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The Return of the King

The Return of the King

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DeaconMember10416 XPApr-09-2020 5:59 PM

The TITLE may be a little Misleading....

The aim of this Topic is to look in Part at the Return of the Engineers, as Ridley Scott had said that they WILL return to Planet 4 and Discover the Carnage.

But this TOPIC i want to Mainly Focus on the Technology of any Returning Beings to Planet 4.

Particularly in Regards to their SHIPS.. but we could Extend that to what the Inside of these Ships are like and any Technology that the Occupants may or may not Possess.

The Franchise (well Prequels) introduced us to THREE ships that the Engineers use.  We maybe have to accept the Derelict is a Variation of a Juggernaught.

1) The Seeding/Pebble Ship

2) The Juggernaught Cargo Ship

3) The Scorpionaught Docking Ship

What we was shown in Prometheus was that the Juggernauts are Housed in Hangers with Circular Openings, we see such a Hanger in Alien Covenant.

The Scorpion Tail Shaped Craft seemed to be trying to DOCK with the Juggernaught, what is Interesting is it could seem the Pebble Ship could maybe DOCK into the same Scorpion Ship, but we cant say for sure if this would be the case.

A Deleted Scene from Alien Covenant and Concept work show the Hanger can House more than ONE of the Juggernaught Ships.

Do we Assume that these are the ONLY Kinds of Ship the Engineers have?

Do we Assume the Pebble Ships are used to SEED the Worlds the Engineers Visit, and the Juggernauts just Bring Death?  And the Scorpion-Tail Ship act as a Docking/Border Control?

We can Discus this, but i would also want to look into the Potential for the Engineers having OTHER types of Ship and maybe could we had seen a DIFFERENT kind of Ship on the Return of some of the Engineers back to Planet 4 (or indeed what they have out their in the Galaxy).

The Description of the Seeding Ship in some Drafts, and some Concepts was a Juggernaught Ship..... and NOT the Pebble, maybe the Juggernauts are a Evolution/Newer Seeding Ships.

Do they still USE the Pebble Ships?  Where could they be Located/Stored if so?

Do they have other Types of Ships for other Duties such as Transport the Engineers, especially High Ranking Members, or would the Pebble Ship perform this Task?

If they have a Waring/Military Contingent then are they Limited to the Juggernaught?   This Ships only real Military Function would be to DROP a Cargo and so the Juggernaught Type Ships could be used to TRANSPORT all sorts.

There had been a Number of Concepts made for Prometheus, the Topic Banner shows one such Design that was being Considered for the Seeding Ship, would this Design be Interesting to see in some other Capacity?

The Engineers are indicated as a Ancient Race, who are Millions of Years Old, at least.....

Is their Space Technology Limited to THREE kinds of Ship? We know they must VISIT many Worlds and Return to Planet 4, surely there Entire Stockpile of Ships is NOT limited to being Stored on LV-223 around 5 Temple Complexes, and surely also NOT just limited to ONE single Hanger on Planet 4.

I think its interesting to WONDER about how many Worlds have Hangers etc for their Ships, and how many KINDS of Ships they have and their Purposes.

Do some of them become Obsolete and if so where do they go, is their a Engineer Ship Scrapyard?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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ChestbursterMember902 XPApr-09-2020 11:40 PM

BigDave at first I would have thought that this post would talk about RS' new movie with Lady Gaga :P

Honestly I don't think that we could say anything about the enginner tech. Were they on a decline in the last 2000 years? Who knows.

But I'm pretty sure that the Teardrop shaped ships were long abandoned by the 22nd century, and any evidence of their existence lost in time (like tears in the rain ...)

the scorpion ship was a true ship or just a floating structure? Can you see from just the movie. But these will not even be mentioned.


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-13-2020 5:32 PM

I think you raise some Good Points.... we can assume that the Engineers are Millions of Years Old and that its likely they dont re-use the same Ships that they do since they First Began to become Space Fairing Species...

What becomes of such Ships?  I would Speculate they would NOT want any other Species to obtain any of their Technology so it would be Interesting to Speculate about where and what they would do with Obsolete Technology.

The Pebble Ship from the Sacrificial Scene could be such a Obsolete Technology, thats been Replaced with something BETTER... which i think the Juggernauts could be.

The Docking Ship was interesting as this seemed to be its Purpose, those working on the Movie said that it was like some kind of Border Control, indeed we cant say for Certain that this SHIP can Leave the Planet and so is NOT any Interstellar Craft.

I think while we can Speculate and Hope... i do think its Very Likely the ONLY kind of Ship we would see thats related to the Engineers will be more Juggernauts and we would have to Accept at Conclusion that this is what ENDS up on LV-426.

So indeed i agree that its Unlikely we would see any NEW kinds of Ships, i think thats the Case even if the Prequels are Finished... if the Prequels are Scraped then i cant see Disney going back to the Engineers.

As far as the Big Screen/Small Screen.... we cant RULE it out in Comics or Games but i am NOT so sure we would even see them in those Mediums.

Certainly all we can do is Speculate.... we could Wonder would they have more Military Ships as the Juggernauts seemed to LACK any real Defenses, all they seem to do is DROP their Cargo.... The Docking Ship likewise came Unstuck VS the Bombarding Juggernaught.

The Logical Explanation would be the Engineers do-not need a Variety of Ships as they are the Founders/Seeders of Worlds and they keep those Worlds in Check so they do-not become a Threat and so they are so Naive to think that NO other Species could Evolve Alone to such a Level...

Such Arrogance that would likely Prove Costly to their Species.  We also have to Wonder if they never have Internal Conflicts that would result in using Ships for Warfare beyond Dropping Drums of Viral Crap on each other.

Again the Comics did kind of show Engineer Weapons, and similar was in the earlier Prometheus Drafts (Alien Engineers and Alien Genesis) so maybe the Comics could be Adventurous but again i think Disney would only be interested in the Marines and Xenomorphs and Predators.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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