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MemberPraetorianAug-20-2021 5:53 PM

Okay I've used to read alot of wookiepedia and the concept of era always fascinated me. In Star Wars pre-disney broke down the star wars universe into several ERAs. So I decided to create my own

Pre-FTL Era (Prehistory-2033): Basically the Predator series, the non-canon AVP movies, and possibly the prologue to Prometheus

Early FTL Era (2034-2099): Prometheus

Space Trade Era (2100-2150) Alien and Alien Isolation

Colonial Cold War (2151-2231) Aliens, Alien Colonial Marines, AVP1999, AVP2010, Alien 3, most Expanded Universe, and AVP 2/Primal Hunt

Intervernal (2232-2370?)

Post-Corporate Era (2370-2379): Alien Resurrection

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MemberPraetorianAug-20-2021 6:10 PM

If anyone has a different opinion on what the era names just leave a comment



MemberDeaconAug-21-2021 6:15 AM

I think this is WHERE a Alien TV Series would be Good... you can have it like the American Horror Story where Each Season will Cover something Else but have a Connection to Each other...

The Problem is having Fans see a ALIEN TV Spin Off and NOT have it about Xenomorphs.

2025-2050 Era in the Alien Universe is a Era that in Part would Encompass the Advancements that Weyland Industries are making, at this Point it seems Weyland is interested in Genetic Engineer/Cures for Ailments and  Diseases, but he also is Heavily Invested in Creating Synthetic Humans.   He has other Ambitions too.... which would Include the Advancement to get Humans to Explore beyond our Solar System.

The Yutani Company also have their OWN Projects and seem to be Heavily Involved in IT/A.I and Communications but also more into Military Application. But there are likely other Companies/Factions with Grand Ideas of Technological Domination.

The 2050-2075 Era is where we would have come to a Common Use for Synthetics/Robots, its also where Space Travel and World Building would come into Play.

The 2075-2100 Era is the Era where the Galaxy is our Oyster (well the Near By) as this would be the Period of Advanced FTL Travel and its Advancements, where each Decade that Passes the Further we can GO into Deep Space.  And so this is the Era of Exploration.... looking for Moons/Worlds to MINE for Resources, to Set-Up Outposts... while looking for that GOLDEN NUGGET...  Earth like Worlds.

The Tail End of this Era would see the Disappearance of Peter Weyland and the MERGER of the Weyland-Yutani Company or the Beginnings.

The Era of 2100-2125 would be Similar to the Above as we Travel the Stars looking at Worlds to Gain Resources and Set-Up Outposts...  The Weyland-Yutani Corp likely being THE or ONE of the Major Forces in World Building and other stuff.... a MONOPOLY that they are a MAIN PLAYER...

This is the Era also of the Xenomorph Origins.... its the Era that Special Order 937 will come from.

The Next 50 Years and so 2125-2175 is a Era where World Building Far and Wide is a Reality, where we have the Colonial Marines, and its a Era with some Mystery.

WHY (or have they) Not gone back to LV-223, LV-426, or Planet 4 and Origae-6 and the like.   And so this is a POTENTIAL Era to Explore a ALIEN Movie or TV Series.

The Next Era of 50 Years from 2175-2225, what is it like on Earth and other Colonies, are Synthetics a Important Part?  The Weyland Yutani Corp had Wanted the Xenomorph for its Weapons Division, and so after the Sacrifice of Ripley on Fury 161 is that it?  Is there NO-MORE as FAR as the Xenomorph?

And so this Aftermath to ALIENS Era is again something that would be IDEAL to Set a ALIEN Movie/TV Show.....

But then its a Question of does a ALIEN Universe have to be about the Xenomorph?  The Prequels have show  us the Potential for other Horrors... and Engineer Technology.... and by the PLOT then its HOW MANY Worlds are there with Intelligent Species?

Can these be a Threat or are we a Threat to them... the Prequels also SHOW the Threat of A.I and trying to PLAY GOD...

Speaking of them (GOD) was Planet 4 the Last we would EVER get to see with our Engineers.....

So YES the Different Eras do allow us to Interact with more Worlds, Different Agendas and Corporations but also Different Races and Threats but the KEY is to TRY and NOT go and Contradict anything.... or make sure you TIDY UP the Loose Ends ;)

If we are looking at the Era to Explore the Xenomorph..... then i think the 2125-2225 would be IDEAL... but you could take that up to say 2250 etc.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2021 5:17 PM

Man you did a better job then me at organizing the ERAs

(clap clap clap)



MemberXenomorphAug-21-2021 5:59 PM

This timeline is just too damn long.

I'm starting to be in favor of a reboot / reimagining.


Instead of Ripley floating in space for 57 years ...Have Weyland Yutani investigate the loss of the Nostromo and immediately begin ALIENS.

Ripley is found and recovered after about a month in the Narcissus.

Marines and the corp. interrogate her while she's still in the Calpamos system, forcing her return to LV-426. ( Amanda is still alive )

No crazy idea about terra-forming a tiny worthless moon (Lv-426).

Keep the marines ( Hicks, Hudson, Bishop, Etc...) Keep Newt or dump her.....( She could be aboard a mom and pop salvaging ship there to loot the Nostromo or something )

Instead of the action based around a terra forming plant, have it aboard the Juggernaut or in some Pyramids / tombs.

Bishop has to make his way through incredible creepy Juggernaut tunnels....Multiple queens...You name it.

Aliens 3 ...10 years later

A:R twenty years after Ripley's death.

Alien: V 1 month later Earth finds out about the xeno.


Keeps the technology from getting out of hand.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2021 6:21 PM


I like the rich history of the current timeline

The Problem with Reboots is they are usually messy and become been there done that. Unless done right and have a good writing team and visionary.



MemberXenomorphAug-22-2021 6:14 AM

It's a daft timeline.

Billions of humans with the ability to travel FTL. The galaxy should be well colonized by the year 2150. ANY Engineers / Alien races should be well known by this time. Xeno's would be extinct...nuked from above....or drone hunted to oblivion. Hunting expeditions for sport perhaps?

Probes / drones would have scoured and returned 3D 32K glyph video of every meter of every planet / moon in every star system within a thousand light years of Earth.

You could sit on a couch on Earth while a probe shows you everything on any planet in the galaxy in Realtime.

The telescope tech by then will mean there is no planet or moon you could hide from. The human race will find you!

The second you add FTL and anti-gravity to your universe destroys sense of distance, time, scale.

Going hard science would make the long timeline work.


MemberDeaconAug-22-2021 6:53 AM

"I'm starting to be in favor of a reboot / reimagining"

If they do go this ROUTE.... then you can Change a lot, you dont have to go and have Ripley, or the Ship being Called the Nostromo etc.....

You keep the Xenomorph and can Change it a bit..

You can maybe keep the Juggernaught/Derelict Ship Aesthetic or Change it bit.

Maybe you can KEEP the Weyland-Yutani Company and give some History to that and Change that a bit.   But i dont think you have to go and Basically make ALIEN in a like for like by just Changing a Few things... you can Basically START with something Different if your going to do a Reboot.

I think with the ALIEN Time-Line as FAR as the Movies it does Raise some Questions and Points...

Prior to the Prequels we have to ASK!

*How did Special Order-937 come to be?  How much did W-Y know about those Eggs before the Nostromo was sent to LV-426.

*Why after Failing to Obtain a Specimen via the Nostromo did the Company seem to NOT be Interested in going back, were they aware of the Derelict/Special Order-937 when they was Setting Up the Outpost of Hadleys Hope?

*Why was the Company Obsessed trying to get Ripley?  Is SHE the ONLY last Source for a Xenomorph?

And so when we get to ALIEN Resurrection you would think that by Virtue of them trying to Obtain the Xenomorph via Ripleys DNA, then you have to ASSUME that there was NO-WHERE else to Obtain a Specimen.

A Simple Answer would have to be that the Company were NOT that 100% Sure of what was on LV-426, and after the Failure of Special Order-937 they just Deemed it of being NOT that Important......    Sometime latter maybe Volcanic Activity and Storms had Hidden the Derelict from being Detected by those who would be Surveying the Moon for Colonization.

The Special Order-937 something that was Hidden/Covered up and Forgotten.  As it would seem Bizarre to just LOOSE Interest in the Specimen, then some 35 Years the Company goes to Build a Outpost and Attempt to Terra-Form LV-426.

After the Destruction of Hadleys Hope then the Derelict is Rendered Useless or Considered to be GONE....  Hence that after  the Death of the Runner and Sacrifice of Ripley in Alien 3 on Fury 161 this meant the END of the Xenomorph.

Until 200 Years latter the USM corp begin to Obtain a Specimen via Cloning Ripley from her DNA.

And so THIS meant there was NO real Loose Ends.... only things to Question would be as to HOW/WHEN did they Discover that there was a Specimen of Importance on LV-426 and to WHY they Never had Obtained any after the Events of the Nostromo Mission to LV-426.

But this does mean NOT much Scope to another ALIEN MOVIE between ALIEN and ALIEN R.....  However this does-not mean you could NOT go and Explore such a thing.... Alien Isolation did as such and its a CASE of being Careful to NOT go and Conflict the Franchise and Tie-Up Loose Ends... (from things left after you Explore another Avenue to the Xenomorph say prior to 2179 and after).

The Prequels had Expanded the Universe but by doing so it Creates many more Loose Ends and Questions... Especially WHY go and Pursue LV-426 and Ripley for the Xenomorph and Related.

This is WHY i am Concerned about the TV Series its Screaming either Reboot or Totally Conflict the Franchise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-22-2021 7:19 AM

so Sorry if this is OFF TOPIC...

There could be Parts of the Time-Line where some Events have Happened that we just have NOT seen on Screen.

Was the Nostromo the FIRST of any Humans sent to the Derelict?  Could that HOLE had been from After the Space Jockey Event?   But with the AC Plot then the Time-Line from when the Derelict is on LV-426 until the Nostromo is SHORT but this does-not mean that Humans had NOT been on the Derelict prior to ALIEN.

Post ALIEN...... then in Aliens DC we see the Derelict has a HOLE where there was NONE in ALIEN and this HOLE looks like something has Exploded from the INSIDE.  Could this be Evidence that someone had GONE BACK to the Derelict after the Nostromo Mission?

But back to the OT... 

I do think if we had another Movie or TV Series then Ideally i think Exploring between 2100-2250 would be the Ideal Time-Line to do so.  But saying that looking at the Military Technology of 2380 it seems that NOT a LOT had Advanced since ALIENS.  But saying that with AC it seemed NOT a LOT as FAR as Weaponry has Advanced for like 100 Years.

I Guess if a TOOL does it Job then it does-not Need to be Changed... The Sword, and Knives (for all Purposes) have NOT really Advanced much for Hundreds of Years....

so with Weaponry as FAR as Guns then maybe Materials/Weight, and Speed/Number of Rounds you can Fire/Hold would be all the  Improvements you would Require.... plus the Ammo being made from Stronger/Penetrating Materials and maybe being Explosive Rounds.

Maybe it would be COOL to see Laser Guns and the like... but you have to think in Practical Terms... The amount of Energy thats Needed to make a Laser be able to CUT through Armour and the like for the USE as a Portable Weapon is Currently HUGE... and there would  be NO-WAY it would be Small Enough to be used as a Assault Weapon.

And so when we look at say Star Wars Blasters....  the Energy/Technology to allow a Riffle/Pistol to Produce a Energy Blast like that would be Something that maybe in Context to the Alien Franchise is just something that cant be MADE PORTABLE.

And so when we Consider say the Marine Pulse Riffle compared to Storm Trooper Blaster is their a Massive Difference in their Ability to Kill a Human even ONE with some Armour like a Storm Trooper Suit?

so its Logical that Laser/Blaster like Energy Weapons are Restricted to Fighter Ships, Tanks and the like.... as its coming up with the WAY to make the Technology that can Produce that Energy fit into something like a Pistol and Riffle.  So i think the ALIEN Franchise is Quite Realistic as FAR as Portable Weapons Systems.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-22-2021 4:41 PM

"........2380 it seems that NOT a LOT had Advanced since ALIENS"


I'm assuming Earth is a big mess and weapon companies in disrepair ...Military is probably looking for a easy ready-made weapon ( Xenomorph / alien tech ) ?



MemberPraetorianAug-22-2021 5:27 PM

I think we haven't fully seen the capabilities of the xenomorphs yet, in my fanfiction the AVPU I use the alternate canon of David merely creating a secondary xenomorph species while the xenomorphs encountered in Alien and Aliens are from the Engineers. I wrote in the xenomorphs ability to evolve over time and I wrote the reason why the xenomorphs haven't been hunted to extinction is because as of right now its more effective and less expensive to avoid xenomorph inhabited worlds.

Aliens versus Predator Universe



MemberPraetorianAug-22-2021 6:00 PM

damn I lost my old signature



MemberDeaconAug-23-2021 6:01 AM

"I'm assuming Earth is a big mess"

Certainly is................. This would Indicate that some Apocalyptic Event has taken Place on Earth, well at least some of the Earth.  This looks like the Aftermath of Nuclear War.

And looking into the Background for Call we can Assume we have Synthetics having a Dominant Role on Earth, even Sub-Creating the Autons and so its maybe NOT just a Case of Human vs Human.... the World could have Faced Chaos between Humans and their Creations.

In the AFTERMATH of such a Event we could see a LOT of the Worlds Technology gone and we have a Very Mad Max kind of World.....  But some will have a Abundance of Technology we know that Mankind would have Colonized other Worlds and had Outposts and Stations.

It could be the USM Auriga was USED to Obtain the Xenomorph to maybe USE as a Weapon to Turn the Tide of War on Earth, well to Gain the USM and their Benefactors some CONTROL back on Earth.

So for a LOT of People on Earth then getting any kind of Technology and Advanced Weaponry could be Difficult.  You could have a lot of Scavengers on the Earth trying to make ENDS meet.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-23-2021 6:57 AM

So you could Explore the Aftermath of Alien Resurrection or even cover something Prior.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-23-2021 12:44 PM

Well, BigDave, I kind of decanonize ALIEN 3 and ALIEN RESURRECTION in my fanfiction so I could have Newt and Hicks in my story. Although I canonize the unedited version of the Earth War trilogy; right now the way things turned out in AVPU, I haven't had the chance to include Newt and Hicks in my current chapters since i've been focusing on my other characters.

Although I do canonize several concepts from Alien 3 and Resurrection, just not the events of the movies themselves. With ALIEN 3 I could recanonize it but with the way this website works on original post I cannot edit the part where I said I decanozied it however I already planned a chapter with Hicks and Newt being alive on Alexandria colony. 

With Alien Resurrection, well I am never going to canonize that film since I am the only person here who doesn't like Joss Weadon. So no AFTERMATH of Resurrection.

So far my stories revolves around dealing with Weyland Yutani's xenomorph and yautja experiments. Later on I will touch on the themes of the xenomorph's origins. 

So far the concepts I plan on is the xenomorphs are older than David and thus an engineer creation based on the original starbeast.



MemberPraetorianAug-23-2021 4:24 PM

AVPU on the timeline is between 2193-2230

So many of the events from the expanded universe have happened like the aforementioned Earth War Trilogy since the prologue is heavily dependent on the Earth War Trilogy canon due to a xenomorph infestation taking place on earth.

My character becoming a cyborg is based off of Dr. Eisenberg from the AVP2 video game, the events of AVP2/Primal Hunt is also canonical to my fanfiction. 

I wrote AVPU to be a unifications of all the Alien canons, I only remove certain canons if they contradict Prometheus, Alien Covenant (Novel), Alien, or Aliens. While also writing an original story around these ideas.

I know some people might be lost if they read AVPU, since I don't think all Alien fans would read the comics or play the video games.

Like MonsterZero prefers a more streamline and simplified timeline over the long history of how the alien universe developed from humble beginnings to when the xenomorph was discovered, then rediscovered, then lost to time, to resurrection of the species.



MemberDeaconAug-24-2021 5:52 AM

"My character becoming a cyborg is based off of Dr. Eisenberg from the AVP2 video game, the events of AVP2/Primal Hunt is also canonical to my fanfiction"

Yeah the AVP2 Game was Good and this is the KIND of Time-Line that the AVP Movie should have been SET IN..... i do think Disney would Reboot the AVPU at some point.

When doing this  (AVP) you have the Freedom to Add/Remove some things from Canon, or Completely go and Re-Write it as a Alternative Take.

I think with the Removal of Alien 3: etc what Blomkamp was doing would be to say "hi guys lets just suppose that Ripley, Hicks and Newt all arrived Home Safe and Sound" and it was to OFFER a Alternative Path... it would NOT have been to make Alien 3 Null and Void but to just OFFER like a Alternative Future after ALIENS.  And so Fans could go and Enjoy Both Alternative Paths after ALIENS... or some could Choose to IGNORE his ALIEN V and stick with Alien 3 or Vice Versa.

The Brandywine Alien V (David Giler/Walter Hill) seemed that some MOVIES would have merely been DREAMS of Ellen Ripley... and who KNOWS to HOW FAR this would have gone... maybe it Happens Many Years after ALIEN and that all the Movies after and before ALIEN are just Dreams of Ripley... its Hard to say.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-24-2021 9:54 AM

Ah like branching storylines



MemberPraetorianNov-30-2022 1:21 PM

Welp, looks like Halley's series if Shoehorned into canon will make a new ALIEN era

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