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Tyrannosaurus V.S. Torvosaurus

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NeomorphMember1630 XPAug-16-2019 10:19 PM

 The entire fight got wiped because I wasn't careful about the charge... sorry for the over a month delay...



The Forested Prairies...


50 Kilometers West Of The Arched Redwoods...


RUN RUN RUN!!!!! That is all the child is thinking right now CRASH CRASH CRASH!!!!! That is all the Triceratops can hear right now. He should never have gone into the forest; it was the worst mistake of his short life. It's only a matter of time until he-



Silence... No more crashing... No more roaring... No more danger...


Tanks stops running. The forest is deafeningly quiet. Nothing makes a sound. Tank takes a single step forward and it sounds as if though it were as loud as a cannon. He surveys his surroundings, looking for anything familiar. No such luck. Well, he can't go back the way he came because of the monster, so he just has to go forward until he finds something familiar. Soon enough, the 20-foot-long-juvenile finds a small clearing near the cliff wall of the Eastern edge of the forests. Now he knows where he is. If he just follows the clearing to the thin trail at the opposite end, he can find his way back to where his herd is! He can do this! He's going to sur-




Just then the monster comes sprinting out into the clearing. The poor kid doesn't even have enough time before the beast slams his jaws into his side, ripping flesh and causing him to almost fall over. Tank tries to buck his horns and hit the monster, but to no avail. It expertly evades his pitiful attack and clamps onto his back. Tank cries out in pain, but the monster is relentless. It lets go of his back and drives it's long, curved teeth into his neck and drives him to the floor. He tries to kick the beast, but the giant is unfazed. It drives its teeth deeper into his neck, and as time goes on his feeble struggling gets weaker and weaker... and eventually ceases. The monster roars in triumph. The savage lizard has claimed its victory. The Torvosaurus gets a meal...



The Torvosaurus surveys his surroundings, making sure there are no other predators to steal his meal. Then, Tornado feasts. This 36 foot long predator with a red skull, pitch black torso, blood red feathers, and a white underbelly has been living here for his entire life, and a fairly long one at that. Not many Torvosaurus reach this size, most cap out at 34 feet long. Tornado, however, is one of the lucky ones. Soon, though, his luck is going to run out...


Tornado finishes his meal, but still has the majority of the carcass left. It'll probably last him for a few more days, which is definitely worth the trouble he went through to separate it from the herd. In the meantime, though, he needs something other than food. Tornado walks off to a nearby creek to get some water. But while he's gone, something comes for his meal... or more like somethings...


2 predators emerge from the undergrowth, one with a reddish brown coat of feathers, and the other sporting light green feathers all over its body. The two thieves slowly walk up to the carcass. Then, the two Utahraptors begin to feed, filling up their previously empty stomachs. The two are so engrossed in their feast that they fail to hear the footsteps of the titanic predator behind them. They don't realize it's there until they hear a low growl. The light green Utahraptor looks to her left and stares right at Tornado's massive skull. She stares in shock for a fraction of a second before roaring at her mate to run. The reddish brown one looks up in confusion, and then sees the ever-so-patient Torvosaurus right next to him. They start running, and Tornado gives a halfhearted chase to scare them off. Once they get into the underbrush, he lets out a mighty roar, letting all predators in the area know not to mess with him. Then, he hears a roar that matches his in ferocity off in the distance. No.... Then he hears another one, one much closer. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Tornado begins to panic. If I run now, I can get out of here before- Then, the telltale thudding of a giant predator can be heard, coming up from the trail. All Tornado can do is here. The pack is here...


1.5 hours earlier 


15 Kilometers West Of The Clearing And Python Creek


CRASH CRASH!!!!! This is the only sound that can be heard when the pack is moving. Only the loudest of roars can cut through the noise of the Tyrannosaur family walking through a forest. However, only the stupidest of creatures would make any sort of sound around these tyrants. They are ravenous. Only the largest of meals can sustain such large predators. The 4 Tyrannosaurus are lead by an alpha male and female, the parents to the two younger Tyrannosaurs in the pack. The son, Tyler, is covered in bright green and yellow stripes, as well as green feathers and is 36 feet long. The daughter, Tara, is covered in blackish green scales and bright blue feathers, similar in color to her (deceased) younger brother, Travis, and is 43 feet long. Terror, the father, and the second in command, sports blackish red scales and bright red feathers, and is 39 feet long. He's infamous for his easily provoked temper, and the lengths he will go to to kill something that  enrages him. He once tracked a Ceratosaurus 20 miles twenty miles for stealing from his meal. It's no wonder he's widely known as The Red Rage. However, the true alpha, Tyra, sports a similar color and pattern to Tyler, but is 42 feet long and much heavier. While she lacks the size of her daughter, she makes up for it in incredibly high intelligence for a Tyrannosaur and tons of combat experience. Under her leadership, her pack hunts large Sauropods with ease. She's managed to defeat 2 Giganotosaurus in a fight by herself. It's no wonder she's known by many as The Great One. However, the pack doesn't always stay together. Usually, they split up so they can search for their own meals and they don't have to catch as many creatures together. Sometimes, if they're lucky, they can just steal a kill from some other creature. Now, the pack is splitting up again until evening. They will leave in pairs, and then the pairs will split up later as they venture through the forest. Tara and Terror head West, while Tyra and Tyler head East, and split up in the plains. One of them heads towards Python and Cyclone Creeks...



Tornado hides in the tree line and crouches down. The footsteps are getting louder and louder as the tyrants comes closer and closer... The carcass won't last 4 Tyrannosaurus for long, and they'll kill him before he even has the chance to run. He won't make it out if he runs right now, the 4 will trap him against the cliff wall and then kill him when they hear him running. He just has to hide, and maybe after they leave for more food he can go in the opposite direction they went and book it. The stomping stops. Tornado didn't even realize his eyes were closed, so he opens them to see the Great One standing practically right next to where he is hiding, and it sniffs the air. It slowly turns its head to right where he is hiding. It stops right on where he is hiding. The two predators stare at each other for a long, long time. The longest few moments of Tornado's probably-soon-to-be-over-lifetime. Finally, The Great One snorts and walks over to the carcass. Tornado lets out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. He waits awhile, waiting for the other Tyrannosaurus to come. They never do. It seems that The Great One came here alone... Maybe... Just maybe... Tornado can scare her off from the carcass with the element of surprise... He slowly sneaks up through the treeline, until he's right next to her and the carcass. He hesitates for a moment, reconsidering his plan. However, nothing will change his mind...



Listen to Crimson Blaze by 2WEI


Tornado sprints from the treeline, and before Tyra can react, he slams his jaws into her neck. She roars in pain and backs up. Tornado then makes himself appear bigger, trying to scare her off. Tyra gives a look of fear and alarm. Everything is going to plan! However, the look on her face quickly changes from fear to rage, and she charges him. Tornado doesn't expect this and she knocks him to the floor with her skull. Tornado looks up to see her jaws about to close around his neck. He claws her in the face and the slams his skull into hers before she has the chance to bite him. She stumbles back in pain, and Tornado quickly gets to his feet. He rams her in the side, almost knocking her over. However, she quickly recovers and clamps onto his snout. Luckily for Tornado, he manages to get out from Tyra's jaws before she could crush his snout. Tornado retaliates by ramming into her skull and clamps onto her neck. He pushes her closer to the cliff wall before she can recover. Before he hits anything vital, Tyra uses her small, but powerful arms to claw him in the face. The Torvosaurus roars in surprise more than anything, and stumbles back a bit. Tyra then knocks his head to the side with her own and clamps onto his neck, but instead of trying to break it she starts to kick him in his side, raking her toe claws down. He roars in pain, but she should have broken his neck when she had the chance. He shoves his neck upwards, further into her neck. Tyra doesn't expect this and can't adjust in time. The force knocks her off him and he stumbles back, reeling in pain. Soon, his rage overshadows all his pain. Before Tyra recovers, Tornado sprints in, rams her in the chest, and clamps onto her neck (this time steering clear of her claws). Tyra bellows in pain, and rips her neck from his jaws, leaving long, jagged tears in her neck. Miraculously, Tornado didn't hit anything vital. However, Tyra is now getting tired, and the pain is setting in. Tornado, on the other hand, barely feels anything over his rage. He makes a mock charge to her left flank, and as expected Tyra moves to intercept his attack. However, he then sidesteps and charges into her other side. He clamps his jaws onto her back, and starts viciously clawing and kicking at her side. She roars in pain, and tries to shake him off. After a few long, agonizing moments of this, she finally gets him off, but Tornado rakes his jaws and claws down as he loses grip, creating more wounds. Relentlessly, he tries a similar maneuver on her skull, he bites onto her head and claws relentlessly. This time, though, Tyra manages to get him off before he can do too much damage. When he gets off, he clamps onto her arm, and tries to tear it off. However, Tyra claws the inside of his mouth, causing him to let go and roar in pain. At this point, the blood loss is starting to get to Tyra, and she doesn't recover as fast and is starting to feel light headed. Tornado takes advantage of this and rams into her side, full speed. Tyra falls from the force, and he quickly clamps onto her neck and rakes his claws along her torso, causing considerable damage. Tyra tries to kick him off, but he won't let go. After some time, she stops struggling. Alive, but out cold. Tornado lets go for a second, taking in the full weight of what he has accomplished. He, of all creatures, managed to bring down (and is about to kill) the most feared individual animal of the North East quarter of the Forested Prairies. As he stares in triumph at his kill, he pauses. There's something... off... about The Great One. He shouldn't have been able to knock her over so easily, and it shouldn't have been so easy to reach her neck and back. In fact, her colors look brighter than usual, and she's missing a lot of her notorious scars. She is also smaller than she should be. She's also actually a male. Oh no. Tornado realizes that this isn't The Great One. It's Tyler. He's royally screwed up. If The Great One is anywhere nearby, she'll have his head. He has to kill Tyler quick before- CRASH CRASH!!!!! She's already here. She's already coming up the pathway, and there is nowhere for Tornado to hide...


Carefully... Quietly... The prey is right there... Come on... Just come a little bit clos- ROAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!! Tyra snaps her head up, as does the zebra-colored-Brachylophosaurus she was hunting. Of course, it starts running away. There's no hope of her catching it now. ROOOAAAAAR!!!!!! The second roar... It's Tyler! It sounds like he's gotten himself into a fight. Well, she better go check it out; family stick together. She does a power walk towards Tyler; they aren't too far away and Tyler can handle himself in a fight, so Tyra isn't too worried for him. She walks on, until she almost reaches her destination. But then, she hears a roar of victory. But it isn't Tyler. Now getting worried, she quickens her pace, but at the same time trying to save energy for the fight. Now she's reached the trail, and makes the split second decision to let herself be known; only the stupidest of creatures wouldn't run if they saw her...



Listen to Axis by Tom Player



Slowly, The Great One comes down the trail towards the clearing. Even though he can't see her, Tornado somehow knows it's the Great One. It's just his luck. Tyra slowly emerges through the forest and surveys the clearing. Her gaze stops when her eyes reach Tornado and Tyler. She stares right at Tornado, and he stares right back, both with a deadpan expression, all the while Tyler lays lifelessly on the floor. At practically the same moment, their expressions quickly turn into looks of fear and rage. Tyra afraid for her son and angry at what Tornado has done and Tornado afraid for his life... but angry at The Great One and her pack, for causing him all this trouble... Tyra lets out among the most powerful roars ever to have been heard in these lands. Filled with enough rage to attack even The Great One, he decides to fight back. Tornado lets out a roar of pure fury, on par with even that of The Great One's own roar. The two stare at each other, both knowing the stakes of this battle. The two roar again, and charge at one another. Tyra slams her head into Tornado's, knocking him down to the floor. She wastes no time in sinking her teeth into his neck. Tornado claws her face and knocks his skull into hers, knocking her off. He gets up and clamps onto her neck while clawing as much as he can. However, Tyra easily knocks him back off. Tornado runs and tries the same maneuver he tried on Tyler, and starts mercilessly attacking her side. However, she easily shakes him off again with her superior weight and height. Tornado still did some damage, though, and she's already bleeding a bit much for a single attack. The Torvosaurus clamps onto her leg, and Tyra tries to turn and bit onto his back, but he lets go and runs before she can. Every time he attacks, he does a great deal of damage with his powerful jaws, his tearing teeth, and his quick and powerful hand and toe claws. Tyra knows exactly what he is doing; he is trying to kill her with a thousand cuts. Trying to bleed her out. She knows how to deal with creatures like him. He gets another good few bites, tears, kicks, and many claw swipes in next time he gets the chance. When he falls off, Tyra spins 120 degrees at an impossible speed, slamming her titanic tail right across Tornado's flank, knocking him to the floor. For a few seconds Tornado doesn't register what happened. Then the pain sets in. He cries out in pain, and tries to get to his feet. Before he can, Tyra clamps onto his back, and rather than kill him, she decides to play with her prey. She picks him up by his back with her mighty jaws and powerful legs, and practically throws him a little ways off. He scrambles to his feet, but she grabs him by the neck and slams him into a tree, knocking it over and breaking some of his ribs. In the same motion, she throws him to the floor, breaking even more ribs and sending the poor Torvosaurus into more agony. He lies on the floor, helpless. Tyra feels she's had enough fun with him, now she should kill him. She slowly picks his neck up in her jaws, lifting him partially into the air.



Listen to The Wasp Queen by Really Slow Motion (On Repeat)


Tornado comes to and realizes the situation he's in. He's going to die. Tyra slowly puts more and more pressure onto his neck; she wants him to suffer for killing her child. Tornado realizes he has one shot to escape; one chance or he's dead. He quickly gets his feet below him and drives his entire weight upwards and further into The Great One's jaws. Tyra is shocked by this move, and the shock from the impact sends her into a loud, thunderous coughing fit. Tornado quickly escapes her jaws. Tyra recovers quickly and tries to clamp back onto Tornado's snout. However, Tornado knocks her head to the side, causing her to stumble to the side. This is his last chance. Tornado sprints and puts all his weight, power, and most of all his fury into one, last ram. He hits his mark right below her spine. Her lack of balance and this heavy charge knocks her to the floor. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!! Tornado runs for all his life is worth, already deep into the forest before Tyra even gets her feet beneath her. 


Tornado runs, runs, and runs until he's clear of the massive predator. He stops for a minute for rest. He looks around in disbelief, did he actually survive? As rain begins to pour and lightning begins to strike, he realizes that he did it. He can't believe it, but he did it! He has sur-


A MASSIVE force knocks him back to the floor. He looks up to see a look of rage only surpassed by himself and The Great One. The Red Rage, in all his fury, stands above him, with his daughter behind him. They somehow know what he's done. As if this wasn't bad enough, somehow The Great One caught back up to him, despite the massive gap in their speeds! AND AS IF THAT WASN'T BAD ENOUGH, TYLER'S RIGHT BEHIND HIS MOTHER!!! Tornado's going to die. He is going to die. He's already dead. No. Tornado calms himself, and replaces all his fear with fury and a lust for blood and vengeance. He's going to die. But he isn't going down without killing every last one of these Mother****ers!!!! He isn't going down quietly!!!! He's going to cause so much bloodshed that the earth itself will forever be stained with the memory of him!!!!! Lightning strikes as his rage comes to a peak, causing a fire in the forest right to his left. He kicks off Terror and scrambles to his feet, and before any of the Tyrannosaurs can react he practically JUMPS onto Terror's skull!!! He slams his jaws right between his head and neck, and claws right below his eyes while kicking straight into his skull!!! Suddenly, Tara knocks him off her father. He drags his claws down Terror's face as he falls. He gives one last kick to Terror's skull before he turns to face Tara. Tara tries to clamp onto his neck, but he moves his head just in time and kicks her in the chest, raking his claws down. Tara stumbles back and the Savage Lizard gets back to his feet. Terror stumbles further back in agony from the heavy wounds he sustained. Tyler sprints in; determined to get his revenge. Tornado doesn't need to do more than sidestep his charge to send Tyler running into a tree. Tyler stumbles back in pain and with the absolute worst headache of his life. Tornado quickly knocks him over and then aims for his neck. Before he can finish him off, Tara and Tyra sprint in and knock him to the floor. He kicks them both at the same time, raking his claws down their faces. He gets up and knocks the stumbling Tara to the ground. The Great One clamps onto his back and tries to break it, but she can't get it deep enough into her back to reach her maximum bite force. Tornado drives upwards, with a similar result to last time. The Great One lets go and stumbles back. Tornado takes a second's rest before he continues the battle, but before he can the pack recuperates. Lightning strikes the forest to Tornado's right, causing another fire that spreads incredibly quick. The Great One, The Red Rage, and their children stand together, blocking his only way out. He's trapped between the cliff wall, flaming trees, and the 4 mighty Tyrannosaurus. He's tired from all the fighting and the blood loss. This is his last stand. This is where he dies. The 4 Tyrannosaurus roar at him, each roar mightier than the last. Tornado, takes in a deep breath, and lets out a long exhale. Finally, he gives the mightiest roar these lands have ever heard, one so powerful it sends shivers down the spines of any creature that hears it. All, except one. The one that lets out a roar to match it. Tyra. She won't let Tornado leave alive. Not after the pain he put she and her family through. Tornado charges. He knocks Tyler's head to the side and drags his claws along his body as he runs, sending blood flying. In the same motion, he slaps The Red Rage right across the face, with enough rage behind the attack to generate more force than it should. Enough force that it sends Terror to the ground, and to send massive amounts of blood in the air. Tara charges him, but he knocks her head upwards and sinks his teeth into her neck, and tries to rip her throat out. Luckily for Tara, her head was just high enough that he missed anything vital. Even more blood flies. He did this all so fast, couple with all the rain, it almost seems like he generated a small hurricane of blood spinning around him, while lightning strikes right behind him, further adding to the flames.. All 3 Tyrannosaurus fall to the ground. Now he has to get past his last, and greatest obstacle. The Great One. The two stare at each other, with the closest thing to hate an animal can have and as much of it as possible. Tyra and Tornado get ready to fight. The Great One and The Blood Hurricane roar at each other, and charge. Tornado knocks Tyra's head to the side and clamps onto her neck. He thrashes his head around, causing deep wounds. She shakes him off and claws him across the face. Tornado stumbles back, but then clamps onto her back, claws her side and kicks with all his might. She shakes him off and twirls around. Tornado, expecting this, ducks down, narrowly avoiding being hit by the massive tail again. He clamps onto her leg and claws. Tyra shakes him off, but now she can't run until her leg has had enough time to heal, which would take at the very least weeks. Tornado rights himself mid fall, and using his momentum he rams into her side while doing his technique at the same time. The blood loss is getting to Tyra. She can't hold on for much longer. She then comes up with a plan to get rid of him. She shakes him off and tries the tail maneuver again. He dodges again, and leaps onto her side again. Just as she expected. As he is about to reach her, she body checks him with all her weight. As he hits, his toe claws embed incredibly deep into her side, almost into her lung. However, the force sends him flying straight through multiple flaming trees and deep into the fire. No creature could possibly survive such a hit. The Great One still stands tall, while her family lies by her feet. She wants to make sure The Blood Hurricane is dead. She waits, and wait, and waits. Pretty quickly, though, the blood loss gets to her. Hard. Soon, she collapses, and everything fades to black...




5 hours later


Near Python Creek



Tyler awakens. His family is watching over him, and licking his wounds to disinfect them. He weakly groans. His mother looks down at him, and snorts in relief. She looks incredibly bad, and is bleeding profusely. She lies down, and Tyler coos in worry for her. She lets out a low rumble, signifying she'll be fine. His father also got pretty beaten up, his face is bleeding almost as much as his mother's side is. The area around his left eye is so swollen and filled with blood that he probably can't see out of that eye. Tara got the least amount of damage, and even she is bleeding profusely from her neck and side. However, she's in hunting condition, so she'll probably be the breadwinner until other members recover. As the his parents and sister "speak" to one another about where Tara has to go to avoid danger when hunting (she's a target for any large predator that sees her so wounded) when Tyler rumbles to his mother to get her attention. Tyra looks down at her son and coos to show she's listening. He lets out a series of growls and snorts, essentially meaning "How... How could one, small creature do all this?" Tyra hesitates for a moment. She then rumbles "One filled with fear, pain, and rage. You'll understand when you're older, and when you have hatchlings of your own." Tyler looks in deep consideration, or at least the closest thing a Tyrannosaurus can get to it. His look must show what he's thinking because Tyra assures him "Don't worry. The Blood Hurricane is dead. We don't have to worry about it." However, the family has much more pressing concerns to worry about. The wounds are incredibly deep on Tyra, and it's unlikely she'll survive. Tyler's wounds are even worse, due to the beating he took from The Blood Hurricane. It's especially worse if his wounds get infected. It's incredibly unlikely he will survive. But, his mother is a fighter, and so is he. He'll fight to the end...


5 Kilometers East of Python Creek


The Cave By Disaster's Brewing (Waterfall that brings most water to Typhoon River, Cyclone Creek)


Deep within the caves and rock, a survivor rests. How Tornado actually survived a fight with the entire Tyrannosaurus pack, let alone being flung through multiple flaming trees and straight into a forest fire is beyond him. That's not his concern. His rage has passed, and now his main concern is to lick his wounds. He's sustained extensive wounds, and it would be a miracle if he was to survive. However, he's a fighter. He will be prowling The Forested Prairies again one day...



Winner: Tyrannosaurus!!!!! Yeah, I kinda made it a more exciting battle than it realistically would have been, but hey! Gotta make up for over a month of not writing!! Well.. technically I've been writing for the past two weeks, but because of my carelessness the fight got wiped TWICE when it was near completion. Basically, I've written this fight 3 TIMES!!! On the bright side, this is definitely the best version, and way better than the first time I wrote it (and very different). Next time I write a fight, I'm writing it in google docs lol. Anyways, Tyrannosaurus is just so much larger, heavier, and has such a high bite force that a Torvosaurus doesn't stand much of a chance, especially when they only get to 33 feet long. However, getting a young and inexperienced individual, like Tyler, against an experienced and very large, pushing the limits for realism individual like Tornado, Tornado would win, because they're approximately the same size (besides weight, which is important), and Tornado would have more weapons at his disposal, being faster, and much more experienced in fighting. Maybe even a 33 footer could bring down an individual like Tyler. However, putting a larger, older, more experienced individual, like Tyra, against Tornado, it would much more likely go for Tyra due to her superior size and they have equal footing across experience, and Tyra would just be more powerful. The only reason Tornado is still alive... well... he shouldn't be. In the first version he died in his fight with The Great One, but then I revised it to be that he escaped. The second time I wrote this he died when Terror caught him. This time, I thought might as well make it epic. It doesn't necessarily have to end in death, but can still be epic and brutal. Basically, he survived because I needed variety in rewriting the same topic over and over again. Point is, a Torvosaurus, even one that tips the scales with size and experience like Tornado, would not be able to handle an adult Tyrannosaurus. A sub adult or inexperienced, smaller adult would be easy pickings for one, though. So, the winner is Tyrannosaurus!!!!


Next time...



Zilla (Original) V.S. Rodan (Legendary)!!!!!!


.... Or whatever you guys can come up with in the comments....


Please let me know if you liked this in the comments down below! See ya!


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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NeomorphMember1630 XPAug-16-2019 10:21 PM

 Oh no!! I put it in the wrong forum!!!! Is there anyways I can fix it?

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


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NeomorphMember1630 XPAug-17-2019 2:12 PM

Sure, I’ll do that later

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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