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MemberFacehuggerJul-29-2020 1:19 PM








“This is not a continuation of the world building done with Alien in Prometheus and Covenant but I still feel this is in the same universe as those worlds,” says Emery, who was second unit photographer on The Matrix and Alien: Covenant, and cinematographer on The Wolverine. “Ridley is particularly interested in using androids as an analogue for the human race and questioning what happens if we elevate the humans who created the androids to the status of god.” 


No one has ever seen anything like this before,” - Ross Emery

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MemberDeaconAug-05-2020 3:11 PM

At 1:06 it does seem that almost Neomorph like Skeletal being does look like the Space Jockey ;)

Looking at it again... the Raised by Wolves seems to come across to me more like the WOLF in Sheep's Clothing... as in Mother is a BEING that is Disguising Itself to be a Human looking Android...

Seems on Second Inspection she with Father have Helped some Older Humans to Build a Colony of Sorts and then Once a Infrastructure is in Place to Raise the Young and Embryos... i suspect the Adults are KILLED!

The Children are GIVEN a History Lesson that is FALSE.

This is Pretty Much what i Interpreted that AC2 could be like, which i made a Few Topics Last Year on.  As i felt in Part this is Pretty Much what David would do as he Charades around to the colonist as Walter (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) Once the Colony is Established enough, then he KILLS the Adults (some he saves for Experiments) and then he Raises the Young, and Embryos.. giving them his HISTORY of their Origins which are FALSE.

This Cave Painting is Interesting..... wonder what it means?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteAug-05-2020 3:29 PM

The cave painting looks straight out of Prometheus. But it is a trailer. It's hard to say if that is from Earth or the planet the trailer depicts. Is the "ship" leaving a planet or transmitting to it?

The "big bad wolf being her" could be misdirection. If the android is the baddie, they just gave way too much away in a trailer- sort of how Prometheus did.

And what about that weird "growl?" at 1:30- WTF?




MemberDeaconAug-05-2020 4:05 PM

"And what about that weird "growl?" at 1:30- WTF?"

Mother seems to be Intact here.... not Damaged, she seems to be Communicating with something maybe that LURKS in the Depths of that SINK HOLE?

From 1:06 to 1:11 you can make out Similar Sounds to what the Neomorph made......  Could the Mother had Created something else thats Stored in that HOLE?

A Wolf to use against the Flock of Lambs should they get OUT of Control or Concern Mother of their Behavior?

The Androids we see below also seem to have WHITE Blood if you would just like in the ALIEN Franchise... then it seems maybe NOT.

Also we have that Creature in the Center.... maybe this is a Close Up of what looked like the Space Jockey at 1:06

Who Created this Horror?  Who Disabled those Robots?

But INDEED we cant 100% Guess what is going on from a Trailer as sometimes they can Mislead on Purpose.

It Certainly is a TV Series i would be willing to GIVE a Chance.... just a case of seeing HOW to get HBO in the UK

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteAug-05-2020 4:23 PM

It may not be a focus of the series, but the trailer made a point of showing skeletal remains of large creatures with pointy teeth.

People tend to think of wolves as bad and dangerous, which the trailer illustrates and yes, wolves are badass. But they are also very intelligent tight knit family oriented creatures as well. Perhaps the title alludes to that?


MemberFacehuggerAug-05-2020 6:45 PM

Good night, @BigDave. I think androids like mother had a big part in the destruction of earth. Mother seems to be very emotionally unstable and that, in an android, is always a big problem for humans. Rule number one: never program an Android with emotions, he/she will resent the creators sooner or later. I have no doubt that Ridley Scott took parts of the script, story boards, ship models and planet landscape drawings from Alien Awakening. He started to film, i believe, in 2018, and he ended the production of the 10 episodes (i don't know the time lenght per episode)  in november 2019. It wasn't possible to do this, without having done background work, which represented an advanced stage of development in the making of the TV show.

Adapting the ideas of the alien covenant sequel to the series, instead of a fight between engineers and humans, you have a fight between two human factions separated by religion. The creature is replaced by a creature that pre-existed in the planet, and the role of the androids is identical to the role of David and maybe Walter. The experiments with humans set in David's lab are replaced by mother's experiment, where she tries to create a society with humans, from the scratch, making of herself a God, or, a prophet of her imagined religion. Maybe the idea of this experiment is from mother, maybe it is from her creator, i don't know. 


I'm in love with my madness, @BigDave. 


MemberXenomorphAug-06-2020 5:54 AM

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberXenomorphAug-06-2020 7:06 AM

It seems Mother arrived on a planet where the children were already living in a sort of stone age conditions. We see a ship arrived, the silhouette of Mother getting out and a little girl was down there.

The cave painting seems to symbolize a rocket that left a planet, maybe Earth.

It seems the war that destroyed Earth was between androids and humans?

For sure Ridley Scott used here many of the ideas he had for the sequel to Alien Covenant.

That creature from the roof moves like the xenomorph from Alien Covenant. What is that?

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberFacehuggerAug-06-2020 8:08 AM

... The perfect mother.


MemberFacehuggerAug-06-2020 2:58 PM


MemberTrilobiteAug-06-2020 3:46 PM

Seems like it may be tough to access for many fans unless they have HBOmax. Fortunately, HULU users can piggyback and add to their accounts. I cannot find out the episode lengths though. I am guessing 45 minutes or so each? I also don't know the interval episodes will air- weekly, etc.


MemberFacehuggerAug-06-2020 6:02 PM

Thanks, dk.


Series Directed by 

Luke Scott ... (3 episodes)
Ridley Scott ... (2 episodes, 2020)
Alex Gabassi ... (2 episodes)
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ... (2 episodes)
James Hawes ... (1 episode)

Nice body

Strange Creature, from Mother´s Lab.


MemberTrilobiteAug-06-2020 6:23 PM

I wonder if that neomorph-like creature is going after everyone or targeting specific people for some sort of punishment.


MemberFacehuggerAug-06-2020 6:32 PM

Why HBO Max’s Sci-Fi Drama ‘Raised by Wolves’ Is Just Like ‘Little House on the Prairie’

“You see explicitly the kinds of struggles that parents go through,” says executive producer David Zucker


MemberFacehuggerAug-06-2020 6:34 PM



MemberTrilobiteAug-06-2020 7:03 PM

I wonder what these bones are about.


MemberDeaconAug-07-2020 5:06 AM

I think its HARD to Gauge a Trailer/Teaser as with some you have Dialog added to SHOTS that are NOT actually in the Movie/TV Show or Certainly the Dialog is taken from another Scene and added to another in the TRAILER.

A Example is with Prometheus is the Engineer at the Beginning.


Also the Order of Scenes in Trailers could be Totally Different to how they appear in a Movie/TV Show.

Which then BRINGS me to DK

"I wonder what these bones are about"

Well it looks like some kind of DRAGON or a Dinosaur and maybe we have to look at HOW we have Ridley Scott use a lot of Symbolism....  Now we know the Xenomorph had been referred to as The Dragon a few times...

But this is NOT a Alien TV show.... but i think maybe the Dragon has some Symbolism.   The Devil/Satan is also referred to as The Dragon, the Great Deceiver and the Show will have some Religious Undertones

Also the WOLF has to be Important too... there is that Saying....  A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.... which again is someone who is TRYING to Deceive.

So those Bones could be of a Dragon.... this Dragon could be Connected to MOTHER, we see Mother goes on to have SUPER POWERS..... maybe and this is a Speculative LONG SHOT... 

Could SHE be the Spirit of a Dragon?  Has their Species been Destroyed?    But the SOUL will Dwell looking for a HOST?

Does a Android Body become that HOST?

She seems to have a Connection to that Skeleton.... or at least something Buried under it... she also seems to have a Connection with the Giant Hole in the Ground.

Could it be the Scenes of WAR on Earth are Actually in the Future as in ONCE she Turns into one of the X-Men she then goes to Earth?

The only other Option would be that this Super Hero Robot has destroyed the Earth and then Disguised herself to then go out and PUT a STOP to Mankind getting a New Start....

OR.... the other Female in the other Scene on Future Earth is another of her Species/Super Android.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-07-2020 5:22 AM

The Cave Painting could be a Rocket/Ship

A lot of Symbolism from Cave Paintings do have Spiral Lines as a indication of Change, Evolution, Life....  when its ONE Spiral it also can be Journey, Progression.

Inside that Ship Painting we have what looks like a Depiction of a Virus with Rays coming from it.... in a lot of Ancient Cave Paintings and Ancient Culture the LIGHT of Rays of the Sun... represent LIFE and Creation.

Now the THING that has come out of the Ship is a Circle with many Spiral Lines... which usually indicate Change, Evolution and Life...

While this could sound like it FITS... from the Symbolism and Drawings..... i do DOUBT that its showing a Engineer Urn being used to Destroy/Create Life LOL

If this was a Trailer for a ALIEN Movie or TV Series though and we never saw SUPERHUMAN X-Men Android, but a world with such Cave Painting.... i would be drawn to a Engineer Urn Conclusion lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteAug-07-2020 1:11 PM





Adding to the speculation, this picture could suggest something that happens to Mother after some sort of revolt. However, the clothing is different and may suggest a medical android during the war on Earth- perhaps being tortured by humans.


MemberDeaconAug-08-2020 6:46 AM

I think its a little HARD to work out what is going on
with the TV Series....

From the Original Synopsis it seemed we would have a TV Series where TWO Androids would be raising some Children up on a New World, maybe as Part of a NEW START for Mankind without the Influences and History and Religions of Mankind that can cause CONFLICTS.

So these Androids are Raising the Children to start a New Civilization without any Negative Ideology, BUT
then we have other Humans who come to this World who
have their Varied Belief Systems and the Androids have a Hard Task in trying to Balance what they TAUGHT those Children and the Influences from the other HUMANS and HOW these could Impact those Children and the Androids could become CONCERNED such Influences could have a NEGATIVE EFFECT on the Children and maybe lead to this NEW START and Civilisation just becoming as Corrupt and Conflicted as Mankind on Earth had become.


The Trailer adds some things that maybe show there is MUCH more to it than this.

We see some Silver/Grey Female Being that can LEVITATE and maybe has other Powers.... we see this being is NOT only on the world the TV Series is SET ON but also a Developed/Futuristic World which we are shown is EARTH.

And so it seems to indicate that Mother could be this POWERFUL being or ONE of them.  If there is ONLY the
ONE such being then this BEING must either have LEFT the Earth after causing Destruction and gone to the NEW EDEN or it leaves the NEW EDEN to go to Earth to cause Destruction.

It appears the Incoming Humans may know the Identity and Agenda of Mother and wishes to Prevent what she is
doing, but is this in the Interest of those Children (is the way she is Raising them Harmful/Concerning) or are these Humans part of a NEW CULT and see that Mother is trying to Deny those Children the Religion and History of this CULT?

It seems there is a Hostility towards Sub-Creation/Robots, and so WHO has disabled those Robots?

 Is this Mother out of FEAR they can Interfere with her PLANS or is it the Humans because they WISH to Destroy all Androids/Robots and A.I because of the Concerns of the POTENTIAL RISK and THREAT they can Pose?

I think a LOT of the Mystery could come from WHAT is down in that BIG HOLE.... we see Mother does CALL to something that is Down there.

She also seems to have a Interest in that Skeletal Remains of a Dinosaur/Dragon.  

I think there could be MORE than meets the EYE with this Show that we cant really GAUGE much at Present.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-24-2020 12:15 PM


Trailer number 2


Happy birthday to me.


MemberTrilobiteAug-24-2020 2:30 PM

Awesome trailer! But they really need to keep it under wraps now. 


MemberPraetorianAug-24-2020 3:00 PM


Always room for cute kittieh vids/gifs. It's their internetz after all. :D

On to Ponderings & Thoughts...

Man creates Machine

Man eradicates Man

Machines resurrect Man

This seems to be what's going on here, how it feels. I might be wrong, as I am deliberately staying away from the trailers and's just a 'gut feeling' that I should avoid it for the present, which is not a condemnation of this new series, it's just how I protect my creative mind from unwanted influencing when working at times.

However, I have seen trailers on tv, unavoidably, of course.

And old episode of Outer Limits had androids raising Humans, a Human anyways--same basic idea at work. Then there's 'I Am Mother' as was pointed out above...and I suspect other works in the same theme.

One favorite quote, from the original Planet Of The Apes:

"I'm a seeker too. But my dreams aren't like yours. I can't help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man. Has to be."

This ties into something I have had in development for a few years now, and goes beyond the whole machine-serving-man dynamic...and what it takes to be god. I'll be putting some 'appetizers' up here in the future, as it does connect fully with my ALIEN works, set in the same universe.

'We are the gods now'

Well, if one looks at the gods in myth and history...they often all had their own plans and agendas and warred over them. ;)






MemberTrilobiteAug-28-2020 11:03 PM

I usually don't get caught up in what actors are in a film or show. I just want it to be good. It's a decent preview but is a bit spoilerish.


MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 11:13 PM

 Hollywood Reporter:


<<Alien prequels, but if later episodes were to introduce a xenomorph or facehugger, it could surely be a companion to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant (with just a bit of Kingdom of Heaven, thanks to those pesky Templar-esque Mithraics). Scott is transfixed by the show's production landscape and its hostile mixture of mountains and barren desert, captured with its own humanity-averse, washed-out color scheme.>>

<<Mother and Father could absolutely be white-blooded siblings to the late, great Ian Holm's Ash in an exploration of what happens when artificial intelligence evolves beyond its design and takes on an almost divine condescension toward humanity. Mother and Father's reverence for their human Creator — just one of many points of on-the-nose irony relating to these condemners of religious faith — is at least something worth exploring even if after six episodes I'm not sure Guzikowski has anything more profound to say than, "Fundamentalism comes in several varieties, all scary.">>



MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 11:41 PM

New beautiful photos and a spoilers free review in this link:


MemberDeaconAug-29-2020 6:55 AM

"I'm a seeker too. But my dreams aren't like yours. I can't help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man. Has to be."

Certainly i think that the Subject of Innocence of a Child and the Effect of Knowledge and Upbringing and Desires and Ambitions which can LEAD to a Number of Negative Human Desires like Greed, Power are all Interesting and it will be Interesting to see how RBW will Deal with these.

If we look at the PLOT then Mother and Father would know the RISK of such Ways of Mankind could have on a New Humanity.

They could Raise and Nurture this 6 Children, we could see Generation after Generation come from those Children where things could be MAINTAINED in Harmony and Peace.. but Eventually you could get some WHO may Start to Think and have Desires that Mother could see as being the SEED to the Path to the Same kind of Ways that lead to Mankinds Downfall.

In this case.... maybe Mother would have to be a LITTLE HARSH ;) and Prevent anyway Thinking or Action that could Effect the GOAL of a New Eden and Mankind that will NOT have the Flaws and Thinking and Ways that lead to our Downfall.

But ALAS.... Mother does-not get to see Generations come from her Children... because of Incoming Humans...

And so those Few 10-15 Year Olds we see in the Black/Dark Uniforms with the White Mithraics have already had Imprinted on them the ways of Mankind and i do Suspect that Mother may NOT been keen on them Contaminating the Minds of her Children.

So seeing WHAT she may do to some of them could be Interesting and i Suspect her Actions could be something Father does NOT approve of.... and THEN.... if she is Found Out by her Children what she MAY do to some of the Children from Earth..... HOW would this affect her Children to see a Dark Side of Mother?

I wonder if we see some of David in Mother?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2020 2:56 PM

 maybe Mother would have to be a LITTLE HARSH ;) and Prevent anyway Thinking or Action that could Effect the GOAL of a New Eden and Mankind that will NOT have the Flaws and Thinking and Ways that lead to our Downfall.

This might be another layer to the over all story that humans require to be led/controlled since left to their own devices, their downfall is inevitable.


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2020 6:29 PM

Here is a review of the initial shorter trailer. There are things that have pretty much been analyzed on the Forum and some things have been answered from the newest trailer, but there are also some additional observations and questions asked that we have not discussed to my knowledge. There are no spoilers in the 20 minute video:



MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 9:51 PM

Yeah, @BigDave. I thought the same. The Mother of Raised By Wolves probably has  identical concepts of  Alien Awakening/David's Mother.


Here's an interview with Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim:

and one more spoilish review:

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