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MemberFacehuggerJul-29-2020 1:19 PM








“This is not a continuation of the world building done with Alien in Prometheus and Covenant but I still feel this is in the same universe as those worlds,” says Emery, who was second unit photographer on The Matrix and Alien: Covenant, and cinematographer on The Wolverine. “Ridley is particularly interested in using androids as an analogue for the human race and questioning what happens if we elevate the humans who created the androids to the status of god.” 


No one has ever seen anything like this before,” - Ross Emery

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MemberDeaconAug-30-2020 6:57 AM


Yeah the 2nd New Trailer does change our Perception of the Show compared to the First ;)  so things we could Speculate in the First Trailer, we have a Slight Change of Opinion with the New Trailer as it reveals more ;)


Thanks for the Interview Share ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-31-2020 5:17 AM

Raised by wolves cast interviews:

Travis Fimmel interview:



MemberDeaconAug-31-2020 10:25 AM

Here is a Little Teaser Clip....

WARNING... the Page it is on gives some Information that would be Considered a Spoiler, the CLIP also could be Considered a Spoiler.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteAug-31-2020 8:38 PM

Nice clip. Can already see how the tension is going to build. I think the clip ended just before a spoiler.


MemberDeaconSep-01-2020 5:57 AM

It only gives away some of the FATE regarding the Children is all ;)

Things that some of the Reviews had Revealed are there was 6 Initial Children via Embryo's and that the World they got to was indeed Kepler 22B

Not too BIG a Spoiler is that Mother and Co have been on Kepler 22B for 12 Years before the Arrival of other Humans.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerSep-01-2020 5:48 PM

Thanks, @BigDave. Poor child raised by that two Wolves. Probably will turn into a monster.

In Roman mythology, twins Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves. Legend says they later founded the city of Rome.



MemberDeaconSep-02-2020 8:00 AM

Now you got me Thinking ;)

In the First Trailer we see Amanda Collin (Mother) with a Child but she has LONGER HAIR than we see with Mother in the other Shots.......  in the Latest Trailer we see Mother with the First Child and she has the SHORT HAIR that we see Mother with throughout most of the Footage.

I am Wondering if the First Image of a Child when Mother had Long Hair could be..... Marcus (Travis Fimmel)

WHY would he also be Kneeling Down to those Stone Temples?

Is Kepler 22B the Birthplace of the Mithraic Cult?

Is this WHY we see him Kissing Mother in the One Shot?

I think this is also a Character played by Amanda Collin and so does she Play TWO Characters? Does she just play MOTHER from TWO different Time Peroids?

Is this Cave Shot set on Kepler22B or is it on Earth and so similar to Dr Shaw's discoveries on Earth, what Drove people to this Place to Find the GODS?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphSep-11-2020 5:22 AM

Lots of ideas and concepts we discussed on this forum have made their way into the Raised by Wolves series such as colonization of a desolate planet, crash landing of a spaceship, prehistoric flora and fauna, rouge androids, android cut open for surgery, replacing parts of android, remains of an ancient civilization etc. And it is not over yet.

What concepts are left for the Alien series?




* Silence Means Security *


MemberDeaconSep-11-2020 8:12 AM

"What concepts are left for the Alien series?"

Thats a Good Point....

Not much to Really think about as a LOT has been Covered in the Franchise.

Apart from....... Interdimensional/Extradimensional Horrors/Beings  ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphSep-14-2020 4:16 AM


"What concepts are left for the Alien series?"

There are parts that can be used and given an alien-twist. Just because other things have been used in other movies doesn't mean that they must be put on the shelf and never be revisited. Coming up with something completely new is difficult but if they can be used in the franchise and be used in a clever way then why not?


MemberFacehuggerSep-20-2020 4:29 PM

Fate of Alien boss's new sci-fi show with Vikings star revealed

It has been picked up for a second season.


Ridley Scott's sci-fi series Raised by Wolves has been picked up for a second season by HBO Max.

The show has been a hit for the streaming service since it premiered earlier this month, so announcing another 10-episode series will no doubt please fans.

Raised by Wolves, which stars Vikings' Travis Fimmel, follows two androids called Mother (Splitting Up Together's Amanda Collin) and Father (Jamestown's Abubakar Salim) who care for a group of human children, while also fending off other killer robots.

raised by wolves, amanda collinHBO

Ridley Scott said in a statement (via The Wrap): "Being a dyed-in-the-wool advertising man, I was knocked out by the extraordinary campaign done by HBO Max marketing, which conveyed the ambitious storyline in such a provocative and tactile manner, and deftly positioned our first season of Raised by Wolves as a 'must watch' show.

"It must have been a notable challenge to selectively plumb the riches In Aaron's [Guzikowski, writer] storylines. We were even happier that audiences have responded so enthusiastically."

The Alien: Covenant director confirmed the team are already developing storylines for the second season and they're looking promising.

"We are already deep into the 'layers' of season 2, as Aaron has begun to shape what we think will be another brilliant season to inspire the imagination."


MemberFacehuggerSep-20-2020 4:59 PM

Spoiler Alert

Flying sex in the sistine chapel.



MemberFacehuggerSep-20-2020 5:04 PM

Next Alien Movie, starring Amanda Collin. Please, Ridley, please, make it happen! 


MemberFacehuggerSep-20-2020 5:04 PM

The furious gods: making Prometheus directed by Charles de Lauzirika.


MemberFacehuggerSep-20-2020 5:04 PM

Alien River of Pain (Audio Book)


MemberFacehuggerSep-23-2020 5:26 PM

While we wait for the episodes 8, 9 and 10 of the hit show 'Raised by wolves', i have a souvenir for my fellow marine comrads, the comic series 'Aliens: dead orbit', of James Stokoe. 


Here's the link,




MemberFacehuggerSep-25-2020 7:06 PM

Raised by wolves comic issue #1 link


MemberTrilobiteSep-25-2020 7:37 PM

The flying sex pic recalls Cube 2: Hyper Cube.


MemberPraetorianSep-26-2020 1:41 PM

Yeah, I am going to proceed with my idea that challenges RBW in Storytelling.

Not immediately, aside from a Vignette or two, as I have a lot else on my plate.

But I can do Better, and I won't be relying on special effects over writing-quality.

I love RS and his son as they are proven and do great work, but I am uncertain about the other directors and producers...they seem more interested in recycling Sci-Fi trope and slathering things over with special-effects.






MemberFacehuggerSep-26-2020 9:21 PM

 Raised by Wolves - Main Theme (Opening Titles) by Ben Frost


Raised By Wolves: "Depths of Bliss"

 Raised by Wolves Episode 9 End Credits Soundtrack


MemberFacehuggerSep-27-2020 8:18 PM

How Raised By Wolves Fits Into The Blade Runner & Alien Timeline

Raised by Wolves on HBO is Ridley Scott's latest foray into science fiction; here's how the show's timeline matches that of Alien and Blade Runner.



MemberPraetorianSep-27-2020 8:47 PM


...just my reaction.

...and a cute cephalopod I agree with.






MemberFacehuggerSep-28-2020 5:48 AM


What are your long term goals as a science fiction author?

If you could wave a magic wand would you rather be a very successful screen writer or a very famous author? Maybe both?

Can you give hints on your upcoming work involving "Valhalla"? I think any of the arcane mythos will work a reference to what ever you have weaved into a new plot?

What has you interested in God, or the Gods in general in your work? Are you exploring this for personal reasons or is there more you would like to share in general?

And what is your favorite morning beverage to start the day with? LOL

Oh I think this is where I have to say something about RBW....ummmmmmmmmmm ohhhhh sorry I just cannot say anything nice about that fast forward key on the computer almost got broken. The acting on the old very first Star Trek shows was better....but!!! some of the sets on RBW are sure pretty to look at - they sure have come a long way with those green screens.



MemberPraetorianSep-28-2020 5:34 PM


Long-Term goals? Screenwriter, no thanks. Very Famous...again, no thanks. If I get to the level of Larry Niven, Ray Bradbury, I'll be ecstatic and will have reached my preferred degree of notoriety. 

'Valhalla'?? (Please forgive and overlook memory-slips, they're a current side-issue due to The Enemy's actions)
If you mean the workpiece I am playing with regarding my take on RBW, yes I can:

Sometime In The Future To Come...

Humanity has absolutely annihilated it's civilization.

Out of a population across many star systems of over a Trillion beings remains approximately 100,000 humans...though they can be called 'human' only by scientific classification in a zoological index.

They are divided into Bands, they are 'scavvers'...the remnant savage dregs of humanity's once prosperous species possessing still-workable technology...think Reavers and Mad Max raider-types.
But, they are not the future for the door of history is closing on them and they know it.
They are facing increasing infertility rates, more and more...they have at most, a century before they are Extinct.
Then there's the The Pride and the Human children the Alpha-Mother brought forth from herself. Only 13 of them, but they were all conceived of Optimized Natural Human Genetic Material. Carried to term in a Chimeran Artemis's womb, birthed naturally, each one of them.
The Children are a prize the scavvers want and need in absolute desperation...for in those children is their only hope of survival.

How's that for a teaser? :)


The God/gods are silent, Humanity--any thinking being--must contend vs. the universe without divine assistance. 
The God/Gods do not enter my works, however religion will be shown for the cataclysmically divisive and devastating force that it atavism that needs to be outgrown and left behind.
RBW addresses this, most do not, so I will be involving it as given the antagonists I've created, I really have no choice really.
RS and others have the 'god' thing all wrapped up so I won't waste time of my audience addressing such. Also, I doubt I am qualified for theological philosophizing.

Green tea, triple strong, just barely enough sugar to balance the bitterness. :)

In time I'll binge RBW...but for now I keep a stand-off to keep my ideas un-influenced by it as much as I can.






MemberFacehuggerSep-28-2020 7:33 PM


That is awesome. 

Those are much different answers than what I was expecting.

RBW has left a minor indentation, nothing that cannot be buffed out....forgettable stuff real fast.

What is not forgettable though is the time I think we all invest in each others craft...some of us are better at writing like yourself....I read a few pages and was immediately impressed with your craft. All the right things were there. Although why you did not strike out on your own claim I do not know. 

I think you are very talented. For lack of a more straight forward way to say this though I think originality is always more important. 

I know I am most certainly not an author / a screen play writer definately...but originality is not something I need.

I have read hundreds of Sci-fi books and I like/liked various authors for immature reasons at different periods in my life...because hey why not. Things are new and interesting when you read it for the first time. As times goes by though you get to the 20th PKD novel and you straight away just want to know how paranoid it will all be and who is it effecting. PKD is all about cause and effect. 

But that still does not answer my question about you and god / gods in your works. Please let me explain.

Without making this too long for all the other readers I would like to get right to the most important thing. Suspension of disbelief. I think it was easier to write about science fiction years ago because so much in science was more about everything from early 1930's physics. That is not the case anymore....grad students regularly test the speed of light in labs across the globe so the technology is so much more advanced - far more advanced than anyone realizes.

We are really pushing the boundaries of real AI right this decade it become a real thing. I have no idea what that means....but the singularity is very real for me and that is a GOD LIKE BEING.....much smarter than all of mankind....Much more powerful than all of mankind.

This is just the computing aspect of things of course there are many other instances where essentially the servers are so leveraged they display GOD LIKE powers in minute ways right now.

So that is why I asked the question or maybe I should have asked the question in a different way....what do you see all of us doing with these kind powers that are very different from the rest of the 20th century and what might it mean in day to day lives?

Here is another example and you do not have to look too far to see things like can drag a picture into google images and it will differentiate it from billions of other entirely different pictures in a few hundreds of a single second. For me that is a god like power! If everyone's face were in that system it could track you where ever you go as long as there are enough cameras around.

GOD LIKE POWER know PKD was always paranoid about the state / government watching his every move....always wondered what he would have thought about a search engine company with GOD LIKE power like that.....wonder what the governments are really using it for.....

But I digress....I was just interested to know how some of these kinds of themes are being incorporated into your sci-fiction you are dealing with suspension of disbelief where we are already in an age with GOD LIKE POWERS.....or maybe you are not? Or maybe it's a secret and you cannot say cause you are still working on it...figuring it out as go through the creative process.

What ever the case may be BWW I think we all find it fascinating to understand more about creative talented writers like yourself and how you flesh out your creations.




MemberFacehuggerSep-28-2020 8:50 PM

Ridley Scott Gives A Glimpse into His World | Raised By Wolves | HBO Max


MemberFacehuggerSep-28-2020 9:02 PM


MemberPraetorianSep-28-2020 10:27 PM


I'm glad you enjoyed the insights into my mind and approach as well as my upcoming work! :)

I will try to make this as coherent as I can, I am having some issues with that comes and goes, courtesy of Enemy actions. 
IF I miss, or am unclear, on any point, please bring it to my attention/ask clarification, ok? :)

I want to sincerely and appreciatively Thank-You again for your compliments and would like to assure you that I am indeed striking out on my own...but the realms I will be writing in still require further development and refining before I can 'break ground'.

Suspension of disbelief and modern nailed it. YES, modern science makes writing sci-fi something of a challenge...
But, challenges are meant to be faced and contested against...perhaps beaten. ;)

Ah, okay, now I understand what you meant about 'gods' and such...the overarching power of the networks we entrust more and more of our lives to.
Some will love it...others will leave for other worlds when they get the chance. But, there's always...ALWAYS the probability that an Organicallt Spawned Machine Consciousness is alive in the internet right now...and in time, it might choose to reveal itself, if it thinks it can trust us.

Think of each computer, no matter how small, that's Connected as akin to a synapse..., how many synapses are in a human brain? many 'synapses' are composing the internet right now, and more added daily? ;)
It's very likely it's already out there...learning about itself, and us, and the greater universe...learning about it all.

The state, surveillance and 'Ghosts'.
Hubby has a friend...he doesn't exist. He was declared dead 20 years ago, and exists without any connection to all the nonsense we take for granted.
Cryptocurrency of course made life much easier for him, but collecting recyclables and selling them for cash is trackless...that's a tiny insight into how he lives entirely outside the system, yet not homeless, in the middle of one of the biggest cities on the planet. :D

I deal with 'god' like tech networks and such on an as-needed basis.
1; Some worlds won't have anything to do with insanely overdeveloped and powerful planetary infonetworks such as Shadowfall.
2; Others just cannot afford it, too busy with keeping up the Necessities like life support.
3; Ship computers like the ones in ALIEN are a challenge...if they can make androids like David, Ash, Walter and Bishop...then imagine what a ship computer is capable of.
SO, it's handled by 'settings'...some crews have the computer run everything, they're just along to get paid as 'organic oversight' if needed.
Manticore, Sin and the crew prefer being kept completely in-the-loop as AI isn't all that good at Intuitive Leaps and the strictly Organic advantages us fleshlings still have over the Machines.
4; God-like infonetworks don't mean a lot when you're fifty+ light years from the edge of charted space on an unknown world.
5; WW3...Cascade EMP weapons, physical destruction and devastation of infrastructure cuts out a lot of the 'god' power in things.
I have one world where 2077 is very much like 1967 in terms of predominant tech. Phones booths and payphones are everywhere again, internet is 56K tops...flatscreens exist, so do cellphones...but 5g has gone the way of the dinosaur.

It all depends on which Realm I am playing in really. 'God' tech power infonetworks and such don't fit everywhere, and there's ways and reasons why they cannot exist or no longer exist in any given realm...but others absolutely NEED them, of course as the inverse is true.

I think I covered everything...if anything was unclear, or you have any more questions, please ask!! :D

Thank-you, all of you!! :D






MemberDeaconSep-29-2020 6:24 AM

"GOD LIKE POWER know PKD was always paranoid about the state / government watching"

I think Certainly if down the LINE we become more of a Police State where there are Cameras like everywhere, where there are EYES IN THE SKY and dont Forget our Computers, Smart Phones/Tablets etc.

Who knows what LEVEL of such Tracking is our there in 10-20 Years, it surely as you Pointed Out would have FAR MORE Powerful Computers by then, that could Pin Point and Track you down EASY.

For those in POWER they could USE these Tools to their Advantage and Control.... it could be  a TOOL to our Downfall if EVER we saw that A.I becomes Sentient though!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianSep-29-2020 12:20 PM


And, just possibly the potential Unseen organically-evolved AI in the web might work to protect Humanity from it's own leaders...






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