would have been with Blomkamps Alien V and Brandywines Alien V too they BOTH would have Offered a Alternative Sequels.

SHOULD we see such a Earth War... made into a Set of Movies?

I would NOT be a Fan, but i am ONLY just One Fan.... i dont OWN the Franchise, so its NOT up to me, and so in that Context.... i think MAYBE it could WORK if you had it as a Sequel to Alien Resurrection.... or SET AFTER that Movie...

To have it SET like Prior to Alien R would Raise some Questions and Conflicts and the Franchise already has a Number of those.... (as FAR as HOW MANY of the Xenomorphs have they Attempted to Obtain and WHY do they ALWAYS end up with NOTHING they can Recover... Leaving them to CLONE RIPLEY).

Maybe you could do a Blomkamp and have such a Series (Movies or TV) that would OFFER a ALTERNATIVE Future to ALIENS....

I think you could USE some of the Ideas from the Earth War Series... but i dont think you have to have any New Project be about Ripley again....

However.... as a Anime..... WHY NOT... you see ANIME is BIG... you can have like PG-13, or R Rated Stuff..... you Basically have a Moving Comic Series... we have to Remember that Disney made a LOT of its History through Animation....

You can Convey Blood, Guts and Action and Special Effects with a Animation, and you can DO SO..... with a LESSER BUDGET than Live Action.... and so i would YES welcome some Alternative Stories within the ALIEN UNIVERSE as a ANIMATION.

So a Earth War  in a Adult Animation.. YES.... as FAR as Theatrical... i am NOT that Sure.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2021 6:29 PM


Ah I see, well post-EARTH WAR Alien comics were mostly independent stories following many different characters and interesting concepts about the nature of the xenomorphs and the company's goals or just plan old survival stories since xenomorphs were oddly common among the frontier worlds

Not sure if I am a fan of the xenomorphs being on earth 100 years after Alien Resurrection since Earth is already a wasteland at this point in Alienverse History.

Btw the EARTH WAR trilogy is the last time we see Newt, Hicks, and Ripley in the comics (not counting the William Gibson Alien 3 comic)



MemberDeaconOct-14-2021 7:25 PM

"Not sure if I am a fan of the xenomorphs being on earth 100 years after Alien Resurrection since Earth is already a wasteland at this point in Alienverse History."

I can see the Point/Problem... what i was saying is that IF say we had a Story where Xenomorphs had GOT on Earth prior to Alien Resurrection then you NEED to be Careful to HOW-MUCH of the Infestation there was..... BECAUSE the Basic Premise of Alien Resurrection would Indicate there was NO OTHER WAY that they could Obtain a Xenomorph apart from to CLONE our Ripley..

We have to ASSUME that all other Avenues are a BUST....

IF However the Xenomorphs become Isolated to a Certain Area... say Europe, and then Mankind had to NUKE a Few CITIES etc.... to DESTROY the Xenomorphs... then YES maybe they would be LESS LIKELY to Obtain a Specimen and INDEED the Aftermath of this NUKE LAST RESORT could Explain as to WHY we saw a Ruined Paris at the END of Alien Resurrection.

The CULT Idea is Interesting as i had Put on here a Number of Times about IDEAS i had for a ALIEN V that takes Place after Alien R, where it would Indicate that CALL could take Ripley to some Auton Scientist who could FIX HER (i had Two Different Ideas).

1) Ripley was Changing into a Hybrid and the Auton's actually do-not HELP they just Extract her DNA.

2) Ripley is Starting to AGE FAST... the Auton's Manage to make a Serum that can SLOW DOWN the Age Process.... but they also Extract her DNA.

The Revelation is that the Auton's are NOT here to HELP they just want a Specimen of Xenomorph and Ripley DNA, and that CALL was on a Secret Mission to Obtain a Specimen but make sure that USM has NO Specimen.

So the Auton's can USE IT against the Humans......  it is also Revealed that the Auton's Worship the Xenomorph and its Creator David..

The END of this Movie Idea or its Sequel..... would Depend on Option 1/2.

A) With OPTION ONE what we have is that Ripley eventually Defeats the Auton's Plan, but she is Wrestling with her Humanity as a Hybrid and she Fears she will soon Become Too Much Xenomorph (Losing her Humanity)and Become BOTH a THREAT.. but also something that some Scientist would LIKE to Obtain and so she SACRIFICES herself.

B) with OPTION TWO..... after again she Successfully gets Rid of the Xenomorph and the Auton's Plan... she is Soon Running out of Serum and she then Faces the Inevitable Fate of Death..... her Memories as Ripley offer her some Comfort.... and Thoughts of her Daughter... as she Passes Away.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2021 10:26 PM

I don't think you can remove the xenomorph bits from Ripley's DNA since the hybrid DNA would be perfectly blended that removing any sequences would make her DNA structure unstable which would reduce Ripley into a puddle of goo. Like what happens to this guy in End of Evangelion
The only way to continue the story after Alien Resurrection is to turn Ripley into a secondary antagonist after she metamorphosis into a new species of xenomorph.


Me personally, I would like to see ALIEN V takes place in an alternate continuity or if we did have to follow A3 and AR, take place between these events, with something like the Earth War happening but involving new characters.

I would completely drop Ripley from the story should we go this route due to Alien Resurrection's attenpt to make the story heavily Ripley-centric. 20th Century and Joss Weadon lack of creativity and confidence in the series lead to the franchise being limited.

I think the writers can come up with creative ways on the reason why they couldn't find xenomorphs elsewhere, maybe the easiest way was to use Ripley's DNA or maybe pure strain xenomorphs were too much of a hassle to control so they saw the opportunity to create hybrid ones.

As for later ALIEN comics, they attempt to expand the universe by showing other alien races that encountered the xenomorphs; which either ended as you expect from the series or ended on some star wars-esque alien's dinner plate.

They had a few comics based around the importance of harvesting a xenomorph substance called royal jelly

One of my favorite post-Earth War comics was this one where some colonists accidentally stumbled upon a forest planet were they spotted a seemingly abanonded colony then they are ambushed by a dying hive of Xenomorphs that make several attempts to reproduce but end in failure. I believe the name of the comic is ALIENS LABRYINTH

 PS I agree that an ANIME of ALIEN would be super cool, however it must be done by a japanese studio, I don't trust disney's animation talent could capture the essence of the alien series.



MemberDeaconOct-15-2021 8:09 AM

"I don't think you can remove the xenomorph bits from Ripley's DNA"

I can see your POINT..... but the PLOT for AR was just as Flawed if NOT more so, i think you have Realistically more Chance of Cloning a Hybrid DNA and Attempting to Modify it to gain more Xeno-DNA or Attempt to Extract that DNA...  The COMPLETELY SILLY PLOT that we given were with just DNA you can CLONE a Person who is Carrying a Xeno-Queen and have that Clone also have a Queen Gestating inside them...

If you Cloned a Pregnant Female... you would get a Clone of that Female and you WOULD-NOT get that Clone to be Pregnant... if you Cloned someone who had LOST their Arms and Legs say in a Accident then the Clone would HAVE their Arms and Legs.

I USE this as a Example to show that Cloning of Ripley to get to Ripley 8 who Gestated a Xenomorph is a more UNREALISTIC PLOT, that say trying to Extract DNA from Ripley 8.

I would add that the Xenomorphs in this Idea are Different they are LESS than the Vanilla Version from say Alien/Aliens, AVP/AVPR.

But i came up with these Ideas when the Discussions about Blomkamps Alien V came about and HOW it would BRING BACK her and the Gang.... where i said i think you Leave the Canon alone..... Ripley is Dead... but maybe you can Continue with Ripley 8?

Going back to a Earth War.... i think you could Explore it, but i think you will Eventually come Across the FACT that the Xenomorph (as JC Envisioned it) is MORE LIMITED than the Bugs of Starship Troopers), but i GUESS this is where you can TRY and UPLIFT and EVOLVE the Xenomorph... but you do KIND OF get it to become like the TYRANIDS from Warhammer 40K

Again this does-not mean you cant have it where Xenomorphs have Overran the Earth..... in the Years 2240-2350 we can ASK.. as to HOW MANY of us (Humans) are in the Galaxy, have we Colonized Many Worlds? and Have we FOUND more Earth-like Worlds?

The Earth is a Rotting Paradise..... Hundreds of Years and Population Explosion and our Effect on the Environment could have PLACED the Earth in a Position where it would NEVER become a Paradise like it was say in the Year 1500.  So maybe when WE have Discovered Worlds that are like Earth... Most People would Favor moving to these Worlds?

so you could do a Earth War Scenario on other Worlds... that we have Populated for like 100 Years, or Indeed have it on Earth some Time Between say 2250-2350 and the After-Math is the Earth has been NUKED a LOT in Order to RID of the Xenomorph?

My Preference would be a Animated TV Series or Movie.....  Lower Risk/Budget.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianOct-15-2021 12:12 PM

"I USE this as a Example to show that Cloning of Ripley to get to Ripley 8 who Gestated a Xenomorph is a more UNREALISTIC PLOT, that say trying to Extract DNA from Ripley 8."

I was always under the impression that the xenomorph's DNA was infectious to its host.

In the more recent expanded universe material depicts that even if you successfully remove a chestburster from its host, your not out of the woods.

Since the new "EU canon" has facehuggers carry a specialized variant of the black goo inside them to make xenomorphs, the black goo rewrites the host DNA to build chestbursters out of their genetic material.

The aftermath of surviving a medical chestburster extraction, the host would lived for a few more days before succumb to a deadly cancer-like illness due to the residual black goo left behind by the chestburster.



MemberXenomorphOct-15-2021 2:31 PM

"Since the new "EU canon" has facehuggers carry a specialized variant of the black goo inside them to make xenomorphs, the black goo rewrites the host DNA to build chestbursters out of their genetic material."


This sounds like egg morphing.....and I like this far better than a queen and JC story.


War on Earth:

Maybe the Earth ( after the nukes and bioweapons ) is so toxic and irradiated that even xeno's have a hard time? Their DNA is even breaking down and causing abnormalities. Can't even get a 'normal' xenomorph. lol!


Facehuggers born with birth defects...unable to hug anything. 


Have to go off-world to find decent alien DNA ( Ripley 8 Alien:R)?


Mutant xenomorphs roaming Earth...I'd pay to see that!



MemberPraetorianOct-15-2021 2:51 PM

"This sounds like egg morphing.....and I like this far better than a queen and JC story"

Actually MonsterZero this is just an updated explanation in how chestbursters are made, Its nothing like egg morphing because its just good old fashion chestburster with a minor tweek in terminologies so nothing new was added so the Queen is still canon in the new EU.

Also the Earth War storyline requires a Queen caste xenomorph to kick off a world wide xenomorph outbreak



MemberXenomorphOct-16-2021 6:17 AM

I just read the entire Aliens: Earth War.

Incredible artwork! Don't see Marvel doing something so loose and bold.

But...So many questions!?


Where do all these worker drone xenomorphs come from?  The derelict on LV-426 has dozens...Where did they come from? I can understand they were in hibernation...but for how long? The queen lays some eggs and waits for thousands of years to finally find one host ( Kane ) for her egg (s)?

If they reboot the story this needs to be addressed ( IMHO ).

The story also doesn't elaborate on how the Earth fell to the xenomorphs? Xenomorphs traveling underground...Alien breeders? So they don't require hosts to make xenomorphs? They are protecting nascent eggs...So the eggs release facehuggers ....who find humans? So humans no longer need to look inside a pod? A queen lays 15 eggs an hour? that's 100,000 eggs a year and there are billions of humans?.... Needs to be more queens or something.

I think the real story is how they conquered Earth. That's what I want to read.


Humans are an extremely vicious and cunning species and I don't see the xenomorphs being much of a match. Humans have dealt with thousands of deadly species and usually end up feeding those species to their young or putting them in zoos.

I can see humans creating zoos for the xenomorph. Probably put them on the endangered species list!

Egg pods would become a delicacy.  fried egg pod anyone?

Perhaps buttered 'tail of a face-hugger' served with fries.

The acid would be synthesized and added to soft drinks served at Mcdonald's.


So an Earth war would be cool....They just need to tighten the script up a bit.


MemberPraetorianOct-16-2021 6:51 AM

MonsterZero I think I forgot to mention that Aliens Earth War is a trilogy of comics: Aliens Outbreak (Book One), Aliens Nightmare Asylum (Book Two), and Aliens Female War (Book Three)

Did you read Aliens Outbreak first? Aliens Outbreak (or Aliens Earth Hive for the novelization) explains how the xenomorphs got on Earth



MemberDeaconOct-16-2021 8:43 AM

"Facehuggers born with birth defects...unable to hug anything

Mutant xenomorphs roaming Earth...I'd pay to see that!"

It seems that Blomkamps Alien V and the Red Harvest Project had touched upon this, it seems the PLOT was that a Company on Earth has Obtained the Derelict which is NOT in a Good Shape......  and we will see Mutated Xenomorphs as the Company would Attempt to Obtain a Pure Strain from Contaminated Material/Eggs.  Or they have a Pure Strain but are Attempting to Modify/Experiment with them....

The Projects where PUT ON HOLD so that Ridley Scott could Release at least TWO of his Prequels after Prometheus... but after the Disappointment of Alien Covenant and the DISNEY take over the Projects had Remained on Indefinite Hold

And even Blomkamp has came to TERMS that his Project will NEVER see the DAY OF LIGHT....

How this Connects with  the OT.... is that its a Big Ask for DISNEY to Rush into making ANY kind of ALIEN MOVIES....  i think the Success or Lack of Success of the ALIEN TV SERIES... will give some Indication of the Future of the Franchise.

I think there will ALWAYS be a Market for Video Games, Comics and Novels as they seem more LOW RISK..... and thats WHY i think a Expansion into a ANIMATED TV SERIES or Movie could be the ANSWER.

And if they DID SO.... then it could be a Alternative Reality and so they DO-NOT have to WORRY about Conflicting the Franchise or Prequels and be ALLOWED more Creative Freedom.

Ideas from Earth War could be USED in such a Venture.

Animation is more LOW RISK and can Produce Good Results a Example is the Street Fighter Movie.... compared to the LIVE ACTION (Jeane Claude Van Damme) which COST WAY MORE and was well AWFUL!  Sometimes they get it RIGHT though as the Live Action version of Ghost in a Shell was Decent... but the ANIME Version was GREAT and would COST MUCH MUCH LESS.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphOct-16-2021 1:19 PM

 "Aliens Outbreak (Book One)"


Ahh...Makes more sense now!

I'm going to buy all this stuff and read it now. I see how they make drones

Marvel has a lot to catching up to do!




MemberPraetorianOct-16-2021 3:34 PM

Keep in mind the original three alien comics or as I call them Earth War Trilogy came out before Alien 3 so Newt and Hicks had yet to die unless you get the post-1992 editions which renames them.

Another great way to enjoy the old alien comics is Dark Horse's omnibus collection which compiles a good portion of the comics into a single volume. I think there are at least 4 or 5 Alien Omnibus volumes

The "new EU' explanation for the chestbursters appeared in the last couple of dark horse comics before Marvel did their thing with the IP but also this piece of canon made it way into the ALIEN RPG tabletop game



MemberPraetorianOct-17-2021 12:04 PM


The earlier alien comics would be strongly connected to the Earth War series and mention by other characters how the earth was slowly brought back under human control. 

New technologies were developed to deal with the xenomorphs, (PowerArmor, Plasma Weapons, and Flying APCs) however the xenomorphs put up a heavy resistance so humanity lost a lot of people in their efforts to reclaim earth; it took them roughly 5 years.



MemberPraetorianNov-30-2022 1:32 PM

I'm disappointed that the Alien TV series isn't going to be set after ALIENS/ALIEN 3 nor Alien Resurrection. The EARTH WAR plot won't work if its set prior to ALIENS, this just feels like a repeat of Alien vs Predator (2004) but with Prometheus tech

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