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MemberDeaconSep-24-2020 6:04 AM

I think this MAY have been Discussed here before but NOT in much Depth.

What are your thoughts and Interpretation of Alien Covenants Title, or/and indeed the Covenant Mission and its Badge as FAR as any Interpretations to the Relevance to the Word (COVENANT)

Genuinely a Covenant is a Agreement between TWO or more Parties.  Usually in regards to a Agreement to either DO or to DO-NOT do a Certain Thing.

In the Biblical Sense there are a Number but the TWO main ones are GOD making a Agreement to Noah that he will NEVER cause a FLOOD again on Mankind.  And Agreement by GOD to the Israelites that he would Protect them if they Agree to follow his LAW and be FAITHFUL, made after Moses received the 10 Commandments.

But if we look at the Movie and the Mission, what we Essentially have is a Group of Humans who WISH to leave the Earth and Escape to START AGAIN.

The Covenant Ship acting a bit like Noah's Ark if you would.  But the Covenant Name itself does-not HOLD a lot of relevance to that.  (ARK to carry people away to Survive and Establish a Fresh Start).

The BADGE however does show Winged Beings in what looks like their Wings are Protecting a World.  These beings are also Depicted on the ARK of the Covenant which is where the 10 Commandments, the Rod of Aaron and a Golden Pot that Contained Manna.

We should maybe NOT look to Literal at this, but the Winged Beings could be Significant as they are Cherubim Angels and the THING that these Cherubim are Connected to the MOST is that they Watch Over and Guard the Garden of Eden and Paradise.

But when we look at the Badge while these Cherubim are seeming to Guard that World, we cant suggest this is Paradise as the Covenant Mission was to go to Origae-6.  The Badge shows OTHER Worlds too...

BUILDING BETTER WORLDS is the Main Tag of the Badge and we also see WEYLAND-YUTANI and so the Most Simple way to Interpret the Badge is it Symbolizes a Merger/Covenant that Formed the Weyland-Yutani company.

The Agreement maybe to Join Forces for the Greater Good of Discovering New Worlds so that Mankind can move away from Earth.

What are your Interpretations and HOW do you find the Badge and Covenant Title of any relevance.. or do they have NO RELEVANCE at all?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

1 Replies


MemberPraetorianSep-24-2020 11:56 AM

Taking a stab at it, but likely I'll prove unable to explore or reach the depths you visit regularly in contemplating such things, still here we go... 

Angels/Cherubin; Weyland might we have designed the logo himself, and/or some trusted person in the Company took heavy inspiration from his preferred motif of Divinity/Egyptian influence?

That said, they might represent Weyland employees/Synthetics acting a Guardians of Humanity's future and worlds?

The Worlds;

Those most likely represent the worlds Weyland has already opened up to Humanity as well as showing/inferring that The Company will never stop seeking and opening worlds to Humanity.

The name 'Covenant';

It might mean the agreement and bond between the Colonists and The Company, the name symbolizing that The Company will support them and not simply send them out alone, that there is a bigger plan and more to come in the development of the Origae-6 colony?

As big as the ship was, it was simply too small to carry anything more than a 'Pioneer' mission, to kick things off.

....and this makes me think I really need to make the effort to design and describe what 'Manticore' ship patches look like....and thank-you for kicking that idea off in my mind, BigDave :D






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