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Engineers / Mala'kak are the fallen angels

Engineers / Mala'kak are the fallen angels

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OvomorphMember52 XPFeb-16-2020 11:37 AM

I recently stumbled upon something, which I don't know wether it is a coincidence or not.


Prior to Prometheus the Space Jockey race (according to fan-forums like was also known as the "Mala'kak". As we now know the Space Jockeys weren't a strange extraterrestrial race but humankinds' creators. They visited earth in the past, taught humans stuff and were remembered in human stories as Gods or Angels.


When reading the Wikipedia article on fallen angels recently I stumbled upon the fact, that in arabic the word "Angel" means "mala'ikah" - which eerily resembles the word "Mala'kak". And the interesting thing is, that this would make sense storywise.

In Islam, angels (Arabic: malak; plural: mala'ikah) are believed to be celestial beings, created from a luminous origin by God. They have different functions, including praising God in heavens, interacting with humans ordinary life, and carrying laws of nature.


Can someone shed light on where the name "Mala'kak" first appeared? If this is really a thing, then it would mean, that whoever dropped the name "Mala'kak" behind the scenes knew long ago, that the guy in the chair wasn't an extraterrestrial from deep space but that his kind had a religious background with humans.


Going off on a tangent: I guess the beings on Planet 4 are supposed to be the Nephilim:

- The Nephilim are said to be the children of the "Watchers" or "Egregoroi" - who were fallen angels - and human women. The beings on Planet 4 look like a cross-breeding between Engineers and humans (Engineer skull and size but human eyes and not as blue-ish looking, some of them even lacked the distinguished nose).

- The word "Nephilim" means "giants" or "fallen ones". The Greeks translated it in the Septuagint as "gigantes". In the scene in Alien: Covenant where Oram passes the Engineers suits before entering the crashed ships' bridge, he says: "God... they were giants".

- The Nephilim are destroyed by the deluge and their fathers (the "Watchers" or "Egregoroi") have to watch it. David kills all beings on Planet 4 by what you could call a deluge and in the sequel the Engineers are said to return to Planet 4 to see what David has done. If the Planet 4 beings are - as i suggested in other topics - not the Engineers but their creation, then this would match.

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PraetorianModerator2414 XPFeb-16-2020 12:51 PM

I summon thee BigDave 


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-19-2020 1:42 AM

I think we are going to have to look at the Prequels as Canon, where we have our Engineers, as the Mala'kak were coined from some Earlier Comics that depicted the Space Jockey as Elephantine Alien Species.

The Fallen Angel connection is something that was on the mind of Ridley Scott as he had referred to the Engineers as being Fallen Angels.

Now its a case of was Ridley Scott referring all the Engineers as Fallen Angels? or just a Faction of the Engineers, so was he calling the Engineers on LV-223 as Fallen?

We really cant 100% read into it TOO LITERALLY.... the Term Fallen Angel in context to the Engineers could mean more than ONE thing.

Fallen Angel = Demon:  Which is Synonyms with Wicked, Deceitful and CruelEvil Angels if you would, and so if RS is looking at them in this Context then the Term Fallen Angel could just be used to show that these would be GODS are NOT the Gods but are just EVIL.

However another way to look at a Fallen Angel is a being/servant of God that has either Rebelled against their Master, or as Committed Acts or Intended to Commit Acts that are AGAINST the Desire/Will and Rules of their Master.

I would say in Context to the Engineers then BOTH would have applied.

Something to Consider is that the Sequel to Prometheus was intended to be loosely connected to John Miltons Paradise Lost were the Engineers would be connected to the Fallen Angels.

In this Context we have a Race that are Created Perfect (or close) where some of them become opposed to the Life/Ways that are intended for them, where they see themselves as being more Important than their Creators Intentions and they do-not see WHY they should Serve their Creator and so they become Sentient and Rebellious.

In Alien Covenant we see that David has somewhat taken on the Undertones of the Fallen Angels from Paradise Lost and so its likely that the Engineers or SOME of them had taken a similar Stance against their Creators/Hierarchy as we are seeing David doing.

What we have to Consider would be WHO are the Fallen Angels in Context to the Franchise?

For this we have to look at WHAT is the Connection between the LV-223/Prometheus Engineers, the Planet 4 Engineers  and the Hall of Heads Elder Engineers.

Are all THREE the same Race?  Are they separated by Sub-Creation or Engineering?

Are all THREE considered Fallen or just ONE/TWO of these?

Then its a case of WHAT has Constituted the Fall in them.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-19-2020 2:02 AM

" I guess the beings on Planet 4 are supposed to be the Nephilim"

I think it depends, i guess some look at these beings as NOT being Engineers, as they did look more like a Hybrid as in Part Human/Engineer and back prior to Alien Covenants release, then i had looked at these guys and HOW they appeared to be more Human and indeed a Hybrid did come to mind.  It kind of got me thinking was the SEEDING of Worlds and Humanity to eventually Create a Female that the Engineers could Procreate with so they can then Carry on their Species?  This was looking back at the PLOT prior to Prometheus where the Engineers had Genetically Engineered themselves to the point they LOST the ability to Procreate.

However more closer to the Release it was noticed the Engineers on Paradise did have Females, but maybe they NEVER had them for a LONG TIME and maybe Mankind played a Role in their Eventual Return.

The Engineers on  Planet 4 however are not QUITE as Giant as the Nephilim  A Interesting comment by RS was he referred to the Planet 4 Engineers as being the Original Engineers and so maybe the LV-223 Engineers are more likely to be the Nephilim?

It remains so OPEN as far as how the Connections are.

Ridley Scott had indicated the Engineers (Prometheus) were Ancient and Lived for Thousands of Years.  At the time of prior to Prometheus they appeared to be Male, but they did consider having Females too.  The idea leading to Prometheus was this Species had Genetically Evolved themselves which may have left them Sterile.

With Alien Covenant we see some Changes...  the beings on the so called Home-World appear to be more Human, less Psychical than the Prometheus Adonis and we see there are Females.

Ridley Scott made some interesting comments, such as mentioning the Planet 4 Engineers live for about 150 Years, and saying they are the Original Engineers, he had also said that the Engineers are NOT a Race but a Civilization and so they could be Interbred with Various Humanoids from across the Galaxy.

Then we come to the HALL OF HEADS... where these are the Wise Men (Old), Apostles (Keep and Teach the Engineers ways), and they are SUPERIOR beings but Superior to WHOM? us Humans?,  Planet 4 Engineers? LV-223 Engineers?

And so a lot of Mystery still remains.

Regarding Watchers... i think this is something that sums up the Engineers more ;)   And maybe especially the Task of the LV-223 Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember666 XPFeb-19-2020 2:43 AM


>>>Can someone shed light on where the name "Mala'kak" first appeared?

As I remember, Mala'kak is first mentioned in the comic book Aliens: Apocalypse - The Destroying Angels. This is the most greatest story about Alien EU.

>>>If this is really a thing, then it would mean, that whoever dropped the name "Mala'kak" behind the scenes knew long ago, that the guy in the chair wasn't an extraterrestrial from deep space

No. The Space Jockey/Mala'kak is the alien from the deep space. Even more - it is a subspecies of the Alien!

>>>but that his kind had a religious background with humans.

Not directly. Not Mala'kak, but xenomorphs were a kind of Angels of destruction. They already cleared the Earth in the distant past - 3.2 billion years ago, exterminating all living things.

>>>The beings on Planet 4 look like a cross-breeding between Engineers and humans

Yes, it can be assumed that they are a more successful experiment than humans.

>>>If the Planet 4 beings are - as i suggested in other topics - not the Engineers but their creation, then this would match.

Yes, that makes sense.



>>>Fallen Angel = Demon:  Which is Synonyms with Wicked, Deceitful and Cruel.

>>>What we have to Consider would be WHO are the Fallen Angels in Context to the Franchise?

Not who, but why? Ridley simply jabbed his finger and said - yes, these guys are Fallen Angels. But why?

You should remember the duality of being. These Space Gardeners, these kind, smiling farmers... for whom? Obviously, for their garden. What is a garden? Without a doubt, this is primarily a man-made, controlled environment, where the growth and reproduction of plants (and animals) are controlled by the gardener. From this point of view - Aliens are the flowers in the garden. But people can be - the weeds. Or just the soil.

Anyway, the Gardener is a good god for his plants, and an evil demon for weeds. See - there is no Angels and Demons, there is Angels or Demons depending on the cir***stances. Maybe - the Earth was not originally designed for people...


ChestbursterMember902 XPFeb-19-2020 7:52 AM

Leto Your garden analogy is kinda off. From the movie and what Scott himself said it is more likely that the aliens/black goop are the tools of the gardeners. In what instance are the gardener and the weed having the same DNA? The Gardeners and the fruit are the same: the engineers. Humanity is just the rotten fruit.

The fallen angel is a metaphor, meaning that there is/was a creator above the engineers who they disobeyed. As did humans and androids (as of Covenant). It is all a metaphor.


ChestbursterMember666 XPFeb-19-2020 8:11 AM

In what instance are the gardener and the weed having the same DNA?

You would be surprised.



XenomorphMember1234 XPFeb-19-2020 3:49 PM

"Can someone shed light on where the name "Mala'kak" first appeared? If this is really a thing, then it would mean, that whoever dropped the name "Mala'kak" behind the scenes knew long ago, that the guy in the chair wasn't an extraterrestrial from deep space but that his kind had a religious background with humans."


Mala'kak is from the Original Sin novel (set post-Resurrection) and there's no clear religious connection. They interact with an organisation called Loki and want to use Xenomorphs in reproductive experiments with humans (as the Mala'kak are sterile). We only hear about them though, and never meet one.


In the Apocalypse comic, Keitel refers to them as Giants.


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-20-2020 3:22 AM

Thanks for Clearing that up SM ;)

I have not read the Novel or Comics, i have seen some pages from the Comics but that is all.


Indeed the WHY is always the Biggest Question, it was the most Important one for RS in terms of the Xenomorph and the Experiments on LV-223, as in its not a case of WHO/WHEN/WHERE but as to WHY which would give the bigger implications...

In regards to being Fallen.. again i think we cant read into it too Literally and Ignorant Guy hits the Nail on the Head with their Comment.

If we look at PROMETHEUS then he is Clearly Fallen too, in the Context of the Hierarchy of that Mythos.  He went against and disobeyed his Fellow Titans, and helped Zeus to Overthrow the Titans and become the GODS... then he did the same thing to Zeus and his Hierarchy by helping Humanity.  So in the EYES of the Ruling GOD then Prometheus had done Actions that would Constitute him to become Fallen in the eyes of Cronus and Zeus.

If we look at Lucifer then what made him become Fallen was that he did-not agree with how he should be viewed by God, he saw much more potential for Gods Creations (Angels) than to Serve God, this was the First Part of his FALL and the Second was that he had Interfered with Man, by Persuading Eve to go against the WISHES of God, by leading her to Eat the Forbidden Fruit which gave her Knowledge that GOD had Forbidden.

I think we can assume that any Engineers who are Considered to be Fallen may have carried out similar actions to what Lucifer and Prometheus had done.

Regarding the Gardeners of Space then this appears to be something that RS has mentioned quite a bit and even after Alien Covenant he mentioned that they are Gardeners of Space, and little is ever mentioned regarding the Horrors of LV-223 aside from that they had Created something on their to use in Part against Humanity.

We still dont know WHY they would seed Worlds and invest Time in visiting such Worlds, i thinking looking into some of the Comments by RS then Earth is NOT their First Rodeo and likely was NOT their Last either.

They had likely seeded many Worlds, and we can only Speculate as to WHY and for what Purpose.

If we are a Experiment where you are trying to Create Various Humanoid Hybrids and you have Created Very Similar on many Worlds, or even if you have Humans on Many Worlds then should ONE such World Inhabitants start to behave in ways that are against your intentions, then to them DESTROYING a World and the inhabitants would just be to them as MANKIND having to KILL off say all the CATTLE in a Country to STOP the spread of a Infection.  There are many other countries you can repopulate Cattle from.

So for them what they are doing does-not make them EVIL but to us it would seem that way.... do we consider ourselves Evil because we have Tested Stuff on animals like Guinea Pigs?  While it may seem Cruel to the Animals for our Agenda then its a Necessity.

So its like i said before we can look at a Fallen Angel in a number of ways, and being Demonic and Evil is just ONE.. the other side of the Coin would be that a Fallen Angel is doing things to HELP Mankind that is against their Hierarchies Orders and Wishes.

Was the Knowledge and Teachings given to Mankind something Forbidden by the Hierarchy? Who knows.

The whole Gardeners/Fallen Angels plot is something that some Fans are not a Fan of....  some see a more Sinister meaning to Gardening..

In that we are merely a CROP that they would then HARVEST and the reason being for Xenomorphs...

But i think RS wanted to expand on the Engineers in a way that it does-not CENTER around the Xenomorph and the like.

Another Path that could be FALLEN would be using the Tools of Creation to Create something that was NEVER the intention for these Tools and Gardeners of Space... and the Horrors on LV-223 could be something thats Created that could be seen as leading those Engineers to become Fallen.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember666 XPFeb-22-2020 9:06 AM

I don't think that Planet 4 Engineers are original.  I'm trying to search more information about this, but these forums are the only place. I found that Ridley suggested that the Engineers from Planet 4 were the civilians, but not a word about originality.


OvomorphMember52 XPFeb-22-2020 9:34 AM

"In the Apocalypse comic, Keitel refers to them as Giants."

Again this would match (Nephilim meaning Giants). I'm not saying, that the Engineers or Planet 4 people are 1:1 (fallen) angels, Nephilim or whatnot. But I am suggesting, that these stories might provide a background to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.


At least we know, that Engineers (or a faction of them) visited earth repeatedly in the last 35.000 years. They pointed to LV 223 but didn't outright give humans the technology to go there (probably humans were supposed to develop this technology on their own, as a kind of test weather or not they could get this far). But then when humans arrive there it seems as if this was some kind of military installation/bio-weapons facility (with religious touch, as everything about their culture seems to be deeply religious). This ONLY makes sense, if:

a) LV 223 initially was supposed to be some sort of "welcoming site" built by the "good" Engineers for all of their creations that would manage to get there. But during the last 2.000 years it was raided by the "evil" Engineers and turned into a trap (placing the urns everywhere, which would lead to the destruction of every creation that would get there). This would mean the Engineers leaving the star maps on earth were the "good" ones, the Engineer at the end of Prometheus was an "evil" Engineer and the corpses seen staggering in the caves (as well as the decapitated head) might have been the "good" Engineers, who were being ambushed 2.000 years ago (or they were all killed and burried).

Or b) it was a bio-weapons facility all along (a facility built by the "good" Engineers) and the "evil" Engineers covertly went to earth and incited humans to go there, knowing, that this would wreak havoc (like Satan in Paradise Lost not destroying humans himself but inciting them to apostatise, do something which they're not allowed to do, which leads to God - out of disappointment/anger - destroying his creation HIMSELF). This would mean the Engineers leaving the star maps on earth were the "evil" ones, the Engineer at the End of Prometheus was indeed one of the "good" Engineers and we didn't see the "evil" Engineers in this movie - maybe the Planet 4 humanoids were the evil ones.


So obviously - as all the religious references by RS indicate - there MUST be at least two factions among the Engineers (God - Satan, Zeus - Prometheus): one faction giving or teaching humans stuff that the other faction disapproves of. The hints at Satan and Prometheus seem to suggest, that some "evil" Engineers (like the Watchers in the Bible and Book of Enoch) covertly came to earth and taught humans heavenly secrets (like agriculture, technology and the art of war) without the "good" (God/Zeus) Engineers "government/elders council" knowing it and thus giving humans divine knowledge - knowledge that humans aren't supposed to have (forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge). And as soon as the "good" (Zeus/God) Engineers realised what has happened, they would set out to punish or even destroy humanity.


In my mind it was a huuuuuuuuuuuugh mistake by Ridley Scott to not have developed the Engineers story arc further in Alien: Covenant. You just cannot open one door (Engineers' story arc), make the audience and fans wait for the continuation and then in the movie, that is supposed to be the continuation, show the Engineers, their planet, their city but just ignoring it completely and instead open another door (Davids' story arc) *facepalm*.


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-24-2020 5:24 AM


I have looked and i cant find that comment either, as well as the Engineers live for 150 Years.  I am 95% Certain i came across such a Interview in the past... maybe it was from a Alternative Dimension as i cant seem to find it anywhere too! ;)

I think regardless all we can  do is Speculate as NOT a lot has been Uncovered/Revealed regarding the Engineers, as far as ON-SCREEN. And so the Origin and Connection of those Planet 4 Engineers could be Changed.

Well the Civilization part was Interesting, if i recall he had said they are NOT a Race but a Civilization and to me this Suggests that there could be a LOT of Mixed DNA as RS had indicated before that just as their are Many Races of Man (we have some differences) then WHY cant the same be said with the Engineers.

The Gardeners of Space and Genetic Engineering does seem to be a KEY element of the Engineers and RS had indicated that the Earth is NOT the only place they have Seeded/Visited and so maybe they do this for some kind of Diversity to their own Genetic Gene-pool?

I think some fans look at the Planet 4 Engineers as NOT being the Engineers because they seemed to LACK that Certain Look of the Prometheus Engineers, and you could be Forgiven for thinking that the Planet 4 Engineers are some kind of Hybrid of a Engineer and Human.

What RS had refereed to a number of times was calling the LV-223 Engineers as the Militant Variety the Military Arm of the Engineers, but i have always found the Engineers as a Race just involved in Experimenting, Creatinging and Unleash Xenomorph like Horrors as something that seems to only be a Smaller Part of their Overall Agenda/Purpose..

The Creating and Seeding of Various Life seems to be the Bigger Agenda to me.  It just seems the LV-223 Goon Squad are called up to CLEAN UP the Mess/Worlds when their Plans dont quite come to Fruition.

Regarding the OT... we have to Wonder if ALL the Engineers are Fallen?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-24-2020 6:07 AM


Certainly there was the Intention of a Loose Connection at play (Paradise Lost, Chariots of the Gods etc)  that maybe we should NOT be looking Too Literal into, but there are intended connections for certain.

It is indicated that the Engineers (or related Race) had been coming to Earth and leaving us Clues to LV-223 for at least 35'000 Years.  We have had Ridley Scott tell us the Engineers would come back and EVOLVE us both Technologically (Knowledge) and Genetically.  

And so ONE of the Big Questions would be WHY would you leave the Clues to a Bio-Logical Weapon Facility to Various Cultures around the World over THOUSANDS OF YEARS?

What we do know is it was NOT as a Invitation, if it was a WARNING then WHY would they Continue to Come and Support/Visit us and yet WARN us of LV-223 for Thousands of Years until a Certain Period when they Abandoned us?

I think it is likely that LV-223 was quite Different 35'000 Years ago ;)

I think we maybe have to look at the Engineers in Context to IGNORE what we know of LV-223 and its Experiments/Outbreak.

They had been indicated as our Creators, they at least play some role in the Seeding and Engineering of Life on Various Worlds, they are Genetic Space Gardeners.

If you look at yourself as a Engineer from that Stand Point and you have to ASK yourself... WHY do you seed Various Worlds and NOT just ONE?

If you was a Gardener and you wanted to Experiment, Cross-Hybrid and Create Various Plants, Fruit etc. You want to take something and Experiment with it then it makes more sense to NOT experiment with all Varieties in just ONE location.

You would have PLOTS of Land that are Separated so one Failed Experiment can-not Infect another, so if you are trying to Create a New Kind of say PEPPER then you would want the Various Experiments to be Separated, if One Experiment is a Fail or becomes Corrupt you can just DIG-UP that Plot of Land and START AGAIN.

Also when looking at Gardening what we have is a Greenhouse/Nursery where we would Grow/Nurture our Experiments and WHEN we are pleased with them, then you take them to ONE of your Gardens and SEED them.

This is how Historically i saw LV-223, as a SANDBOX if you would where they would Carry out Experiments and then Seed the Desired results to Worlds.

The Engineers like to leave Monuments and Recordings of their Success to give them Self Praise.  So those Various LV-223 Clues from the Cave Paintings to others throughout History could be the Engineers simply saying.

"This is where you come from" or "This is where you were created"

They likely NEVER intend us to EVER go there unless some of us are taken their by the Engineers (for Upgrades). It could be the Engineers would ONLY teach their Creations a Certain Level of Knowledge.

We have to remember that LV-223 has Various Temple Complexes and a Good Reason for this is to Contain Different Experiments apart from each other.

The Interior to the Complexes where being Tera-formed so they could Support Life from Earth (other similar Worlds) the Environment outside is HOSTILE and this would be Beneficial so that any Experiments that Escape would NOT make it to another Complex and cause any Contamination etc.

So i think LV-223 was where they would maybe go and Collect Creations from Worlds and take them to LV-223 for further Experiments/Enhancements and then SEND the results they are pleased with down to the Worlds they Visit.

HOWEVER.... at some point in the Past this Place became a Place to Experiment with HORRORS which are Connected to the Deacon/Xenomorph in some way.

There could be some FALLEN way of thinking or Event that leads to this Change...

Because if the Intention of the URNS and Black Goo is to RESET a World, to make it a CLEAN SLATE and the Engineers Agenda is Gardeners of Space and they ONLY would USE such Horrific Bio-weapons on Failed Experiments or Rebellious Experiments.

Then look at the Outcome?

NOW... look at the Sacrificial Scene and ASK.... would it NOT had been more ideal to DROP Thousands of Urns of Sacrificial Goo as a RESET TOOL?

This is what i feel the Purpose of the Juggernauts are, they are a more Modern/Advanced and Efficient Seeding Ship.

The FALL! well we have to ask WHY do they Seed their OWN DNA?

And then WHY do they seem Obsessed/Interesting in other Horrific DNA... they or a Faction must have seen the Deacon DNA Ancestry as something more PERFECT than their own DNA.

I would say jdvyne that your last Point is the Most Interesting one, in that Sub-Creation, Hierarchy, Knowledge and Power are all Very Important to what the Prometheus Themes were about.   There is always different ways to look at the God/Angels and the Titans/Olympian Stories.  There is a lot about Creating a Sentient and Intelligent Sub-Creation and then WHAT kind of Knowledge you pass on to them... and the Risk of Eventual Rebellion

We are seeing the same kind of thing between David and Mankind.  So we could assume that one Faction of Engineers may have Rebelled against their Creators/Hierarchy.

The more i look at the LV-223 Engineers then i see David/Replicant Connection compared to the Planet 4 Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-25-2020 5:37 AM

I think to look more at the OT.

Then the Term Malak and Mala'kak do seem similar but maybe that is just Coincidence as far as the Coining of the Mala'kak as our Space Jockey Race.

It is still interesting to debate though, as while our Engineers are known now as Engineers i think its UNLIKELY that this is what the Engineers call themselves ;)

So as far as ISLAM goes then Malak are Messengers of God, in Biblical Accounts the Messengers of God are Prophets, but they are Influenced by the Angels (Act on behalf of Certain Angels). So these Chosen Men become Messengers of God but the Knowledge/Messages they send are given by Selected Angels.   So in Biblical Terms these Prophets are like Emissaries, which is what RS had said that Jesus was in context to the Engineers.

Now we dont went to get BOGGED DOWN by being to Literal here, but we can Speculate in Context to the Engineers that there could have been some Malak (Messengers) and these could have been the LV-223 Engineers who were tasked with Visiting Earth.

But they could also had been merely Emissaries/Prophets that are Chosen by the Engineers to be Messengers.  We could even Speculate that the Malak are the HALL OF HEADS guys as these are the Disciples of the Engineer Ritual Culture and Ways.

I think the BIG thing to look at is WHY would the Engineers Create Mankind?  Are we the Intended and Designed Creation and Planned Outcome of the Seeding of Worlds?

IF SO... then indeed some Engineers would Return to Guide us and Teach us Certain Things to a Certain Level.  There would likely be Limits to what we are Intended to know, and Rules/Rituals we are Intended to Follow.

Any passing on of Knowledge or Genetic Upgrades that are NOT by the Plans of the Hierarchy could be seen as constituting the Engineers/Messengers who pass this FORBIDDEN knowledge/upgrades as becoming FALLEN.

IF however, the Planned Outcome is NOT to have Created Mankind or at least how Evolved we are compared to Primates, then the Engineers who had Created/Evolved us to that Level could have been Committing a Violation of the USE of their Technology and Knowledge which would again make them FALLEN in the Eyes of the Hierarchy.

When it comes down to the NEPHILIM then in Context to the Engineers, this would Indicate that either the Creators/Hierarchy of the Engineers had BRED with Human Females to Produce the Engineers.  Or that the Engineers had BRED with Human Woman to Create Giants!

I had debated such things in a TOPIC i created a while back, Certainly looking at it in Context to prior to Alien Covenant, because at that Time we had No Confirmation of Female Engineers.  So at that time it was ok to Speculate that what if the Engineers had LOST their Females or Never had any... then they would surely be Interested in the Daughters of Man ;)   back then we could have Speculated if the Space Jockey was a Nephilim

The Nephilim were not just considered to be the Off-Spring of Angels and Humans, in some cases Nephilim is used to describe the Fallen.

I think Alien Covenant does change how to look at things to a Certain Degree, but again there is NO explanation to those beings ON SCREEN and so they could be revealed to be a Hybrid like the Nephilim are.

The Initial Concept for the Engineers was to be Giants of sorts, 12-15ft Tall and a Sequel had the Opportunity to explore a Taller Faction which would have made us look at the LV-223 Engineers as a Sub-Creation of the Engineers Hierarchy.  However with Alien Covenant and RS who confirmed those Planet 4 beings are Engineers then what we have is a 8ft Race of Humanoids.... which could be Considered somewhat Giant?

Ancient Depictions and Tales do have a Habit of Exaggerating Sizes and so Cultures from Thousands of Years ago would Describe and Draw a Group of 8ft Beings as being more TALLER than actually 8ft.

Also as being considered Powerful Beings, and Godlike then Ancient Cultures also Depict those of POWER those of Royal or even Godlike Decent would be depicted as much TALLER than a Normal Person.

so in Context to the Franchise, then the Ancient Depictions and Tales of Giants could STILL be a Reference to our 8ft Engineers.  Also if a 8ft Engineer would correspond to a 6ft Human then some Humans do grow to 7-8ft Tall and so we cant rule out the existence of 10ft Engineers ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Nathan Adler

FacehuggerMember178 XPMar-15-2020 2:23 AM

If the Engineers from LV-223 were preparing to launch 2,000 years earlier to drop bacteriological drums of **** on us, and had previously been equivalent to Watchers, one would assume the Flood described in the Bible was their handiwork also. But what did they use that time to punish us, or for that matter Sodom and Gomorrah?


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-17-2020 8:27 AM

I think thats a Good Point... if we are looking in Context to the Franchise that our Mythos and Religious Accounts are based of Actual Events related to the Engineers, then we could assume the Deluge was caused by the Engineers.

Sodom and Gomorrah would therefor also be attributed to these Engineers but this Destruction is described as Fire and Brimstone (many people have looked at this in different ways/causes). But its mainly looked at Raining Down Fire and the Toxic Smoke of Sulfur.

It is a Punishment that GOD had Warned onto others before as Punishment for Sin and Turning Away from him.

When we are looking at Prometheus we need to understand the PLOT is that Actual Events regarding the Engineers become the Basis of Mythos and so there is a Degree of Fable and Interpretation.

so as a Example a Star Ship or even a Modern Fighter Plane could have been seen and described by Ancient People as Arriving on a Dragon or a Fiery Chariot.

So what i am saying is that Sodom and Gomorrah with regarding to the Fire and Brimstone could be a Interpretation of something else.


Lot ran, his daughters close behind. “But his wife, from behind him, looked back, and she became a pillar of salt”

Genesis 19:26


What had happened is she watched the Sulfur fall down and Consume everything from the Cities, as she stayed to watch she became Consumed by this Sulfur and turned to a Pillar of Salt.

We could speculate if this could be a Interpretation of a Similar Effect to what we saw in Alien Covenant when it Rained Down Exploding Urns and a Cloud of Black Goo which would have looked to Ancient People like being Rained Down upon by a Exploding Volcano (Fire and Brimstone).   And being Turned into a Pillar of Salt, or to Stone by some Interpretations is what the END result of those Engineers was.

However this does-not mean this is what Happened... the Engineers could have had other forms of WEAPON some have Speculated that Sodom and Gomorrah could have be Destroyed by some ATOMIC Weapon. 

Such a Weapon would be a GOOD way to Destroy a City, but it would NOT be ideal for the Destruction of a WHOLE WORLD as the Nuclear Fall Out would Render a World as USELESS for quite some time. But you could come back in Thousands of Years and Start Again.

The GOO makes a much more better Weapon, especially looking at the Results of the Engineers City, or if they Rain Down the Sacrificial Goo instead... that would be the Perfect RESET Weapon ;)


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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