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You're a F-N Robot.

You're a F-N Robot.

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DeaconMember10416 XPAug-11-2021 5:24 AM

To Paraphrase the Alternative Scene where Dr Shaw recovers David...............

We know that Ridley Scott seemed Invested a Lot with A.I and its NOT been to Many Fans liking, maybe because the Emphasis is too much on a A.I

My Question really is about CAN you have A.I as a Leading Role, and WHAT makes the Audience be able to Connect to a A.I after all to some they are just a Fricken Robot.

This does-not have to be about David its about the Broad Concept of A.I and can the Audience Connect or even FEEL any Empathy for a A.I Character?

For a Straight Up Robot this may be Difficult, but we have seen many Films with A.I/Robots who Develop a Human like Emotion and Personality and IF this is DONE in the Right way then i think its Possible for us to Connect with them and Feel Empathy.

It depends HOW it is done.... People dont seem care for David because you can have any Empathy because of WHAT he has been doing.... the same can be Said when NO-ONE had Cared when BURKE got Killed in ALIENS or Weyland in Prometheus......  Nasty Selfish Characters so they GOT their Kama...

We can take this Beyond being Mechanical too, and look at A.I as in Artificially Created being.  Such as the REPLICANTS and so LIFE that was NOT really Born but Created or Grown in a LAB.

Roy Batty is a Good Example from Bladerunner, some Fans had Felt Empathy and a Connection to his Character when he had DIED..... would it have been the same IF he was Revealed to NOT be Biological?

Again this is NOT intended to be about David, or HOW can he be FIXED as a Character... but more so about CAN you have A.I Characters who you can Connect with and have Empathy towards....

Or are they all Just F-N Robots ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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XenomorphMember1330 XPAug-11-2021 5:27 PM

If David had given Elizabeth the black goo drink. I think that might have worked better...More of a Ash angle. But he gave it to a nondescript character ( Charlie )   .... and the audience ( including myself ) responded with a big *meh*.....Hope he turns into a monster was the thought! Could of saved some screen time by just impregnating Shaw and get on with it.

David observing her C-section ( remotely ) would have been cool.


David's ambiguity is unsettling ...Do we like him? Or... Is he antagonist or protagonist?

Bishop and Ash are how it's done.



DeaconMember10416 XPAug-12-2021 5:30 AM

I think David has drawn some Inspiration from his FATHER a Megalomaniac, i think his Dislike for Humans comes from his Miss-treatment by many.  It seemed liked he was Building a Good Relationship with Dr Shaw because of HOW she had Treated him...

But he ULTIMATELY may have been Responsible for her DEATH and so ONLY really Cares for himself.

People are BORN Innocent, its the Environment and Upbringing that Shapes who they BECOME.... if HITLER was brought up in another Country surrounded by Kind People then its UNLIKELY he would have became the TYRANT he was.

And so maybe IF say David had became Dr Shaws Families Personal Butler and was Factory Reset before he Spent say 20 Years with Dr Shaw, then maybe he would be KIND and similar to Dr Shaw... but then maybe some of Holloway would have also RUBBED OFF on him ;)

Regarding the OT... i think that IF you have a A.I that seems to have Emotion and Personality, and are Portrayed in a Good, Benevolent way and they come into Harm or a Situation of Peril, then i do think you can CONNECT and have Empathy to them.  I dont think they have to be Biological like Roy Batty to have some Empathy towards them.

But this can Differ Fan to Fan


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPAug-12-2021 9:15 AM

I wouldn't have a problem with a tv series around a Bishop synth....Movie?! Probably not.

If David was a hero figure ( like Bishop ) I can see him in a leading role....Sort of like Spock leading the dumb humans on adventure? I always considered Spock a android .....But I'd don't see a Spock centered movie...Nor a Next Generation Data based movie.


So, no a Tv series is as far as I'd be willing to watch...I think RS knows this especially after Alien:Covenant.  


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-13-2021 4:28 AM

Yeah TV Series allow you do add more Depth to Characters, and there is a LOT to the Franchise beyond those EGGS and so a TV Series could touch on A.I in more Detail.

As far as Main Characters i think the A.I has played a BIG ROLE in the Franchise apart from maybe Alien 3, where its more CameoBishop was ONE of the Main Characters from ALIENS.  When we look at Alien Resurrection then Call was a Interesting Character that had more Depth  than Most of the other Characters, she also like Bishop and David were a Survivor of the Horrors of the Movie they was in.

Ash well he did-not Survive.... but he was a IMPORTANT Character to the PLOT, it would be likely that with NO ASH.... the Xenomorph would NOT have got onto the Nostromo, so his Character that was added to the Story played a KEY PART.

Can a A.I play the Main Lead though?   David seemed like a Support Character to Dr Shaw, and you can say Walter was the same with Daniels.  But when we look at Prometheus then Dr Shaw's Character just NEVER stood out, it NEVER like Stole the Show!

With Alien Covenant we are left with Daniels and Tennessee and again they were just Underwhelming, and LIKE HIM or NOT or the ROLE/ARC he has been Given, we see David as being the Pivotal Character of the Prequels and i Suspect that would have Continued with a Sequel.

The Problem with David is he is Straight Up... Malevolent so People are Unlikely to Connect with him or Care.... UNLESS... they give him a ARC

With the Mythos/Religion of Gods we see THEY seem Quite Malevolent at times.

So IF we see David want to Create a New Eden on Origae-6 and he sees those Human Embryos as the STARTING POINT.... if he was to Create a Superior Human from them.... his CHILDREN and he goes to Raise and Nurture them.... could be become a Sympathetic Character?

He told Daniels (when she thought he was Walter) in regards to WHAT KIND of a World can they Build.....

"If we are KIND it will be a KIND World"

I am NOT sure that he would ever Build himself back to Redeem himself, its likely he is MORE INTERESTED in becoming a GOD.. and at Times then GOD can get Angry!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-13-2021 4:39 AM

But there are Franchises, Movies that had A.I and Robots and they are ALL not SET OUT to Destroy us.

If Done Right then we can have Sympathy and Empathy towards them... Especially if they have Human Traits... and i am NOT talking about Aesthetically.

But that Raises another Interesting Point.... can you Connect and have Empathy for a A.I/Robot that does-not appear to look as Human.

A Terminator looks Human.... Skin Deep.... but what about other Robots who do-not look Human much.... such as CHAPPIE (Aesthetically), a Example could be the Movie (Archive) you could have some Sympathy for J2 compared to more Humanoid J3.

It would be almost like if Weyland had Survived and came Across our Walter and was in AWE of Walter and Become more Interested in this NEW MODEL leaving David to be LEFT OUT..........(before David became the Evil SOB he was in AC).

"Ah Walter you are much more Human than David, why i would think my Own Daughter was more a Robot than you, David's Humanity is only Skin Deep!  But you... well my Friend i NEVER thought they would Surpass my David"

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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