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MemberDeaconJul-05-2020 6:37 AM

With the FRANCHISE being in a Pickle at the Moment, with the Prequels being in Cyro-sleep... maybe for 57 Years ;)

The ALIEN Franchise is still Regarded as a Great Franchise that still makes MONEY in other Mediums/Merchandise.

I think that a VAST Majority see ALIEN as a Great Movie

It Spawned a Sequel that i think a LOT of Fans still Enjoy and Respect, and ONE that made the IMAGE of the ALIEN become more Mainstream.

Since that GOLDEN ERA for the Franchise, things got a lot more Divisive and Disappointing for the Fanbase.

I dont think we have had a GOOD Movie since 1986 we have seen some Potential with what Followed, but then also Flaws.

Can the ALIEN Franchise be made GREAT AGAIN?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

152 Replies


MemberPraetorianAug-26-2020 12:18 PM

The Film Theory Of Everything

If at first you don't succeed...swear, have a drink...ponder, ruminate, then try again...after a snack or dinner. :D

And having a kittieh (or several) around to bitch and complain to about the Universe is a help. :D






MemberDeaconAug-27-2020 6:01 AM

Well we have had a Sequel to Prometheus.... however maybe the Idea i had could STILL work and fit, as it had No Connection really to what Happens to David and Dr Shaw and the Xenomorph Origins.

Upon getting Alien Covenant however i saw it maybe Pointless in doing a Idea for Sequels...  However i did have  a FEW regarding a Alien Covenant Sequel which i had Mentioned on here, ONE i actually Felt is what i Interpreted that a Sequel would be like which kind of is VERY similar in ways to Raised by Wolves but i had put down my Idea/Interpretation of AC2 like Months before Raised by Wolves was even announced ;)

I think its a Folly to pursue a Sequel to AC because the Plot Direction and Revelations are NOT what quite  a LOT of Fans would be interested in, and also some Prometheus Fans would also see that a LOT of the Potential with the Engineers was Brushed under the Carpet with Alien Covenant.

I dont think you can Rescue it Theatrically and so a Continuation would be best Served in a Novel.

I think the Prequels with Prometheus had STEERED AWAY and Ignored what many Fans had Expected and AWAY from what they think that a ALIEN Franchise should be about.  I think many Fans also would have not seen the ENGINEERS as being ALIEN enough too.

Its a Shame as there was Scope and Potential with the Engineers Plot that OPENED UP the Franchise beyond EGGS and QUEENS.

So its WHERE do you GO?   If your NOT going to Continue with the Prequels or at least Davids Arc and where he goes NEXT?

How do you get Humans to Discover and Interact with a Engineer threat that does-not touch on the aftermath of Alien Covenant?

If you decide to go for another Story that Ignores the Prequels as in it does-not cover the Engineers, then its a case of HOW do you basically introduce us to Humans who come across AGAIN.... Eggs or a Xenomorph Specimen and ONCE you have done that then WHATS NEXT?  You cant keep going back to that same Formula surely?

But CERTAINLY any kind of Reboot or Retcon is NOT going to be Helpful apart from a Cash Grab or Fan Service!

Unless your going to Continue after Alien Resurrection.

I think the Engineers Plot had OPENED UP the Franchise to a Galaxy (and more) of Horrors and Threats from other Species......  as i think you cant keep going back to Xenomorphs over and over.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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