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Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Moves to HBO

Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Moves to HBO

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PraetorianMember3381 XPOct-30-2019 7:25 PM

Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Moves to HBO

"Raised by Wolves, a serialized sci-fi series from Ridley Scott, will premiere on the direct-to-consumer platform HBO Max. The announcement was made during the WarnerMedia Day investor presentation Tuesday afternoon...."

"'As we strive to set a high creative bar for HBO Max, there’s no better person to set that bar than Ridley Scott as he delivers his first season of yet another incredible vision realized,' said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer, HBO Max and president TBS, TNT, and truTV." (source)

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PraetorianMember3381 XPOct-30-2019 7:28 PM

"Created by writer Aaron Guzikowski, whose masterful 2013 Prisoners ranks among the best thrillers of the decade, the series will be a 10-part story. Guzikowski will also serve as showrunner.

Here’s an official synopsis:

The series centers on two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task." (source)


TrilobiteMember8212 XPOct-30-2019 8:43 PM

It sounds interesting, but the synopsis sounds like it confirms what most people already know. Pass.

People going nowhere, taken for a ride
Looking for the answers that they know inside
Searching for a reason, looking for a rhyme
Snow White's mirror said "partners in crime"-
Black Sabbath


PraetorianMember3381 XPOct-31-2019 4:18 AM

There has to be more than robots babysitting church kids.


DeaconMember10325 XPOct-31-2019 6:48 AM

The Plot does seem similar to what i Interpreted that Alien Awakening could be about, maybe he is using some Elements that he realized he may have to DROP with his AC Sequel?

Here is what i read into it... and AC2 Connection.

TWO Androids Tasked with Raising Children on a Virgin Planet, this indicates that a Mission to Colonize a New World was underway where the Colonist would be Children, maybe they are Raised from Birth (Embryo).

We have to ASK why would the Androids be Tasked with taking ONLY Children?  Because Knowledge and Teaching Corrupts and Religions cause  Conflict, and so to START a New World that is Free from the Various Aspects of Religion and Difference of Political Spectrum should see a World where these Children are Raised without Outside Interference and Conflict.

I then assume another Ship with Humans with Various Religious Beliefs comes in and ENDS up on this Virgin World and the Androids Face the Task of how do they Contain the Influences of these Humans from Earth and Various Religious Views, from Effecting the None-Religious Haven the Androids have been Building with those Children.

Thats my Interpretation of Raised by Wolves...

Many Months before this was announced, i had Interpreted and Assumed that Alien Covenant's Sequel would be about....

David taking the Colonist to Origae-6, they Set-Up and Build a Somewhat Basic Village (Wooden Buildings etc) once some Infrastructure is set up, i assume David would then KILL-OFF the Adults and take the SHIP to another Part of the Planet (Adults could be used for Horrific Experiments).

David then Engineers those Human Embryo's to create a more Superior Human Species that he would Raise under his Rules and History that he gives them, which they would be TOLD that he was their Creator.... the Covenant Mission and Adults would be KEPT a Secret from them.

so we have these Engineered Humans (from Embryo's) that live in a kind of Ancient Basic, Cultist Society, like the Amish People but there Religion/Beliefs are Influenced by David as the Creator and whatever he wishes to Teach them/Have them believe.

Then another Human Ship arrives who are also looking to get away from Earth and have a New Life.... and then David is Facing a Difficult Task of what happens when these Humans arrive, and Discover the Society that David has Built...

What do his Creations then think when they see other Humans who may be slightly different, and they come with another being who LOOKS exactly the Same as their Creator?

They discover their True Origins and History are NOT what they had been Taught by David and that their So Called Creator is actually a Creation of their True Ancestors?

This in PART is what i thought that AC2 would be about... its what i then had explored with my TWO sequels.. Alien Ascension and Alien Absolution which i abandoned.

But News of AC2 went into Limbo, then we got this Raised by Wolves Announcement and looking at the Synopsis etc i think its NOT FAR off the Plot i predicted that AC2 may have...  it seems it shares a number of Elements.

So i wondered is Ridley Scott using some ideas he had for AC2 in Raised by Wolves out of Fear that AC2 will not be made or that if we got a Sequel then a lot of what RS had planned would have to be SCRAPED?

I think it could be a Interesting Sci-Fi Series, i think its worth giving it a Chance for the First 4 Episodes

Not sure its what ALIEN fans would like to see, they may prefer a ALIEN Bug Hunt Series.  But lets see what the ALIEN Series would also bring... i just think it should not be about Eggs and Face Hugers every Season.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPNov-01-2019 12:32 AM

There has to be more than robots babysitting church kids.

Hah! I suppose you are right. It just feels like we have been down this road before. Who made who(m?). Maybe I was too harsh but I feel cautiously optimistic at best. 




PraetorianMember3381 XPNov-01-2019 3:15 PM

Thank you for writing that dk...  That's so funny.  

I was thinking the same thing about my review for Another Life (here) and was looking for a way to address it.  

Selma Blair and Katee Sackoff were both in Another Life and I didn't finish the last part of the series where I believe you wrote it had it came into it's own later on.  

Maybe I shouldn't have put Another Life in the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome file just yet.


DeaconMember10325 XPNov-01-2019 5:52 PM

"Hah! I suppose you are right. It just feels like we have been down this road before"

I think maybe kind of, its HARD to come up with anything thats never been done before in Sci-Fi

I assume the MAIN Focus is the TALE of Knowledge and Influences that has.  By that the WORLD has a Wide Variety of Politics, Religion, Empathy Levels or Lack of...  and so the Influences that a Human is surrounded by and Experiences and Knowledge gained can SHAPE the Character of a Person.

Mankind is Driven by many things include Pride, Desire, Ambition, Greed among others... some Traits are Good and some are Not so Good.    People are Shaped by their Environment and by that if we took Adolf Hitler and he was brought up  in a Different Country, Different Era and by Different Parents and Education etc..... then its LIKELY he would NOT have been the same Wicked Person!

So lets look at Humanity and the Earth and Imagine what it could be like in say 100 Years, we could be on a Dying Planet we could still be Causing Harm to the Earth, and Each Other....  And those who Dont... well the World could already be in a BAD SHAPE and there is LITTLE that can be Changed.

If you was a GOD who Created all this (Earth, and its Inhabitants) and you looked at the Earth and Humanity say 1000, 2000 Years ago... then Compare it to TODAY you would be SHOCKED at the Damage/Harm that Mankind has Done!

So just as with the Covenant Mission (they wanted a FRESH Start to escape the Rotting Paradise of Earth) If you wanted to SAVE Mankind and START Again and NOT to repeat the Errors of our Ways...

Then you would want to go FIND a Earth-like Virgin Planet to Populate, and to Populate this with INNOCENT Children would be ideal as they would have NO such Influences and on a Virgin World they can be SHAPED to be a BETTER Humanity....

Having Robots to take care and Raise such Children who (Robots) would not be effected by our Emotional Desires and Ambitions that can have Negative/Selfish Implications would be more IDEAL.

And so i think THIS is what the Main Objective of the Androids and this Virgin World is, so they can Re-Populate Humanity and Raise them without Certain Vices/Bad Influences.

Then a Incoming Human ship that has Various Different Personalities and Religions etc, would ARRIVE and the Interaction of these with the Colony of Children the Androids are Tasked with Raising, could POSE a Problem to the Androids Mission.

What we have really is like a Adam and Eve (Children) and the Other Incoming Humans would be like Satan in the Garden and the Persuading of the Eating of the Forbidden Fruit!

God in reaction to this had to make some Tough Choices...

I am sure those TWO Androids may have to make some too...

I suspect we will see Inner Conflict for those Children as in Discovering what other Humans are like and what Drives them, and some of this could be Appealing to them, some could be Disturbing to some. 

But then some could be Disturbed with seeing those Androids (or ONE) resort to Butchering the other Humans and how would they react to knowing a Creation of Mankind has just been trying to Topple/Kill others of their Kind?

While some of those Children could maybe see the Care that the Androids had placed into them, and see the Potential Bad in the Influence/Corruption and Conflict the Arrival of these other Humans could have on their PARADISE.

Thats my Speculative Interpretation... it would be Interesting to see HOW close or HOW wide off the Mark i am.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3381 XPNov-11-2019 9:29 PM

"I think maybe kind of, its HARD to come up with anything thats never been done before in Sci-Fi"

That is certainly easy to argue BigDave with the explosion in Sci-Fi content over the last 50 years.  Almost every conceivable concept has been explored in various quality over the decades.


Secret Agendas

"she additionally begins uncovering secrets and techniques hidden inside her personal programming, secrets and techniques that might assist her shield her household, however may simply as simply destroy them.” (source)

The above character background of the mother android (Amanda Collin) on the planet reveals secrets. It would be nice to see something like the special orders in the Alien movies or Advent where the colony was a test environment...not necessarily a Xenomorph hive but that would be really nice.

"I suspect we will see Inner Conflict for those Children as in Discovering what other Humans are like and what Drives them, and some of this could be Appealing to them, some could be Disturbing to some...

While some of those Children could maybe see the Care that the Androids had placed into them, and see the Potential Bad in the Influence/Corruption and Conflict the Arrival of these other Humans could have on their PARADISE."

The Netflix I Am Mother scenario is very similar in concept in regards to the inner conflict of a child cared for by an android that you describe above BigDave.  This child is later exposed to another human for the first time and taught to be suspicious and I suspect any human visitors on the Raised by Wolves planet will be treated the same way. 


Raised by Wolves 

The character biographies below were in the article.


Matias Varela - Lucius

“a loyal soldier, who’s attempting to make up for the perceived failings of his father, a person whose sense of kindness and mercy have been his final undoing. Lucius is so dedicated to reversing his father’s legacy, that he devotes himself to serving the very man who executed him, a person he believes could also be a savior to his folks.”


Travis Fimmel - Marcus

“a roguish, charismatic soldier, who was the last word survivor again on Earth. To flee the doomed planet, Marcus and his spouse Sue made a harmful resolution that they have to hold secret in any respect prices. However now that they’ve arrived within the new world, Marcus is struggling to reconcile the sins of his previous, at the same time as he continues to embrace the killer instincts that at all times stored him alive within the first place.”

More secrets...can't wait.

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