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Alien Resurrection: The 4 in which all 4's are measured by

Alien Resurrection: The 4 in which all 4's are measured by

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PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-08-2021 2:18 AM

OK this another throw away for humor so don't raise those pitch forks just yet lol.

Ok so last week The Matrix 4's title was seemingly leaked and it went something like The Matrix Resurrections. So it's the 4th film in an ongoing sci fi saga resurrecting dead characters and is possibly called Resurrections...see the similarities? 

This also comes after other 4's such as Terminator Salvation and Jurassic World did hybrids. Man/Terminator? Check. Hybrid dino made from about a dozen Dino's? Check. Guess what 4 did hybrids before these. Alien Resurrection with Ripley being half xenomorph as well as the Newborn. 

I doubt Alien Resurrection had any influence on these by the way lol. I just had to point out the similarities. Alien Resurrection between these to the punch quite some time ago. Interesting to see how Hollywood always circles the same ideas. Let me know if I missed any other similar 4's.


Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

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ChestbursterMember666 XPFeb-08-2021 3:21 AM

Instead of humor, it may actually be the perfect ground for research.

First, I will say that exceptions are everywhere, but in most cases you can see the similarities and highlight the rule.


1) OG. First parts of films. Perhaps these are not ideal films, but they are made with all possible soul, because the creators did not know - will there be an opportunity to make a sequel? They also have a complete plot and idea. Expamples: Alien, Terminator, Jurassic Park, Matrix, Robocop; or, if we take franchises that are measured not by individual films, but by whole triquels - Star Wars Original Trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy (part of middle-earth franchise).

2) Sequels. In general, they don't have to be sequels, they can be prequels or sidequels. In any case, they are made right after the OG. Typically, these films are more ambitious, bloated and polished. Perhaps they lose a piece of the author's enthusiasm or atmosphere for the sake of the box office. They may be "softer" compared to the originals, but that does not make them worse overall. Examples: Aliens, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park 2, Matrix 2, Robocop 2; or Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and Hobbit trilogy.

3) Triquels. These are perhaps the weakest films in the franchises. Everyone has known this for a long time. The reasons for this: running out of ideas or laziness and the desire for easy money on a popular name. Very often these films destroy everything that was created before them and, in general, can ruin the franchise. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are rare. Examples: Alien 3, Terminator 3, Jurassic Park 3, Matrix 3, Robocop 3, Halloween 3; and, of course, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.

4) The fourth films are very often really a new beginning, resurrection, rebirth, reboot - call it what you want. Sometimes these films try to continue the triquels, sometimes they try to cancel them. Sometimes they come out good, sometimes they don't. Unlike the mostly bad triquels, the fourths can be called "dubious". Examples: Alien: Resurrection, Terminator: Salvation, Robocop reboot, Jurassic World, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Tremors 4; possibly Matrix 4.

5) Fifths of the films are free fall territory. You can expect anything. Good things, bad things. New ideas, old ideas. Continuation or reboot. Quality also defies calculation. Examples: Prometheus, Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic Word 2, Tremors 5.


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-08-2021 3:46 AM

Free for all 5: Friday The 13th V: The New beginning. Not actually Jason.

Not bad grounds for research. Mainly I had to point out what is still the most reviled Alien film (I'm a fan personally) that isn't called Requiem has this bizarre and obviously unintentional legacy of coming up with some go for broke ideas before others did. I like Resurrection. Salvation and Jurassic World are OK at best. The Matrix 4 could go with way. Maybe Resurrection influenced that bizarre and pointless clone plot line in Fallen Kingdom too...

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

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