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DeaconMember10325 XPJul-26-2020 3:06 PM

I would like to Start a Topic to discus the BACKLASH from the events of Alien Covenant, in Context to Planet 4 and the Paradise that has been LAID TO WASTE.

We can Safely assume that AC is Canon and will SET in Motion events that would lead to ALIEN and Impact the Franchise.  But this is NOT really to talk about so much WHAT it is that Happens Next for David.

But to Speculate on the Reprecautions that his Actions on Planet 4 (Destruction of the Engineers) will have on NOT only the Franchise but also for the Creations of the Engineers in general.

Would the Vengeance of the Engineers only be taken out on or Directed towards David?

Ridley Scott has informed us that some Engineers will RETURN to then Discover what has become of Planet 4 and they WILL-NOT be pleased.  How FAR would they take their WRATH?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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OvomorphMember93 XPAug-20-2020 8:04 AM

What would be interesting for the next film (if it's ever made) is that the third film not only centers around david experimenting on the colonists, but the engineers coming after him and engaging with him. They destroy the covenant along with David's specimens. However, whilst this is happening, another ship could be carrying the eggs from the original ship in its way to earth, blaming david's genocide on humanity, who created David in the first place. As for the ship crashing, david could have sent a copy of himself controlled from a colonist. the controlled human boards the ship without the engineers noticing, and opens one the eggs, releasing one if the facehuggers. His prescence is detected at this point, and is jettisoned before he can make an escape. the facehugger gets to the pilot, the ship crashes to LV426, thus starting the events of ALIEN.


NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-21-2020 4:15 AM


No need to be that dismissive of other peoples ideas. When you say that

". . . these delusional ideas rooted in speculation and not facts."

Well, let's say that you were a human being living in the 1500's and you didn't know what caused human diseases so you believe that it was a punishment from God. Later in time they made research and came up with the germ theory. Let's say that someone had told people about the germ theory in the 1500's maybe that would have been looked at as being fiction at best. What I mean is that yesterdays science fiction can in a curious way become today's science facts. Just because you speculate doesn't mean that it has to be delusional. Delusional to me is when you have a thinking that is based on psychosis or paranoia. When people come up with scientific ideas based on what is now versus what could be based on some type of science, that is not delusional to me.

Disagree all you want but do it in a respectful way, that's my point.


NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-21-2020 4:19 AM


There should be less David in the next movie. Alien Covenant was too much about him and it became a bit boring. Fassbender is a good actor but the material was eh. The extra material that they released on the www that had character building should have been kept in the movie also if they insist on having it like two hours long they should have cut out some of the android scenes and focus on the humans. My opinion is that if a movie becomes longer by having more character-building then let it be longer.

You bring up the Engineers, that would be interesting. We should be given better human characters and more about the Engineers. I am not interested in what David will do next.

"However, whilst this is happening, another ship could be carrying the eggs from the original ship in its way to earth, blaming David's genocide on humanity, who created David in the first place."

Actually that's interesting, I'm not sure how they would execute that but it could work.

Not sure about the last part that is starting with the ship crashing but I like the first part. Do you remember the mist in the derelict? I can imagine that it failed at some point and that is how the facehugger got to the SJ. David should have nothing to do with it, they have already made it too much about him which is one reason why Covenant wasn't that good if you ask me.


NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-21-2020 4:23 AM


"... and then WISH to unleash Davids Creations on Mankind which could LEAVE it open for Walter to be the SPACE JOCKEY!"

Please not Walter as the SJ, I would get angry if that was the case. First Scott makes it all about David and then they let Walter be the SJ. How stupid can they get? Letting the androids get the most important parts is ridiculos and makes the series all about them. Sorry to be blunt but if that will be the case then they can take their androids and shove them up somewhere, on the other hand they have made so many crappy decisions when it comes to the making of the prequels so maybe that is what we will get even though I hope that I am wrong.

"Or more Fitting as after being Double Crossed.... we see that Walter will Sabotage the Space Jockey and his Cargo!"

I don’t know, it still gives the androids too much of a role. I would rather have it that the SJ makes a mistake that has got nothing to do with the androids at all and we will get the SJ-situation. At the same time I don’t want those creations to be David’s, I would like the Engineers to take David’s monster and develop it so he becomes the middle-man like you have suggested before. The best situation would be if David would have nothing to do with the eggs on LV426 at all.


DeaconMember10325 XPAug-21-2020 7:23 AM

Indeed Thoughts_Dreams

What we know is that the Engineers will Return and Want some Vengeance but SOMETHING does-not go to Plan else there would be NO (From Earth) Humans by the Time we get to ALIEN ;)

So the Broader Purpose was to Acknowledge the Engineers would surely have Earth in their Sights... but its HOW would they determine the Culprit was from Earth... and would they come to a Conclusion that other Worlds they Seeded may need to either have more Regular Checks or Eradicated on the Safe-Side.

I think we have to look at the SET-UP..... some Engineers will RETURN to Planet 4, now we dont know how MANY would Return it could be a SINGLE SHIP or a Few....

IF we are shown that Planet 4 is NOT their BASE of Operations in the Galaxy, those Engineers who Return would LIKELY go and Send a Message to their Base of Operations about what they Discovered and to inform them of their NEXT cause of Action.

IF we are shown Planet 4 was their Home-world i think its at BEST the Only Home-world in our Galaxy... i find it UNLIKELY their Entire Species are Based from Planet 4

They may have Originated from Planet 4 (i doubt it) but even if so, then its UNLIKELY that the Last of the Engineers are ON Planet 4 and Dead.. apart from the FEW that Return to Planet 4 after.

They would surely have a Number of Ships that are Exploring and Visiting our Galaxy at Least and i think its UNLIKELY that all of those Return to Planet 4.

So those that DO return would likely INFORM or leave a Message for the others about what went down.

So that then if the Engineers who return at some-point within say 15 Years of Alien Covenant.... I dont think we can RULE-OUT more Engineers returning within Hundreds of Years to Discover that the Last Engineers have also gone Missing.

Maybe such a Returning Engineer Party could then DEEM this Part of the Galaxy a BUST!  And Abandon/Destroy what they have within a Radius of LV-426 so they make say a 1000LY exclusion Zone from Earth... where they simply AVOID..

But then would they be so Naive Twice?  Like they may have ASSUMED that Mankind would NEVER reach the Stars... and so it would be Foolish to then think... WELL i cant see Mankind being able to Travel Thousands of Lights Years.

So you would think they would Continue until the Earth and Mankind are GONE!   But that obviously has NOT Happened.

By Choice? or Calamity?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-21-2020 1:10 PM

I guess BlackAnt isn't around here anymore...

Fine with me, an ill-mannered, narcissistic troll is the last thing we need here.







DeaconMember10325 XPAug-22-2020 7:48 AM

Maybe he is VERY BUSY at the Moment until after November ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-22-2020 12:08 PM

I'm am still reading the back and forth of this......



FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-22-2020 12:17 PM

The things we must endure.......LOL!!!!




FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-22-2020 12:17 PM

In other news....ooooohhh wait, will reply just a moment please!!!!



FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-22-2020 12:17 PM


 "Who are you people!!! LOL"


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-22-2020 5:09 PM


Obviously you're only here to be a troll and not engage with people here in any other way aside from being a petty, narcissistic, insulting, thin-skinned annoyance.

You should leave, this isn't the place for you.






PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-22-2020 5:11 PM


Unfortunately I spoke to soon and this pest is still around.






FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-22-2020 9:30 PM

Lets all be civil and respect each other Blackwinter-witch. Instead of trying to cancel anyone why not try to resolve your differences with your intellect.....if you have something to say about an Alien related topic by all means I want to hear it; however, I never once tried to cancel anyone....and I could care less obviously about petty politics.

I am here to have fun and enjoy the forum just like everyone else. Unless you feel like being prejudicial against me for the color of my skin, my sexual orientation, my age, and the rest of it I would ask that you be more inclusive as well and refrain from trying to exclude anyone out because they have a different point of view from your own....are you the only one that is allowed an opinion on here? I do not think so....please allow me the courtesy of addressing this issue now and resolving it and lets please be done with this....I know you have your reasons what ever they may be for not liking me and that is fine.....but please do not think you are better than anyone else here. Enjoy Winter.......Oh by the the way I never called you a "Troll" either so please stop doing that to me and do not call me such things again. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-22-2020 11:06 PM

BlackAnt : Quoutes from you:

Lets all be civil and respect each other

 you started this take these kids to school I am going back to bed I cannot stand this anymore!!!!

 have this unnecessary delusion; but, I think we can correct it sufficiently enough so that these conditions do not confuse the both of you too much longer.

 there is this pervasive confusion on your part and hox's where you both still have this delusion of morality about these synthetics

I know you two are fixated on these delusional ideas rooted in speculation and not facts.

Ahhhhhhh so glad you are here to tell us these things professor!

This is a pretty small sample. I fail to see the civility. Please clarify.


FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 1:33 AM

Oh DK not you too....

All jokes of course.........and very funny stuff posted with it....DK thank you for wasting all that time.....we could have been discussing these movies instead of cancel culture issues...I think you are doing it too now taking things too seriously! Relax....enjoy....time is too short for real hostility.
Calling someone delusional is different depending on if they are being ridiculous to the point of them giving you a hard trying your best to give me a hard time DK...go ahead waste your time....DK I have nothing against you and you know it....ok but I do not do childish please just drop can tell a joke obviously from real serious put downs...OK! and if you cannot that is your problem not mine...discuss this civilly make jokes its all good.....but please drop the I am better than you routine and will now cancel you stuff - that is childish kids stuff DK.



NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-23-2020 2:31 AM


Sorry but I don't see how those images bring anything of interest to this topic.

You wrote:

"Lets all be civil and respect each other Blackwinter-witch."

You end your post with an image that doesn't signal respect for other people both the Kalvin and Hobbes image and the Family Guy thing. Can you see the contradiction in that? Like DK I could go back and look up quotes from you that I would call sort of aggressive and a lack of respect for other peoples opinions but I am a lazy bastard and I think that DK did a good job there, the difference is probably that I would have linked to the pages.


FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 3:04 AM

Seriously Thought_Dreams????

We could all go back and look at everything that everyone posted that everyone does not like...who cares. 

NO MORE CANCEL CULTURE! Relax and enjoy.

Hey Thought_Dreams you remember this.....

"Unfortunately I do not trust Scott with another movie, it would probably be more David. Give it to someone that understands that it is not about androids and that is about human characters above anything else. Once you understand the importance of

characters in the genre (which Scott doesn’t it seems),

only then I think will it become a good horror movie but until that day comes we (the audience) are screwed."




"Sorry but I do not want David as a main-character, it is boring and I am tired of it. Not interested in Daniels or Tennessee since none of them have any personality that I can see at least (not like Ripley, 85, Morse, Bishop, or Burke, for example). If someone can explain to me in a way that makes sense of how they are as characters then please try but I can not say that because they are like blank slates, crappy

I do not give a single **** about that, sorry if this comes off as harsh but it is my honest opinion. 

No thanks, I do not want a movie like that. They can forget my money if so. Hopefully someone at Disney or whatever they are named will tell them that it is a bad idea and put a stop to the crap that we have now.

You SEE said some vulgar things about Ridley inferred Disney makes "CRAP."

I am sure some department at Disney if they new half the things that were said here they would think twice about advertising here in any way.

Disney being crap is your words not mine....ok so if you want the posts, and there are a lot more, from just about everyone....then we can go there then if we must and I agree with you but you still still want to come at me......

This is not the first time either you said a lot of stuff......and everyone else has too! 



"Stop it NOW! You are totally obsessed with your "fanboys, queens and Ripley" hate in ALL treads. And "xenomorph", of course"

Leto just told BigDave he "hates" him basically....

Look I enjoy hanging out here and posting just like everyone else; but, please do not be a hypocrite....


NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-23-2020 3:21 AM


To me that reads like: I want to be able to be childish and offensive if I want and if you don't like it F you. Why does that make me think of a certain politician? ;)

"I can take criticism constructive or not seems like there are some people who cannot."

Without being childish and throwing insults? Try it


FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 3:56 AM

Exactly wrong though.....Thought_Dreams, everyone has their gripes is all I am saying...and for the most part everyone gets along great! 

But when people just start calling each other Trolls or other expletives, which, I do not do....I never swear at any one or ever call them a troll! or ever try to cancel anyone on here ever!!! never!

I have never suggested ever at any time that anyone should leave the chat because of what they's always been about the discussion of it! always.

I have nothing against you Thought_Dreams nothing....but everyone says stuff they do not like about each others comments or this franchise and it is not always pretty LOL and you know it! 




NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-23-2020 4:35 AM


When you're being rude, sarcastic and childish that is when people dislike you, do you see that? If they tell you that you're a troll I'm not surprised. A troll is someone that tries:

". . . to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content"

Which is a big part of what you are doing on this forum. If you can't see how that fits your behavior here then try again. There are comments that you have done in this thread that back up my claims so there is no need to go far back to get proof.

The Who are you people kind of picture goes under the irrelevant and offensive comments because it is belittling people because it comes off like you are worth more than them for what ever reason. Be a part of the discussions if you want but drop the offensive attitude.


FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 10:38 AM

Thought_Dreams, you are doing the very same thing to me right now...and I would ask that you just stop it as well...please reread the comments you posted before you judge me any more....enough!!

Did I not say I have nothing against you....then be done with it please....and that will be all. Unless every time I post something you will say something negative that is not true that you are doing yourself and many others.

Whether I post a funny info graphic or not is not badgering you or anyone else...or being a troll...I do not post endless negative comments here that are offensive to everyone and you know that to be not please end your negative behavior.


ChestbursterMember725 XPAug-23-2020 11:35 AM

Whew! Looks like a lot's happening around here, since I looked away for a sec. ...Glad to see everyone's as lively as ever. 


Anyways, @dk

"Even humans can fake it to make it. Humans have a pretty robust history of sociopaths. What else could be expected from an android being programmed by another sociopath?"

Ok, yes, I think this is an excellent point. When someone designs a program he cannot avoid his own biases and values influencing his design. 

And sociopaths are a good example. The do not lack any and all emotion, but they do fake emotions that they do not have. 

For example, they act in their own self interests because of their personal desires, their ability to fake consideration for others (when it suits them) is part of what makes them so charismatic. 

This is the case for David. He has his own personal desires and motives but is also good at faking emotions that do not match the ones he's feeling at a given moment. 


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-23-2020 1:58 PM


Seen your kind of forum-troll behaviour before, as have we all. Your Progressivist wordplay with PolCorr crap is a script, you don't even get points for 'effort'. 

Actually, your entire 'style' reminds me of another troublemaker from a couple years back...I forget the name, but you sound exactly like that person--just with semi-updated lingo and politiculture terminology.

I've been reading through your posts, and you're abusive, disrespectful, denigrating, abrasive, rude, and utterly lacking in proper forum manners and courtesy.

You came here to attack people and try to browbeat folks into accepting your word as the final one on any issue.

Like I said, around here we've all seen this exact behaviour pattern you've demonstrated in your posts and addressing of other members're just the most recent one to try such here.

Attack my friends on this forum though, in any way that I deem 'serious' and I WILL flag you with the forum owner...count on it, and he's not one to let folks like you get away with too much--consider yourself Warned, duly and properly.

What are my criteria for determining when you step 'over the line'?

Yeah, I'll answer that as soon as you finish serving out ice water with lemon to all the folks in Hell first.






PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-23-2020 2:32 PM



Loved the points about David and Sociopathy...I'd say you nailed that one bullseye!!






FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 3:10 PM

Blackwinter-witch please stop calling me a troll...I already asked you politely to stop once before....and you keep harassing me.....If you refer to me as a troll one more time I will report you to the admin.

I have nothing against you and have no problems with you being here and do not wish you to harass me any more...if you continue I will ask that your account be flagged immediately.


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-23-2020 5:49 PM


Oh, go right ahead...please do.

Of course then all your posts will be scrutinized, and if you delete them, they're still in the server archives and such.

And nice try in attempting to make me look like the instigator. However it's been tried against me and others here before--as you are trying right now--and the Admin is not a fool. My track record of behaviour around here speaks for itself--as does your lack of it in posts that have drawn the ire of others along with myself.

My track record however comes off as quite good--more people than merely myself have problems with you, as has been seen and stated in previous posts by them, and I know you've already been flagged with the Admin once, so by all means...keep it up, try your little games, such-like what you're trying in making me look like the aggressor...that is NOT new, or original, and this is the wrong place to try that insipid and inane trick.

I'll be keeping an eye on you, I have copies of all your posts as do the servers and Admin, and if you start harrassing/attacking people here again, I'll flag you, and that along with the previous Flag isn't a good thing.

So don't threaten me, you are in no position to do so with any credibility.

From here on in, I will have nothing more to do you with by way of any replies/responses.

You've been Warned, duly and properly.

Conduct yourself and mitigate your behaviour accordingly.






ChestbursterMember725 XPAug-23-2020 6:28 PM


Dude, BlackAnt, man, can I give you a little bit of advice? This is coming from me, someone who has struggled with social skills a bit and only now, being in my mid 30's do I have a better grasp of things.

It's important to learn to read the room, man. I can tell that you are very intelligent and if I'm honest, I think your conversational style is often funny. HOWEVER, it's important to gauge what the culture/norms of a specific setting are. 

So maybe in some forums a more aggressive/antagonistic style is tolerated or encouraged. But, if multiple people here are stating that the ribbing and name-calling aren't fun for them, then maybe just dial it back, ok?

It isn't a personal judgement against you, you see? Your mildly hostile conversational style isn't inherently wrong, until such time as you persist with it when people have politely asked you to stop. 

At that point it would be ok to say "Sorry I name-called you, I was only trying to make you laugh. But now that I know you don't like that I won't do it again." 

This is really the best response in that sort of situation, although, I know it's often easier to react defensively. 

Also, I would like to say, that earlier on in the conversation I accused you of being an android incapable of feeling pain or emotions.

I would like to take this moment now, to apologize if my statement made you feel aggrieved personally or if it violated the expectations of this forum in a more general sense. 

I do not actually think that about you and it was an attempt at humor. 

I think that all of you are super cool, honestly, and that pretty neat thought provoking conversations take place here. It's just important to converse in a way that respects everyone. 


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-23-2020 6:37 PM



Excellent post, well spoken, and covered many very good points.

Nice to see cooler heads than mine prevail.






FacehuggerMember208 XPAug-23-2020 7:37 PM


That is so nice of you to say and thank you....I rarely get any praise from anyone here. 

Your apology is accepted. I am not so sure I want to apologize for any thing because honestly I think you absolutely correct about my style of communication...I would not classify it as passive/aggressive...I do genuinely like all the people here very much.....if anything I go out of my way to make sure everyone here is treated as fairly as possible. I never swear at any one and I never try to cancel any one over any ideas they may have one way or another....these are spirited debates to be sure....and I get what you are saying that some things can be said that irritate people but I never to it ever in a malicious way....however having said that maybe somethings are perceived very differently than how I intended to convey them no matter how funny I thought it might be so I apologize if anything I said might have been interpreted as disrespectful.....Cheers!


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