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MemberDeaconApr-24-2021 6:49 AM

With JUST 2 Days until ALIEN DAY 2021 will we get any NEWS on any ALIEN Projects?

The ONLY related Project as far as on the Screen is concerned is the Announced ALIEN TV SERIES.

But have NOT had much Information on that since the Winter and maybe we could SEE more about this Project come to LIGHT soon?

The Franchise had came to a STALEMATE of Sorts with the Prequels, it hit a Quagmire......  However it looks like our NEXT Installment into the Franchise would be the TV Series.

This TV Series However could be Rewriting the History Books if it is to be Considered as Canon, with this being the FIRST ALIEN PROJECT under the Control of Disney would they be looking to CHANGE the History that the Prequels had given us?

Not much is KNOWN about the Project at the Moment but we do get some Indication about the TV Show as far as Setting.  What we know so FAR is.

*The Main setting will be on EARTH.

*The TV Series is SET in the NOT too Distant Future (with 101 Years at Present until we get to the TIME-LINE of ALIEN i think the NOT TOO has to imply we are looking at about Half that Time well more likely a 2040-2060 Time-Line than a 2080-2100).

*The TV Series will begin to give some Background about the Greedy Corporate Types and how LITTLE they would Care about the General Population.

*At some-point we will be Introduced to the Xenomorph once again, where we could be in for some Horror that maybe likely Escalate into Action as the Xenomorph shows its Face More.

From the Few Images we have seen, we do see the Xenomorph Embryo which seems pretty much FULLY Formed like that in Alien Covenant (Arms and Legs) rather than the Serpentine Chest Buster of ALIEN but it seems the ALIEN in this TV Series would be more similar to the Smooth Carapace that we see in ALIEN and ALIEN COVENANT as opposed to the ALIENS look.

What we also see is some kind of Cavern/Interior that has that Aesthetic of the inside of the Derelict/Engineer Ships and Outposts look to it.  This could be the PLACE that maybe the Xenomorph will be Discovered and we have to ASSUME this is of ALIEN ORIGIN.

If the TV Series is SET on Earth and the Not Too Distant Future then maybe this Set-Piece is maybe NOT located in the Deeper Recesses of Space like LV-426?  So this may be located somewhere CLOSER to Home and it looks Partially Flooded so it could be that we have some ALIEN Construction or Ship that is Discovered Underwater?

How does everyone FEEL about such a PLOT?

Surely it will Re-Write a lot of History, Certainly means that Humans encounter the Xenomorph some TIME before the events of Prometheus let alone ALIEN.

Will it make any attempts to Connect to the Future Prequels or Alien?

Will it Connect to AVP? (we are talking Disney here).

Will it show us WHO Created this Discovered Complex/Ship and so are the Engineers going to be Explored or even CHANGED?

Personally having  ALIEN PLOT that predates ALIEN and the Prequels by a Considerable amount of Time is a HUGE RISK... Could this TV Show if Successful be the SEEDS of Disney going for a RETCON of the Prequels and Xenomorph Origins?

Time will Tell.......

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

7 Replies


AdminEngineerApr-24-2021 7:17 AM

The lack of Alien Day hype this year is disappointing to say the least. I'm hoping they throw us a bone but I'm not getting my hopes up. Disney don't seem as invested in this franchise as Fox were...

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberXenomorphApr-24-2021 7:41 AM

Sorry bout that. Not a big Alien fan but I could also celebrate Alien Day I guess

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberPraetorianApr-24-2021 10:35 AM

Yeah Disney is pretty much this:

Mickey Mouse: ha ha, go @#$! yourself alien, ha ha



MemberDeaconApr-24-2021 3:26 PM

Well Chris we maybe can ASSUME that the TV Series Project is still ON?

It is even more QUIET on the Franchise Front this ALIEN DAY....  it seems that DISNEY has NOT 100% abandoned the Franchise but it does seem Reluctant to Commit to the Big Screen and maybe we should HEAR more about the TV Series at some point this Year.......

We had Ridley Scott a while back indicate that there was PLANS for another ALIEN MOVIE... but ONE that would maybe NOT draw on the Prequels....  we did have Brandywine tease their ALIEN V idea that would bring back RIPLEY.

I did hear a Movie was on the Cards for 2022 that would NEITHER be about Ripley or Connect with the Prequels..

But the ONLY thing we had somewhat Concrete was that FX will be working on a TV Series.. but since December its been QUIET.....

Hopefully Alien Day 2021 may give us a Surprise but it seems DOUBTFUL :(

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterApr-27-2021 4:56 AM

Hey, BD, you should check new screenshots for Aliens Fireteam.


MemberDeaconApr-28-2021 5:23 AM

Certainly Interesting to see that some of the Action takes Place on Planet 4.....

Its a Logical Plot Conclusion considering the END of Alien Covenant then you would Expect that Missions to LV-223 and Planet 4 would have been SET-UP.

Its a LITTLE Disappointing we have NO News on the TV Show, who knows if its going ahead or even if they PLAN to Re-write SOME of the PLOT.

Saying that a PLOT about Xenomorphs on Earth like 50+ Years of more before ALIEN seems something that is a RISK and well i dont think a Good Idea ;)

With the Alien Franchise having reached near the Year 2400 there is BOUND to be other Worlds that Humans had Discovered that are similar to Planet 4 and Origae-6.

Where Mankind have found a kind of Paradise where they have SET UP a Colony for what 25, 50, 100 Years and THEN they make a Underwater Discovery at SEA that then UNLEASHES the Horror of ALIEN all over again.

I feel a Similar Plot is at Play with the TV Series only this Discovery is on Earth between 2040-2070 and i find that a bit of a Mistake... (like making the AVP Plot take place on Earth in the Year 2004).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMay-02-2021 4:34 AM

I think to go back to the OT....

It seems that DISNEY are NOT interested in the Prequels, we did hear about the Giler/Hill Brandywine Project (ALIEN V) which would have gave us Ripley back and looked like it MAY have RELEGATED some of the Franchise to being DREAMS.

But with the ONLY kind of Concrete Project that was in Works being the FX ALIEN TV SHOW... it seems via the PLOT that this would also be Re-Writing some HISTORY.

I dont think you have to RE-WRITE stuff you can ATTEMPT to FIX it which is like what STAR WARS attempted after The Last Jedi disappointment.

The Star Wars Franchise is Consistent, UNLIKE the Star Trek when we had the REBOOTS... and so i would like to see the ALIEN FRANCHISE do a Star Wars rather than a Star Trek in this Regard....

But a TV Show with the PLOT we have would to me be like doing a Star Trek Reboot...

But this was ALWAYS a Prime Concern with DISNEY... i worried under them we would see the Franchise Rebooted and Retconned... like OVER and OVER...

I dont think the PLOT in Part is Bad.... but i think the Time-Setting would be....  The Discovery of a Crashed Engineer Ship at Sea say between 2200-2300 would be FINE.. as WHO was to say the Engineers had NOT sent a Ship to Earth some Thousands of Years ago that Failed its Mission and ENDED UP at the Bottom of the Ocean.

The ONLY Problem with this would be IF the Cargo is Eggs and we have Xenomorphs then THIS would Conflict what we saw in ALIEN COVENANT... and IF this TV Show is set say between 2040-2080 then it would RAISE the Question a bit about ALIEN....

Giving us something that would NOT be a Xenomorph but would have some Connection would NOT go and please some Fans who would EXPECT that we have to have XENOMORPHS.... and i think Quite a Lot of Fans would LIKE this for the Reason it would TOTALLY mean that David could NOT have Created the Xenomorph.

I STAND BY how i feel the Prequels had Enhanced the Franchise, because with the Engineers Experiments and Bio-Weapon they could have given us a PLOT where in the Year 2220 they either Discover a Crashed Ship at Sea either on EARTH or on a Earth like World they had Discovered and Colonized in the Future.

They could THEN have given us a Alternative Xenomorph, say like ABOVE....  But then a LOT of the Problems could have been Avoided had they shown David Created something similar to ABOVE instead.

I have always said the David as Creator can be FIXED by having the Returning Engineers Discover his Xenomorphs even on Planet 4 and taking them to LV-223 to EVOLVE into what becomes those Eggs on LV-426 so the Engineers play the ROLE of those who Began the Process (LV-223/Black Goo) and then FINISHED the Process (LV-426) and David had merely taken the Engineers Work and Evolved it and the Engineers become Impressed and PERFECT the work of David..

JOB DONE... everyone Happy (well maybe NOT).

But such a PLOT... or if they Choose to REBOOT the Prequel Plot... then what we have is WHEN those Engineers had LOADED UP the Derelict, then WHY was that the ONLY Ship?

So they could have other SHIPS that have left and some of these could have been SUCCESSFUL and others could also have CRASHED....

Even as to END UP at the Bottom of a Sea on Earth or some other World in the Galaxy and THIS... is where they could have taken the TV Series....

I think even IF they Ignore the Prequels so Prometheus had NEVER Happened and so we have the Derelict on LV-426 and another is on Earth... i still think thats a MASSIVE MISTAKE.... IF the TV Show is SET before say 2200.

PS:  I will add that the AVP Pred-Alien Concept i modified a LITTLE does look a bit like the Fresco from Prometheus. And so having a Organism like this being Discovered could give some Connection to Prometheus.

A Progenitor to the Deacon, and Xenomorph or just another Alternative Experiment from some other Connected Source?

Even such a PLOT could be used for a AVP Reboot of Sorts, if its indicated the Predator Species with the Black Goo had became what is the Fresco Creature or a Engineer/Fresco Hybrid is what became the Predators ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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